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Byala, Bulgaria

Location map: Byala
Known also as: Biala

Distance to district city: 54 km.

Price Category: 3 What's this?

Sightseeing nearby: Kamchiya River - Emine Cape

Location: The town of Byala is slightly bigger than the near-by Obzor. It is situated 54km away from Varna.

History: Once there was an ancient Greek fortress, named Aspro, in the neighbourhood. Before the reunification of the Bulgarian state in 1885, the border between the Bulgarian Principality and Eastern Rumeliya passed through the town of the Byala.

Catering: Besides numerous small pubs and restaurants, the wonderful roadside Jackson Restaurant can be found to the north on the road to Staro Oryahovo. One can also take a ride or a walk to Obzor, which is just 5km away, for fun, shopping or outdoor food.

Accommodation: Private lodgings at low prices abound in the town. In addition, a camping site called Kristina is situated near the village.

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Places of Interest: At the coast, one can see a protective bank, dating back to the early years of the Bulgarian state (8th-10th century), while the area around the St Atanas Monastery holds remains of an ancient fortress. The wine of the extremely fine Dimyat vintage is also produced in the village.

Transport: There are regular bus lines from Varna and private taxis.

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