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Beach Karvuna

The Karvuna beach is situated right next to the former camping site of the same name and just a kilometer away from the village of Krapets in northern direction. The beach can be reached either by car or on foot from Krapets. The Karvuna beach is quite long but relatively open to the sea. There is usually a small number of sunbathers due to its wilderness (no sports facilities, snack bars, beach umbrellas and the like) and large distance to big resorts.

Other beaches close to Karvuna beach:
Beach Ezerets - 5.70 km.; Beach Durankulak - 7.51 km.; Beach Shablenska Tuzla - 8.13 km.; Beach Bolata - 30.60 km.; Beach Baltata - 51.39 km.;

Closest resorts to Karvuna beach:
Krapets - 2.12 km.; Shabla - 12.38 km.; Roussalka - 26.16 km.; Kavarna - 30.22 km.; Balchik - 41.18 km.;

Closest places of interest:
Dourankoulak Moor - 2.86 km.; Shabla Cape - 12.15 km.; Yaylata / Kamen Briag - 23.23 km.; Taukliman - 26.31 km.; Kaliakra Cape - 32.43 km.;

Closest camping sites to beach Karvuna:
Karvuna - 0.68 km.; Kosmos - 5.76 km.; Dobrudzha - 8.25 km.; Sveti Georgi - 37.11 km.; Lesko - 50.82 km.;

Loaction map of beach Karvuna (source: Google):

More information about beach Karvuna:
The Far Northern Beaches of the Bulgarian Coast

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