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Chernomoretz, Bulgaria

Location map: Chernomoretz
Known also as: Chernomorets

Distance to district city: 26 km.

Price Category: 3 What's this?

Sightseeing nearby: Ropotamo River

Location: The small town of Chernomoretz lies just a couple of kilometres to the south of Bourgas. The town is built in an inlet between the Akra and Talasakra capes. Though the town's beach is nothing impressive, the rocky coastline provides secluded spots for swimming, sun bathing and fishing. One admirable local trait is the abundance of shrubbery and flowers attached to most houses, restaurants and cafes.

Accommodation: Recent construction has resulted in a buyer's market of attractive and well-built small and medium-sized houses and hotels. The Chernomoretz camping site, together with the near by Gradina and Zlatna Ribka (to the south, on the way to Sozopol) provide alternative accommodation.

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Catering: The town's remarkable growth in recent years has been accompanied by a sizeable expansion of tourist services, including restaurant ones. In fact, some of the town's pubs and small restaurants are much cheaper though nothing worse in terms of quality if compared to their peers in the much more popular Sozopol.

Places of Interest: Besides an old church in the town, one can enjoy the view of marvelous rock juts outside Chernomoretz in northern direction. The south is bordered by a river and canes of human size. Further down the coastline, one can visit the picturesque and ancient town of Sozopol, where more than 45 old houses are declared cultural monuments.

Transport: Private route taxis and minibuses depart at regular intervals from Bourgas (24 km away) and stop at Chernomoretz on their way to Sozopol.

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