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Beach Arkutino

The Arkutino beach is relatively popular among tourists despite its several kilometers' distance to any of the big resorts to the south of Bourgas. The vast Arkutino beach lies within the limits of the Ropotamo natural reserve, between the resort of Duni and the town of Primorsko. Its sand is rather fine, but the sea waters there can be dangerous during windy days. The beach is one of the few places on the Bulgarian coast where sand lilies can be seen (another place where we have personally seen such is the Veselie camping site near Sozopol). From the Arkutino beach one can also enjoy a wonderful view to the Saint Thomas island - the only place in Bulgaria where the wild growing cactus Opuntia can be found. The Arkutino marsh (also known as the Bear's marsh), which represents an attractive stop to bird-watchers, is situated right next to the beach.

Other beaches close to Arkutino beach:
Beach Ropotamo Mouth - 2.10 km.; Beach Alepu - 2.54 km.; Beach Perla - 6.54 km.; Beach Tsarski - 10.69 km.; Beach Vromos - 16.16 km.;

Closest resorts to Arkutino beach:
Duni - 4.50 km.; Primorsko - 7.64 km.; Sozopol - 9.54 km.; Kiten - 11.53 km.; Chernomoretz - 14.21 km.;

Closest places of interest:
Ropotamo River - 1.81 km.; Alepou Marsh - 2.51 km.; Beglik Tash - 4.02 km.; Pomorie Lake - 27.18 km.; Veleka River - 35.93 km.;

Closest camping sites to beach Arkutino:
Veselie - 5.86 km.; Smokinya - 6.62 km.; Kavatsi - 7.22 km.; Zlatna Ribka - 9.37 km.; Atliman - 10.94 km.;

Loaction map of beach Arkutino (source: Google):

Beach Arkutino is marked as suitable for nudists.

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