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30 Jun, 2006simon ( Hi no kettles in rooms take your own. travellers cheaques can be cashed at hotel but we took national wide card and went to the bank in suuny beach and took money out no cost. ciggies and brooze cheaper at the airport on the way out alot cheaper 200 ciggies 16.00lev. Food not that bad try all the places to eat and you will find some not bad, some days its very nice some its not very bad but hard to find something you like. jet skis on the beach dont know how much but pedalos 1.50 approx for 1/2 hour. young kids will love the beach its great older ones it may be boring for thembut the water park is now open hope this helps 
29 Jun, 2006trevor ( we are going to royal park hotel on the 10th of july, my wife and i will be meeting a few friends there, we have a few kids between us ranging from 4 / 15 years, some of the reveiws are sending me in to cold sweats. we are welsh and can make our own fun but still i am concerned about the building work and the food that is so often mentioned about this hotel
any feed back will be well appreciated  
29 Jun, 2006danny c ( park hi to all
me my wife and kid are going on 10th july with 2 other families can anyone give us some tips were we can go for a good night out none of these rave clubs or that just a good club for us oldies lol we are in our 40s. someone please give us some good reports about this place as most of them are all bad ones,also what about water sports is there any at the hotel, also the rooms how many rooms are there in your room as we have a 1 twin room 
29 Jun, 2006Michaela ( Park hotel Richard
I was wondering how you found your holiday? I know you must be just about back. There is a large crowd of us going in August and I know you were concerned about several things and would be interested to hear how you got on. Can you change travellers cheques in the hotel? Thanks 
29 Jun, 2006Michaela ( Park hotel Richard
I was wondering how you found your holiday? I know you must be just about back. There is a large crowd of us going in August and I know you were concerned about several things and would be interested to hear how you got on. Can you change travellers cheques in the hotel? Thanks 
29 Jun, 2006donna ( my husband would love to have a go on the jet ski's are they any near the royal park hotel and are they expensive 
29 Jun, 2006donna llewellyn ( hi we are going to horel royal park on 10th july is it cheaper for me to buy my vodka at the airport or in elinite/sunny beach. 
29 Jun, 2006J ( Bottle Hi Michelle, I take it from your question you are taking a small child? - I am looking to go with my wife & daughter in early July but my wife is concerned it will be too hot for her and the flight too long. Our friends have already booked and I'm sure she would be OK as long as we use our common sense but Im having trouble convincing her its a good idea, our daughter has just turned 1. 
28 Jun, 2006michelle ( does anybody know if there is a kettle in the rooms as need to make babies bottle 
27 Jun, 2006simon ( park Hi we have just got back from the royal park , 9 of us went 4 adults 5 children age 4 to 11 , I can only tell you want we had . got they after midnight people still cleaning , rooms huge air con in 1 room not good the other too good , beach sent all week on it great, food ok just you can live on it but you would not buy it some days better than others , snacks during the day ok , drinks cold and plenty of them , water park opened the day we left right out side the front doors. Overall we had a great holiday we did not eat in all the places you can , if you have older kids could be boring for them at nights but for young familes its good nice and clean and safe. 
27 Jun, 2006first choice traveller ( in royal park hotel i am going to royal park hotel in august! is there anything there for kids and where is the water park... is it in the resort?  
27 Jun, 2006michelle ( does anybody know if the water park is finished yet or when it is due to be 
27 Jun, 2006Lisa ( Park questions You can exchange money at the hotel, not sure about travellers cheques. The nearest cashpoint is in sunny beach which is 20lev in a cab and there is an infrequent bus service there.
The fags are cheap, i bought 400 bensons at the airport which averaged out to 10 for 200. Buying fags singlely (20) at the resort is around 2.40levs (1) but I didn't find anything other than bulgarian brands but they were ok.
For the world cup you can watch matches in the Irish Bar, they have 2 plasma tv's so you won't miss a thing.
Hope this helps everyone:-) 
27 Jun, 2006michelle ( cup hi,nicola was wondering where would you say it is best to watch the football on sat as going on friday, thanks
27 Jun, 2006Nicola ( I have just got back from the royal park hotel, and i can say it was a really lovely place. The actual resort is quite out of the way but it has everything you, if your taking small children they seem to be kept entertained most of the time. the main pool is nice but its a little cold and there are loads of kids splashing about, i recommend the pool next to where u get the ice creams, its warm and a lot quiter.
The weather whe nwe left was 30 but it felt hotter which was great for getting a tan.
the first choice reps are great they are more than happy to help youand there is always some one about.
the food was OK, it was the same kind of thing every night, but usually there is just enough choice to find something you like, if not the snacks durning the day are lovely especially the pizza! we visited the BBQ restaurant on one occassion, i dont recommend it at all, the food was covered in fly's and instead of covering the food up the staff just brushed them off... it was very off putting. the staff dont speak very good english and some of them were quite rude, BEWARE do not leave anything of any value round the pool one of the cleaning staff stole my watch we saw her do it but before we could do any thing about she has vanished. also do not leave any change about in yours rooms and that also tends to dissapear!
There are 2 memebers of staff downstairs in the morris bar who were great, as soon as ur drink was empty they brought u another one ver without you asking.
finally one last thing about the airport on the way home.. it is very small and basic, we were delayed by 2 and a half hours but were not informed of it, i only found out by contacting afriend at home who checked the gatwick airport and told me about it,the staff didn't seem to know what was going on and there are no departure screens.
other than that the yholiday was really relaxing, i recommend nessebar and if u want something more lively visiting sunny beach. I hope you all have a great time!  
26 Jun, 2006Michaela ( Park Hotel Can anybody tell me if you can cash Travellers cheques in the hotel, also is there a cash point? 
26 Jun, 2006TopKeeper ( Hi,
Could someone tell me if there are any other operators who use this Hotel, I can only seem to find it on First Choices website, do they have the hotel excusivly?
24 Jun, 2006Graham ( Park Michaela: Between June 12 and 19 workmen were still working on the water park near to the Royal Park. Most of the things appeared to be in place. It looked as if they were in the latter stages but I am not an expert. 
23 Jun, 2006dawn ( how cheap are the fags in bulgaria ??? DOES ANYONE KNOW ??? 
23 Jun, 2006emma ( thanks bus driver .i hear that eyebrows are all the rage there this summer lol x 
23 Jun, 2006Michaela ( Park Hotel There is a large group of us going to this hotel in August, can anybody tell me about the Water Park? Is it finished? 
22 Jun, 2006michelle ( where are you traveling from? we are going from manchester  
22 Jun, 2006Graham ( Sean: Sorry for delay in replying. The weather last week (12-19) was dodgy to start with regular thunderstorms and cool then became hot and dry over the weekend - excellent sunbathing conditons.

Those staying at Royal Bay beware. When they built the hotel they failed to make the road up to it wide enough for large coaches.

In the middle of the night when we arrived we had to switch to a shuttle bus.

On our return the shuttle bus failed to turn up and security would not allow the big coach to come to hotel so we had to walk up hill to meet the coach for about half a mile.

Fortunately they took the cases in a golf buggy. 
22 Jun, 2006bus driver ( hello emma busses every half an hr for pretty english girls.... lol 
22 Jun, 2006tony ( i know you can buy 400 for 24 on plane thats what it says on our tickets. we are also flying on the 30th. 
22 Jun, 2006michelle ( Does anyone know how cheap the cigarettes are? We are going on the 30th of june cant wait. 
22 Jun, 2006sean ( hi graham what was the weather like? 
22 Jun, 2006sean ( hi graham what was the weather like? 
22 Jun, 2006emma ( how often do the buses run to sunny beach and until what time in the evenings,thanks 
22 Jun, 2006Graham ( We stayed at Royal Bay June 12 and 19, all inclusive. between us we only spent 120 including gifts for ourselves and friends etc and a safe deposit box. So you should not spend too much.

Public transport is very cheap but the service from Sunny Beach to Elenite is a little infrequent so the 17.30 can be very crowded.

Food at Royal Bay (which is a four star) is excellent. Tried the breakfast buffet at the Nessebur Restaurant (which I think is for the holiday homes) and that was disappointing.

Would reccommend the Sozopol a la carte on Sunday or Monday because they have Bulgarian singing and dancing and they encourage you to join in plus there is a "cow" which likes to kiss the ladies. Food here is traditional Bulgarian.

With the a la carte they say book between 10an amd 11am but there is a queue from 9.30am certainly at the Sozopol and the others put the full sign up very quickly.

Finally the Bulgarians, despite the language problem, are very friendly and helpful.

As we got off the public bus at Bourgas, the conductress said to us individually go to bay one for the return journey and handed us a timetable. You don't get that with Stagecoach.

And definitely finally, try the sea as it is less crowded than the pool area. Very sandy bottom after a few intial pebbles (a couple of yards).

At Royal Bay we were able to eat anywhere on resort. 
22 Jun, 2006wilson ( free my wife and i are traveling in july we have never been to bulgaria before should we wait till we get out there to buy our perfume and cigarettes or is it cheaper at gatwick ?????? 
21 Jun, 2006Paul ( On no. I'll be in me Arsenal ones then. Im sure we can slate each other over a few beers. Ive got 7 Norwegians with me :o( (But thet are a good laugh and like a beer, thea,dults anyway) 
21 Jun, 2006tony ( cup hello paul, you will know us! were the sad ones in southampton colours with 2 other familys. ( and england colours) 
21 Jun, 2006Paul ( Ive been told its best to change money up before I go. So have a nice bundle of Lev to take with. Tony, Will check out bars and let U know when U arrive if I find ya. I'll be the sad english man married to a Norwegian with full england colours on. 
20 Jun, 2006DONNA ( cup The best bar on site to watch the game is the irish bar but it is a pay bar and also couldn't get english channels while we was there so had to watch the game without commentry, they have trips running with first choice to a bar in sunny beach. we found the best thing to do was to go to sunny beach. 
20 Jun, 2006Sharon ( room types Hi, im looking for advice from people who have been to Hotel Royal Park. Im looking to book a separate room for my daughter and a room for myself and my boyfriend. Looking on first choice - dosent explain clearly the difference between the suites and the twin interconnecting rooms. Can anyone please let me know if they have stayed in either of these rooms?? Thanks Sharon 
20 Jun, 2006dawn ( my husband and i are going on the 3 july for a week should we change our money before we go and is it cheaper to buy our fags at the airport before we travel is anyone traveling the same day ? 
20 Jun, 2006tony ( bar! Thanks paul 1st day of our hols is the quarter final and cant miss england. I hear the irish bar have no irish beers no irish music and bulgarian bar staff ...... sounds irish to me 
19 Jun, 2006Paul ( Cup See ya there. I heard the Irish Bars showing the football 
19 Jun, 2006tony ( cup Hello, going to royal park on the 30/6/06 can you recommend a good bar to watch england get to the final.... cheers 
19 Jun, 2006Paul ( Thanks very much for that Donna. Its just as well as I have changed 600 up already lol.  
19 Jun, 2006donna ( hi paul you can definatly take lev into the country and if you decide to take travelers cheques don't change at the hotel as the rates are quite high go to one of the main banks in sunny beach. we also took our debit card (switch) and could draw out of the machines over there for a small fee by your bank.
hope this helps.
19 Jun, 2006Paul ( Currency Im going to Royal Park on Friday and have just read on another website that you cannot take Lev into the country. Can anyone please enlighten me on this?

19 Jun, 2006Paul ( Currency Im going to Royal Park on Friday and have just read on another website that you cannot take Lev into the country. Can anyone please enlighten me on this?

19 Jun, 2006Gerry T ( back 17/6/06 Lovely hotel, rooms very large. We had a kids den, you have to pay a deposit for the playstation. Weather wasn't brilliant, lots of thunder and lighting. The only thing we feel let the hotel down was the food. There is very little selection and you will never see pasta/postatoes/rice on the same night. The first 3 days of holiday were nice and relaxing but after that the hotel was full to capacity. The teenagers were outside shouting and larking about until 3/4am, so many children with no respect for the hotel or it's grounds. We have 2 children aged 11 and 5, so it's not that we are old and miserable. Kids club was okay, usually two sessions a day sometimes they do an evening session at no extra charge, 9.30pm to 11.30pm. Reps ara plentyful, they are available 9am to 1pm and 4pm to 7pm daily.

There are several snack bars, but these are not always open at the times they should be. On Friday we had to queue for 40 minutes just to get a filled roll as all the other snack bars were closed.

Would recommend booking the barbeque.

Unfortunately we would not go back. 
18 Jun, 2006michael ( dog if you are near zornita sands hotel or the royal park hotel, please look near the tennis courts just beside a taxi rank, as there is absoluteley gourgeous dog we named toby there he is very friendly and loves people me and my sister stopped at royal park and fed him food from the restaurant please help nim thank you!!! 
17 Jun, 2006anonymous ( check-out Dear guests, if you want to pay late check-out do that in advance please. Also, you should be sure that it's shown on the rooming lists 
17 Jun, 2006Paul ( not worry I went on Holiday the 19th May for 2 weeks with my wife & kids 1,4,7 & 9. 12 very hot days & 2 cloudy. Hotel very clean. Food okay. Beach lovely as are the kebabs, pizza's & ice creams served on the beach. After reading some of these reports I feel they can be a bad thing because we got the letter re the building work & there really is nothing to worry about & when the water park is complete this will be a unbelievable hotel.
Can see Dolphins swimming in the sea from your balcony if you are lucky to have a room at the back of the hotel.
Recommend the donkey saffari but a bit disappointed with the lazy day boat trip.
Entertainment okay in the evening for kids but did not last long.
Try the barbecue restuarant & sunshine which you have to book on the day before 10.00am.
Enjoy we did.

16 Jun, 2006Gerry ( Towels Just back from the Royal Bay. Beach towels were available from reception with, from memory, a deposit of 20lev.
Some of the sunbeds outside our hotel also had mattresses - most people however tended to hold on to their mattress. The best time for grabbing one was either a Monday or Friday evening (i.e. changeover days) 
16 Jun, 2006Bob ( Are there beach towels available or I take some with me? 
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