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Beach Listi

The Listi beach can be found about a kilimeter away from the Lipite beach in southern direction. The beach is small and cozy and can be accessed only on foot. The name of the beach comes from the old Greek word of scoundrel/pundit/pirate. Most probably the beach represented one of the many pirate nests on the southern coast of the ancient Pont (a historical area in Southeastern Asia that bordered the Black Sea to the north). In support of this theory comes the name of a nearby beach, Silistar, which derives from the old Greek word of Syunlistareo, meaning close/co-pundit. This beach offers even better conditions for lurking and sudden attack and was obviously used as another pirate base during ancient times.

Other beaches close to Listi beach:
Beach Silistar - 1.39 km.; Beach Lipite - 1.83 km.; Beach Veleka Mouth - 4.52 km.; Beach Dolphin - 10.78 km.; Beach Perla - 34.23 km.;

Closest resorts to Listi beach:
Rezovo - 1.38 km.; Sinemoretz - 3.79 km.; Ahtopol - 8.90 km.; Varvara - 12.79 km.; Tzarevo - 19.73 km.;

Closest places of interest:
Silistar Protected Area - 1.38 km.; Veleka River - 4.52 km.; Rezovska River - 6.14 km.; Beglik Tash - 36.55 km.; Ropotamo River - 38.65 km.;

Closest camping sites to beach Listi:
Silistar - 1.42 km.; Delfin - 10.49 km.; Nestinarka - 17.62 km.; Arapya - 22.04 km.; Yug - 26.67 km.;

Loaction map of beach Listi (source: Google):

Beach Listi is marked as suitable for nudists.

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