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Beach Irakli

The Irakli beach is one of the few remaining wild but marvelous beaches on the Bulgarian coast. The beach is about 3km. long and is situated within a protected area of the same name that stretches some 5-6km away from the village of Emona, 9km away from the town of Obzor and 51km to the south of the city of Varna. The Irakli beach is divided by the mouth of the Chaya River that forms a beautiful lagoon. Thanks to the river mouth, the beach is formally split into two parts, each carrying different names Irakli to the north of the river mouth and Chaya to the south. The natural end of the beach to the south is the Emine cape - the latter marking the boundary between the northern and the southern seaside. The beach is not stony, while its sands are clean and fine, which makes it a favourite destination for those fond of wilderness. Nudists and tents are not a rare view either.

In the last few years, the Irakli area has come into the spotlight due to the parallel protests of local land owners on the one hand and green NGOs and individuals, on the other. Landowners oppose the inclusion of their properties in the Natura 2000 list of protected areas, which implies prohibition of construction there. Green NGOs in turn wish to inhibit all attempts for construction of holiday complexes there. Despite this confrontation and sporadic protest rallies, the beach remains a preferred choice for those willing to stay as close to nature as possible during their holiday.

Other beaches close to Irakli beach:
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Closest resorts to Irakli beach:
Obzor - 7.86 km.; Elenite - 8.39 km.; St. Vlas - 11.33 km.; Byala - 14.05 km.; Sunny Beach - 15.94 km.;

Closest places of interest:
Emine Cape - 5.50 km.; Pomorie Lake - 29.15 km.; Kamchiya River - 30.27 km.; Alepou Marsh - 46.32 km.; Ropotamo River - 48.88 km.;

Closest camping sites to beach Irakli:
Luna - 10.09 km.; Aheloy - 22.81 km.; Sirena - 30.32 km.; Romantika - 30.33 km.; Diana - 31.40 km.;

Loaction map of beach Irakli (source: Google):
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