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Beach Alepu

The Alepu beach represents a long sand strip stretching to the south of the high-class Duni resort. It is also known as "the Chauffeur Beach" because of the bordering road that connects Duni with the town of Primorsko. While the Alepu beach runs on the eastern side of the road, the Alepu lagoon (The Fox marsh from Greek) lies to its west. The Alepu lagoon is declared a protected area due its great variety of bird species. Trips to the marsh are organised locally for birdwatchers during the summer.

The beach of Alepu is also popular among nudists, especially at the beginning and at the end of the holiday season. The good news about the Alepu beach was the recent redirection of the main traffic south of Bourgas down a new shortcut road connecting Sozopol and Tsarevo that does not pass through the Dyuni resort and nearby the Alepu beach. Visitors should bear in mind that the beach is rather open and hence windy, while the sea is frequently turbulent. Sea weeds are often to be found in the water, too. The beach is neither guarded nor cleaned, as it is not run by a concessionaire.

Other beaches close to Alepu beach:
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Closest resorts to Alepu beach:
Duni - 1.97 km.; Sozopol - 7.05 km.; Primorsko - 10.13 km.; Chernomoretz - 11.68 km.; Kiten - 14.04 km.;

Closest places of interest:
Alepou Marsh - 0.28 km.; Ropotamo River - 4.30 km.; Beglik Tash - 6.45 km.; Pomorie Lake - 24.69 km.; Veleka River - 38.45 km.;

Closest camping sites to beach Alepu:
Veselie - 3.36 km.; Smokinya - 4.13 km.; Kavatsi - 4.76 km.; Zlatna Ribka - 6.84 km.; Gradina - 9.26 km.;

Loaction map of beach Alepu (source: Google):

Beach Alepu is marked as suitable for nudists.

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