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Beach Durankulak

The Durankulak beach is situated outside the border village of Durankulak, 1-2 km. to the north of the village. It is Bulgaria's far northern beach before the border checkpoint with Romania. The Durankulak beach, also known as the Cosmos beach by the name of an adjacent camping site, is one of the longest beaches of Bulgaria's northern coast. It is wide open to the sea and hence its waters are often turbulent, washing ashore sea weeds. Nevertheless, the sand is rather fine, while tourists are a rare view, so the beach draws to those fond of quiet rest and wilderness. Nearby the beach, one can have a meal at the camping site's restaurant.

Other beaches close to Durankulak beach:
Beach Karvuna - 7.51 km.; Beach Ezerets - 13.21 km.; Beach Shablenska Tuzla - 15.61 km.; Beach Bolata - 37.96 km.; Beach Baltata - 56.62 km.;

Closest resorts to Durankulak beach:
Krapets - 9.61 km.; Shabla - 19.85 km.; Roussalka - 33.62 km.; Kavarna - 36.56 km.; Balchik - 46.28 km.;

Closest places of interest:
Dourankoulak Moor - 5.34 km.; Shabla Cape - 19.48 km.; Yaylata / Kamen Briag - 30.73 km.; Taukliman - 33.77 km.; Kaliakra Cape - 39.79 km.;

Closest camping sites to beach Durankulak:
Kosmos - 1.79 km.; Karvuna - 8.18 km.; Dobrudzha - 15.73 km.; Sveti Georgi - 42.98 km.; Lesko - 56.00 km.;

Loaction map of beach Durankulak (source: Google):

More information about beach Durankulak:
The Far Northern Beaches of the Bulgarian Coast

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