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Hotel Information: Febturs Hotel Unknown category hotels

DescriptionThe Febturs guest house is in the southeast part of Chernomoretz resort, giving you a magnificent panoramic sight of the sea, St. Ivan Island and the town of Sozopol.
Address4 Slavianska str., Chernomoretz
Visitor Comments
booking - by Glaz Iwona on 24 Jan, 2007
We are interesed In coming to 24 (25).06.2007 08(09).07.2007.Could you please send us a concret price for three Families.
1.Family : 2 adults + child ( 10 jears old)
2.Family : 2 adults + 2 children (11 and 10 years old) - 1 apartament or 2 separate bedrooms
3.Family : 2 adults and 3 children (10,11,14 year old) - 1 apartament or 2 separate bedrooms
Could you please give us separete prices for each famili and booking time and price of first rate.
Thank you for the information
Iwona Glaz
it's great! - by famiglia Lazzaroni on 12 Jul, 2005
It is the best place I ever been. Its a realized dream! I'd like to express my admirations for the condition of the hotel, the service and the atmosphere there. Special thanks to Febturs agency for all unforgettable moments shared with my family!

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