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Beach Kabakum

The Kabakum beach lies between Varna and the Golden Sands resort, some 13-14km to the north of Varna. It is a favourite place for sunbathing during the weekend for many citizens of Varna. A part of the beach is guarded and there one can rent sun umbrellas. Yet, the beach is not too crowded, and there is enough space where one can place his/her own sun umbrella and towel. The beach can be reached from Varna by following the road to the Golden Sands resort. After one passes the off-road that leads to the Grand Hotel Varna, then he/she needs to take a road to the right with a sign reading Magnolia Hotel. After driving for another 2-3 km down that road, one gets to the former Zhurnalist bus station (named after a socialist times’ holiday complex for journalists). The Kabakum beach is right beneath that station and can be reached via a lift.

Other beaches close to Kabakum beach:
Beach Panorama - 5.76 km.; Beach Baltata - 11.77 km.; Beach Galata - 13.06 km.; Beach Fichoza - 14.56 km.; Beach Pasha Dere - 18.45 km.;

Closest resorts to Kabakum beach:
Sunny Day - 1.87 km.; Riviera Holiday Club - 2.47 km.; Golden Sands - 3.19 km.; St. St. Konstantin and Elena - 3.77 km.; Kranevo - 9.94 km.;

Closest places of interest:
Aladzha Monastery - 2.71 km.; Botanic Garden - 19.01 km.; Kamchiya River - 28.44 km.; Kaliakra Cape - 37.33 km.; Taukliman - 42.79 km.;

Closest camping sites to beach Kabakum:
Gorska Feya - 11.84 km.; Lesko - 12.51 km.; Lazuren Bryag - 13.13 km.; Raiski Kat - 14.49 km.; Sveti Georgi - 24.58 km.;

Loaction map of beach Kabakum (source: Google):
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