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13 Jul, 2006mc ( are there any discos for teenagers? 
13 Jul, 2006dawn ( park my husband and i have just returned from the royal park and had a great time. the rooms are large we had clean towels every day you just leave your dirty ones on the bath and they renew them. we ate in the resturant every night, the food was ok you have to remember you are in bulgaria not uk so some of the dishes looked different but if you tasted them they was ok you had chicken,lamb,pork and beef, every day there was salads we tried it all and was ok no problem with upset tummeys. you could have full english breakfast or cereals. during the day was pizza, chicken kebabs. we have been on many all inclusive holidays all over the world the only thing my husband did not like was the beer so we went to the shop and brought stello 2.50 for 4 tins was good. you can get on a bus just outside the hotel it costs about 80p each to sunny beach much cheaper than a taxi. from the pier you can get a boat to nessbar it leaves at 10.15 every day it costs about £8 return each it is worth going its a lovely walk though the old town it brings you bach about 2.30. the water park was open its free open from 10 - 6 every day. i changed my money before i went, but you can change your money in reception i changed £20 i got 2.50 lev to the £ that was better than the uk. the day before we left they was putting lots of chairs around the stage out side by the pool for the shows it was much better than being inside. we had a sea view it was the best side of the hotel so check your accomidation and make sure you have a sea view. if anyone needs to know anything i would be pleased to help. 
13 Jul, 2006Louise ( care (nappies) Hi!
My first time going to Bulgaria -I'm travelling with 2 kids (1 and 9) and I was wondering whether it's possible to buy nappies at the resort (we're staying at the Royal Park) -preferable Pampers, Huggies or Libero (OPS maybe thats a danish brand...:-))
Louise (Denmark) 
13 Jul, 2006TopKeeper ( Other Questions? I'll try and pop back to the Internet Cafe here (which also has computer games for the kids) in a few days time, its only 5lev for an hour (about 2quid)
Gota go, FREE beer to be drank, LOL! 
13 Jul, 2006TopKeeper ( Hi All,
We are here right now with our 1 year old and a big group of friends (about 20 of them), some of us are in the Royal Bay and some in the Royal Park.

The food generally is OK, the snacks during the day are plentiful but be prepared to queue, so far we havent had much rain (the odd drop now and a again) but it has been overcast a few days other than that is been hot.

Entertainment for the kids is good but if they are much older than 12 I can see them getting a little bored, although the electic scooters keep most of them occupied. Most bars in the resort close around 12-1am but if you want to venture just outside the grounds to Paco's Bar they serve snacks till 3am closing and its dirt cheap (cheaper than inside the resort)

For the older ones (and even the younger ones) I recommend a trip into Sunny Beach the food and drink is very cheap and it breaks it up from the food you get in the resort

As for people coming down with bugs and so called food poisioning you get this kind of thing everywhere you go, the cleaners here are on the go 24by7 and never stop, if you are polite to the staff they are polite back, abuse them and they WILL abuse you, remeber they get paid around 140 pounds a MONTH and for some of the things they have to put up with from some of the other guests i have seen is attrocious.

I recommend the beach if you dont like cold water has the pools tend to be very cold, especially the Royal Park.

During the day theres plenty going on, Speed Pool, Quiz, Five A Side, Beach Volley Ball, Water Polo etc etc so always something to keep the kids busy (if there not stuffing themselves on the FREE ice cream which is gorgeous)

You do have to pay for the beach activities, the Jet Ski (theres only 1 of them) is 35lev for 1 40lev for 2 and theres the usefual bannana and rubber ring rides (dont know how much these are)

There is 1 bar that has draft Becks and its 4lev a pint and also has things like Barcadi Breezer, this is the only bar in the resort that charges for thier drinks, but like I say try Paco's they are very freindy and our last round of drinks for 6 people which was 2 Guiness, 1 Becks, 1 Barcadi & Coke and a Woodpecker Cider came to 17lev thats less than 7 quid, thats cheap!

Oh one other thing if you do venture into Sunny Beach the taxi ride in is 20lev, coming back they try to use meters, DONT LET THEM, pull out 25lev max and say this is all you have agree the price first or it gets costly, also once in Sunny Beach there are people on the streets offering you 3.5 lev to the pound, DONT DO IT, most of the notes are either fake or out of date.

For me this is the perfect family holiday, no larger louts, no banging noise till the earlier hours, and a secure complex you can feel at ease with letting your kids go walkabout

Sure there will be the odd bad case, but thats the same everywhere you go. 
13 Jul, 2006Susan ( advice We travel on the 28th july with 2 14yr olds, can any one tell me if there is much to keep these entertained (im sure you all know how hard it is to keep this age group entertained)
Also are there any water sports on the beach at the hotel ? can we get banana boats etc.
advise on the best place to eat would be great (fussy kids lol) and where are the places you have to book in early to eat
any advice wot so ever would be great
many thanks
12 Jul, 2006amanda ( park hotel We stayed in the royal park from 26th june till 11th july and it was a holiday from hell.The food was a disgrace,the meat was either raw or very under cooked.My dad had food poisoning and had to stay in his room on an IV drip for a day.There was alot of people in the resort being sick but when i reported it to the rep she said it was just a bug.There was heavy rain and 3 of our rooms got flooded but they just put towels down to soak up the water and when the floor starts to dry the room smells.There is not alot of entertainment and on the few nights you do get some it is awful and very adult even though it is for kids.None of the staff are very helpfull and you will have to fight for clean towels.If you dont like the food at dinner time you wont be able to eat anything untill breakfast as there is nowhere to go and get anything else as they stop serving snacks at 4.45pm. 
12 Jul, 2006John ( Park To Sue with the two boys going on 28th july: this is our second year an our 14 and 12 year old girls love it. There are many kids there that age and it is safe for them to socialise around the complex.

Hope this helps 

11 Jul, 2006Graham ( Re: Comments below, you do not have to book for the buffet restaurants only the a la carte. 
10 Jul, 2006Graham ( and Restaurants Hi Sue: We stayed at Royal Bay in June and the buffet food there was excellent.

You have to bear in mind your are going to a former Eastern Bloc country so their food is different compared to what you may find in other Western countries. I would say they provide a healthy diet.
Unfortunately I cannot comment on food at Royal Park but I tried breakfast at Nessebar Restaurant, close to the holiday homes and wasn't impressed.

I enjoyed the Sozopol Restaurant which does Bulgarian food, go there either on a Sunday or Monday for the Bulgarian entertainment.

We tried the Tatlyana Barbeque Restaurant for lunch and it was OK without being special.

We found in June many of the restaurants were booked for the evening meal by 10.10 and queues were forming at 9.30am.

It may be worst in July/Agust and you cannot book ahead, only on the day.

Hope this helps and if you want to know anymore let me know. 
10 Jul, 2006sue ( My husband and i are going with our 14yr old son and his friend, is there much for them to do? as you know kids are easily bored also seen some good and bad comments about the food what is the best place to eat? i have also read some places you have to book early to get a seat can anyone also give advise on this to
many thanks
p.s we go on the 28th july anyone else goin at this time? 
10 Jul, 2006sue ( My husband and i are going with our 14yr old son and his friend, is there much for them to do? as you know kids are easily bored also seen some good and bad comments about the food what is the best place to eat? i have also read some places you have to book early to get a seat can anyone also give advise on this to
many thanks
p.s we go on the 28th july anyone else goin at this time? 
10 Jul, 2006Michaela ( Park hotel Hi, we have booked a kids den suite for our holiday. Can anybody tell me what these rooms are like? I was torn between getting a kids den suite or just a suite and the Travel agent was not to sure what the difference was.
10 Jul, 2006sherry ( hi, i am going to hotel royal park next week. does anyone know if you can book a day trip to turkey ? or does anyone know of any more excursions. 
09 Jul, 2006Donna ( you Thanks Richard for the link you sent me, you have been very helpful.

thanks again :o) 
09 Jul, 2006Donna ( you Thanks Richard for the link you sent me, you have been very helpful.

thanks again :o) 
09 Jul, 2006kara ( trip hello. There are 8 people in my family and we are all going to the Royal Park Hotel for a holiday and will be staying for 2 weeks. I was wondering if there is any day trips out eg going to turkey for the day? Thanks  
09 Jul, 2006mc ( are there 2 bedrooms or are all the beds in 1 room 
09 Jul, 2006Richard ( code MC

There is no dress code as such for the restaurants. It's not one of these places you have to wear long trousers for evening meal.

However, there is a notice at the entrance to the hotel restaurant saying " No Shoes, No Shirt - No Service"

Even so, there were people at lunchtime in just shorts with no top getting food no problem.

Hope this helps. 
09 Jul, 2006mc ( code is there any dress code for the restaurants 
09 Jul, 2006donna ( richard thank you so much for the pics it was very much appreciated. going from the pics the place looks fab, thanks again 
08 Jul, 2006donna ( park thanks for your very quick responce simon,its all inclusive but from reading what ppl have wrote can u eat else where free of charge? 
08 Jul, 2006donna ( park thanks for your very quick responce simon,its all inclusive but from reading what ppl have wrote can u eat else where free of charge? 
08 Jul, 2006donna ( park thanks for your very quick responce simon,its all inclusive but from reading what ppl have wrote can u eat else where free of charge? 
08 Jul, 2006simon ( park Donna we took 5 kids ages 3 - 11 place is great for them . Go onto the beach its clean the sea is warm and slopes nice. Its safe for your kids the older ones can go and get ice creams on there own and drinks , you can find something to eat for them each night even if the food is a bit ropey that night, safes are 7 lev a night 40 for a week . 200 fags each is the limit but at the airport 200 cost 16 lev about £6.00 . anything else 
08 Jul, 2006Donna ( park booking up to go as a big family group there are 3 children with us ages from 3 to 7. does anyone recomend this place as im already having mixed views after reading holiday reviews on other web pages people have left. also does anyone have any pictures of the place so i could have a look at peoples pics are always better then thr glossy ones printed. Thank you :o) 
07 Jul, 2006dan ( how much drink and cigs can you bring back 
07 Jul, 2006Steve from Wigan ( Park Hotel / Elenite Went to the Royal Park in July 2005 and loved every minute! As far as I know, the only place you can't go to eat if you're in the Royal Park is the Royal Bay Hotel at the opposite end of the beach. Not sure of the name of the water park but it's in Sunny Beach - about 10 mins by bus /taxi from Royal Park and it's brilliant, well run, first aid stations, loads of staff etc and didn't feel too crowded. It's right behind the main road through Sunny Beach, you can't miss it. E-mail me if you want to know anything about the hotel, area etc.  
07 Jul, 2006Craig ( safe How much is the safe to hire at the Royal Park ? Thinking of just taking cash with me and leaving it in the safe when not req'd. 
07 Jul, 2006Craig ( Cheers for the info Graeme. We're going for a fortnight so probably 200 cash & 200 cheques sounds like it will be more than suffice. 
07 Jul, 2006danny ( can anyone tell me the name of this park and were it is from the hotel and also what it is like , does anyone have any photos of it and the hotel my email is AS GO ON MONDAY 10TH JULY thank you all for the reports about this hotel 
07 Jul, 2006Michaela ( Park hotel Richard
The photos were fab thanks, they have given me a really good idea of what to expect. I have to say it looks lovely, I am sure we will have a really good time. Thanks again for getting back to me. 
07 Jul, 2006Richard ( park, Elenite Michaela

Yes if you are staying in the Royal park you can eat anywhere including the hotel restaurant, the village restaurant, the Talyana (BBQ), The sunshine (A La Carte) Restaurant and the Bulgarian traditional restaurant, snacks and drinks from any of the bars, the coffee shop in the village, anywhere basically. The only thing I'm not sure on is if you can eat in the Royal bay hotel, purely for the reason that we didn't go there to eat because we were told the food wasn't so good there.

Hope this helps and hope you like the photo's. My wife barred me from putting the one of her on the beach in her bikini :) 
07 Jul, 2006Michaela ( Park hotel Richard, thanks for that, I was just a little concenred when Graham said the Royal Park was a three star hotel. Can people staying at the Royal Park eat eveywhere in the resort? What did you find worked best for you?
07 Jul, 2006Graham ( Craig: You can choose whatever method suits you bearing in mind all the different rates. Change any travellers cheques away from the resort (i.e at Sunny Beach or if you go to Bourgas city - better rates there)
As you will probably be all inclusive you will not need a lot.

My wife and I took £200 worth of Lev and £200 Travellers Cheques for a week.

The Travellers Cheques all returned home along with £80 worth of Lev.

Yes, we had a fish lunch in Nessebar, a pizza lunch in Bourgas with beers etc.

We also bought gifts for friends and ourselves including evening shoes for the wife at the equivalent of £12.

The most expensive thing is the key for the safety deposit box.

The message is that you will not be spending a fortune unless you go for quantity.

Pint of beer is about 50p.

The biggest problem you will have if you go to Bourgas is that everything is written in Cyphillic. The only thing we could understand in a cafe was Sprite, Coke and Fanta!

Hope this helps 
07 Jul, 2006Craig ( cash What's the best way of taking money to Bulgaria ie do we take all Lev with us , or travellers cheques, or take cash out from cashpoint whilst over there ?? 
06 Jul, 2006Michaela ( Park hotel Hi Graham

Thanks for replying, we have actually booked to stay at the Royal Park Hotel which according to first choice is the 4 star hotel with the Royal Bay being the 3 star? I hope this is the case.
06 Jul, 2006Graham ( and village Hi Michaela: Royal Park is at one end of the village and Royal Bay at the other end with the holiday homes in the middle so you are actually in the middle.
The two hotels are certainly different gradings. The Royyal Bay is four star and Royal Park three star.

Those at Royal bay can eat and drink anywhere except Irish Bar. Not sure id this is the case for Royal Park.

If you can eat at Royal Bay then I recommend their buffet especially the gateaux.

You have to wear wristbands coloured according to which hotel/holiday flats you are staying in so this approach may indicate restrictions on where certain accomodation members can eat and drink.

Royal Bay is red, Royal park is green and the holiday homes yellow.

I even saw some people wearing these wristbands when they got ofv the train at Luton. maybe they were hoping for a free breakfast...... 
06 Jul, 2006TopKeeper ( This Saturday Finally took the plunge and booked yeserday to fly Saturday (cost us a bomb doing so), anyway I am away for 2 weeks returning on the 22nd and will endevour to report back any thing people need to know, I have found this board spot on for what I need and the major reason I booked, so if i can help anyone else out i will.
The Keeps! 
05 Jul, 2006michaela ( park hotel Richard

Hi there, sorry me again! How far is the ‘village’ from the Royal Park hotel and how exactly does this resort work?

05 Jul, 2006Michaela ( Park hotel Richard

Thank you so much for getting back to me. It is a relief after reading bad reviews to actually hear from someone who has stayed and enjoyed it.
04 Jul, 2006Richard ( Park, Elenite Michaela

Sorry I haven't replied sooner.

Got back from Royal Park on 27th June after a 2 week break there. Overall we had a great time there. Hotel is lovely and clean, maids were very friendly and couldn't do enough for the children :) The maids are always cleaning and work very long hours. We had 2 interconnecting rooms which were superb, both with balconies and overlooking the sea. Excellent for watching the dolphins in the bay which was superb! Food was very good first week but was not so good the second but we all survived. Good pizza at the Talyana during the day and also the kebabs at the pool garden were great! Hot dogs available at various places including the pool bar outside the hotel. The coffe shop in the village is great with ice creams (Banana & Chocolate my fave!) and some superb turkish delight on offer. My kids also had a passion or the chocolate biscuits.

Anyway as I said we didn't starve and in fact I came home 11lb heavier and my wife gained half a stone :) Alcoholic drinks were ok as were the coffee and cold drinks. No complaints there.

The entertainment was sufficient but usually over by 10.30pm. Ok though if you have a family. Entertainment is mostly held in the animation hall. The first choice reps entertainment is ok, but the bulgarian animation team shows are much better. We sometime went into the nightclub after the shows (Kids allowed too) for a boogie. It stays open until 2.00am but remember you pay for your drinks after 12 midnight.

Didn't hear any noise for the building work, and the waterpark is now open.

Wasn't fussed on sunny beach, but went to Nessebar on the boat (10.30am at the pier outside hotel) which was a good day out. It leaves Nessebar at 2.30pm arriving back at Elenite at 3.35pm.

So, how would I sum up my holiday? Well, the food could be slightly improved, but i think the key here is to remember how much this holiday cost. weighing this up it is excellent value for money!

Would I go again???

I've already booked for 11th June next year!

04 Jul, 2006tracy (, change over to EU hi could any one tell me when bulgaria join the EU in jan 2007 by next summer will the currency still be the lev or the dreaded euro! we have booked up for this year but are thinking of elinites for our next holiday and since cyprus joined the EU it has gone to exspensive  
04 Jul, 2006rodney roskruge ( park this hotel is great.........but you better be aware i have just come back today with a party of 17 we had two weeks at this hotel,the first 3 days the food was just ok.then it happened we started to drop like flys with sickness and shits no other way to put it. the worst hit was a 10 year old and 3 year old we had to tack them to the doctor and he put it down to food poisoning. the food on offer is for the germans many off them and not for us britts.a very nice place to eat is the four towers at sunny beach it gets 10/10...........this holiday was a let down  
03 Jul, 2006LFC ( Hi Graham,
Yes very useful thankyou very much for spending the time to write and let us know.
Kind Rgds,
03 Jul, 2006LFC ( Hi Graham,
Yes very useful thankyou very much for spending the time to write and let us know.
Kind Rgds,
03 Jul, 2006Graham ( Bay LFC: Yes, you can use the facilities at Royal Park. The only place you have to pay anything is the Irish Bar.

We found the buffet food at Royal Bay to be very good. We also tried the Bulgarian restaurant Sozopol. Recommended on Sun/Mon when they have entertainment. With all the restaurants you have to queue from 9.30am (early June). The info on the resort is misleading as it says you can book between 10am and 11am but they are booked up by 10.05am if not earlier.

Hope this helps. Really enjoyed it but make sure you get out of the resort for one or two or three days etc and use the public transport as it is very cheap and reasonably comfortable for the long trips to Bourgas and also I believe to Varna (There is a bus station at Sunny Beach).
We avoided the organised trips as they were expensive in Bulgarian terms (IE British type prices).

Note the local buses between Elenite and Sunny Beach can be crowded especially the return bus at 17.30.

Hope this helps

02 Jul, 2006LFC ( Royal Bay Hi, we are going to Hotel Royal Bay, can we still use the facilites at Hotel Royal Park? - as I understand it the Elenite resort is all inclusive thru-out, am I right? 
30 Jun, 2006donna ( thanks simon the info was much appreciated  
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