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08 Aug, 2006Charlie ( Ive read that the pedalos are free, is this true and are there any other free water activities? Any bingo at night? My kids love it! 
08 Aug, 2006mc ( the teenagers have to make there own entertainment.there is a nightclub where they all meet, but other than that there is not much for them to courts are not on site.if they join in the activities during the day it would help.most of the entertainment is aimed at young kids and that finishes at 10 - 10.30.there is an animation hall run by the bulgarians but all they do is mime to songs and becomes tedious after 2 weeks 
08 Aug, 2006Ray ( Has anyone got any recommendations for my 15year old ie things to do,entertainment, visits, she not normally hard to please (correction) maybe a little 
08 Aug, 2006Ray ( royal bay Going to Elenite on 21st August 06 I've read various comments (Goog & Bad)
Have been to sunny beach twice and enjoyed it a Holiday is what you make it look forward to meeting the same kind of people. Cheers ( Manchester ) 
08 Aug, 2006TopKeeper ( Food is OK, nothing to shout home about and the drink is really cheap about 90p a pint.

As for the Water Park, the rumour was it's going to be opened anyone and eventually chargable entry for all including people staying within the village, how true this is though I couldnt say 
08 Aug, 2006caroline jeffrey ('s hi going to royal park next year went there 2 years ago for a week but there seems to be a lot more going on now is the water park just for the people staying at elenite. what is the food like at paco's & how much is the food & drink at paco's this must be a new bar as it was there 2 years ago 
07 Aug, 2006TopKeeper ( of Things Not too sure about the fishing, but towels are not provided for the loungers/pool/beach area

As for Cider, there is one bar that sells (and I use the word sell) it, the Irish Bar but all drinks there are chargable, you can buy it from the supermarkets though 
07 Aug, 2006mazza ( park hotel hi,we are a group of 12 travelling to rph on 18.8.06 and i was just wondering if they have any kind of cider drinks available at the hotel as everyone only seems to be mentioning lager/beer and spirits,iv read its available at Pacos a bar near by but no one else as mentioned it,many thanks. 
07 Aug, 2006murph ( park staying 2 weeks from sept 11. how is the fishing. are there many places to fish from. are towels provided for pool area and beach. 
06 Aug, 2006Charlie ( Thanks for all your help, its been really helpful. 
06 Aug, 2006TopKeeper ( & Sun Loungers Hi,
A couple of our friends used the phones in the hotel to phone back home, it wasnt clear how much it was and you dont have to pay up front, I cant remeber exactly how much it cost but they were shocked at the bill once they settled it, so it aint cheap!

As for the sun loungers we never really had any problems as we were up and out about 9ish and yes the ones on the beach are free, you only pay for the ones in the water park

05 Aug, 2006Charlie ( Thanks for info about msn. Anyone know if its cheap to phone back home? Reckon it all sounds good and we're looking forward to it. Are getting the sun loungers really that much hassle, thought it looked like there were loads! Are the ones on the beach free? 
05 Aug, 2006royal park guest ( be careful i have just returned from the royal park , i had the trots twice while i was there and was sick, and have now started with the trots again since getting home this morning, the cleaners may be cleaning all day, but it doesnt help when the mop is dirty. 
05 Aug, 2006TopKeeper ('s Bar Hi Mate,

Right Pacos is litteraly a stones throw from the gates and serves things like, Chicken Curry, Chips 'n' Cheese, Burgers, Etc Etc...

As for the cost of beers the last round we got was a Malibu & Coke, Bottle Of Woodpecker, 2 Guiness, Orange Barcadi Breezer and a Bottle of Becks (500ml version), it came to 16Lev which is about 5.20 if my math is right.

05 Aug, 2006ME ( Park They are always amending the weather forcast, so I am not going to worry about it. Thanks for the websites though. We arrive on Sat 12th and are really looking forward to it. 
05 Aug, 2006ME ( Park Was a bit worried about reading the comment about rain! The BBC weather website is showing sun, sun, sun, for the next five days, so fingers crossed!
05 Aug, 2006jimbouk ( can any one give me more infor on Pacos bar?
Costs of drinks , food available and prices etc.
How far is it from the RP gates? 
04 Aug, 2006Andy ( Park Do you need to take your own beach towels? 
04 Aug, 2006mc ( water i found the sea warmer than the pool at must be the coldest pool i have been in. the waterpark at the entrance to the resort is the best is warmer and more spacious 
03 Aug, 2006beccy ( in the sea is the sea really as cold as ppl have said? also the pool at the royal park is this warm or cold 
03 Aug, 2006TopKeeper ( 4 Charlie Yup MSN is available 5lev per hour in the Internet Zone, tends to be busy on a night though 
03 Aug, 2006mc ( you can use computers for 5 lev an hour next to the galaxy nightclub. there is a selection of kiddies food at the top of the main restaurant, usually fish fingers chips chicken nuggets. outwith main meal times you can get pizza,hot dogs and chicken rolls which are very nice but you do have to Q for this. they tend to run out of snacks as there are to many greedy people taking to much and that is not the hotels fault but you soon get used to it.  
03 Aug, 2006masy ( im off there in 2 weeks i was wondering if there was much food for a 7 yr old and a 2 yr old who are very picky of what they eat. like spanish holidays i can always rely on chips hot dogs and burgers.....please help  
03 Aug, 2006masy ( im off there in 2 weeks i was wondering if there was much food for a 7 yr old and a 2 yr old who are very picky of what they eat. like spanish holidays i can always rely on chips hot dogs and burgers.....please help  
03 Aug, 2006Charlie ( going next week and wondering what phone prices are like to phone home and are there computers to use msn? 
03 Aug, 2006Andrei ( to be total s*** Coming on Aug 7th. Most of weather websites say it will start raining (T-storms) from the 7-8th onward, every day. Good side - no queues for sunbeds, umbrellas etc. Though probably bigger queues for booz 
03 Aug, 2006Craig ( Take a travel kettle, a few plastic tea cups and an iron as these are not supplied in the rooms. 
03 Aug, 2006Craig ( Just back from a fortnight at the Royal Park and have to say that i enjoyed it immensly. Yes there are a few queues and yes you have to be up fairly early for a sunbed but apart from that the only slight grumble is with the lifts (seem to have a mind of their own and you'll never get all 4 working at the same time !)

Aquapark - great for the kids.
Food - excellent and plenty of choice.
Booze - local, but what do you expect and did the damage if you drank enough of it !
Nessebar on the boat trip is not to be missed.

Most importantly - this is the cleanest place I have ever been to in my life. The staff are working non-stop for low wages and you'd be amazed how far a smile and a thank-you can get you. 
03 Aug, 2006Hannah ( Facilities I was just wondering if someone could let me know if you need to take your own beach towels and if the rooms have irons? 
02 Aug, 2006mc ( park water park is free entry but you have to pay 5 lev per day for a bed and 5 lev per day for a have to pay for drinks but it is not dear.the park is great for kids and the water is warmer than at the hotel which is freezing 
02 Aug, 2006hugh ( Park Hotel Lots of complaints about the Royal but they all seem to be from English and Germans. All adults by teh Way. Never heard 1 complaint from any kids or teenagers.
Lets put it in Perspective :-
You are in an all inclusive which means :-
At Certain times There will be a que for food in the hotel, Bar, Lifts, Food around the hotel but thats the package. If you want table service then don't go here.
Some Tips ;-
3 Restrunts outside the Hotel ones. All need to be booked at 10 in the morning in the Restruants. Be there at 9.40 to insure a place. The food does get boring in the hotel as you tend to take a little of everything every meal . Take 1 type of food and you wont ger bored. You have 3 Hotels and 3 Restraunts to choose from so you will only eat in the same place every 6 days if you plan it right along with the huts serving pizza, chicken etc during the Day. expect to put on a few pounds.
Water park is free entry but you have to pay for Beds and Drinks there ( not for chairs ).
Taxis are 20lv ( approx 2 lv = 1 Euro ) to sunny beach before 11pm and 25 After.
Nessabar = 40lv.
Borgas = 100lv return and the taxi will drop u and collect you whenever you want.
Sunny beach = 120lv for a full meal for 4 with wine. (inc starters and desserts ).
Nice Chinese at the start of sunny beach ( taxi drivers know where it is ) 86lv for a set meal for 4.
My Wife says that Shopping is best and cheapest in Sunny Beach,
Nessibar only Fair and Borgas Poor.
Kids, Teenagers and Men will have loads of choice for cheap clothes. Lady's : if you are a size 12 of over or have DD boobs forget shopping. You will find nothing unless you are very lucky. "" Sorry ".
Wages are poor here 150euro a month on Average.
Staff in the Shops in all areas are extreamly rude and unhelpful so expect that. They are very slow to bargan despite reps saying the will.
Clothes in the shops in teh Hotel are twice the price of sunny beach in some cases.

Nice bar 200yds from the hote for a change : 1.5lv a pint.

Visit the Spay for a Massage. Very Cheap and you will be pampered. Men ) sports 1 )
I am on my second week so my ratings are as follows :-
Food : 8.
Hotel : 8
Hotel Staff : 7 (their english is poor but then we are in their country )
Shops :- 9 for Men /kids / Teenagers.
2 for Females over a size 12.
Eating out :- 9.
Drink qualityin the Hotel :- 6.
Beach 8 = ( would be a 10 but for the Fag buts everywhere ).
ps : Get down to the Pool or beach by 7.30 to put your towels on sun beds or there will be none left ( none near the hotel anyways ).

Bring insect repellant for nite time when you are out........

Overall :-
Give it an 7.5.

Anyone due out here soon then i will reply to txts tomorrow nite.
02 Aug, 2006Paul ( Park Royal Park Is the water park free or is it extra and do you have to pay for drinks etc does anyone know? 
02 Aug, 2006Marie ( Park Thanks for times of breakfaast. One other thing. Now that Royal Park has a water park, do you have to pay to use this or is it free. Also are drinks etc around the water park free aswell? 
02 Aug, 2006mc ( times its advertised for 7.30- 10.30 but when i was there it finished at 10. the doorman tried to stop me going in at 9.50 but there were 10 other people behind me so he thought better of it, so you best not leave it to late. you can get freshly made pancakes outside the main breakfast hall at the cart and the french toast is not to be missed. bacon and sausage are the standard for foreign countries,but the beans and scrambled eggs are not bad. hope this helps you. enjoy 
02 Aug, 2006TopKeeper ( Hi There,
Breakfast starts at 7:30 and ends at 10:30
01 Aug, 2006Marie ( at Royal Park Does anyone know what time breakfast starts and finishes as guests staying at our apartment want to get a day pass thare but want to know if they can get breakfast.

01 Aug, 2006TopKeeper ( Hi Dawn,
Staying in the Royal Park you can use all the facilites which includes the other resteraunts on site, with the exception of the restaraunt in the Royal Bay hotel (however someone told us whilst we were they it was possible to book, but I never checked) - if you decide to eat at one of the other Restaraunts (other than that inside the Royal Park Hotel) you have to book and need to be there at 10 to do so, otherwise they become full
Kind Rgds,
01 Aug, 2006dawn ( park im going with a party of 12 next june i have been told that with going all incl i can eat else where is this the case or are we limited to the hotel only? thank 
01 Aug, 2006Graham ( for Kelly When we went in June there were plenty of sunloungers on the beach so no need to worry. The sea is great after the first five paces of pebbles.

With regards to trips we thought the official ones were charged British prices so we used local transport (buses) and it is very cheap.

You have to change buses at Sunny Beach for Nessebur (where you must go for the history and there are some good fish restaurants there).

Locate the bus station just off the main street in Elenite and you get buses for Bourgas (about 45-60min) for about 1 -1.20 and our conductresswas more than helpful unlike Stagecoach.
Bourgas is a large port city with plenty of shops with a huge park and a nice beach. May not suit all tastes and only good for a morning or afternoon trip.

If you are staying for more than 1 week try to go to Varna but it is a two hour plus trip. Apparently a lot of history and designer shops etc

I was not too happy spending 20 -40 each for trips which can be done a lot cheaper. The long distance buses are comfortable while the local one can be very crowded especially the 5.30pm to Elenite from Sunny Beach.

Bit of advice: Big buses cannot get down to Royal Bay. On the way back home we had to walk to the holiday village while our luggage was taken in a golf buggy.

Best wishes

01 Aug, 2006dawn ( park im going with a party of 12 next june i have been told that with going all incl i can eat else where is this the case or are we limited to the hotel only? thank 
01 Aug, 2006newmans ( bay we read reviews on bulgaria mostly bad to be honest so we though a holiday is what you make of it its very clean, staff extremley friendly ,cheap isnt the word we took 700 for the fortnight came back with most of it our little boy went wild on the gifts you can get in sunnybeach ferrari stuff. although you can get good fakes back home nothing to rant on about over there try the yummy kebabs nr the pier you wait a while for them and the guy who serves them is defo the miserabliest guy in bulgaria pizza's are great to if you can get one that isnt just sweetcorn 3/5 times thats what we got. i dont drink but plenty of people i saw really loved the raqi fire water apparently if you want your mind blowing out! i was terrified due to it been run by the mafia only saw boss guy twice and we only knew he was someone speacial because of the massive guys with ear pieces stood near him if you stay on royal bay walk on the beach to the left you will come across a few sun loungers with a small fence surrounding them dont use them thats the boss mans. the security in the place is good electric gates on the entrance and if you look up in most places in the hotel the little black things on the ceiling are cameras although i didnt notice any in the room . 
01 Aug, 2006aly & jason & kian ( honeymoon in royal bay when i arrived in bourgas i didnt like the look of it at all. on arrival at royal bay there was 1 warship straight in front of our room next day 3 following day 5 which put me off. but after a few days i grew to like the place for the staff was extremley fiendly and clean the bar man krassi was fantastic with children although there was nothing that my little 5yr old boy was interested in other than sunnybeach 40lev return the food was ok not hot but it was cooked the beach was lovely and clean .the weather wasnt fantastic three thunder storms whilst we was there in the beginning of june didnt come home with a tan got a better one from good old hull i would not go back to elenite but im going to try albina in varna in october been told lots for yougters to do there if one evening you bored try hbo channel on your tv in the room some good movies overall i would give the place 7/10 mainly because nothing for kian to do 
01 Aug, 2006TopKeeper ( & Sharon Firstly your quite right, the queues for the snacks can be for want of a beta work pathetic, I too had to the queuing for an hour for the kebabs, the hotdogs were a better but they ran out quickly, pizza was the best option we found.

& Sharon, yes cooked breakfasts are available, never saw the pancakes though, but we were in the Royal Bay, they had Sausage, Eggs, Toast, Bacon the useual

01 Aug, 2006Kelly ( Park Myself & my family bought a day pass for 30lev per person and were a bit disappointed. We were in there for 10am, Couldn't get a sun lounger on the beach or by any of the pools, the nice restaurant was fully booked, the cold drinks were not very cold and the beer was horrid! Also, and I may be wrong here having just got a day pass, but the que's for the snacks were horrendus - we waited an hour for a sandwich!! We ended up spending the day in the waterpark where we had to pay for sunbeds & drinks!!! ON A PLUS NOTE HOWEVER - the complex itself is lovely and the evening meal was fine. The night's are slightly chaotic - if you are going with kids you'll love it, if you are going with adults, you might be better up at Sunny Beach for your night's out!!! 
01 Aug, 2006Sharon ( Park Hi there,

Looking at booking Royal Park for next May - has anyone been there at the end of May - What is the weather like?
Regarding the food at the hotel -do they do a cooked breakfast, pancakes etc?
WHat is the childrens club like for a 3year old?

01 Aug, 2006mc ( just back from RP. food is good if you give it a try.people moaning without trying it. big problems with sun loungers, i was up at 8 on 3-4 occasions and could not get 1 at the pool or on the many greedy people taking to much pizza, hot dogs and chicken rolls.this hotel is clean and the staff are very is very weak 2% but you can buy bottles of becks for 50p. entertainment is ok for young kids but the older kids could get bored if they don't mix with people 
01 Aug, 2006Marie ( Park Myself, husband and 2 children visited Royal Park for 1 day last year as a visitor. (We have own apartment at Privilege Fort Beach) and we were very impressed. Very busy though and not able to get sun loungers but that was only negative.  
01 Aug, 2006TopKeeper ( Hi Kelly, no its first come first served for the loungers, I stayed at the Royal Bay but used the pool at the Royal Park as friends stayed there, there were about 20 of us using the loungers and we always got one but we had to be down before 9:30. As for trips try the one to Nessebar but do it yourself as the hotel run one tends to be a bit hectic, there is a boat leaves about 10:30 everyday which is very cheap. And as for cash machines, you have to go into Sunny Beach for those.

And on the topic of food poisening, not one of our group had anything except a mild upset tummy which clear itself up within a day, and lets face it free beer and free food, yr bound to get the odd person who overdoes it, relax its a really clean place, and youll enjoy it, all of us did

Hope This Helps,
01 Aug, 2006Kelly ( For Graham Thanks Graham, Just a bit wary after reading the reports on the net of people claiming money for having had food poisoning! I've heard that the hotel is clean and there's plenty of sunloungers ( that bit comfused me as it said that there was 2 loungers allocated to each room.... does this mean we have to cart our loungers down at the beginning of the day and then take them back up?
Can you suggest any good trips to go on? We're going with airtours so not sure what to expect as we usually go thomsons though i'm sure they'll be ok. If there any other useful info you could pass on? Is there a cash machine close by? Thanks!! 
01 Aug, 2006Graham ( for Kelly Kelly: If you are going to Royal Bay you will enjoy it. We certainly did and we also thought the food was very good. Also try the Sozopol; restaurant on a Sunday or Monday when they traditional Bulgarian entertainment- you have to book.
Don't worry but look forward to what should be a great holiday. 
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