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22 Aug, 2012Suchita ( You really found a way to make this whole process eaiser. 
02 Nov, 2007sarah ( in byala have brought a studio flat in byala stayed there for the first time this summer fantastic holiday, lovely beach,cheep to eat out very friendly place 
20 Jan, 2006dave wheatstone ( Lovely place with long sandy beaches will definetly be going back. 
26 Jun, 2005Fadro ( Super Mexico, best restaurant Cyprus, Zagorka beer.. 
26 Jun, 2005Kolyas ( Super! Prekrasno! Vylito! 
04 Aug, 2004Steve ( Just returned from this regoin after 2 weeks holiday. This is a beautiful area
everyone was really friendly. Not overdeveloped yet and cheap bars / restaurants but really good. Definately planning a return trip. 
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