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Beach Lipite

The Lipite beach lies about 1-2km to the south of the Butamyata beach near the seaside town of Sinemorets (the latter situated some 90km to the south of Bourgas). The beach lies in the Strandzha protected area and therefore motor vehicles are forbidden there. The only way to get there is on foot, by following a narrow path that starts at the southern end of the Butamyata beach and climbs through the rocks, bordering the beach. It takes no more than a 15-20 minute walk (but in the glaring sun) to get there on foot, but the path is not suitable for small children. The trip is worth the effort, though, as it leads to a marvelous bay with rocks on both sides and woods behind.

The beach is sandy with calm shallow waters that are almost always quiet, even in windy weather. Once upon a time, the area was covered by lime trees, thus giving the same name (Lipite meaning Lime-trees in Bulgarian) to the beach. The lime trees are long gone but the area still carries that name. Those planning to spend a day there should bear in mind that the tourist industry has not reached the Lipite beach and visitors should bring their food and beverages with them.

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Closest resorts to Lipite beach:
Sinemoretz - 1.97 km.; Rezovo - 3.19 km.; Ahtopol - 7.07 km.; Varvara - 10.98 km.; Tzarevo - 17.91 km.;

Closest places of interest:
Veleka River - 2.69 km.; Silistar Protected Area - 3.14 km.; Rezovska River - 7.89 km.; Beglik Tash - 34.72 km.; Ropotamo River - 36.82 km.;

Closest camping sites to beach Lipite:
Silistar - 3.20 km.; Delfin - 8.67 km.; Nestinarka - 15.80 km.; Arapya - 20.22 km.; Yug - 24.85 km.;

Loaction map of beach Lipite (source: Google):

More information about beach Lipite:
The Southern Beaches of Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast

Beach Lipite is marked as suitable for nudists.

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