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Beach Kamchia

The Kamchiya beach is a part of the longest sand strip of the Bulgarian seaside – a total of 4.5 km, counted from the Ray (Heaven in English) and Romantica camping sites to the north to the Cherni Nos (Black Cape) to the south, with the Shkorpilovtsi beach in between. The beach is bordered by the mouth of the Kamchiya river to the south.

The nearby Kamchiya resort is situated 25km to the south of Varna and borders a natural reserve of the same name. The reserve is famous for its tropical-like forests with lianas, which are unique for Bulgaria’s territory. The reserve, declared as such in 1951, is home to 40 types of trees, some of which reaching 50 meters of height.

The beach is rather wide, with fine sands and clean waters but with bushes and weeds, too. It has lacked a concessionaire for several years now (except for a small area used by a Russian holiday house) due to the high bidding price set by the government. Were it not for the devotion of green NGO activists, who clean the beach from time to time, it would be swamped with tourist waste. The adjacent resort includes several low to medium-class camping sites with decent bungalows that draw mostly to Bulgarian tourists.

Other beaches close to Kamchia beach:
Beach Kamchiiski Piasatsi - 3.11 km.; Beach Shkorpilovtsi - 8.46 km.; Beach Pasha Dere - 9.21 km.; Beach Kara Dere - 12.97 km.; Beach Fichoza - 13.15 km.;

Closest resorts to Kamchia beach:
Kamchia - 0.48 km.; Shkorpilovtsi - 7.53 km.; Byala - 17.15 km.; Varna - 20.85 km.; Obzor - 23.36 km.;

Closest places of interest:
Kamchiya River - 0.93 km.; Aladzha Monastery - 29.36 km.; Emine Cape - 36.63 km.; Botanic Garden - 46.54 km.; Pomorie Lake - 55.48 km.;

Closest camping sites to beach Kamchia:
Ray - 0.69 km.; Sirena - 0.89 km.; Romantika - 0.93 km.; Pirin - 1.04 km.; Raiski Kat - 13.23 km.;

Loaction map of beach Kamchia (source: Google):
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