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14 Jun, 2007Gareth ( Park We are going to the Royal Park on 28/7.2 adults 3 children.We have heard many bad reviews lately , could you advise myself how it really is and if it is suitable for my family. 
14 Jun, 2007Janet ( Park we are off to the Royal Park on the 10th Augsut. does anyone if there is anywhere in the complex where they show the football as it is the Manchester derby whilst we are there 
09 Jun, 2007rebecca ( Fort Beach, Elenite, Bulgaria Never been to Bulgaria before this will be our 1st trip in july 07.
We are a group of 7 adults, wanting to know how much roughly to take for 1 week holiday? how is food & drink? .....and where is best value to go & eat & drink?
Nightlife ideas would be a bonus if anyone has ideas?
Cheers xx 
08 Jun, 2007steve ( food thanks for your feed back,sounds ok to me.Roll on 30th July. 
08 Jun, 2007Michele ( The food can be a little most all inclusive hotels. Everything is plentiful and not necessary what we would serve in the UK....but you are in Bulgaria so food is bound to be different. Like I said before the way the food is served is an area that could be improved. One service station for drinks so expect to queue....One long line for food, where everyone pushes in! If you have children you have to repeat the experience several times and this can be really annoying. It would be vastly improved if they at least served drinks to the table and then you only have to queue for food!
The hotel is used by a number of different nationalities...germans, french, dutch, russians, polish etc expect a real mix and understand that concept of queuing is not widely practiced by all!!!!

If you are seeking a holiday where food is of big importance then this may not be the place for you...but the facilities do make up for it ! 
08 Jun, 2007dawn ( I've booked 4 the hotel royal park. How s it 4 babies??? My wee one is only 3 months old?? 
05 Jun, 2007sara ( the food islike any all in hotel you go to . bit of the same but can eat it . royal is better than royal park for food . we went down to sunny beach one day for a meal there was 8 of us and had 4 steaks 4 kids meal all free drinks and it come to about 35 amazing  
05 Jun, 2007steve ( village Thanks guys for the recent comments,starting to feel better about the place.Is the food really that bad ? 
05 Jun, 2007sara ( bay we have just come back from a week in the royal bay we had a great time weather was great the place was so clean the room were clean the maid clened all the time . we meet friends that were staying at the royal park . which is very busy and they had to queue for there meal but we never did the food was ok eatable . always repalcing it . we had a lovely time there in things to do if you walk a little bit between the royal park and royal bay . there is a nightclub where they do the shows . there is bluiding work going on but doesnt really effect you . we found out there is a big wedding this weekend so they are getting it all done for that . it is going to be busy about 600 guests. but its amazing how quick they work has been done . if you are going you will have a great time we did . my kids are 10 and 5 they loved it .  
03 Jun, 2007Michele ( Villas We holidayed here last August and had a fantastic time. We have two children aged 3 and 6 and they loved it.

My only gripe was the food...not the quality but how it was served. It was difficult finding a table some nights and large queues for food and drinks. With 2 small children this meant meals were really rushed as we were all eating at different times and and patience wearing thin on the childrens behalf. Feeding a fussy eater was also challenging on some nights...but neither of them starved so it was not worth stressing out about. It is worth booking some of the restaurants just so thatm you get waiter service!

Some people last year suffered sickness...the resort doctor seemed to be very quick in giving injections and putting people on a drip but this I felt was so that they could claim on your insurance rather than perscribing rehydration sachets as they would in the UK. My advice would be to take suitable medicine with you and ensure that you have excellent insurance cover as the local hospital can be very basic and it is better to ensure that your insurance covers you for treatment in the private one! We personally did not suffer any problems but it is always better to be prepared. I would also recommend taking a good torch with you....blackouts for several hours do occur and during the day this is not a problem but at night it would be trecherous. We had a blackout at the airport on the way home and I really wished I had a torch with me!

Personally I did not like Sunny Beach...very tacky. Nessebar is worth a visit. To be honest once you have relaxed in resort you almost can not be bothered to go anywhere....a real escape!

Nightlife in the resort was limited but I found with that with young children who are tired from swimming and building sandcastles all day it was lovely being able to put them to bed without the accompliment of loud music and shouting and then enjoying a relaxing drink on the veranda!

We had a brilliant time and are looking to go again this is great value for money, relaxing and the first holiday that I have come back without a major credit card bill!!!! It is not a holiday I would recommend for anyone wishing yo site see or experience a different culture but with small children it can often be impractical to drag them around in the heat of the day....I will have to wait until they leave home before I experience such a holiday again.

With beautiful beaches, hot sun and dolphins swimming in the bay you could be anywhere in the carribean 
01 Jun, 2007Vicky ( Bay and Elenite Hi all
I've just come back from a fantastic week at the Royal Bay.
Five days of sun and two days of cloud, not a great deal to do on site if the weather isn't that good but we were there to chill and relax which is what we did.
The food was lovely though not a huge choice for veggies you can be imaginative and all i wanted at lunchtime was salad which was plentiful.The staff and cleaners were excellent and worked their butts off!!!Their daily wage was 15 lev which is 6 so we appreciated their efforts.
We saw the dolphins in the bay lots of times but in the photos all you see is a black dot.
The hotel is lovely and sumptuous.
We visited Nessebar which was good but the buses don't always tally so we found ourselves waiting around at Sunny Beach which was just yuck (not really my cup of tea!)
Anyway i'll shut up now.
It was a fab week lots of chilling and over indulging and i would go back tomorrow if i could.
Happy holidays everyone i'm green with envy.
Cheers Vicky 
28 May, 2007DANNY ( hi can any one tell me how much lev you get to the there 
28 May, 2007Darryl ( C Hi Steve.
If you click on "Hotels in Elenite" above, then click on "Royal Park Hotel", you will find some new reviews (a couple by myself, including links to some photo`s I took)
Hope this helps! 
27 May, 2007steve.c ( village just booked 2 weeks (30th july to 13th aug) at the eleni village,any comments about this place would be good.Alot of negitive feed back from other sites so starting to panic abit now. 
26 May, 2007jacki ( hi, we're going to elenite on the 4th june, just wondering what the weather is like at the mo, the websites say it's raining!! x 
26 May, 2007Sharon Walton ( Holiday Hello again, we're home. Had a fantastic holiday, as I said before, no worries re the building work, you are aware of it but you are able to ignore it. My biggest gripe was the fact that the only day time snacks available are hot dogs. Went 3 years ago and there was a pizza restaurant and "pub grub" (Talyana restaurant) but this has gone and is being transformed into something. The cleaners are still as busy as ever, working 24 hours a day, floors are always wet, lethal. Lifts can be a pain, don't envy people high season. They always work (cept for power cuts of which we had 2 short ones) but get full. As we left we were starting to queue for food which isn't good with children. There were several complaints about this so they may well open the extra serving hatch which sat idle. The pools can be cold, the sea is lovely. Baby food (jars of ready made, yogurts, nappies, etc are cheaper in Sunny Beach - go to "Balli" supermarket (off the bus on the right hand side, turn back on yourself and it's just off the main street,there is a big sign for it) much cheaper. I paid nearly 3 for 4 yogurts on site! Mad I know but when your child wants them out of hours, you've no choice!! I'll attempt to download the pics of the building work for you but you really do not need to worry and I for one am very glad we didn't cancel. The entertainment reps are fantastic, especially Luke, but the customer care reps are miserable and unhelpful. I asked where I could get nappies from apart from the on site shop which has 2 sizes and was told "Sunny Beach", helpful seeing as there are hundreds of shops in Sunny Beach! Everything has increased in price since our last visit and at present the bus into SB is not as frequent as peak season which means you end up in a taxi if you want to get about. I'll end here but if anyone wants any more help, feel free to e-mail me on and I'll try and help.  
26 May, 2007Darryl ( I have posted a review in the "Royal Park Hotel" thread.  
25 May, 2007tracy ( Rate hi can any one tell me wot the Exchange Rate is out there?? is it best to get it here or there,and where from, thanks for your time.  
25 May, 2007sam ( Royal Park - Elenite hi there can any one tell me if you get a Iron, and Kettle. in the rooms?? thanks.
25 May, 2007Janet ( Does any body know what the reps at the Royal Park are like this year? 
25 May, 2007TopKeeper ( Hi There,
None in our party had any jabs (25 people in total) ranging from 14months to 81 years, not aware you need any but always best to check with your Doctor first.
Kind Rgds,
25 May, 2007may ( hi do we need jabs to go to bulgaira? just read that someone said we do if anyone whos just been or been b4 could let me know thanks  
23 May, 2007TopKeeper ( for Mandy Hi,
Just look at the last few posts, people that are in the resort as I type, youll enjoy it (we did last year), dont let the negative comments on this site get you, not everyone has the perfect holiday but this site as everything you will ever need! 
23 May, 2007xenoulla koratzitis ( park hotel Just returned from our first visit to bulgaria (Royal park hotel) Prior to travelling i read many reviews on website, i have to admit i was horrified at what negative reviews i was reading. However once arriving in resort my worries were over. Royal park is a lovely 4 star hotel, set on a beautiful beach. The food can be quite repetitive, but what do you expect on an all inclusive holiday? I would highly recommend late check out on departure, although is cheaper to book in resort, they charge 6 levs an hour (approx 3.00) I pre booked with first choice choice and was charged 48.00 to extend to 6.00pm
Deposit boxes are available in rooms and the charge is 49 levs a week (approx 16.50) Bulgaria is relatively new to tourism they have a long way to go to get it spot on! But hey the sun was sun was shining and we enjoyed a chill out holiday, just beware of the loud music played around the pool area compliments of the first choice animation team!!! FAR TOO LOUD!!!
Escape to the fantasic beach the hotel has to offer on its doorstep. 
23 May, 2007may ( june hi where off on the 22nd anone else? 
22 May, 2007mandy ( Holiday Village Has anyone been to this holiday village? I am thinking of booking for our family holiday at the end of August. I want honest opinions as i am really not sure about the review's i've read elsewhere. I've got 2 children aged 5 & 8.
Is there too many step's, is the food good? What's the weather like at that time of year.
Please help me to make a decision! 
21 May, 2007Sharon Walton ('re here!!! Hi again folks. Just to let you know, we're in the resort now, into our 2nd week and you should have no worries whatsoever about the building work. There is building work next to and in the grounds of the complex but nothing that's unsafe for kids or noisy. We haven't been bothered by it at all and it's not unsightly. We get home on 26th, I'll download the pics for you all then. As for baby stuff, we have a 20 month old daughter, Bulgarian nappies are just as good as ours, their milk (especially on site) tends to be long life and even full fat is a bit watery, there are fridges in the room, fresh milk is provided at breakfast time only although the waiters will fetch you milk from the kitchen if asked. There is 1 microwave in the dining area. No weetabix, only cold cereals. Having a fab time, don't worry about anything, you'll enjoy every minute. They are improving the complex as I type and it'll be even better in a few months time but there's still plenty to do even if the new stuff's not ready yet. Cots and bedding are provided, don't bring any bedding, watch your packing if you do not have an allowance for the child, we got stung for excess baggage, 1st choice are strict on it!! Ta ta for now, be back when I get home, off to the sunbed... 
16 May, 2007janet ( park Anyone else going in August.

I have a friend who has an apartment right next to the Royal Park and uses it 3 or 4 times a year. she has nothing but good things to say about it 
15 May, 2007TopKeeper ( For Julie Hi Julie,

We went last year with our 14month old daughter, and bedding is provided for the costs in the room, as for the food there is some things you could feed them, but there are shops on site where you can by baby food, nappies, milk etc etc, we paniced and took EVERYTHING, but in the end there was no need as everything you could ever want was in the resort.

Kind Rgds,
14 May, 2007julie ( hi, we are going to royal park on 25th may and i have an 11 month old, im just wondering if anyone knows if the hotel provides suitable food for that age or if there are any shops where i can buy baby food. Also i have requested a cot in the room and im wanting to know if the hotel provide cot bedding or do i need to take it.
I'd be grateful if anybody could let me know, Thanks. 
06 May, 2007sara ( work at royal bay me and my family are due to go to royal bay on the 28th may we are really looking forward to it . but now we are a bit worried about the building work people have mentioned . does anyone know thing about it and how much is going on . 
25 Apr, 2007TopKeeper ( For Vicky Hi,

We stayed at the Royal Bay last year and with the flights we came in on it meant that we had the rooms anyway, but they were about 20 to keep on (but only until about 9ish) - then they let you store your bags in a safe place and you just sit in the bar until pick up I'm afraid

As for the Safety box's yes they have these in the rooms but I seem to remeber them costing around 5 a day

PS, we though the Royal Bay resteraunt was much better that the Royal Park!

Kind Rgds,
25 Apr, 2007Vicky ( Bay Hi All
I have been following the comments and can't wait to go in 3 weeks time.I was just wondering what other people did about the late flights.
We leave the hotel at 2.10 am and i presume you are out of your room the previous day, do they let you keep the room on if so how much does it cost.
Also do they have a safety deposit box and how much is that to use for a week.
If anyone can help i would be very grateful.
Thank you Vicky 
25 Apr, 2007Vicky ( Bay Hi All
I have been following the comments and can't wait to go in 3 weeks time.I was just wondering what other people did about the late flights.
We leave the hotel at 2.10 am and i presume you are out of your room the previous day, do they let you keep the room on if so how much does it cost.
Also do they have a safety deposit box and how much is that to use for a week.
If anyone can help i would be very grateful.
Thank you Vicky 
21 Apr, 2007TopKeeper ( For Janet We went in the back end of July and it was hot, we had 2 days where it rained and one of those it came down hard for about 30mins (really hard) but within an hour it was back to real hot once again (weird weather), I'm told August got even warmer.

One thing though on an evening it gets pretty cold, so i'd take a warm top or two along if you decide to watch any of the shows outstide (reps cabaret was top!) then it does get a little chilly.

20 Apr, 2007janet ( 2007 Anyone else going in August 07  
19 Apr, 2007Sally ( work & diving I am going with my family in 5 weeks time and would really like to know what stage the building work is at, at the moment. I also wondered if anyone knows how far away the diving is from the hotel. Thanks  
19 Apr, 2007janet ( Thanks that is very helpful. looking forward to it. We are going in August and looking forward to it. any ideas on what the weather is like then 
19 Apr, 2007TopKeeper ( For Janet Hi Janet,

All your food is obviously included as are local drinks (beer, some spirits) when we were there last year, there was an Irish bar which had Sky Sports but everything in there was chargable (including the local beers) - there are also shops that sell icecreams and pop and such like, but there is a free icecream parlour on site and you can always grab a free drink from any of the bars.

The only money we spent inside the resort was on a rubber dingy for our daughter. Just outside is a nice bar that is very cheap and servces food will about 1am (theres nothing inside the resort after the resteraunts close)and when we took taxi's to Sunny Beach (plus the money we spent there)

So very little was spent you have everything you need onsite but it did make a nice break to go on a couple of trips (again they cost)

Oh, the beach activites also cost, cant remeber how much (jetski etc)

One thing I will mention though are the queues at lunch times for food, the resteraunts are OK, but the fast food places, Chicken Kebabs & Pizza's you could be queuing for a while!

16 Apr, 2007Janet ( Not included. Can anybody tell me what is not included in the All Inclusive at this hotel trying to figure out how much money to take 
16 Apr, 2007janet ( Thanks for that we are looking forward to it. any further information on the Royal Park would be appreciated  
13 Apr, 2007Roman ( in August special for Janet I was there last summer in august (18-31st). Some days were cloudy and it was a little beat cold, anyway there was very well. I's a great place, and I think you agree with me.
(Please forgive me if there are some grammar mistakes. I'm from Romania) 
13 Apr, 2007Roman ( in August special for Janet I was there last summer in august (18-31st). Some days were cloudy and it was a little beat cold, anyway there was very well. I's a great place, and I think you agree with me.
(Please forgive me if there are some grammar mistakes. I'm from Romania) 
13 Apr, 2007janet ( Will the buliding work be finished for August. we have just booked.

also what is the weather like in August  
12 Apr, 2007Helen ( work royal park Hi, I was going on 25th June but cancelled and now going to Turkey. I know a lady at first choice and she found out more info for me. There are 2 hotels a villa complex and ampitheatre they are expecting 1 hotel to be complete by end June but not the others. The building work is 60 metres away from the hotel - not good ! 
11 Apr, 2007Romero ('s food is the best i have ever seen I am from Moldova and I was there last summer, it was very nice, there were many restaurants, many sea-sides with clearly beach. Our palces were a little beat small but they were very comfortable (it depends on your fortunately because it can be small and very big). I can tell you very very much about everything if you want ( 
06 Apr, 2007deemc ( work Hi im flying out 18th June, im really concerned about building work as im taking children, does anyone know how bad it is - dont want holiday from hell. Also were staying in the kids Den has anyone ever stayed in them?  
28 Mar, 2007TopKeeper ( for Sue Ah, now that IS some building work, where on earth they fitting that lot in? - probably the right choice in that case to switch your holiday 
27 Mar, 2007Sue ( Hi Topkeeper
Sorry forgot to mention.They are building Two new hotels, a villa complex and and amphitheatre (thats some work in progress) 
27 Mar, 2007Sue ( Hi Topkeeper
Sorry forgot to mention.They are building Two new hotels, a villa complex and and amphitheatre (thats some work in progress) 
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