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Beach Bolata

The Bolata beach stretches within a small bay with a boat quay on the northern side of the Kaliakra cape. It is the only sand beach in the area of the cape and is therefore rather populated during the top summer season. The Bolata beach lies nearly a former military zone and is a firth with a narrow opening that cuts through the shore. On both sides of the beach one can see rock massifs with cave openings. These caves were inhabited 400 years BC according to traces of an ancient settlement uncovered by excavations.

A creek runs through the bay, while the mouth of a lagoon is formed whereby the creek flows into the sea. The Bolata area is the only natural reserve in Bulgaria that includes sea waters in its territory. One of the migratory routes of birds that cut across the territory of Bulgaria - Via Pontica - passes above the Bolata area. As the Bolata beach huddles in a small cosy bay, its waters are shallow and almost always, quiet.

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Loaction map of beach Bolata (source: Google):
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