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Hotel Information: Cosmos Hotel -star hotels

Picture of Cosmos Hotel
DescriptionCosmos is a nineteen-floor hotel, located 2 km from Bourgas city centre.
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Room Facilities:
Air Conditioner Minibar Satellite TV Telephone
Hotel Facilities:
Bar Beauty Shop Conference Hall Massage Center Restaurant
AddressStefan Stambolov str., Bourgas
Visitor Comments
being accomodated at Cosmos hotel, Burgas - by Ramona Pitica on 21 Sep, 2008
I've just spent 6 days in Cosmos Hotel, Burgas. It is by far the worst 3 stars hotel I've ever been to. The reservation was for a double, newly renovated room. For sure it wasn't renovated for ages, it was dirty, old bad looking furniture, very smelly carpets , the bathroom really sucks (you take a shower directly on the floor, it smells bad, not renovated since long ago). The receptionists aren't polite (they didn't even try to give me another room, even if the hotel has many rooms and it was empty) , the restaurant tables have stains from previous days and the food is poor and bad made. It really looks like a 1 star hotel, except for the AC and fridge . The curtains and blankets are dirty and you have the feeling that the room wasn't cleaned for ages. You definitely don't feel like walking without shoes in the room. I was very dissapointed....

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