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Beach Shkorpilovtsi

The Shkorpilovtsi beach lies some 40km to the south of Varna, in the vicinity of the Shkorpilovtsi village. It is a part of the longest sand strip of the Bulgarian seaside that includes the Kamchiya beach to the north, the Shkorpilovtsi beach to the south and the Kamchiyski Pyasatsi beach in between. The total length of the triple beach is some 4.5km, while its width stretches up to 100m at some places. It takes about 20-30 walk from the village to the beach. Its sands are fine and clean, while the seawater is usually calm and clear, too. At one end of the beach, the bottom of the sea is covered with rocks for the first few meters next to the shore, which makes entry into the sea a less pleasant experience.

There are several lines of sun umbrellas that can be rented on the beach, but there is also plenty of space where one can place his/her own umbrella, too. The beach, even if not crowded (with the exception of weekends when it gets more populated due to Varna citizens), offers a couple of snack bars, as well as some sports and entertainment facilities. More specifically, one can rent pedalos and jets, or board a boat for a short trip. There is a lifeguard in the area of the concessionaire’s sun umbrellas, too.

The beach is suitable for families with kids, as it is relatively vast and children can play around without bothering other holidaymakers. There is also a children playground on the very beach, too, which has swings, slides and a trampoline.

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Closest resorts to Shkorpilovtsi beach:
Shkorpilovtsi - 1.82 km.; Kamchia - 8.78 km.; Byala - 8.80 km.; Obzor - 15.00 km.; Elenite - 28.99 km.;

Closest places of interest:
Kamchiya River - 7.55 km.; Emine Cape - 28.20 km.; Aladzha Monastery - 37.13 km.; Pomorie Lake - 48.18 km.; Botanic Garden - 53.87 km.;

Closest camping sites to beach Shkorpilovtsi:
Sirena - 7.60 km.; Romantika - 7.65 km.; Ray - 9.15 km.; Pirin - 9.51 km.; Luna - 12.79 km.;

Loaction map of beach Shkorpilovtsi (source: Google):
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