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27 Mar, 2007Sue ( work Hi Topkeeper.
Paragraph reads as follows : At present all the projects are in the main stages of construction, this includes finishing main structural work, adding fixtures and fittings general internal and external work. Due to nature of work heavy machinery will be in use.At present work is taking plave between 8am and 6pm seven days per week. Hotel management will do their best to allocate rooms away from noise and arears of work.
No confirmed completion date is firm but they hope June 2007..
Hope this helps you. First Choice were very good to me .We are going to an all inclusive at Fuerteventura for no extra cost.All the thiongs we wanted from the hotal in Bulgaria.. but without the noise..
26 Mar, 2007TopKeeper ( for Sue Hi Sue,

Did they say what the work was? - when we were there last year the place was fine, only work was outside the complex and you never heard or saw anything.

Your choice for changing the holiday and I dont blame you if you have concerns but how do you know if wont be complete on time? 
25 Mar, 2007fiona ( lila hi lila just saw your post and thought i would respond.We stayed at the royal park last year so i cant comment on your hotel,but as they are on the same complex i can tell you a bit about that.Firstly there are canoes and pedalos for hire on the beach,however i never saw any jet skis.There is a waterpark just outside.Entertainment is available for both hotels at the animation hall which is situated in the middle of the complex.They do some really good shows for the kids.There is a nightclub in the same area.They have entertainment outside the royal park which people staying at the royal bay can go to.We had a great time and i would recommend it so i hope you have a lovely time 
22 Mar, 2007Sue Cunningham ( Park Hotel Building Work My partner was at this hotal end of september 2006. no work was taking place then..Going to be finished by June 2007..I dont think so. iI have changed my Hoilday destination to Canary Islands with First Choice. Co-op travel were brilliant.I would not take the risk. If first choice are issuing warnings, dont try and complain later they will not be responsible. 
21 Mar, 2007emzy ( park i went last year around the 18th may and the weather is really nice. i am also goin back this year on the 18th of may. 
19 Mar, 2007lila ( it an overall pleasant experience? Hi guys. I am going to the Royal Bay Hotel this June (2007). Just wondering is it a really nice stay? Rather worried about the food poisoning aspect - did everyone have it? I suppose any meat / sauces may be dodgy. Are there any places of interest? Are there any watersports available on the beach, such as jet skis etc? If anyone could reply that would be great.
19 Mar, 2007Sally Hill ( As previous traveller. Just got a letter saying that major building work going on. Has anyone just got back that could advise what it is like?

17 Mar, 2007tony ( work just got a letter from my travel agent saying that there is major buliding work going on around royal park hotel any one been lately to tell us how major
06 Mar, 2007M Beattie ( hi kickit went to this hotel in 2005 and the weather there was hot and good for the 2 weeks we were there we are going back the same 2 weeks ur need to meet 4 a drink or day out.... 
20 Feb, 2007TopKeeper ( Weather Seen a few people post this question on this site, not really an authority on what it will be like having went there last July, but looking on weather websites you should be OK.

Thier best weather is obviously between June & Septemeber, but May averages a temperature of around 21C, so its not scorching but its still very warm 
19 Feb, 2007kickit ( hot ???????? hi were due to go to the royal park hotel may 18th to 2nd junejust wondered if anyone has any idea as to how warm it will be?? not sure what to pack 
14 Feb, 2007marianne ( you thank you Topkeeper for your comments 
13 Feb, 2007TopKeeper ( Hi,
We took our 1 year old and a friend took thier 2 year old, both loved it, theres plenty to do for the kids and I think youll really enjoy it.
12 Feb, 2007marianne ( Park I am a single mother taking my little girl who is 3 - should I really go to this hotel?? HELP 
23 Jan, 2007Vicky ( Hi
I need advice on what to expect the weather to be like in May at the Royal Bay area? I am going for a week and want to see as much as possible, so any advice about trips or places to go would be brill
Also i realise there is no entertainment at Royal Bay but can you go to the Royal Park?
Any advice would be great and i'm really excited and am not listening to bad reviews so there!
23 Jan, 2007Vicky ( Hi
I need advice on what to expect the weather to be like in May at the Royal Bay area? I am going for a week and want to see as much as possible, so any advice about trips or places to go would be brill
Also i realise there is no entertainment at Royal Bay but can you go to the Royal Park?
Any advice would be great and i'm really excited and am not listening to bad reviews so there!
21 Jan, 2007fiona ( tracy,re royal park hotel hi tracy,saw your comment and thought i would let you know insects are a major problem.We went last October and they were not that bad but even the locals said august is a bad time for wasps.I got bit and it swelled up and turned nasty,however my boyfriend took a insect repellant from superdrug.He applied it every morning and had no problems at all,and he is petrified of wasps.Just thought i would warn you,especially as you are taking kids.The day trips are between 15-30 pounds but there are some good ones.Also recommend venturing off by yourselves.You can get a sea taxi(the hotel has a private jetty)to sunny beach and nessbar which is beautiful.But the bus also goes there and is really cheap.Hope this helps and you enjoy yourselves as much as we did. 
19 Jan, 2007tracey ( royal park am going with my friends and our kids in aug am worried now about the bad reviews how bad is it? What about insects is there many around? And how much do the day trips cost?  
19 Jan, 2007tracey ( royal park am going with my friends and our kids in aug am worried now about the bad reviews how bad is it? What about insects is there many around? And how much do the day trips cost?  
18 Jan, 2007craig ( royal park hi have booked up to go last week in may first week of june... got damn good deal i think there is me, the girlfriend, my brother, his wife, my mom and dad and my little sister, cost 4200.
looking forward to it, i hear bad reviews, and good reviews surely it is just personal preference. its not going to be egypt or weather of jamaica but im sure it will be like any holiday, you get back what you put in! 
11 Jan, 2007TopKeeper ( for Sarah Hi Sarah,
Indeed you are right, the entertainment here is aimed at the younger audience, but its only a short taxi ride into Sunny Beach where you will find more than enough to keep you occupied, in our group we had 3 couples who were in thier early twentys/late teens and thats exactly what they did 
10 Jan, 2007sarah ( me, my boyfriend, his mum, friend and niece have booked to go elenite in july this year. i was just wondering what people thought. me and my boyfriend are 18, seems as tho the entertainment is for kids? any comments or suggestions? please email thanks x 
08 Jan, 2007TopKeeper ( For P.Millward 5000.00 !!!! - I Think Your Travel Agent Is Having A LAUGH!

It cost me my wife and my daughter 1100 and we booked last minute, the village is actually cheaper than the hotels so for 3 adults and 4 children you should be looking to pay no more that 3000 TOP END. Think you have seriously been had there, and it aint rubbish, if you actually DID read the reviews you would have found that out.

Have heard that your travel agent is doing a 2 week break in IRAQ, 4000 all in, youll save 1000 and youll enjoy it, LOL 
08 Jan, 2007Graham ( to P. Millward 5000 for a holiday in Bulgaria. We spent 700-750 for two people 350-375 each) for a week at Royal Bay in June including spending money and trips using local transport. Had a brilliant time 
06 Jan, 2007p. millward ( going after reading reviews We were all set to go to the 'ELENI' holiday village. my husband and i our 4 children and my dad, but after readind reviews we've changed our minds. 5000 is alot of money if it's rubbish!!!! 
21 Dec, 2006Cole ( Thanks TopKeeper 
08 Dec, 2006TopKeeper ( For Cole Hi Cole,
We had a great time, we went this year in August, weather was superb, it did rain once and although it came down hard and fast it was over in about 15mins. The people seem really friendly, and the reps doe a fab job trying to keep everyone happy. It does get quite cold on a night time so take a coat to keep warm, the food is OK too, quite a large choice but the only gripe we had were the large queues on a lunch time at the fast-food type places (Pizza & Chicken kebabs), sometimes you could queue for upto 40/50mins for a kebab but they were well worth the wait. Entertainment wise its pefect for children aged between 5-13, after that they might get a little bored but to break it all up if you get a taxi into the main resort its worth it for the change.

Also just outside the grounds of the resort is what looks like a woodern hut, but its actually quite a nice bar that is totally dirt cheap and does food too, I'd recommend it to anyone.

All in all we had a part of over 30 people and we all enjoyed it, we did however have 1 of our party come down with some sort of a bug that knocked the stuffing out of him, the reps told us to go to the onsite doctor which we did and they wanted to keep him room bound for the next 2 days and put him on a drip, we refused (probably not the best idea considering they are suppose to know what they are talking about) and the next day he was fine. What we did find alarming though was the number of people being advised to go on drips, that was until we found out how much they made from our travel insurance for doing such a thing, beware they do try to make money out of you that way.

All in all though I gave it an 8outof10 and to anyone who has not been to give it a try.

Oh one final thing, the pools are bloody freezing (LOL) 
07 Dec, 2006Cole ( Holiday Village Villas Have booked to go next year, have read Throught alot of reviews but most seem to be From 2004 - 2005 does anyone have upto date Reports ? 
10 Nov, 2006Sue n Alan plus two 14 yr olds ( time had by all we had our holiday back in july all i can say is we had a brill time , any holiday you have is what you make it !!
Just go with an open mind (like we did after reading stuff on this site) the staff could not be more friendly the cleaners never moaned when we asked for clean bedding towels etc.
If leaving the village via taxi ask for vince he is so informative on all local information we hired him for the day and only got charged 120 lev( about 50) go n have fun.
Only ppl who are used to the luxuries of life will moan about Bulgaria.
If you do want some photos we do have them dont be afraid to ask
Sue n Alan Daniel & jack
21 Oct, 2006Kate ( Park We booked up today for August 2007 for 11 nights. We've booked a room with sofa beds for kids as couldnt get interconnecting rooms. Did anyone else do this? What are the kids beds like?
Our kids are 10 and 12, bit worried as reviews have said the rooms are cramped.

If anyone has any photos they could send us of any part of their holiday that would be fantastic. Thanks 
12 Oct, 2006fiona ( park hotel my boyfriend and i have just come back from a week at the rph.we had a great time.the hotel was lovely.staff was fine and enough variation to suit everyone.neither one of us was ill and we never heard of anybody else being ill.there is plenty to do in the complex but we did venture off to sunny beach and nessbar.we met some lovely people who all had a great time too.the reps were friendly and put on lots of entertainment for the kids.for anybody who is put off by the bad reviews ignore them and go and see for yourself it is a lovely hotel in a lovely setting. 
05 Oct, 2006TopKeeper ( Hiya Kelly,
Not having a dig I just wanted to say a few things thats all, a big group of friends booked last year to go in July of this year and we decided to join them, having read reviews on this site and with a 1 year old we became very sceptial so decided against going, over time some nice posts and we became interested again, but our dweling on if to go or not added an extra 500 to the holiday price and I really wished I'd not listend to the posts on this site or not gave them as much thought at least

There were 33 of us in total, ranging from 1 year old to 88 years old, not one of us game down with anything, and we tried just about all the food, would I go back? - I dont know its rare we visit the same place twice but I would defo recommend it to anyone thinking of going.

The only downside for me was a trip into Sunny Beach where I had my bank card cloned and lost over 400 out of my acccount which I am still waiting to hear from my bank if I get it back or not 
05 Oct, 2006Kelly ( Hiya Top, thanks for the follow up,. I do agree with you on some points though when mum fell ill, i would have paid any price to make her better as she looked and felt terrible. I understand it's a common thing to be put on a drip and to be given tablets but thats what our insurance was for. I did make some positive comments about the hotel and yes, the staff are friendly and the place is quite clean (just don't look under the bed!). You're right in saying the country is still corrupt, the cleaners apparently get 57 leves a month... yes you heard it right and they only get that at the end of the season so they have to live on their tips. This is a country still in development but that is the reason that I wouldn't go back, because i think it's being over developed and because of the Mafia interest in the country I can't see a way out for them. The country itself is beautiful and people are lovely. It's definately worth a go and we're glad we went just to say we've tried it but i don't think i'd go back. 
04 Oct, 2006TopKeeper ( for people worried about food poisoning In relation to the last message posted by Kelly and other on this website who have suffered simular illness.

Its always sad when your holiday is ruined by illness but you have to remeber a few things about countries like Bulgaria, firstly we are not used to there food and the oils its cooked in, hence why people suffer sickness and the other stuff, but remeber how many people are in your party, your all eating more or less the same yet not everyone falls ill? - yes it could be food poinoning but the cleanliness of this place is second to none

Secondly the country is still very corrupt and the wages they pay staff theres if equilivent to a few english pounds aday, so when you go to the onsite doctor they make far more money putting you on a drip then just giving you some tablets.

We recommended this resort to a friend of ours who took his family along, he too became ill after a few days but couldnt understand why none of his familiy had after they had all eaten the same stuff. He his quite a fussy eater and doesnt normally touch spicy foods, obviuously the Bulgarian food had disagreed with his palet, anyway he couldnt stop going to the toilet so as a rep recommended he paid a visit to the onsite doctors who wanted (yes you guessed it) to put him on a drip and keep him hotel bound for 2 days. Having only got a week there he refused and walked out of the doctors, the next 24hrs he was (in his own words) rough!, but enjoyed the rest of his stay has did his family

Now, had it been food poisoning as the doctor had suggested it would have taken far longer to recover, but how can they make money by telling you theres nothing wrong with you??

As always keep an open mind and remeber Bulgaria is not Spain or England so the food is going to be very very different, what matters is you take the proper precautions and dont over do it (after all its all free), the resort is georgous, the staff are friendly and its a perfect relaxing family holiday destination


28 Sep, 2006Kelly ( Bay Hotel Stayed here from the 4th sept till the 18th sept. Had been really looking foward to this holiday as it's been a tough year and we were due for a break. I travelled with my mum. When you arrive at the complex, you will be taken down to the hotel on a golf buggy with your luggage. When we arrived we got the keys straight away and went up to our room. the room itself was lovely with a view right on the beach and of the pool. There is air con in the rooms but it wasn't very powerful though it did some of it's job. there is a tv with some english channels There is a hairdryer in the room though it's not very powerful so i advise you to take your own. There is a safe in the wardrobe which cost us 98 levs for the 2 weeks which works out at about 35. The hotel itself is in lovely surroundings, right on the beach with views to remember. Inside the hotel it's very nice and has a lovely decor, the bar area is next to the reception though could do with being a bit bigger. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of places to sit as you can go outside but the time we went it was slightly chilly. The bar itself serves basic drinks, brandy, whiskey, rum, vodka, lager, peach, strawberry and cherry schnapps tea and coffee and soft drinks. you can also get bottles of water from there as well.
At night there is no entertainment in the hotel at all. If you want it you have to take a short walk to the royal park hotel for the reps show or whatever is going on in the animation hall. There are a few shops down there as well.
The pool is ok and there are plenty of sunloungers though the pool looked dirty and was only cleaned out once a week on a sunday. As it was september we were plagued by wasps we were both stung as a result but the wasps which people had beaten with their flipflops were all over the place and in the pool. I only went in once or twice as it was so cold in there.
Now I come to the food.
Before we went I knew that this was a country still in development but the food at the royal bay wasn't for us. on the wednesday night after we after we arrived on the monday, my mum became ill with severe sickness and the 'other stuff'. It went on all night and she looked and felf awful. in the morning i phoned the rep for his advise and he said there was a medical center in the complex. My and mum went to it and straight away they said food poisoning. She was put on a drip and given tablets and pain relief then had to go back again the next day for another drip and a checkup. afterwards she was fine but slept for 20 hours to let her body recover. As we got talking to other people it appeared that the same had happened to them. We had only been there for 3 days and had only eaten in the hotel restaurant so we know it came from there. The food was basic and there is chicken, pork and beef on every night though to be honest some of the sauces looked dodgy so i didn't try them. After mum being ill we watched everything we ate. Never before have i been on an all inclusive holiday and lost weight!!
As we travelled with airtours, we went on 2 trips with them, kahns tent which is excellent! Don't miss it, really is a terrific night out. And we went on the real bulgaria trip, where we went to Sozopol, shopping in Bourgas, to a monestary and to a traditional local village in the mountains. The last bit was good but there are the lady villages trying to sell you their wares and it's awful to see they're faces when you don't buy anything. I wish i'd taken enough change to give them all something each. At night we had a folk night where we had a meal and then there was traditional bulgarian dancing and a lady walking on hot coals. Very enjoyable but a long day as we left the hotel at 9.30am and didn't get back till midnight. the bud ride home though was fun as everyone was singing and in high spirits (!).

I don't think i would go to bulgaria again. I know they are developing the country after the communism but it seems they are going too far. there are buildings going up everywhere and you can tell now it's changing into something else. We went for 2 weeks but a week would have been long enough. We knew what to expect but in the end it wasn't for us but at least we can say we tried.
26 Sep, 2006Georgie ( bay hotel holiday ever! i stayed at the royal bay hotel in july this year. it was amazing i loved every bit of my holiday there and would deffinatly reccomend it. the hotel was clean, the food was nice and the staff their were really freindly. the animation team were extremly nice (esspecially choe choe)there shows that they put on every nite apart from mondays were very entertaining and professional! my stay at the hotel was pleasent and we are oping to go back next year. a big thank you to everyone involved with making our stay there enjoyable. xxx 
24 Sep, 2006lynda ( 4got to say it is v cold in the eve so take a warm jacket x 
24 Sep, 2006lynda ( park hotel this is a message for everyone who is woried about going to and my family (6 of us)got back yesterday morning and miss it already..i too was worried bout all the bad reviews that i had read but having been there myself i can say that i am so glad we went.the hotel itself is fab tho is gettin to end of season so startin to look a little shabby but none the less still a lovely building.the staff were v friendly and most spoke adequate english with the exception of the cleaners but we only saw ours a few times but even she would smile and wave wen we did.the food in the main dining room was ok not great lots of pork and chicken and sometimes not very hot but the chef is from london and havin had a good chat with him he does say its difficult wen you only have 1 other person in the kitchen that speaks english bit can i say his beef and onion pie was to die for!!!it is also a bit of a fight for a table at meal times but even with 6 of us and only a few big tables it never took long to find one just requires a little patience which am afraid was very thin for some people and spent most of their hols wasting energy on!!!and the puddings were nothing special but it saved me from pigging out..there was plenty of places to eat a bbq and an a la carte and a trad bulgarian which you had to book in the morning we tried the first two and they were nice.a pizza shack which at times you had to q for but def worth the wait they were heavenly..and they did hot chicken rolls which again were delicious.the kids were able to get ice creams all day long and they were a couple of places to sit and have coffee and a biscuit or a slice of cake.the entertainment reps were ace deano emma tash tara carrie scotty and wayne were the best they kept my 3 kids and my other half entertained in the day with footy rounders tabletennis water polo too many to name then in the eve was mini disco bingo and some kind of show for all to enjoy followed by a quiz in the morris bar. not everyones cup of tea but we enjoyed it. i will say the weather was gorgeous for our holiday we have all come back with a lovely tan there is a breeze in the day but it def stops you from cookin too much and a few days we didnt have it, it was v v hot and after a couple of mins u were sweatin!! it did pour down on the last day (fri 22) and we were told it would be like that for 4/5 days so not good for anyone out there now.there wasnt a lot for teenagers to do but there r several trips inc a 2 day one to turkey we did the lazy days cruise which would have been good if i hadnt of felt seasick!!but my kids loved it
there is not alot more to say except we really enjoyed it and would go back there again go with an open mind dont take any notice of the bad reports make up your own mind and remember its bulgaria which is still way behind other countries but once it catched up will be 100 times betterxx 
23 Sep, 2006TopKeeper ( I have posted quite of lot of good comments about Royal Bay, superb place but be very careful with your plastic, I went into Sunny Beach and used a bank machine to withdraw some cash, turns outthere was a cloning machine on the ATM which recorded my details and yesterday (3 months after we came back) someone emtpyed my account! 
18 Sep, 2006kara ( park hotel can any one help my family an i are going to royal park next year there are 8 of us two teenagers an four kids is there anything for them all to do and does any one no if they do day trips to turkey ect as my kids want to go there aswell and with haveing 6 kids with us i dont want them getting bored coz all theyll do is moan thanks kara 
18 Sep, 2006abi ( bay hotel I stayed at the royal bay for 1 week and had a fantastic time. we are a young couple of 26 and it was a perfect relaxing holiday.The hotel was clean and the staff were freindly even though their english was limited. the food in the hotel restaurant was quite average however being all inclusive you get the use of 3 alacarte restaurants in the village. we dined out at these 4 out of 7 nights and the food was lovely. sozopol restaurant was the best which had traditonal bulgarian food. we did not get sick once and were not afraid to try had to get to each restaurants by 9.30 am to start quing otherwise you would not get a place. ALso the pizza snack bar located near the royal park hotel was great for lunch,again though you did have to que quite a long time but this could not be helped. I have never seen so many wasps on holiday and this was one of the only bad things.If you are with firsy choice i would recomend doing a evening trip called Khans tent. this was really good. you got a four course meal with wine an circus type entertainment. well worth the 22. all in all a really good holiday an i would go back again. dont listen to all the bad reviews its what you make it  
17 Sep, 2006Andy ( Park Hotel, Elenite went to RPH on 14th july 2006 for 2 weeks with wife and two young children and had the time of our life. Fabulous water park right next door, weather was glorious so much so the beach was too hot on a couple of occasions. there are a lot of wasps at certain places like round bins and at some beach food huts but the whole place is excellent. The night time entertainment staff were very good and the shows were well worth watching over a cold beer although west end players there not. The whole area felt very safe with security staff on the gates and around the hotel. Dont fall foul of the lifeguards as they are very good and even when you think they are not watching they most certainly are. All in all a cracking holiday and we would go again tomorrow. 
16 Sep, 2006TopKeeper ( Me Too, Sorry it was a bad exoperience for you, we had a great time all 18 of us, but 1 did have a tummy upset went to the onsite doctors and the advice was? - u guessed it on a drip, tablets and OH, your insurance details please, PLUS the 50 EXCESS!, we of course denied, the next day he was right as rain!, tummy bug differnt kind of food, but beware they are trying to rip u off! 
16 Sep, 2006fiona ( tricia sorry that you had a bad holiday.we are going in october and after reading reviews including yours are really not looking forward to it.have you any advice.i read that its best to book in to restaurants early and they are best places to eat.have you any idea what made you ill so we can avoid it!!!what was weather like? 
15 Sep, 2006Tricia ( first holiday and it was pretty much ruined. Just reading the comments and the one made by Sharon Busby back in 2005 is exactly what I would have said, literaly exact. Me and my boyfriend have just come back from the Royal Park and for 4 days we were very very ill, My boyfriend had to be put on a drip he was that bad. Everything she has said there is correct although we did have quite a good time once better we still couldn't eat anything for the rest of the hols. The reps however were lovely and I found them so helpful, but then she did write that back in 2005. I can't believe it hasn't changed much from then! There were 1000's of wasps everywhere including the beach (although that is lovely). Alot of the staff were lovely but there were quite a few that were so rude. Bulgaria is a beautiful place but unfortunately we won't ever go back to that hotel. 
12 Sep, 2006fiona ( park hotel hi,going on 2 october and would be interested to hear from anyone else going about then. 
12 Sep, 2006fiona ( park hotel hi,going to rph on 2 october,really looking forward to it,first holiday in years.we are just going to make the most of it,the bad reviews are slightly off putting.Does anybody know how busy it will be in october? 
12 Sep, 2006Chelsea ( Sept Hey all!! I'm flying out from Manchester on the 15th Sept with my boyfriend and staying at the Royal Park Hotel! Really excited but heard mixed reviews so a bit apprehensive!! We are a young couple of 20 and looking to both totally chill out (away from work and the stress of england! lol!) but also maybe go out in sunny beach a couple of times. Anyone else going out at the same time?! Everyone that is Have a fab time! =) x 
12 Sep, 2006Chelsea ( Sept Hey all!! I'm flying out from Manchester on the 15th Sept with my boyfriend and staying at the Royal Park Hotel! Really excited but heard mixed reviews so a bit apprehensive!! We are a young couple of 20 and looking to both totally chill out (away from work and the stress of england! lol!) but also maybe go out in sunny beach a couple of times. Anyone else going out at the same time?! Everyone that is Have a fab time! =) x 
10 Sep, 2006Johan ( Hi,

Does anyone know if you can rent a sulky for your children? Or do you need to bring one from home?

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