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08 Sep, 2006Reuben ( Bay Hotel I had cramps and the runs for the entire fortnight even though I stopped eating in the hotel after the first week. There was ten of us and six of us were sick at least three times during the fortnight. I heard of many others with bad stomachs and runs.  
08 Sep, 2006Reuben ( resort Myself,my daugther and partner recently (21st aug -5th sept 06)stayed at the royal park. We paid quite a lot to stay all-inclusive but were very disapointed with the food and the hygiene (lack of). I would deter anyone from going all inclusive at the Royal Bay Hotel as you could not possibly get value for money considering how cheap food and drink is in Bulgaria. We will not be back at the Royal bay hotel. I would however recommend Nessebar for a visit and also some of the beaches.  
06 Sep, 2006Gillian ( bug I dont think that the bug originated from the food, after seeing the hygiene standards of the cleaner I am convinced they are to blame, my son vomitted on the bathroom floor, in the hotel room, the cleaner came in, sprayed the floor, then mopped it with 2 towels from the side of the bath, then swiftly returned to the previous room she'd been cleaning without first washing her hands, cross contamination at its best 
06 Sep, 2006Michele ( My children and I ate everything as normal...we were'nt selective, we do however all drink lots of water and did not go see some children drinking only coke and eating 10 icecreams a day...can't be good. I think it depends on how strong your stomach is in the first place and getting used to the different food. The food is catered towards a very mixed nationality palet.....not chicken nuggets and chips.....mostly Pork skewers, salads, lots of dishes containing eggs,fresh veg and fruit but not much in the way of potatos. I would not worry too much but is anything does happen drink plenty of water and take diorlyte. Enjoy your holiday 
06 Sep, 2006rachael ( villas been given a fantastic deal to go for two weeks next year. However feeling slightly put off by people coming back sick this year. Was it due to food being bad or just because people are trying stuff they dont usually eat?  
05 Sep, 2006Michele ( got back.. We have just got back from 2 weeks staying in the villas...the accommodation is spotless and the resort is safe and wonderful for children. The only complaint I had was the food...not so much the quality but how it is served. The restaurant for the villas is self service and a bit of a bum fight...for tables, food and drinks...everything is self service! We tried two of the restaurants for which you have to book...the one by reception is lovely but the barbeque restaurant as it was situated outside was a haven for flies!

We suffered one powercut in the hotel whilst we were there during the day ...but I would advise to take a torch as if it had been at night you would not be able to see a thing!

We visited Nessabar and Sunny Beach. Nessabar was fine...for a few hours change from the hotel but Sunny Beach was awful..all the shops sell the same and nothing special.

All in all we had a wonderful holiday, some people did suffer from upset stomachs (luckily we did'nt)and the doctors on site seem very quick to set you up on a drip...maybe so that they can claim on your advise would be to ensure you have excellent medical insurance ideally with no excess and take diorlyte and immodium.  
04 Sep, 2006diane and mick ( of royal park just looked at photos provided for rph it looks lovely if anyone got any tips on what to take ie towels ,kettle and so on please let me know we would appreciate it thanks 
04 Sep, 2006diane and mick ( park hi we are coming on 22nd sept for our honeymoon with daughter aged 8, is there plenty of activitys in kids clubs, somone suggested in staying at hotel till about 9pm then going to sunny beach for nitelife also if anyone else flying out on 22nd from newcastle wed love to hear what you have been told . really looking forward to our holiday must remember to get some imodeum see you soon 
02 Sep, 2006Gillian ( I agree, the tornado was something else, like something you see on tv, we didnt know whether to be afraid or fascinated, never been so grateful to get back on british soil 
01 Sep, 2006Valerie ( a week It is a fantastic place with great rooms in the hotel. Unfortunately we were another family (6) who shared the bad stomach upsets. We only managed 2 nights out together and my husband was one on a drip so that we were able to travel home. I did not speak to a fami;y who did not suffer. All inclusive was a waste as we could hardly eat.
The tornado on the last day was a great excitement! 
01 Sep, 2006Gillian ( Park Hotel We;ve just returned from a week at Royal park hotel, its such a beautiful setting, spoilt by the fact the whole family spent 4 days stuck in the hotel with a tummy bug, we also spoke to many other families who had experienced the same, some ending up on a drip, I'm still having diarrheoa and vomitting 8 days later, waiting for results to come back from the doctor 
31 Aug, 2006lynda ( sockets can someone tell me if i need to take an adaptor with me to use my electrical goods thanks x 
31 Aug, 2006lynda ( park hotel thank you kelly for the reassurance and thanks too to richard for the fantastic pics it looks wonderful,only 8 days to go and i cant wait. 
30 Aug, 2006Nicola ( anyone tell me what are the villas like? Hi, I'm staying at the Elenite Holiday Village in the villas(beside the hotel?) can anyone tell me what they are like? I'm going there on the 11th Sept. I'm looking forward to it but I've heard alot of mixed reports?
29 Aug, 2006Hannah ( for Lynda Lynda,

If you go to page before you'll see my feedback. I got back just over a week ago and had a brilliant time. You'll love it. Seems everyone coming back recently has also had a fab time.

Trust me, you'll love it! 
29 Aug, 2006Kelly ( bay hotel can anyone tell me if there are towels provided for the pool? It says there are in the airtours brochure but i just want to check and make sure.
Kelly.... only 6 days to go!!! 
28 Aug, 2006lynda (!! sorry we r stayin in the royal park hotel!! 
28 Aug, 2006lynda ( bay hotel hi i am going to the royal bay on sept 8th with my patner(33)my mum(64)and my 3 kids twin boys of 10 and a daughter of 8.i am a bit apprehensive about it as some of the reviews were not good,can someone please reassure me that we will have a great time,we booked it a year ago so have been lookin forward to it all summer...thaks x 
24 Aug, 2006Vicky ( Bay Hotel We are going on 14th May next year for our wedding anniversary and my hubbies 4oth. What is the weather like? Is it worth exploring too much we are only there for a week but don't want to miss anything really good. Is there any entertainment at Royal Bay or do you have to go out. I'm really excited but have to keep it a secret as its hubbies pressy ahhhh! Love to hear from anyone who has been especially that time of the year. Cheers all 
23 Aug, 2006Hannah ( for Kelly In the main restuarant in Royal Bay Hotel you just grab a table. You may find sometimes it really busy, normally around 7-8. If it was we just went to the bar upstairs for a drink first - its all inclusive after all!! Or just wait a bit and wonder around and you'll get one quick enough.
There are 2 other restaurants at Royal Park end but you have to book for them. They are all inclusive still but they are sit down and you have to book them in the morning.

Hope that helps! 
23 Aug, 2006Kelly ( for suzanne or hannah One last question.... for meals does everyone have the same table every meal or do you just grab and sit? 
21 Aug, 2006Kelly ( for hannah Thanks Hannah.... really excited now!!! on 2 more weeks to go! 
21 Aug, 2006Hannah ( for Kelly Hi Kelly,
Yes there are safety deposit boxes. I think it was 49 lev for a week. The hotel reception hold your passports for the time your there though so we didn't bother getting one as we only had a bit of cash. We took 150 for the week and that was just enough. We did go on 2 trips with that, spent a night in sunny beach, bought lilo's, cigarettes and alcohol. Your money really does go a long way over there!
I wouldn't worry about the weather, we left Friday and they had a heat wave on the way (as if it wasn't hot enough) and temperatures were due to hit around 38 - 40 degrees!! It was around 35 when we went and I love the sun but had to keep getting in the sea to cool off. If you are on the beach there is a nice breeze which helps.
One more random bit of advise, if you fancy getting out of the hotel one night then just outside the main gates is a restaurant called Paco's, it looks a bit like a hut but its highly recommended and so cheap to eat there. About 10 for 2 of you eating and drinking lots! Its just a nice change if you fancied it.
Hope that helps!
21 Aug, 2006Kelly ( for suzanne and hannah Hello ladies! Thanks for your help! One more question.... is there a safety depostit box in the room or do you pay for one at the reception? How much is it? " weeks today till we go. Hope the weather holds out! Though it can't be any worse than here at the moment!
As we are all inclusive i'm thinking of only taking 200 with me for spending money. hope this is enough though i believe there are cash machines in sunny beach if we get stuck.

PS,.... anyone else going to be in elenite from the 4th sept till the 18th? 
21 Aug, 2006hannah ( for Kelly Kelly,
I just seen your question about hair dryers - the room does have them but i also have thick hair and they weren't very powerful. I'd take your own.
21 Aug, 2006Hannah ( Park Hotel Hi everyone - we've just got back from a week, staying in royal park hotel and we had a FAB time. We're a young couple of 25 and wanted to go away to completely chill and that's exactly what we did. The last few years we've travelled around the world so I haven't been on a package holiday like this for years and was slightly worried. Before going I came on this site to read reviews and it petrified me even more!!! But please, to all of you going IGNORE all the BAD comments - its a load of rubbish. The only bad thing I have to say about the place if the British moaning!! I felt ashamed to be British if I'm honest.
The staff are lovely, yes they don't speak much English but they try. We don't try to speak Bulgarian!! The water park is excellent. Its free to get in, all you have to pay for is the lounger which are 5 lev each which is about 2.00 a day.
The food is lovely and plenty of it. We never had and upset stomach problems. People have to remember your eating different food, it can be slightly richer, its not because its bad, we're just not used to it. They had loads of selection though. I love trying new things and every night I'd sample a bit of everything and never had one complaint.
The snacks in the day are gorgeous as well. I was trying to eat healthy but once you've tried their pizza you cant resist!
The pool does get busy in the day but if you cant get a lounger just stroll along the beach, you'll find one there. If you walk to the right of the beach under the pier there's always loads of free loungers along there.
The entertainment was excellent, both from First Choice and the Bulgaria sketch show's. Adults and kids will love it, we certainly did.
We did one tour, the lazy day cruise and it was exactly that, very lazy. Def recommend it.
The weather was very hot whilst there, it does get quite windy on an evening though as your on the coast so take a jumper or cardigan in case.
All in all, we loved it there and would go back tomorrow. Ignore all the moaners - clearly they have nothing better to do and I would recommend to them to stay in England if they want English food and English speaking people!
I promise the rest of you will love it.

Hannah and Andy 
20 Aug, 2006sue alan ( time had We stopped for 2 weeks with two 14yr olds at hotel royal park
all i can say to anybody going is you will have a great time we did!!
If you can get up early enough book into the a la carte its lovely and makes a change from whats normally on offer, also try th BBQ also good.
Bar staff were brill we had some good laughs with them just make a little effort and they will do the same
20 Aug, 2006Suzanne Noble ( for Kelly Sorry Kelly - forgot to say there are quite a few shops - supermarkets, gift shops, clothes, tatooists!!!so you can pretty much get most stuff you may want.The Royal Bay has one shop selling toiletries crisps sweets chocolate etc and the rest of the shops are in the village in the middle and at the Royal Park at the other end. 
20 Aug, 2006Suzanne Noble ( for Kelly Hi Kelly
Information you asked about - we travelled with First Choice and we did one trip which was a lazy day cruise and was excellent - our 10 and 7 year old loved it. There are hairdryers in room, I didn't try it but it did look new and I would say ok. You get plenty of towels and they are changed as regularly as you want them to be. We did change money in hotel - we got 2.50 levs to pound, but this rate is better in Sunny Beach - you get 2.76 there but then you have to get taxi there and in the end it's not worth the saving!!!If you do go to Sunny Beach I would say it's very busy and full on - loads of hotels. If you change money here only change at places with a CROWN sign as apparently you can be conned.
Sunloungers at the Royal Bay are plastic but there are some cushions and padding to be found if you are lucky enough to get them. We used the kids lilos when we wanted a bit more comfort.
There is no entertainment in Royal Bay - it is the chilled out more refined end of resort I would say. You can go into animation hall in the village in the middle and see shows every night and also they do things for kids - discos and some dressing up evenings (you have to pay)and this starts at 8pm for kids and 9pm for shows - it does get busy and you do have to get there at 8 if you want a table.
At the other end is the Royal Park hotel and here First Choice do their entertainment outside. This is obviously just for the English (the other hall gets English Germans Bulgarians and Russians). Again this starts at 8pm for kids disco, there is bingo most nights and then shows put on by First Choice team such as singing quizes etc.Again you have to be there well before 8 or you can't get a table - we sat on sunbeds most times and watched from them. Be aware it can get quite windy and chilly of an evening and I would definately take a jacket of some sort just in case.
Hope that's answered most of you questions - feel free to ask anything else.
18 Aug, 2006Kelly ( For Suzanne Hiya suzanne. Glad to hear that you had a good holiday. Just got a few questions. Who did you travel with? We're going with airtours and we were wondering what trips they will have available and also the prices. Are there hairdryers in the rooms? I have long and thick hair which takes ages to dry so the usual dryers in the batchrooms aren't strong enough, am i better to take my oen? Also are there towels in the rooms?
Did you chane any money at the hotel? What is the exchange rate like? Were there a lot of sunloungers with cushions? Is there any entertainment in the royal bay? I know there's something on at the village... what time should we get there? Was there any mozzies? Is there a shop nearby? some strange questions i know but i like to be prepared!
Thanks in advance!
17 Aug, 2006mc ( you will be hard pushed to find any resort as clean as see cleaners working 24/7.even the beach gets graded with a tractor every day 
17 Aug, 2006Emily ( Royal Park i'm going from sept 15th for 1 week, will anyone be hanging around there still?! can't wait for some sun!! anyone heard anything about the hotel? thanks, Em 
17 Aug, 2006Michele ( Elelnite Thank have put my mind at rest. I have requested a low level villa and as long as the food is edible and everywhere is clean I am sure we will have a fantastic holiday.

Thank you again 
17 Aug, 2006Suzanne Noble ( Bay Have just got back from a 2 week stay at the Royal Bay and found it to be really good and enjoyable. The hotel is spotlessly clean, the rooms big and spacious with lovely views of the sea. The food is quite adequate, the only grumble would be that there is not a seperate children's buffet that we have found before in past years. Saying that our 2 children are fussy eaters and found something every night to have and also overdosed on hot dogs during the day!!!!
Do not be put off by any negative comments - this is a very nice safe purpose built resort where you can let the children wander off more that usual when you are abroad.
Have a good hols and I'll answer any questions you may have!!! Honestly too! 
17 Aug, 2006TopKeeper ( Hi Michelle,

The villas seemed really nice, there are a lot of stairs though so it depends on which one you get as to how many steps you need to climb to get to them. We made friends with a couple who stayed in them and they said there were OK, they had the basics and that was it, but as one guy said, he didnt plan to spend the holiday inside the villa!

I think for the age of your kids they will love it, you can still go down to Royal Bay and watch the shows with the kids even though your in the villas so dont worry about it too much, im sure youll have a great time, I wish I was going back this Sunday, instead I have a 3 hour drive Monday morning for a meeting!

16 Aug, 2006Michele ( Villas We are going on |sunday and I am so nervous....lots of comments regaring the Royal Bay but very little said about the bungalows! I am travelling with 2 children (6 & 3) 
15 Aug, 2006Kelly ( Hiya Lana, I'm going to bulgaria with my mum, i'm a bit older than you.... 29! I should have been going to spain with some friends but it all got cancelled so dad kindly let my mum join me.... he wants a big holiday out of it though! Really looking foward to going as it's not somewhere i would normally have gone to or even thought about. everyone has had good things to say about it though so i'm going with an open mind. Hope you have a great holiday and i'll let you know how i got on when i get back! x
14 Aug, 2006mc ( for bulgaria take a torch or tea lights as we had 6-7 black outs during our stay. 1 of our party was sick during 1 of these black outs and it was during the night and we could not see a thing. so if you have young kids be prepared if they are afraid of the dark. 
14 Aug, 2006lana ( 4 kelly I am 15 how about you? we could may be compare hols when you get back, where you from? dont need to reply if you don@t wish to. 
14 Aug, 2006lana ( I go to the royal bay on the 21st August 4th Sept with my parents  
14 Aug, 2006kelly ( for lana hiya lana when are you going to the royal bay? I'm going on the 4th sept till the 18th... 
13 Aug, 2006mc ( rates take english money you get a better rate than travellers cheques 
12 Aug, 2006Ray ( Ch Rate - MC Thank you  
12 Aug, 2006mc ( rates 2.50 in the hotel no commission, 2.65 in sunny beach no commission. only use the exchange booths with the CROWN sign outside otherwise you get hit with big commission charges with the other exchange booths. 
12 Aug, 2006Ray ( rate Hi to anyone who can assist, what is the current exchange rate in Bulgaria? is there much difference from the UK which is currently standing between 2.1 and 2.64 
11 Aug, 2006LANA (,S Has anyone got any photo's of the royal bay and any comments as I am going there soon.Thank's 
10 Aug, 2006Marie ( Fort Beach - Private Apartment Sorry, forgot to say that we are out there from August 23rd so if anyone wants to have a look at our complex and apartment (only interested people who are keen to book a holiday with us)then let me know and we can arrange a viewing for you. E-Mail address on web site. Thanks 
08 Aug, 2006TopKeeper ( & Ray There are mini-fridges not mini-bars in the rooms, cant help on the excursions im afraid apart from take the boat trip to nessebar for the day, its worth the trip just to see the old town

As for the pedalos, im sure they were charagle, as were all the other water sports

And yes there is bingo, every night and its not bad prize money either, its 4lev a ticket and normally pays around 100lev for a line and anywhere between 300-400lev for a full house

08 Aug, 2006Ray ( bar can anyone confirm that there are mini bars in the rooms and what are the best excursions on offer to go on  
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