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Beach Perla

The Perla beach is situated in the seaside town of Primorsko (some 50km to the south of Bourgas), about a kilometer away from the town’s centre in northern direction and in close proximity to the Ropotamo natural reserve. One can reach the Perla beach on foot, by car or by a roadway shuttle “train” that runs between the city centre and the beach. Until the start of transition in 1989, access to the beach was banned due to an adjacent seaside residence of the leader of the communist party. At present, there are no restrictions whatsoever; yet, the beach remains relatively less popular in comparison to its neighbours.

There is a wood just behind the beach, while the seawaters are shallow and deepen gradually. The beach is not too wide, neither too long. It is regularly cleaned of tourist waste and has fine sand, which makes it a rather attractive option to the typically overcrowded beaches in the area. There are snack bars and pubs in the beach’s proximity, too.

Other beaches close to Perla beach:
Beach Ropotamo Mouth - 5.26 km.; Beach Arkutino - 6.54 km.; Beach Alepu - 9.05 km.; Beach Tsarski - 17.02 km.; Beach Vromos - 22.32 km.;

Closest resorts to Perla beach:
Primorsko - 1.12 km.; Kiten - 4.99 km.; Lozenetz - 9.03 km.; Duni - 11.01 km.; Tzarevo - 14.58 km.;

Closest places of interest:
Beglik Tash - 3.74 km.; Ropotamo River - 4.99 km.; Alepou Marsh - 8.97 km.; Veleka River - 29.72 km.; Pomorie Lake - 33.72 km.;

Closest camping sites to beach Perla:
Atliman - 4.40 km.; Vitosha - 4.51 km.; Kiten - 6.19 km.; Oasis - 7.13 km.; Yug - 7.83 km.;

Loaction map of beach Perla (source: Google):

Beach Perla is marked as suitable for nudists.

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