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21 Aug, 2012Sangeeta ( Around February or March. Ber months are the peak (Nov-Jan). July-Oct will be too rainy. April- June might be too hot for you.I went there March last year and the wehtear was good. Rates are non-peak, it wasn't too hot, and there weren't that many people.There are several attractions spread out all over Palawan. I suggest you stay in a resort. Limestone cliffs, snorkeling or diving, and basically relaxing while the full-board resort takes care of everything. I know there's a cheaper way to go about it. I just think full-board resorts are worth the price.I have stayed in El Nido Miniloc and Club Noah Isabelle. Both are great. Club Noah has better marine life (I don't know why). But there are few other attractions to see. I think snorkeling right by cottage doorstep more than makes up for it. It's AMAZING.El Nido has more and better amenities. Food is better. But more importantly, there are more islands and natural sights to see. Big lagoon, small lagoon, and other white sand islands. You can also try Club Paradise in Coron. It's also one of the best. To go there, you have to take a direct from Manila. El Nido has chartered flights while other areas are served by Zest Air, Sea Air, and PAL express if I'm not mistaken. No matter where you go and which resort you choose to stay in, I'm sure you'll love the experience. 
25 Jun, 2008Dave ()Stayed there  Just come back from Marina cape, its awesome, whoever bought there will be really proud to be an owner 
28 May, 2008richard gallagher ()rental apartment  i have a 2 bed apartment in marina cape for rental between now and the end of the season
07 Jan, 2008hz ( Cape apartment for sale I have a beautiful 1 bed apartment with lovely views of the sea from the bedroom, the living room and the balcony. Drop me an email for details. 
22 Dec, 2007Mary ( Cape My husband and I bought an studio apartment off the plans at Marina Cape and held our breath until we went out to see it last August. We arrived to view what we had already paid for and where thrilled with our purchase.We took a gamble and it paid off.We where very happy with everything from start to finish. 
22 Nov, 2007Derek ( Rental Website We have a new rental website starting soon for the Sunnybeach area. We offer
airport pickup, and cleaning service.
For more details, and have your property
included please contact. 
30 Jul, 2007BJ ( Cape Hello,

I am liiking for to purchase one/two studios at Marina Cape in Aheloy. Can anybody tell me whether this complex is finished? How is it advertised and what is the rental rate (or number of days rented per year) there?

Thank you 
08 Feb, 2007BRI ( my wifes family live in aheloy,we were there over christmas and the new year.its a wonderful village,lovely people and a delightful bay.i walked down almost every day of our tranquil,just me,a few seagulls and the sea gently lapping along the shore..........cant wait to be back there.try it,you will love it 
06 Dec, 2006terry ( this complex is looking fantastic moving in shortly 
17 May, 2006Hayley ( Thinking of buying a studio here. Can anyone tell me what it is like. Cheers Hayley. 
16 Feb, 2006Melissa ( Hi everyone!

All I can say is beautiful, tranquil and very green. My husband and I visited Aheloi this summer because we have purchased two apartments at a luxurious complex called Marina Cape being built at the bay of Aheloi. We absolutely fell in love with the place. Aheloi is a charming and secluded village away from the noisy, overcrowded Sunny Beach resort. The people are very nice and helpful and there is such a serene feel to the place. We definitely do not regret the purchase of the two apartments at Marina Cape. I canít wait to be sitting on the terrace enjoying the sunset! Thumbs up for Aheloi!
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