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DescriptionLocation: The four-star Hotel Royal Park is situated in Elenite Holiday Village - the only Bulgarian sea resort that is fully south-oriented, thus providing plenty of sunshine to its guests. The gently sloping hills nearby keep the air fresh even in hottest summer days. Hotel Royal Park combine unique architecture, impressive luxury and elegance. Highly qualified personnel is looking after the guests around-the-clock to guarantee them an unforgettable days and pleasant surprises.
The hotel operates on "all inclusive" basis.

Accommodation: Hotel Royal Park offers to its valuable guests: 114 suites in different configurations, 318 double rooms (additional bed available), 64 communicated suites. All rooms have telephone, SAT TV, mini bar, bathroom with bathtub and hairdryer, air conditioning, fire alarm, in-room safe. Most of the rooms are sea-view, the rest are park-view.
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Room Facilities:
Air Conditioner Minibar Satellite TV Telephone
Hotel Facilities:
Bar Fax and E-mail Services Internet Medical Services Outdoor Swimming Pool Parking Restaurant Sauna Snack Bar
Additional Information:
The guest can enjoy the exquisite atmosphere of the Lobby Bar (146 seats) and the Mezzanine Bar (80 seats). The music is gentle, the drinks list is impressive. One can have a refreshing drink from the Pool Bar while enjoying the sun and the water. A team of 13 professional animators works in Elenite Holiday Village. In the evening (starting at 21:00 PM) the guest can enjoy various stage shows. There is a discotheque for children (8:00 PM) as well as kids shows. Also there is a Night Club in the Holiday Village.
AddressElinite Holiday Village
Visitor Comments
great summer in Royal Park,August 2013 - by inna chasnoit on 13 Nov, 2013
That was really great and amazing stay. We read too many negative reviews before going there and decided to see everything with our own eyes. We were really overwhelmed. The hotel is trully worth of staying. We enjoyed everything:Th epicturesque location, the comfortable room, the tasty and varied quisine at the restaurant, the services and amenities, the pool, the beach,etc. I highly reccomend this hotel especially for those who travel with children.Whish we could go there next summer.Don't believe wierd reviews? try yourself.
holiday hotels abroad - by James on 30 May, 2011
Sounds like most people had bad experiences at this hotel. It puts you off going on holiday. Maybe more people should stay in the UK and visit some of its wonderful cities like Edinburgh. Hotels there are of a high standard. Try the Best Western Bruntsfield Hotel for example.

69 Bruntsfield Place
Edinburgh, UK EH10 4HH
0131 229 1393
stay away from royal park elenite! it was my worst vacation - by frankkkko on 02 Aug, 2010
the biggest problem of all: we found bed bugs. a whole colony. we were wondering why all the bed sheets are filled with old stains. then we found out. from all the bugs that were splashed on them. video proof here:
if this is not enough bad review, i can go on.
when it rained, the water found its way into our room through the door and made a big wet circle on the carpet.
awful noise. i couldn't sleep till 2 am in some nights. they drag around the steel chairs on the lobby terraces right under the rooms. terrible noise.
the furniture is in bad shape, the upholstery is dirty and stained.
there are not enough seats in the restaurant. we always had to wait or fight to get a chair/table.
same story with the pool chairs/umbrellas. always a problem to get one. plus half of the umbrellas cant be opened, or they are ripped.
the staff at the front desk are rude and they practically avoid talking to you. they act like they don't see you.
there is no parking belonging to the hotel. there is a free area that is used as a parking, outside the hotel's yard, where the security guys run their business, charging you with 10 euro to let you park there.
the food sucks. and there's always a fight when they bring some better stuff, like melon or croissants.
the beach is very small and crowded.
the only thing we liked was the aqua park.
actually, the hotel itself and the walking and entertainment areas are very well made, but the administration and the staff are ruining everything.
i would not go back there, even if they paid me to go.
Hotel Royal park - by Maureen on 27 Jun, 2010
Staff were very helpful nothing to much trouble. Accomodation was excellent the cleanest hotel I have ever stayed in. Food was good plenty of it however could have been more Bulgarian rather than trying to cater for english/german tastes. I will be returning.
royal park - by pamela on 02 Jun, 2010
been to this hotel twice ... excellent both times what are people all about moaning cos they cant get tea or coffee from 12.30am till 7am get a life. all the moaners ought to spend more time back at school and learning how to spell properly than going on summer holidays !!!
what???you are all taking about - by natalia on 09 Aug, 2009
i was on holiday in 2006 there i hve must say you all talking rubbish.for me and my hab was great .food was fab.athmosfer was fab.all spend time was great.for me you want just money just like to complain 'cos you counting for something back or recive next trip cheaper.just stop you just horrble horrble people.just enjoy your life and stop f.complains!!!!!
holiday from hell - by ihateroyalparkhotel on 12 Oct, 2008
hi ,anyone going to this place should also read the write ups on the royal park hotel watchdog site ,also check out gmtv's site and also search for it on the sun newspapers site.we have just come back and wouldn't go there again.anyway you wont have to soon because by the rooms are cracking all over the walls it wont be standing very long. Im not going to try and put you off , read the write ups and see for yourselves !DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY GOING , YOUR'L REGRET IT.
Royal Park Hotel - by Ollie on 24 Sep, 2008
Heading out there on Monday the 29th of September, reviews look good and bad, but still looking forward to the break, haven't been away for four years.
Holiday!!! - by Kimberley Craig on 12 Sep, 2008
Hi Leaving from Edinburgh to go to the Royal Park on Monday 15th Sep.
If you see a young couple arguing thats me and my partner!! Come say hello!!! :D:D:D
See yous there!!

K xxx
Hotel Royal Park, Bulgaria - an honest view - by Donald on 11 Sep, 2008
After 2 weeks of worrying about the Royal Park and all its bad reviews, our family party of 10, ranging from age 4 to 70 left for Bulgaria on 4th August for a 2 week holiday.

I promised myself that I would write my own review on my return to portray my honest view. Whilst I would have liked to tick excellent in all the boxes (as First Choice said on numerous occasions if your rating was 66% or above!), there were some aspects that prevented me from doing so.

To help you form your own view, I thought that it may be helpful to break down my report into the good aspects, bad aspects and things that you should be aware of.

What was good?

Hotel location :Ė Situated in a remote location , a stones throw from the beach. Complex made up of 3 hotels and lots of villas in the hillside. Grass and flowers were lush and watered every morning.

Hotel cleanliness:- Constantly cleaned morning, noon and night. Yes, tiled floors were mopped and wet at times, but warning signs were put up and you just had to be a little careful.

Hotel rooms :- Clean and spacious, bathroom and shower was good. Our party had 3 rooms in a row on the 6th floor, all with fantastic sea views. Some rooms were obviously situated at the back of the hotel but still had some views of the gardens and water park. There did appear to be a few badly situated rooms but you would be unlucky to get these.

Room maids :- Although our maid did not speak any English we got by with sign language. She was lovely and looked after us during our stay. No problem with towels. We tipped her 2 Levs a day and she was over the moon. Even had photos taken with her before we left.

Pool :- Yes it was cold but the sun was also very hot and it was refreshing once you were in. Water was clean and treated every day. TIP the pool is quite deep throughout so you need to keep an eye on children who are not strong swimmers or take armbands.

Beach/Sea :- Right next to the pool was white sand and the black sea, which was much warmer than the pool. Sea was quite shallow for the first few days of our stay but after a rough day from then on got quite deep fairly quickly.

Kids Club Reps :- Worked very hard from 10am right through until 11pm most days. Clubs run 6 days a week at various times and with different activities. Mostly in an air conditioned room but were occasionally taken outside. Proper procedures were carried out with children signed in and out.

Entertainers :- If you are one for poolside games, there was always something to do for adults and kids from 11am until 4pm from dancing to quizzes to skittles etc. Then it was the evening entertainment from 8pm starting with 45 mins for the kids, bingo, then usually a show at 10pm put on by the entertainers (quite professional).

What was bad?

Restaurant :- Although the restaurant area was constantly swept and cleaned there was still tables that were left dirty (some of the blame however can be put on the holidaymakers who surely do not leave that kind of mess at home!) and the table cloths and chair covers were badly stained. Long handled dustpans were used to sweep the floors and handled dustpans to sweep the tables, which is contradictory to some previous comments stating that short handled dustpans were being used for the floors and tables. The smell in the corridor leading to the restaurant was awful, like a combination of bleach and fat.

Food :- The hot food was very unappetising and badly presented in large metal trays. Similar food most lunchtimes and nights which is to be expected on all-inclusive, but if you donít fancy it the first time, then you are in trouble for the rest of the holiday. Meat was always some kind of stewed pork or chicken and veal was popular. Fish was served with the head and tail and there tended to be more bone than fish and it was difficult to separate. There were chips served everyday and usually some form of nugget, always labelled as chicken but sometimes contained a form of sausage (hence the pink colour). Pizza served on random nights and being popular was difficult to get, as it was not frequently replenished. Rice and long pasta was served on most nights but was overcooked and salads and rolls were abundant. You had to be patient for the deserts to be served but this was due to people being greedy, as many would take large quantities before their main meal, only to leave it uneaten on their table. At breakfast, croissants often had unusual fillings and few were plain.

Hot drinks :- The coffee machines were constantly broken and any coffee served in the urns was almost undrinkable. Therefore when you queued for a coffee, you never knew what you were going to end up with. Also hot drinks ended when the bar closed at 12.30am and you could not get another until 7.30 the next morning, not what I would call Ďall inclusiveí.

Illness :- Although the food was not good, I can quite safely say that it was cooked properly and there were no problems with food poisoning. But 8 out of 10 of our party did get sick over the course of the holiday. My theory was that the virus that had struck the hotel 3 weeks previous had not been completely eradicated and was still being passed around which you can sort of expect when there are guests arriving and leaving almost daily. In saying this, any illnesses did not last more than 48 hours and did not mean you were driven to your bed.

What to be aware of

Wasps :- From sunrise to sunset there were plagues of wasps which was a nuisance. You could not leave any food or drink exposed as you quickly had at least 4 buzzing around you. I was unfortunate to get stung on the tongue (you have to be very careful when you are eating outside) and my daughter and father were also stung. But you really have to feel for the poor poolside barmen. The wasps by the soft drinks machine were horrendous and they apparently got stung at least 5 times a day. TIP drink and eat quickly when outside. Interesting also to note that the restaurant was not plagued by wasps, only the odd 1 or 2 from time to time.

Sunbeds :- If you need a bed (especially with a parasol), then it is an early start with your towel. We found that you had to be down at 6.30am to get a decent spot on the beach (adjacent to the main pool) and 7am for the poolside (high season, so may be quieter off peak).

Water Park :- Adjacent to the hotel with free entry. There is however a 5 Lev charge for each sunbed and parasol.

Mini Golf :- Quite a good crazy golf course, there is a charge of 12 Levs per person per hour which is not to bad however be prepared for the 30 Lev deposit per person. I know that the deposit is refundable but it made me chuckle that it initially cost £35 for a round of crazy golf for myself and my son!

Local Bus :- There is a bus service which starts and terminates at the hotel and runs to neighbouring Sunny Beach and Nessebar once an hour. It is 3 Levs to Sunny Beach The journey to Sunny Beach takes around half and hour however it is on a very bad road and the bus seemed to be always overcrowded and very very hot. On the night that we ventured to town for a good meal, we found that we could not get on the bus on our return and ended up taking a taxi which is around 25 Levs.

All-inclusive facilities :- On your arrival, you are not told about the full all-inclusive facilities that are available. We found that we were almost 10 days into our holiday before we knew exactly where all the facilities were either coming across them by chance or being told by other guests. TIP use your first day to explore the whole complex instead of heading to the pool or beach, this will prepare you for the rest of your holiday.

A La Carte Restaurants :- There were 2 other all-inclusive restaurants to dine in however you do need to book in advance from 10am on the morning that you wish to dine. Note however that you need to be in the queue 1Ĺ-2 hours before to stand any chance of getting booked in (this was high season however so maybe not as bad off peak).

Daytime Snacks :- Choice of hot dog, panini, kebab or pizza. Do be aware however that you have to time it right. Time it wrong and you will be waiting for 20-30 mins for your food.

Power Cuts :- Does happen very occasionally and only once during our 2 week stay. The power was however back on within 10-15 minutes. You were unfortunate if you happened to be in the lift.

Lifts :- Sometimes had a mind of their own and skipped floors. Also very busy at breakfast and around 5pm when guests were leaving the beach and pool. Better to use the stairs at these times.

Overall I would rate the holiday as Ďgoodí but no more than that. I hope that the bad points will improve as there are many positives for the hotel. For anyone leaving for the Royal Park soon, I hope that you have a great time and that my review has been helpful.
Phone No - by Momo on 11 Sep, 2008
hello, I tried to phone the royal park hotel, but the phone number is not working, i would like the right number thank you
royal park - by Gary 08/09/08 on 08 Sep, 2008
All the bad reports of this hotel are without foundation, just looks like poeple moan for the sake of it and probably to get some financial gain from the insurance, this hotel was clean and very friendly, the food was as good as any spanish hotel with plenty of variety so you wont starve. entertainment however has got a vast room for improvement, dont rely on it to pass your time, especially at night, overall a marvelous holiday and recommended big time
hotel - by shannon swain on 03 Sep, 2008
prior to the bad reviews i must say that the royal park hotel was brilliant and very clean entertainment at night was brilliant and staff were very helpful during our stay it was right on the beach adn ideal for familys with young kids theres loads to do and you are never bored the poll was big ,clean and very safe i would say the food was okay but usually people went out for there meals as there was a huge varite of places to eat

very cheap and i recommend it to anyone

alos this is done by a child x
paper - by helen green on 31 Aug, 2008
hotel from hell in sunday mail today
complaints - by Darren on 22 Aug, 2008
Seems to be a lot of serial complainers on here. never satisfied...
helen - by jane alford on 22 Aug, 2008
hi helen i spoke to joanne beddow today shes gonna send me all the info and i will go from there thanks for helping me out jane
helen - by jane alford on 21 Aug, 2008
thanks helen i will ring them tomorrow
jane - by helen green on 21 Aug, 2008
hi jane call joanne beddow at irwin mitchell 0870 1500 100 let me no how you get on
thanks jo - by jane alford on 21 Aug, 2008
thanks jo for letting me know i will now contact solicitor and not deal with fc no more .. does nayone have the number i can call him on ?? thanks again jane
danny - by helen green on 20 Aug, 2008
hi danny i sent the 1st letter on 23rd july we give them 14 days or we was going to ABTA OR NATIONAL PRESS they sent 1st letter on 14th day saying they were looking in to it about 11 august i got the voucher i sent this back 6 day go i think we are going to have to use irwin mitchell in the end
Enjoyable Holiday - by Charlie Q on 20 Aug, 2008
My wife myself and 2 children just arrived back from Royal Park Hotel Elinite Bulgaria and I must say we all enjoyed ourselves and found it great value for money. Prior to going out I read the reviews and tried to get myself upgraded with a contact I knew in Falcon Travel which I am glad now he could not upgrade me. Bulgaria is not a fully developed country like most countries in Western Europe and what they call a 5* Hotel certainly would only 3* over here as Falcon awarded it on their ratting system. The Hotel and Rooms were clean the Hotel staff would be considered business like but would not be experienced enough to be more than friendly to be awarded with a good tip on departure. On saying that the people I tipped were very appreciative and could not be any nicer to me. It must be remembered that the Bulgarians have had years of Communism and probably look on people from Western Europe with envy. The Beer and sprits which were given out on the all inclusive deal was very watery and you would need a hell of a lot of them to get you any way a bit tippsy. You had the choice of paying 5blv = Ä2.75 for a beer which is as cheap as any place in Europe for a large beer. The food became repetitive if you dined in every night but you can get up early and queue for A la carte meal or BBQ as part of your all inclusive and it is a change as well as the choice of going into Sunny Beech to eat out in one of the many restaurant there at a very good price. The final night the hot water ran out I thought myself I was just a little late showering and persevered with a luke warm and got on with it. I was surprised when the following morning the rep was surrounded by a load people complaining about the fact there was no hot water the previous night. She tried to explain there was a fault with the hot water system which was been rectified that day, I must say I felt sorry for her as there was nothing more she could do.
In general it was way cheaper than going to France, Spain or Portugal. The Bulgarians are not great with Tourists and could do with adding a bit more charm and smile a bit more but that is not a complaint. The Hotel is to big and has too many guests in the building but on saying that you might have to do a bit of queuing if you hit meals at the wrong time I said before going on holiday that if the hotel was not as bad as the reviews I read I would write in my own review that is why I wrote this go there if you have kids they will love the water park and it does not cost a arm and a leg. Enjoy
HELEN GREEN - by DANNY on 20 Aug, 2008
voucher - by helen green on 20 Aug, 2008
we was at royal park in july 7 out of 9 in our party were ill we sent first choice a 4 page letter of complaint we got a letter to say how sorry they were that we were unhappy with our hoilday and could we send more info on my husbands illness so i dont think they read my letter right as on my letter i said 7 out of 9 were ill and i sent a copy of my customer report form they sent me a £300 voucher i have sent this back and told them to read my letter again i have also been in talks with irwin mitchell solicitors who have 210 people on there books who were at royal park this year with illness
jane - by jo on 20 Aug, 2008
Hi Jane,We returned in july and sent off a long letter.We were all ill,including the kids.Had many complaints on top of that!!! In the proceeds of returning a voucher for £250 that they sent us back to them!!!
holiday from hell - by jane alford on 20 Aug, 2008
hi there i stayed at this filthy hotel in june this year and on return sent my copy of complaint form and a 3 page a4 letter to fc in return i got a voucher through post offering me compensation to the value of £80 i rung them up and basically told them to stick it wot an insult .. has anyone else been offered or sent a voucher ?? i see some of you are using a soliciotr do i need to do this or just fight fc myself ?? pls help many thanks jane
22nd aug chels beth - by clare on 18 Aug, 2008
which airport are you flying from? we're going from gatwick. are any kids going from your party? i have an 8 year lod boy and 5 and 2 year old girls
22cnd august - by chels beth june on 18 Aug, 2008
heyaa we goin on the 22cnd n we think hotel looks nice and we dont no about the food :( also were all inclusive so we dont no how much money take either lol we are goin for 2 weeks and want to know if it is nice hopefully it is 10 of us are going!
money - by worried preganant lady going with 3 kids on 17 Aug, 2008
i was just wondering if anyone had any idea how much money we should take there are 2 adults and 3 children. also do you have to have the hotel towels as i'd rather not if this towel scam is happening. also do they accept switch in bulgaria. we go fri 22nd
darren - by jo on 17 Aug, 2008
hi darren,if you find out the name of the song or where you can get it,plz plz let me no lol!! I can remember the dance and tune but not the song!! Yes,the bulgarian animation team were brilliant and loved it when they done grease!! Come on,someone must no!!!!
My Holiday - by Darren on 15 Aug, 2008
Hi, we stayed at the Royal Bay this time and cant really fault it. Clean room, friendly staff, Food was OK, but that's to be expected when cooked en mass. Stayed on beach daily, relaxed and enjoyed. Only gripes: Beach bar,, drinks very expensive, entertainment at the amphitheatre expensive and poor. (The Animation team were fantastic, well done Stefan) biggest scare was the armed guards walking around on a night!
My 2 girls 14 and 11 thought it was great, Wifey and I think it has become a bit too large now, we went 3 years ago and it was not as busy or expensive. Lot more hotels added to the complex seem to make it too large to handle for the management. Shame really.
By the way, does anyone know the name of the song the Animation team get all the kids up sing and dance to after the kids disco? Thanks
still a problem at hotel - by Danny on 14 Aug, 2008
got back from hotel on 12 august and both myself and partner are still suffering with sickness and upset stomach, first week was ok but food well under cooked. didnt get ill till the second week with severe stomach cramps, sickness and upset stomach. spoke to catering staff at hotel to be told the food is bought in frozen and sometimes reheated 2-3 times before it finally gets served and also witnessed old food that had been sitting their for sometime poured onto the so called fresh food. week we got ill we ate from the afternoon barbecue and when speaking to other guest's found that they had been cooking various frozen chicken, pork and lamb on it which is where we think we got the illness from. even just walking past the food hall made you feel sick, the smell is really that bad. i'd also advise not to go on any excursions and we did and got totally ripped off on the "little sailors" boat trip. on arrival the hotel looks stunning and the reception is amazing but thats where it end. very rude staff and if i see or hear another arrogant german i think i'll shot them, only one english speaking tv channel but only so much of bbc world news you can watch. this hotel definatly favours the germans and chezcs. only saving grace was the kids club which our 2 thoroughly enjoyed and the evening entertainment reps which worked so hard for so little. how this is a 4 star hotel i do not know. oh yeah by the way watch out for the thieving maids as we had money stollen on 2 occasions, when reported to reps they spoke to cleaning manager who then spoke to the cleaners but of course totally denied taking it even though after the second time when we went back to our room in the afternoon my 3 year old daughters little purse which had the money in suddenly re-appeared. so be carefull with money and dont use safes either as the spare keys kept going missing and safes were getting stolen from rooms
nade - by sam on 14 Aug, 2008
nade just wanted to say that yes i did apologise to you but you didnt reply did you.but as soon as i make a little comment again woooosh essay written. i am allowed my opinion that is what the site is for.i did sorry if your kids were ill hope you get compen u deserve.HOWEVER my opinion is i saw you and your kids ost days and you all looked fine to me ok that is my opinion which i am entitled to.i also think lots of people have gone over the top jumpin on the band waggon to get compen.myself,partner kids and friend ad the runs for about five days but dont forget the bulgarians cook differently to us we drink more alcohol except kids of course but funny how alcohol never get the blame only the food and hygeine.i still think this hotel is great for families but they do need to sort out the problem with the food.maybe bring in an english chef to teach them how to cook properly.yes i did speak to people who got the runs etc however it wasnt to the extent you make out.
royal park hotel - by zo on 13 Aug, 2008
hi just got back tues had a good holiday but ther are problems here ther wer people wat wer ill not just with sickness and runs but ear infections as well also i spoke to at least 4 families that should have been in other hotels but wer put in royal park instead ther holidays had been booked for a year it makes you wonder if first choice had swapped ther hotels with people that wer changing at last miniute whats to say first choice wouldnt do something like that to try to save themselves saying that we did enjoy ourselfs but never used hotel pool because we couldnt get round unless you got up at 5.30 to put towels out same with the beach the food did looked cooked but was repatative and boring bulgaria is not a place i would rush back to went to sunny beach did not like at all wer ever you went people wer trying to pull you in but gifts and fags ar a lot cheaper ther then on the complex a lot of staff are arrogant but a lot are very nice and helpfull we tipped cleaner 2 levs a day which is nothing but didnt have a problem with towel scam all in all we did enjoy it but would not recomend it as ther is lots of things not right and not everyones is the same would never go all inclusive again thought it would save us money but spent a fortune sorry if not very helpfull but that was our experiance of royal park
wondering - by Dennise on 09 Aug, 2008
We had a lovly holiday here last Aug . There were similar comments on these pages then. I can't help wondering if those that were ill had spent the majority of their time at the pool? We didn't use the pool, prefering the beach. Other than that we ALWAYS REHEATED cooked food in the microwave and therefore reducin risk of eating undercooked meat.?
My theory with the pool is because e-coli naturally occurs in the gut and if kiddies get holiday tummy then without being thoroughly washed down get into the pool this may be a problem ?
We will be staying beachside again this year...going Friday
Sam, Lorna and Nade - by Lou on 09 Aug, 2008
Hi all - Sam and Lorna thankyou for your replies to me - as i said nice to get positive feedback. Nade im sorry if Sam's reply to my post upset you, i didnt want to upset anyone who has obviously had a very hard time in this questionable hotel. But maybe you could help me with my question about tests, i could ask FC for copy of their H&S report to back up their claims of viral infection, but if they provide this im sure to get 100's of pages of dribble, covering their backs!! I know that if you get food poisoning this shows up in tests, as i was unlucky enough to get salmonela some years ago (ironically from a very well respected, and recomended gastro pub!!). In fact once you have the diagnosis local authority H&S visit and ask for re tests after 6 months to make sure its out of your system. Do you know if anyone has had a positive test linked to this hotel?? Thanks
VIRUS - by marian on 09 Aug, 2008
forgot to mention - by nade on 09 Aug, 2008
sorry i also forgot to mention you can have hotdogs and pizza for 2 wks what a bbargin you pay for all inc and get pizza and hotdogs great chioce from a first choice holiday.
stillv cant believe people think this is acceptable must lead very sad lives x
here we go SAM - by NADE on 09 Aug, 2008
well well well sam,
i am not going to repeat my self over and over again about how we all were just look back andyou will read for yourselves,
sam what is your problem?
first you make out im a liar then you apologise and now youve started again this is not a site to be personal its about the hotel. please dont tell me my kids were not ill or that im after a holiday for next year you need to grow up sam what i am after is for f.c to accept that it was their fault that myholiday was ruined because of bad management NOT THE COUNTRY OR THE HOTEL as i have said before this would be a lovely hotel if certain things were put into place SIMPLE THINGS.
if you want to contact me then please do via facebook.
there are more people complaining and suing first choice than there is saying that the food is lovely this country is now in the E.U so it should have HIGH standards and first choice should make sure that it is.
that is what we pay them for its thier job.
they are responsable they vet these such places.
can i please just make a point about being ill, when you have a bug it does not last 6 wks on/off you have a viral for 3 days at the most could youseriously say that you have had a bug for all this time on/off here no i dont think so. f.c are saying its a viral to cover thier selves if they have had all tests back and they are clear why are they still transfereing people?
also if it was a virus (which it was not) it is also thier job to contain all the people that were ill and trust me enough people were ill and telling f.c reps (who didnt listen) we should of all been put on 1 floor and been treated accordinly. which they clearly failed to do SAM did you not see all the pepole ill of were you too busy eating raw chicken did you not see the people in the med centre, my husband was the only member who was bedridden as if you were watching my family that much you would of seen him missing and u would of seen the ammount of bloody times i was in the toilets with my kids.
hi there thanks mate your comment is much appreciated, i could of started to believe i imagined my kids being ill if i listened to sam for much longer.
we werent the only families out there who were ill.
let me know how you get on with the case.x
to all those going out there, i know you should not have to worry about food etc when you pay for all inc but just be carefull and dont touch thewater. only eat fresh food that you see come out of the kitchen.
nade xxxx
lou - by sam on 09 Aug, 2008
lou please listen to me you will enjoy your holiday iwas so worrid before i went i have two kids 9 6 and guess what they loved it the water park is fantastic the pool clean beach lovley ok food not good but you wont starve pizza hotdogs bbq meat around pool area food in restaurant not good but just make sure you check your food is cooked through and you will be fine.its one of the best holidays i have had and i have been abroad quite a few times.wish i was goin bck there you will love hope you all have nice time.please dont listen to the reviews that are bad trust me the only problem out there is the food you must go in to nessaber its lovley catch bus outside gates the olde anchor inn has food to die for and its only cheap. you will have a great time im sure.
beautiful hotel - by lorna on 09 Aug, 2008
We have been to the Royal park hotel 4 times in the last 3 years. We have had a great holiday every time. So much so that this year we went with our extended family of 10.Yes I do agree with most of you the food wasnt the best that I have tasted but none of our party was ill. Bulgaria is a poor country and does not have as higher hygiene standards as the uk (but not many countries do)Use commmon sense when choosing what you want to eat and you will be fine. After all food plays a small part of your holiday. There are lots of different activities, clean hotel, beautiful safe beaches with a large selection of water sports for all ages and a fantastic waterpark on your doorstep.Hope you and your family have a fantastic holiday Lou. We all did.
Illness at Park Royal - by Lou on 08 Aug, 2008
Hi all have been keeping an eye on the discussions here as i am due to go to Royal Park in a couple of weeks with family and friends. We have not been in a position to change hotel due to cost, and as it (on paper!) meets the needs of all of our group have been reluctant to anyway, the kids are really looking forward to it. Anyway my question is i know that there has been a posting to say that H & S reports have come back as a viral infection - did any of you poor people that have been unwell have tests done independently (by your own GP)?? And if so have your results verified FC H & S report or not?? Im sure that you all just want to forget it now, but would be interested if there is any evidence to food poisoning rather than viral infection. Also any more positive reports?? -They allow us to get excited about the holiday rather than dread it!!
Sam - by Adam on 08 Aug, 2008
Sam, In regards to your comments regarding Nade, I was there the same time as you 2 and 12 out of 14 in my party were ill... so i dont think she is just after the comp as you put it, the fact it the holiday is a 5* hotel and for the money you paid you dont expect to get 1* food that makes you ill, for example the salads were on a cold counter but over the top of that they had flourescent heat lamps, which is the perfecr breading ground for bacteria, so now tell me people are after compensation.
royal park - by sam on 08 Aug, 2008
i stayed at this hotel in july its brill dont listen to all the bad reviews ok food not very good but everything else is spot on theres to many moanin brits for my liking if you are staying here you will love it.will go back in a couple of years time def.the woman who was on g.m.t.v complainin was at the hotel when i was there and all she did was moan her family certainly didnt look ill to me i saw them every day and night think they were after compen for hol next yesr.dont let them put you off.great hotel.
last year - by helen green on 07 Aug, 2008
hi dennise i have been to the royal park for the past 3 years and have never been ill apart from this year 7 out of 9 were ill this is just not on and as for you comment about egypt i have been looking at reports and they are just fab
HOLIDAYS EH? - by Dennise on 07 Aug, 2008
A friend of mine has just come back from Egypt spent 4,000 and had food poisoning from day 2 ! Sharmel Sheik oh joy!
first choice - by helen green on 07 Aug, 2008
hi kimberley just go and try and have a good time i have just booked to go egypy next year but not with first choice i will never use them for a holiday have you seen the prices of there holidays for next year i don't think a lot of people will be useing them with prices like that
Eating Out - by Kimberley Craig on 07 Aug, 2008
Hi Helen, Thanks again for your advice and I dont mind taking the extra money with me to eat out but at the end of the day I have paid for all inclusive therefore I am entitled to edible meals. When I first contacted First Choice the girl didnt even know that they had taken the hotel off sale. She contacted her customer service team and they told her that there had been a viral outbreak in Elenite and investigators were over there at the moment. They also told her that the investigators would be back next week so I do doubt that what first choice have told you Sarah that the test have came back already if investigators are still over there. I just feel as if my holiday has already been ruined by the secrets and lies that First Choice have been giving!! This is the first and last time I will be booking anything with them again!!
looking forward - by Dennise on 06 Aug, 2008
Goig back on the 15th Aug for the second time and really looking forward to it. Went the same time last year and these message boards were full of the same reports of sickness. We had an excellent holiday and were so glad we hadn't been put off by all the bad reports. We were so amazed when we got on the coach home surrounded by people moaning, we couldn't believe they had been in the same place as us!
Counting the days now!!!
royal aprk - by Debbie on 05 Aug, 2008
John thanks for the link from the people who are there at the moment. I found it really useful as i fly out on Fri for the 2nd time and was getting worried. Looks like things have calmed down now, i hope. Thanks Debbie
cash machine - by on 05 Aug, 2008
Yea there are quite afew
First Choice - by Sarah on 05 Aug, 2008
Been down to first choice this morning, apparently everything is fine now, all tests results have come back, was a virus nothing to do with hotel food etc!! What are we supposed to believe!!. Got told that if anything changes we will be notified asap, as we got less than a month to go. All seems bizarre that everyone on this web page has negative comments and first choice deny everything. Ah well we will have to make the most of it and be very cautious about everything we get to eat and touch. See you there on Friday 29th
illness by kate - by jo on 05 Aug, 2008
hi kate,i put that comment on bout the bottled water. My party was drinking that bottled water all the time.We were sunbathing and a holidaymaker came up to us and said she had heard thats what they were doing.What were we meant to believe with everything going on at the moment!!
eat out - by helen green on 05 Aug, 2008
hi kimberley if you can't get you holiday changed just go and take money to eat out most nights there is a great place to go in st vlas called miami you can get the bus 3 lev or taxi 15 lev we had some great nights there only £77 for 9 for the night that was all our drinks there is pako's just out of main gates £40 for 9 you can get the bus into sunny beach for a nice meal about £50 for 9 we had 2 great nights out in nessebar you sould not have to eat out on a AI holiday but if you just have pizza and hotdogs in the day time and eat out most nights you can still have a good time elenite is a lovely place
illness - by kate on 05 Aug, 2008
I can't believe this is happening at this hotel again this year. We went last year and all of us were ill after 2/3 days, exactly like people are describing this year.
I'm not sure i believe what was said about a hose filling the water containers. We used to see water delivered daily in a big lorry and the empties were peirced from the water dispenser but never with the top removed.
It is such a shame as this is a lovely hotel in a lovery location.
Kimberley - by John on 04 Aug, 2008
If your worried about going have a look at this review from someone that is there at the moment. I hope this helps you. Just copy and paste the following link.
Thanks Helen - by Kimberley Craig on 04 Aug, 2008
Thanks Helen,
I contacted First Choice this morning and they have told me that they are only offering free transfers if your holiday is leaving up until the end of August. I go in September but think I will be fighting to get the hotel changed. I am so disappointed as even with the bad reviews I was still looking forward to seeing for myself. But with all these revelations and such like I dont think its worth risking my health for.

Thanks Helen - by Kimberley Craig on 04 Aug, 2008
Thanks Helen,
I contacted First Choice this morning and they have told me that they are only offering free transfers if your holiday is leaving up until the end of August. I go in September but think I will be fighting to get the hotel changed. I am so disappointed as even with the bad reviews I was still looking forward to seeing for myself. But with all these revelations and such like I dont think its worth risking my health for.

raw food - by helen green on 04 Aug, 2008
hi i went to this hotel in july 3rd time there 7 out of 9 got ill the hotel has gone right down hill the food is bad you should not go on holiday and have to check if food is raw it is sad cos its a great resort
Royal Park Hotel - by Kimberley Craig on 04 Aug, 2008
I have no idea what to do about this holiday! I go in September and if there is a 90% chance I get ill then whats the point in going??? Should I change my destination?? I am a realtively open minded person and would love to experience Bulgaria but not in the way some of these reviews say!!
your comment - by john on 02 Aug, 2008
you say its yr own common sense to not drink water and that.We were drinking the bottled water near the pool bar only to find out they were filling up the big bottles with the hose they use to water plants near the pool!
royal park - by John on 01 Aug, 2008
FC has taken it off sale untill the final health and safety report comes back. They are still using the hotel and have 1200 guests in that hotel right now. They have given customers the choice of changing out of goodwill. They arent doing it anymore as they know for sure it's not the hotels fault. The same virus is going around in this country I should know I have just had it. FC will take bookings if you phone them direct and they are saying it will be back on general sale soon. They will still be using this hotel and the elenite village what is off sale aswell. I am sorry some ppl had the virus going around. But it seems to be about 20 ppl on here that has complained about it and as I said there are 1200 guests in the hotel. I went to this hotel and going back next year. Avoid the ice and water and DONT eat raw food (what your own common sense should tell you). We had a great time.
Well Said JO - by Adam on 01 Aug, 2008
and i can confirm that First choice have taken it off there books
Lol - - by Adam on 01 Aug, 2008
what you get a room with shit food, and you call that good value for money, i think your off your head. as i said before the rooms were clean and the maids were plesant, but if you look there are more complaints on here than good reports, im happy for the people that had a good holiday, and dont get me wrong we made good of a bad situation but where you say "fairly short lived" i and a few others in my party was ill for two weeks but people have to eat, and to get something to eat (decent food) you had to go into sunny beach.. i agree that you can get this sort of problem in other countries and you do check your food to start with ie for the first day but not for 14 days 2 or 3 times aday. i have never been serverd uncooked food in the UK but not saying it can happen but we have regulation here to follow and so do countries in the EU, i know by having woorked in the food industry....
sam and lol - by jo on 01 Aug, 2008
I was there the same time as Adam and Family.I was in a party of 7 and all 7 of us was ill within 2/3 days of getting there.We were in our rooms all the 1st week,2nd week the kids were too scared to eat and stuck to ham/onion rolls!The basic hygiene in the hotel was terrible and i agree with Adam on that.As i stated b4 my son was sick while on the sunbeds, we called a cleaner over,yes she did clean it up but then when and cleaned near others with the same mop and water with the sick in!!!How would you feel if she cleaned around where you were lying!! I also saw waiters coming out of restaurant into the toilet, then not washing their hands and putting their mouth up to the taps and drinking the water.Is that gd hygiene!You say bout the price, yeah it was a gd price BUT 4* MEANS 4* and i'm sorry but this hotel is not!! This is my first time in all my years of travelling that i had this terrible experience and i never want to experience what my party did and i never want to see my kids cry in PAIN as they did.It was so upsetting.I have been back 2 weeks now and i am still getting the stomach cramps!! I think it is terrible that you put comments like you have on, when you did not experience what we went through.I wish Adam and his family well and all the best with a better response from first choice.Can i just say aswell sam and lol:If there is no problems then why have first choice taken this hotel out of the book.AND changing people who have booked already.
lol - by lol on 01 Aug, 2008
£9000 for 14 people???? That is cheap!!!! I have paid £3000 for 4 in Crete next year and that was about the going rate. This hotel IS cheap - and what you get for your money is ok. as for the food - no matter where you eat, even in this country, you would check the food is cooked - just because the hotel is 4 star you don't just drop your guard and presume it will be ok. I check my food in this country and believe me I have had undercooked food served up in restaraunts here too. No its not acceptable but common sense has to prevail. Glad you enjoyed your holiday Sam - nice to hear someone on here talking sense , no you don't pay to get ill but that can happen anywhere in the world - I am glad it seemed to be fairly short lived adam as you were managing to travel and eat out during second week.
Sam - by Adam on 01 Aug, 2008
Hey sam, at the end of the day no matter how much the holiday cost you dont expect to be ill for 2 weeks, so your saying because its cheap you expect to be ill. to be honest and not to be rude that is a stupid comment to make. There were 14 in my party that went and there were 12 of us that was ill for nearly ther whole holiday, our holiday nearly cost £9000 and because we was all ill and basically the food was shockingly shit we then decided to eat out in the secon week because of this reason and we ended up spending another £4000 on food and drink which we shouldnt have had to have spent on an all inclusive holiday. al the comment regards to the hotel, i agree, we walked into this hotel and thought wow because it is amazing, the location couldnt be better and the rooms are spotless, but the food and the basic hygiene in this hotel is non existant. Pesonally i would never go back to this hotel but i would go back to the country because it is lush and i would stay in sunny beach.
Sam - by Adam on 01 Aug, 2008
Hey sam, at the end of the day no matter how much the holiday cost you dont expect to be ill for 2 weeks, there were 14 in my party that went and there were 12 of us that was ill for nearly ther whole holiday, our holiday nearly cost £9000 so dont say because its cheap.
adam - by sam on 01 Aug, 2008
hey adam at the end of the day there is a problem with the food and you do need to check it i no u shouldnt but its better bein safe than sorry.however i went to this hotel end of june and everything else was great at the end of the day its a cheap cheap holiday what do you expect really.i would love to go back here next year its great for all you lot who are goin out to this hotel im jelous you will have a great time.
Anne - by Adam on 01 Aug, 2008
Im not being funny when i say this but, you shouldnt have to check your food before you eat it, there are in the Eu so they should comply with the EU regulations by having cooked food
enjoyed our hols - by anne from essex on 01 Aug, 2008
hi i went to royal park 3 weeks ago same time as linda sorry we never met up we enjoyed ourselves ok there was a problem with meat not cooked properly just be careful and look at what you are eating lovely deserts fresh fruit nice rolls im a veggie most days i ate salads and veggies did get a bit boring but hey ho rest of our party ate every thing my niece was ill for 2 days we think it was the milk she had on her cereal its very rich all i can say is be carefull always wash your hands before meal times look at the food be fore you eat dont have to many fizzy drinks we ate at the bbq twice it was really nice you do have to book it be prepared to que when you book it its best to get there at 9 15 they start taking bookings at 10 am but it was worth it we went to nessabar by taxi very old and qaint we enjoyed it sunny beach is very busy my daughter and friends are goung sunny beach next month the royal park is a much nicer location will not be going back to bulgaria the flights are so bad we never got home till 5 am any body who has booked this hotel please dont worry rooms are lovely beach is gorgeous you do have to get up early to get a sunbed but hey ho maids are very good they clean your room every day i looked at the reviews before we went and i was really getting worrid please dont worry happy holidays anne
Linda, & Jo - by Adam on 31 Jul, 2008
Well where do i start, we had a response from FC today, they offered us.........£594 first choice vouchers for the whole 14 of us, i think this is an absolute liberty, we are not accepting this and will be taking this further, i just thought i would let you know because you wanted to be kept informed. good luck and all the best

Adam & Family
Linda, & Jo - by Adam on 31 Jul, 2008
Well where do i start, we had a response from FC today, they offered us.........£594 first choice vouchers for the whole 14 of us, i think this is an absolute liberty, we are not accepting this and will be taking this further, i just thought i would let you know because you wanted to be kept informed. good luck and all the best

Adam & Family
royal aprk - by Debbie on 31 Jul, 2008
Hi due to fly out next fri, really worried about all these reports.Went to the same hotel in 2206 and it was fantastic. Can anyone enlighten me on the problems at the moment????
hi jo - by linda on 30 Jul, 2008
hi jo, yes we are fine, yes, ill prob will write a letter to first choice, we always use first choice, and this would be my first letter of complaint lol !! I just feel so thankful my kids were fine, and me and allan only got it slighty with no drip to be put on, just took my immodium and that worked ok, still shouldnt have happened thou.cant fault the location still, went to sunny beach quite a few times, and our hotel was the best looking by far, shame it had all the bad things wrong with it, hopefully in time the hotel will get better. not a bad price for all inclusive thats why we went with an open mind and said we will eat out if necessary which was exactly what we did. looking to book up for salou next year, and just for self catering its 600 more than what we paid for the royal park, and thats without food, so everyone who is going soon, my advice, just eat out, still far cheaper than changing your hotel!! well jo, hope you are ok now, what an experience, sad thou, you save up all year for a rest and a good all inclusive holiday. ill still visit this website reg jo, just to see if things improve, ill look out for any of your comments for me or adam. take care, and sorry we didnt meet on the first week. linda xxx
hi linda! - by jo on 30 Jul, 2008
hi linda,how are you and your family?Sorry we only met the last day,i was looking out for you !!Have you wrote a letter to fc?I have kept contact with adam.x
julia davies - by jo on 30 Jul, 2008
hi julia,so sorry you are worried bout your hols,like me you should be excited about going not worrying.I know people do say when you go on hols you suffer from holiday tummy....But not how we did and nearly all the holidaymakers on the same level 4 as us!!People were on drips,running back to thier room from the lift,We were even if the lift with the nurse who was carrying a drip up to level 8.We witnessed two people callapsing near the pool on seperate occasions,dont know why though.Its hard to say if there is a problem there but to be truthful why was so many people falling ill.I got told my illness was viral/gastointeritis.Just go with big opened mind,take many medications.Just eat what is safe,like us,chips,pizza,make up ham rolls at lunchtime.Eat at paco's which is 2 min walk from outside gates,very nice and cheap and the kids enjoyed it.We also booked the bbq a few times on site,thats very nice and edible but be there early in the morning to book it!Hope this helps...
hi julia - by linda on 29 Jul, 2008
Just thought i would mention also julia, i was there the same time as jo, and got talking to her via this website before we met, finally got to meet her on our last day !! mind you, she was in her room most of the time poor thing,, and that is NOT what you pay for. Anyway, the bug that was going around caused by the food, (so we think) people was actually saying it was due to the air con being on as well that was causing a virus? once again, a four star hotel you shouldnt HAVE turn off the air con, but we were taking NO CHANCES, and we did. We just used to keep the balcony doors open during the day. got talking to an air con engineer, and he said the hotel have def turned down the air con as it should be belting out cold air, we tried it, and it was only coming out slightly. We went, like jo, adam, and marc with an open mind, and as i said in my previous comments, it would be a lovely lovely place if it wasnt for all the things that are currently wrong with this hotel. Our second week, the chef was actually TOLD to cook things for longer, and they were being cooked so good, they were almost burning it!! (Wwe ate out most of second week anyway) Breakfast was fine, we ate cooked breakfast most days, so were the food during the day, hopefully by the time you go, all these promblems would have been HOPEFULLY sorted out, your first day exploring the hotel you will be amazed how lovely the place is. Anyway, write yr comments when you come back, and have a great time (if you can lol !!)
Hotel Park Hotel - by Julia Davies on 29 Jul, 2008
Hi Jo, I am due to travel out to Royal Park on Friday - 1 August. I am going with a party of 12, 6 adults and 6 children. I am extremely concerned as I have 2 young children 5 and 2 - the 5 year old is very susceptible to any kind of bugs. I am going there thinking the worst as it has been basically impossible to change our hotel or destination at such short notice, especially being a party of 12. Me or my family will not eat in the hotel unless its just bread or chips ext....I will avoid all contact with meat. I feel we will just have to leave complex and eat out. I have bought a bacterial gel for me and my children to apply each day. My main question is, if I follow all the guide lines and basically dont eat - do you feel there is a bug, which is beyond the "chef". I note that you say generally the cleanliness is ok (but if you are moping floors with a mop covered in sick, hello......there's bugs".....

I am worried and am trying to keep an open mind, but can't ....I just need to know, if you think this bug that everyone is having is down to the "food" or general hygenine - and how do you think I could prevent it...waiting in anticipation. You can also contact me at get back to me.....thank you..

This message also applies to previous can I prevent me and my children from being struck down with this bug.....
emma - by Pauline on 29 Jul, 2008
Hi Emma
I'm going in sept as well and first choice are not moving people at all and this worries me as there is a 16 month old baby in my party
hotels - by emma from bristol on 29 Jul, 2008
hi i went to this hotel last may and had a wonderful time, i read the views with an oopen mind was worried when i went but felt i needent be.
Recomended this hotel to friends and booked for my family of 6 for the 5th of september this year.
on returning from their holiday our friends told us horror stories and advised us to ring fc and change our holiday.within 3 days of them telling us this it was in all the news.
when we rang fc several times we were told that they were not using the hotel until 1st september and that as we were flying out 5 days later they would not change us without fees.very worries is there anyone else flying sept and having the same probs.
Linda - by Adam on 28 Jul, 2008
Linda & Aan

i have tried to email you all the documents but it keeps coming back to me, i think the email was written down wrong or i cant read LOL, email me on or contact me thru facebook.

Best Regards

just back from royal park - by jo on 27 Jul, 2008
hi to adam, linda.Sorry didnt get to meet u marc and nade.Sorry u had bad time on hols,hope u get it sorted soon x Been back a week and yes i am still getting tummy cramps and the runs!! We arrived on the 5th (sat) thought everything was wonderful.How wrong could i be.ON the sunday started with the runs and really bad cramps i can ony explain as labour pains!I tried to carry on,as it was my holiday,but by the following day all our party 7/7 had it!!Great spent 1st week in our rooms or on the toilets!!We saw alan fc rep (Who may i say is the only helpful rep out there!)Said we need to get checked by dr.As we had had it for 5/6 days.Two of us put on antibiotics/tab for the cramps/dioralite/and tabs for cough which doc said was connected.182 lev later we hoped we could start our hols!!As on tabs we were told to only eat bread/cheese and drink water.UM...excuse me thought i was on an AI holiday!! NO ALCOHOL!
FOOD:Is nearly all the same everyday,husband lived on mash,or chips,dinosaurs and bread.Kids lived on pasta,chips,pizza or cheese ham rolls.It was always nearly cold/stone cold.At breakfast if i wasnt early found dirty cups only available.I came home 4lbs lighter,hubby 8lbs lighter!
ENTERTAINMENT: Great if yr kids are young 3-7 prob.Nothing for older ones 11,13,13, except bowling,games room,golf which you have to pay for.Any main shows you have to pay for YES pay to watch entertainment.Never done that before on any holidays i have been on.Around 28 lev ad/13lev ch,work that out if a large family around £35 for us,alot if u do that a few times.We went to animation hall a few times the 2nd week,yes managed to leave our room on occasions!You have to start queing bout 7pm to be able to get a seat.Then you will have to sit through childrens disco,s for diffrent nations for two hours.The bulgarian team FANTASTIC shows well worth watching.FC reps shows embarrasing.
ROOMS: LOvely,cleaned everday,cant thank the maids enough.Was worried bout towels and was counting them everyday,but had no probs!
POOL:Had to put towels out 5.30 AM to be able to get sunbeds,people around the pool by 7am.Two occasions people witnessed our towels stolen by hotel workers.Run out of plastic cups at pool bar so couldnt serve drinks! LISTEN TO THIS!Had to get a cleaner as my son was sick next to sunbed,she came with mop and water cleaned itup we thanked her and apoligised,she then went round cleaning where people were bathing WITH the same mop and water my son was sick in!!
HOTEL:IT was lovely,always clean,tidy lovely decor,very impressed lovely views from reception.Now a bad point..Why the hell did they start putting new frames and doors on every public toilet.There was none to use except for your ones in your rooms,like me i needed to go as i had a cramp,panicked as the toilets were out of order and had no choice but to run up the four flights of stairs to our room.If this happened to an elderly or some one with young children i feel for you.It shouldnt of been renovated when the hotel is full of holidaymakers!
POWERCUTS: We had 2 while we were there,1st one day we got there in the day. Couldnt have drinks except for drinks pored out of bottles,and had a cold buffett for lunch.2nd one was thursday evening of 2nd week,we were in shops,friends daughter 16 had gone to room as needed the loo,other kids were in games room.All went off,very dark,very scared,lots of kids were crying.People using lighters and mobile phone light to see around.As parents panicked as it was so dangerous,heard people stuck in lift,We all found each eventually,had no choice but to go to rooms as nothing to do.Was giving a candle which staff were cutting into 2,very dangerous in yr room, too scared to go to sleep.No emergency lighting anywhere even on stairs had to feel yr way around.A big hotel like this with no emergency generator??? Power cut went on all nite.I know power cuts cant be helped but...they should have an emergency plan being a hotel with kids and elderly and wheelchair users.
TRIPS: Didnt do any as we and especially the kids to scared to venture incase sick or the runs came.You have to pay for toilets off the complex.We just didnt have the energy in us to venture out.
BEACH: Lovely,very private,clear water,waves do get big and there is a bit of a dip so be careful if you have little ones.Watch for jellyfish.
LIFEGUARDS:Around the pool.he was always on his mobile phone.ON the beach we saw the guards sat behind there box laying away from the beach reading newspapers! The banana boat went out too far and i had heard he went out with 7 and came back with 5.Didnt no he was missing 2.
AQUAPARK:Kids loved it,would spend all day there if didnt have to pay for beds/umbrellas/food drink.Its only a few minutes walk back to the hotel though so not to much of a prob.BE careful on slides as a few quite fast.Someone told us to watch kids going down slides as lifeguard trips boys up or tries to pull girls bikinis!My husband was stood behind our son and witnessed the guard trying to force him down the flume!
THIS IS WHAT SHOCKED ME!!Me and my friend where in the irish bar around 7pm,we were ordering drinks and at the end of the bar we witnessed a bar member cutting up white poder and putting it in lines! Me and my friend didnt say a thing and ushered the kids away straight away,We were in total shock and said to each other "It couldnt of been".While waiting for our coach to pick us up at 1.15am to take us to the airport to come home,my son wanted the loo,hubby said he will take him as it was really busy around the toilet/entrance/bar area.Hubby and son came back, hubby said"guess what i just saw,2 staff in orange flowered tops come out of the same toilet cubicle,sniffing and had white stuff around their nose! All three of our adult party had witnessed this now!
I have put my letter of complaint into FC Southampton.And we found that they have stopped using this hotel due to all the complaints.We looked in the brochure for nxt year and saw that the percentage rating for the food had dropped dramatically to around 27%.
I had been reading the results for this hotel many months before we went and was worried but we went with an open mind and tried to ignore negative remarks,but hopefully after reading this you will understand why i have put in my complaint and have left this feedback,I will reply if anyone has any comments or questions, x
Fed up - by Caro on 26 Jul, 2008
We're now going All Inclusive to Playa Figueral, Ibiza. Only going for 7 nights now instead of 11 but paid £150 extra for a family of four, worth every penny to be looking forward to going and not coming home with dysentry! Shame about losing 4 nights but nothing on earth would have made me take my children to Royal Park so 7 nights in Ibiza sounds pretty perfect to me! Hope you manage to get something sorted.
Bad food - by worried on 26 Jul, 2008
We booked for this hotel and after all the bad press we thought we would change. I have been looking for other hotels and checking reviews and I found nearly all of them have bad food. I have added what some reviews are. It looks like the bad food is a bulgarian thing not just this hotel. I think we will stick with the royal park at least it has the best views.

Just back from Yavor palace, had a brilliant time! food is shockingly bad in evenings, would describe as prison food

Clubhotel Riu Evrika.Hotel was good, food very poor in as much as it was mostly served luke warm.

Hotel Meridian. Food very poor,cold and repetative, We weren't impressed that the restaurant was on the top floor of the hotel, the food was definitley not worth the 15 minute wait for the lift

good place but food poisioning is an issue. - by unknown on 26 Jul, 2008
Went to this hotel 2 years ago in sept.
The rooms were bit and clean.There was a big selection of food for brekkie and lunch and evenings meal.This varied everyday.Went with a friend of mine and unluckily enough he did get food poisioning and was vommiting for a few days and had to see the doctor there.Now i basically ate the same as he did but you could be unlucky and fall sick.What i did notice is down where they give out the pizza they also gave out buns with meat in them,well i was queing one day for one and saw a fly walk all over the buns while the attendant was not there.Not sure whether this was what gave my friend the virus but certainly wouldn't help.
But overall the hotel was fine the beach was lovely and the water was fine.
Rooms are clean and spacious.Food was good never went hungry.Someone mentioned something about the mafia well didn't see any dodgy gezzers around but go about your buisness as normal and no one will bother you.Basically if you avoid the food issue which should not be happening you will enjoy this relaxing place.No cash machines at the hotel when we were there so bring some cash or you will have to go to sunny beach to a ATM.This was a nice hotel.
caro - by fed up on 25 Jul, 2008
Where are you going and how much extra have you paid? we go 4th august too and no luck with accomodation
Amending bookings - by Caro on 25 Jul, 2008
After reading of such illness we decided not to risk returning to this hotel (we stayed there last year). We were due to fly out on 4th August but there is no way we would knowingly put the health of our children at risk. We want to enjoy our anual holiday and not have to watch everything they touch or eat to such an extreme extent. We contacted First Choice yesterday and they couldn't have been more helpful. We were told that if we wanted to change to a different hotel in Bulgaria then they would meet 50% of any additional costs, or (as we have done) we could change our holiday plans completely, free of admin charges but if it cost more we'd have to pay any difference. We are now loking oward with ecitement to our holiday and feel sorry for anyone going to Royal Park that is unaware of it's problems.
Hmmm ?? - by Adam Johnson on 25 Jul, 2008
Hmmmm ?? To be honest Astrid , i'm not convinced with what you said as i can clearly smell fear coming out of you now !!

If you did see such thing then maybe you should confirm to other people in order to make sure not to take any kids with them when they go to this Hotel again and instead go as Adults only, an over 18 Hotel :)
Wasn't there - by A on 25 Jul, 2008
Hi Adam. I was not there, I read it on the news, told the story to someone who wrote it on this website, pretending I was at the hotel!!!! Sorry can't give any more details!!!
What ?? - by Adam Johnson on 25 Jul, 2008
Astrid ......this is insane ! is that true though ?? and when you say having sex ? its more of oral sex or inter-course sex ?

Give us more details cause this is a scandal for such Hotel ??
Not true - by Ahmed Moursi on 25 Jul, 2008
The information below was read on the news. This person cited below wasn't there, I made a silly joke!!
Sex Scandal !! Mamma mia !! - by Astrid Simo on 25 Jul, 2008
I just came back from this hell in paradise Hotel and guess what ?? They caught 2 members of staff from the Hotel having sex in one of the rooms next to me , this room was occupied with customers , a French family with a kid !!

This is a scandal in my opinion , Mamma mia !!
lovley holiday. - by linda on 25 Jul, 2008
first of all hello jo and adam, and all his lovely family. hi to anne, marc who we didnt get to meet. i totally agree with marc, lovely place, but just needs a new chef for the evening. My husband and myself were one of the lucky ones thou, only had the runs, not put on a trip, or had to stay in our room like some people. We stil got out and about, although the 2nd week we did get the bus or cab to sunny beach to have lovely meals , and better entertainment out. didnt pay too much for this lovely hotel, so we were going to eat out some nights anyway. feel sorry for people who were ill, and yes, everyone i spoke to, inculuding going home on the plane, they were ill, . as marc says, just needs a new chef, and it could go back to the 4star hotel, as couldnt grumble about anything else, only the food in evenings, breadkfast was fine, ate fry up most mornings, and lunch was fine as well. endless ice creams, and drinks so good point there. entertainment at night was ok if you had kids, mine teenages, so nothing to do for them, although we did pay about 30.00 for a game of bowling one night which we all enjoyed. Would return again one day to this hotel but only if they get a new chef lol !! couldnt fault the cleaness, cleaners ALWAYS around, even 11pm at night, they work very long hours. Checked our towels every day, always the correct amount, so that seems to have sorted it ok now. Anyway, have great time in this hotel, just double check the pork, chicken, kebabs etc before you eat it, i know you shouldnt HAVE to do this in a decent hotel, but trust me, best to do so. Adam, keep in touch !!
royal park - by sam on 25 Jul, 2008
i wish all you brits would stop moaning maybe next year you should stay in sunny england if you think things were so was a cheap holiday not 5 star that you all expect for some is a problem but everything else is great i will be going back next year brill hotel they just need a chef who can cook properly who ever is going out there you will love it.dont listen to all the moaners.
SUE - by Lisa marie on 25 Jul, 2008
Hi Sue, do you fly from Stanstead 25.07?
Food poisoning - by lisa marie on 25 Jul, 2008
To those of you that just got back and said that there were no cases of food poisoning;
I am so pleased that you had a good time (I mean that). My friends fly back today (25.07) and have been VERY ill - all on drips etc. and have been desperate to fly home from their holiday early.
Maybe you didn't see anyone ill as they were in a medical centre or shut in their rooms!
SUE - by Lisa marie on 25 Jul, 2008
Hi Sue, so pleased that you got your hotel changed in the end, have a good holiday :-)
good holiday - by bill on 24 Jul, 2008
This was a good holiday, great location, clean hotel and friendly staff. Food not great but no illness and never starved. Agree with previous comments about moaning brits, only takes one person to start the ball rolling and then every one sees a chance to get their money back. No complaints from me and would go again - take a torch though as there are power cuts but this is whole area not just this hotel!
royal park - by sam on 24 Jul, 2008
i am trying to book for next year it was fantastic apart from the food.however we didnt starve there was always something you could children loved it so anyone going out there dont worry you will love just be carefull when you eat the meat check it is cooked through.roll on next year cant wait to go again.
my View - by Marc on 24 Jul, 2008
Hi All, just got back on the 19th of july and was there for 2 weeks there was 14 of us and not 1 of us had food poisoning did have a day of the number 2s 6 of us did but where ever i go that happens . The food was ok but check your meat and youll be fine its is Bulgaria and not the uk most people expect it to be uk food.
take a tourch or candles us we had 2 power cuts 1 on the ist day and 1 in the night kids enjoyed it lol. my only moan is the lifts you wait ages for them nightmare if you have a pram. the moan is the entertainment the kids disco was here there and everywhere and was not long enough and the annimation hall was always full so get there early to get a seat and some shows you will have to pay for.

The Hotel was spotless cleaners work 24/7 keeping it clean.
fao LISA MARIE - by SUE on 24 Jul, 2008
HI LISA, We have been transferred to hotel meridain, really chuffed x
moaning - by sugar on 24 Jul, 2008
i agree totally with you embarassed i have just returned from the hotel with my family and yea the food was the only complaint we had, but we still managed to eat and not become ill,everyone we spoke to and seen around the pool area and entertainment area at night all seemed to be having fun.
to fed up - by Lisa marie on 24 Jul, 2008
We were told at first that we would lose 90% of our money if we canceled. But rang them back last thursday, and they said that they are now changing anyone booked to go before 31st August 2008 free of charge if it is requested.
You have to ring them direct and be prepared to be on the phone for a couple of hours being passed from person to person, but they will do it for you if you persevere!!
first choice - by fed up on 24 Jul, 2008
i would just like to say goining to this hotel soon and not everybody can get ther holiday changed free of charge we tried on few times but told that we would have to make difference up or lose a lot of money to cancle not all first choice travel shops are offering to swap holidays for free so wat can you do first choice dont know what one employee is saying from the next its confusing
moaning - by embarassed on 23 Jul, 2008
MY OPINION (everyone else had their say so don't shoot me for airing my views) details so confused, sure people waiting to go are feeling anxious but it seems that most people (if there are over 1100 guests a week, even 140 making complaints is still a small minority) enjoy their stay. The food is an issue but if it was real food poisoning surely more would be affected? The hotel is clean and activities good and in comaprison to holidays in the costas or canaries is still cheap to go here, when I was there I was embarrased by the amount of moaning Brits who just join in when they hear one person moaning. This soon escalates into the situation we have now. No-one here has said it is DEFINITELY food poisoning - surely test results back by now. Hope you all manage to get your compo and families on the mend but really think this is all getting out of hand - it seems first choice have removed hotel from sale to prevent any more people getting a holiday and then claiming unnecessarily , because unfortunately this happens, it has not been removed for next year as we have enquired about re booking and told to call back in couple of weeks when it will go back on sale.
nade - by sam on 23 Jul, 2008
calm down ok im sorry you had a bad holiday and i totally agree with you that you work hard all year for a well deserved break.we must of been very lucky then thats all i can say im sorry your children are ill and i hpoe they are soon well again.this is just my opinion we had no problems apart from the food.but when people are saying the towels were dirty and dirty bedding i really dont believe that for one minute and that the place was disgusting well it wasnt the food was disgusting i admit .but the place its self was lovley didnt mean to offend you everyone is entitled to an opinion.if your family are as ill as you say then i hope you sue the ar..s off em good luck.
Worried - by Alicia on 23 Jul, 2008
me and my friend are going to Royal Park on 22nd August 2008. I've been away for a couple of weeks and i've just been reading about whats happening there at the minute...and about it being on gmtv etc. I don't know what to do! we're 18 and it's our first holiday without parents and we've got no extra money to put towards if we were to change hotels. Has anyone been in the last few days and is it getting any better?
i don't want the shits thanks lol - by i don't want the shits thanks lol on 23 Jul, 2008
Well from reading all the terrible news about this hotel, i really hope it gets shut down!I was planning to go out, but have canceled my holiday, as i've read so many bad things! i know a few have said they have seemed to have had an amazing time, when so many more people have been paying good money for a trip to hell. Maybe those people are forgetting that you are paying for 4* service, which means not having to check your food!!jesus i'm glad i'm not going, good luck to everyone with the law suit!
hello me - by loopy mary!!!!! on 23 Jul, 2008
i had clean towels every day, bed changed every 3 days, room made, tided up every day, cleaners were everywhere, whereever you went cleaning up, mopping up, how could you say it was dirty? i must have been in the wrong hotel !!
loopy mary - by me on 23 Jul, 2008
I suppose you would look at a holiday brochure and think oooh lovely.... dysentry, food poisoning, ringworm, vomiting, poor hygene, dirty bedding, dirty towels, rude staff, towel scams, thieveing etc..... lets go there!!!!!!
loopy mary - by me on 23 Jul, 2008
Mary, are you completely raving mad?????
crap - by sh*t hole on 23 Jul, 2008
to emma - by mary on 23 Jul, 2008
please dont cancel yr hols, its a lovely place and im sure the food will be sorted by august, you will love it here.
hi anne - by mary on 23 Jul, 2008
hi anne, glad you had a lovely time, just as we did. i would reccomend this hotel to anyone, and anybody who is going very soon, all i can say is that im jealous, wish i was going back. !!
NADE - by Lisa marie on 23 Jul, 2008
Passed message on to my friends via text message to get them to contact you on facebook or Linus on the email address he gave. They said that they have many photos of them on drips etc. and will def be taking legal action after they return this friday.
Got another message from them yesterday saying that they are desperate to come home - I feel so sorry for them as they had been really looking forward to their holiday :-(
REPLY TO MANY - by NADE on 23 Jul, 2008
the solicitors number is 0870 1500 100 ext 5034 his name is daviv summer, he is a very nice man who spent nearly an hour on the phone to me today telling me that as well as the other 140 (aparently liars who r going over the top) that we have a very good case against f.c.

hi there i am dissapointed to here that you enjoyed haveing the runs for a week, you prob got that from the lovely salad, great choice to eat sandwiches,hotdogs,ice cream, chips,bread rolls and cakes. what a great choice first choice give you on an all innclusive.

MAY I ALSO ADD THAT EVEN PEOPLE WITH GOOD REVIEWS (WHICH IS NOT TOO MANY) SAY THE FOOD IS OF POOR QUALITY not what you expect when you pay just under 4 grand. i am finding it very hard to understand people that are getting ill from the food and poor hygiene and excepting this. this worries me.
hi, i have said to others that i was hoping that because of all the bad press that they would of pulled their fingers out thier backside and stopped this happening, but from reading lisa marias comment it doesnt look like it, i have spoken to many people and they have been given an alternative hotel so my advice to you would be keep being consistant, you have to ask WHY are they transfering people not a sign of addmittance that their is a prob out there would it be? go out with an open mind coz some have been ok.
take extra money and snack food and if you do unfortunatley have problems then take as many pics as you can, and complain to the f.c reps who are in reception between 4-6 we ahd to wait from 20-40 mins to speak tpo them because of all the people complaing i have never seen anything like it. i really hope u can change but if not i hope it has changed and you have a lovely hol xx
hi hope you contacted linus or past message on to your friends i hope they are all ok well feeling better.well at last we have some sort of explaination as to what we are all suffering, DYSENTRY is from poor food/hygiene, which we all kept saying.

im not a fussy person i am just a working class mum but this hotel was below standard and as most are saying the food was a serious problem .
hopefully this problem has been dealt with as with many other problems coz im am 100% sure that if this hotel dealt with these issues then it could be a nice holiday .
if you are going out to this hotel go with an open mind just like i did, go down this page and i wrote on here just before i went out so u can see the attitude i had (just b4 27th june).
at first this was not about getting my money back it was a princible matter, but now rest assured i do want my money back coz i do not pay 3,700 to see all my family ill. i do not want to spend hours on the phone and writing letters as well as being in the toilet with my kids, all we wanted was a well deserved holiday.
enjoyed our holiday - by anne on 23 Jul, 2008
hotel is lovely rooms large and bright we had a lovely seaview maids work hard cleaning your rooms every day we tipped our maid a few times even 2 kevs thats less than a pound they dont earn much and are really gratefull food was ok good choice salads meats lovely cakes fresh rolls cheesr and fruit enter taiment was ok reps singing dancing they have a big animation team that entertain you they do a lot for kids during the day and at night only downside it was hard to get a seat in the animation hall and you have to get up early to get a sunbed on the beach the beach is lovely plenty water sports water was nice warm you can take boat trip from the beach leanne first choice rep very helpful any one who is going dont worry go with an open mind like we did happy holidays
DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING - by sam on 23 Jul, 2008
Royal Park - by Not A moaning Brit on 23 Jul, 2008
We just got back 22 of us. Had a fantastic time not 1 of us was ill. (only hangovers) we didn't drink the water or eat raw meat. I would go back tomorrow the kids loved it.
re puking - by fed up on 23 Jul, 2008
When did you go? Is this in last couple of weeks?
DONT GO - by People are been sick all day on 23 Jul, 2008
Just got back DONT go here kids puking everywhere. There is a massive problem here and people are sick in there rooms bad smell and a awful place do not go you will truly regret it
fao sue - by sandra on 23 Jul, 2008
hi sue we are due to go out on 28/07/2008 and have had endlaess trouble trying to change.there are 14 of us and first choice want us to pay up to an extra £5000 to change because nothing else available.we were told the hotel you booked into was full and that was last friday!! how did u manage to get changed and get money back. cheers a desperate mum of 2 kids with low immune systems!!
hols - by fed up on 23 Jul, 2008
Thanks sam, just sounds like normal holiday tummy, always careful with food anyway so will be extra careful - thanks for advice xx
to fed up - by sam on 23 Jul, 2008
i have been back a week now pool beach waterpark all fantastic beautiful setting.yes there is a problem with the food lots of people had tummy bugs while we were there.we all got the squits for a few days nothin to bad we enjoyed the food arond the pool hotdogs pizzas kebabs the bbq is nice to just be careful in he restaurant as food is not cooked through just check it before you eat breakfast was always nice though i am sure you will love it we did.would love to go back nxt year if they sorted the food out.animation hall great for kids morris pub good too.
dysentry - by fed up on 22 Jul, 2008
this is severe diarrhea and sometimes sickness - tests needed to confirm though as can be caused by different bugs such as campylobacter, shigella and salmonella - all of which not good! Have they reported this to medic on site or first choice reps as first choice still saying there are no reported cases in past week.
Royal Park - by Lisa marie on 22 Jul, 2008
My friends that are out there at the moment, and ill, have just been told by the doctor that they have disentry - whats that????? Does anyone know????
truth - by fed up on 22 Jul, 2008
If everyone had same opinion I would understand - but how can teo people, who were there in same week have such different hols? Going to hotel next week as was unable to find alternative and feel like holiday ruined before I go due to all complaints - waited long time for this holiday and so confused about mixed reviews. Has anyone had food poisoning confirmed following testing? Anyone posted pictures of problem areas so I can see for myself?? Please reassure me someone!!!!
HELP!!!!!!!!! - by Emma Mathias on 22 Jul, 2008
I was wondering if anyone had the phone number for Irwin Mitchell the solicitor. I have booked this holiday for August 22 2008 and have been to the travel agent and can't get transfers as there is nothing available and they will only pay half the extra amount. They will not give a full refund only half my money back. I'am worried and don't want to go some one help please with good advice. Will never ever be using First Choica again they are not helpful at all.
food ! - by mary on 22 Jul, 2008
forgot to say, chips, bread rolls, salad, lovely fresh cream cakes, and fruit also available to eat at lunchtimes, cakes are to die for !! we were on our honeymoon, had a lovely time (apart from going to the toilet all the time !!) cant comment on the kids clubs, as we have none yet lol number 8 bus from sunny beach drops you right outside, around 15 mins. 3 levs.
hi sue - by mary on 22 Jul, 2008
hi sue, we have been back a week now from the royal park, had the trots for a wk, but didnt stop us from doing anything. did you know, you can get a day pass to the royal park for just 12.oo a day, well worth it, just to look around at the lovely settings, just dont eat the food at night. you can still get sandwiches, hotdogs, as much ice cream and drinks as you like, also get into the waterslide park for the day. well worth it. if it wasnt for the evening food, the hotel would be a lovley place, take my advice, go for the day, and write yr comments when you get back. have a lovely time in sunny beach.
SUE - by Lisa Marie on 22 Jul, 2008
Glad you finally got it sorted Sue, we have been moved to the Iberostar Sunny Beach, where are you going now? :-)
HOTEL ROYAL PARK - by SUE on 22 Jul, 2008
TO ALL, Have been in contact with F.C again they are now changing anyone traveling to this hotel up tp the 31st Aug, so well worth the phone call, we are now going to sunny beach same flights but now only half board but they gave us a refund of £1200, RESULT!!!! we are now looking forward to this friday we are a happy family ,good luck to all of you still going to hotel royal park, hope you are safe and well.... sue
Holiday - by Sunny on 22 Jul, 2008
Just wondering how you all found out about solicitor? You all seem to have the same one and wondering if they are best to contact
royal park hotel - by zo on 22 Jul, 2008
thanks lisa marie will try to enjoy it hopefully now its been in press things will have picked up fingers crossed not been abroad for ten years trust us to pick this hotel
To all of you that can't change - by Lisa marie on 22 Jul, 2008
To all of you that are going to this hotel;
I suppose the way to look at it is that being as the hotel & first choice are aware of the problems, then things SHOULD be being monitored very closely and you shouldn't get the large number of people getting food poisoning etc.

Have a good holiday & try & make the most of it :-)
royal park hotel - by zo on 22 Jul, 2008
hi sue yes we tried to change but theyd got nothing for us we fly on 28th we couldnt change our dates because everything sorted the dog the mini bus work they told us that we may av to pay extra incase another holiday cost more then wat we paid for royal park its money we avnt got thats why we went all inclusive so we wouldnt av to worry about food an drink when we got ther little did i know what would happen you could be right we mite be only two familys out ther will look out for you if you cant get it changed
SUE - by Lisa marie on 22 Jul, 2008
Sue, did you try the duty supervisors phone number?
SUE - by Lisa marie on 21 Jul, 2008
We were due to stay at the royal park hotel this friday 25/07, but First Choice changed it for us last thursday free of charge. We are now going to be staying at the Iberostar hotel in sunny beach, its half board, not all inclusive, but a gold choice rated hotel. We are getting a refund of £24. Same flights as our previous booking. We received new tickets on saturday.
We were not prepared to take no for an answer on the phone, we were quite demanding, but without being rude..... got cut off on the phone loads of times whilst on hold with them, but persevered and kept ringing back. I guess we were lucky....
I hate to think what my phone bill will be like though!!!!
first choice - by pauline on 21 Jul, 2008
I spent three hours today going round the houses with first choice. After speaking to 4 different people at their ever so helpful (NOT!) customer services the hotel is on stop sale for next year and they will not be selling it!!! Apparently it is being removed due to serious health and safety problems!!! Despite this they are refusing to let me cancel my booking for this year and book something else. There are nine of us going including an infant and they won't let us change to anything as "normal booking conditions apply". As we are a group they have nothing they can move us to and won't even let us change destination as it is too close!!!! girl told me that the complaint had been blown out of all proportion and that the people booked on tonights glasgow flight were still having to go so we couldn't be changed.
I find it strange that they have pulled the hotel for next year yet they are still making people who are booked for this year go and say there is nothing wrong with the hotel.
to zo hotel royal park - by sue on 21 Jul, 2008
Hi Zo have you tried changing your bookin? I have twice but got no joy we are in the same boat as yourselves flying 25/7 got 3 very excited children, but I do feel that they have picked up on myself and my husband feeling pretty low about the whole deal, I am currentely on hold again with F.C trying again I hope lisa marie gets back to me and lets us now how she has managed to change and where to. I bet we will be the only 2 families there at this rate......
HOTEL ROYAL PARK - by SUE on 21 Jul, 2008
Thanks for your response marie, can i ask you what hotel they have change you to and what star the accomodation is, thanks sue 07707294334
to who ever flying out to royal park - by sam on 21 Jul, 2008
i stayed at royal park for two weeks june/july we had a great time the rooms are spotless pool/beach clean,waterpark for kids is great.there is a problem with the food being undercooked check it properly before you eat anything.breakfast was fine hotdogs/pizza fine bbq ok to.its such ashame as the complex itsself is fantastic great animation team keeps kids family got the squits for a few days we were lucky we wernt ill like some people.yes there is a problem here but i cant help but feel that people are exaggerating.i spoke to many people out there and they all said the same thing it would be great but for the food.we went to packos a couple of times to eat its ok not brill but nicer than hotel food.if you visit nessaber go for a meal at the old anchor inn beautifull food and cheap.for the people who are going hope you manage to have a good time like we did despite the food.any questions i will answer as best i can.
Nade - by Adam on 21 Jul, 2008
Hi Nade, it is Adam that you ere talking to before our holiday, as you said I went with an open mind and the holiday was a completnightmare with 12 out of our group of 14 falling ill with stomach cramps and dioreah, We went up to fist choice on our return on saturday and they advised us to put it in writing as a gformal complaint, which i have finished the letter today, its over 3 pages long. did you have the same symptons. I have added you as a friend on facebook, i didnt see you out there tho, probably because we were ill.. i see that you contacted the newspapers what else have you done? if you rather not say on this page either email me on or thru facebook.

Were seeking legal advice at the moment and waiting on a reply from the soliitor.


holiday from hell - by advice on 21 Jul, 2008

Press Release
19th July 2006


Personal injury solicitor Andrew Morton from Manchester law firm Pannone LLP says reports of more holiday misery are coming in from two hotels, the Royal Bay and Royal Park in Elenite, Bulgaria, both of which featured in the news last year for similar complaints from holidaymakers.

Said Andrew Morton who heads Pannoneís Travel Litigation Department, ďThe same problems are reoccurring, with complaints coming in of food poisoning, questionable hygiene standards, filthy rooms and rude staff. We handled over thirty cases last year from these hotels and it looks like lessons have not been learnt. Anyone who has been to these hotels and suffered illness or had to endure second rate facilities and service should contact a solicitor immediately. Photographic or video evidence is especially useful to support claims.Ē

A totally unexpected and thoroughly unwelcome addition to a catalogue of holiday disasters at the hotels was reported recently when children saw a porn movie being filmed on a balcony in the Royal Park. The Crawford family from Londonderry, Northern Ireland said the filmshoot featuring nude models simulating sex took place in full view of guests. Said Mr Crawford, ďThis holiday was sold to me on the basis that it was a family break. But if I had known in advance that this was to happen I would have requested a shift of hotels.Ē


Deborah Ascott-Jones, Director of Marketing
Pannone LLP
123 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2BU
Direct Line 0161 909 4321
Mobile 07879 891011

Rob Ainscough, PR Manager
Pannone LLP
123 Deansgate, Manchester M3 2BU
Direct Line 0161 909 6422
Mobile 07831 776236

** - by Royal Park Hotel in the News on 21 Jul, 2008
Hotel illness outbreak
Inquiries have been received detailing that over 20 families have suffered from gastric illness after staying at the Royal Park Hotel in Bulgaria in June/July this year. Guests have reported that chicken was pink in the middle, undercooked food, dirty conditions in the hotel restaurant and hotel rooms. Guests also reported that staff were unhelpful and failed to do anything to help guests, especially with poorly children.

Irwin Mitchell have previously acted against First Choice Holidays for over 80 holidays makers who travelled to this hotel in the summers of 2004 and 2005 and also contracted gastric illness which was later confirmed as Salmonella Food Poisoning in some cases. Liability was admitted by First Choice and the majority of Claims have been settled.

Irwin Mitchell urge anyone who has been affected by illness at this hotel to come forward and contact us.

Re Royal PArk - by Tyson on 21 Jul, 2008
Well its re-assuring that ABTA say its an airborne virus - trust THESE guys.
people on drips - by Linus on 21 Jul, 2008
Lisa Marie and others - if you are at the resort now and suffering email me. As I said got UK press coverage going with Nadine who was at resort last week. BG media say all brits are liars and looking for a free holiday. conatct me on this:
royal park hotel - by zo on 21 Jul, 2008
hi nade can you tell me wer did u leave your tip for maid how do u know wich one is yours just in case i dont see her not looking forward to going but trying to look excited for kids
Sue - by Lisa Marie on 21 Jul, 2008
By the way, we still have the same flights. Our hotel has been transferred to one in sunny beach.
To Sue - by Lisa marie on 21 Jul, 2008
Hi Sue, after spending about 3 hours on the phone to first choice they changed our booking free of charge, we too were due to go this friday. we called 0845 600 4945 and then option 2 - I think! (the number to amend a booking).
I also have the number for the duty supervisor 01293 512068, although the woman I got wasn't particularly helpful!!!
Good luck & don't give up!!
hotel royal park - by Sue on 21 Jul, 2008
Hi to all how have been having a terrible time a bit like myself. We are due to go to hotel royal park on 25th July we have contacted F.C and they have told me that I can't change hotels unless i lose 90% of my original booking fee, can anyone adcise me differentely. I have alos been in contact we ABTA and they have also advised me that it is a airborn virual infection not food poisioning!!!!!!! HELP.
To Adam - by Lisa marie on 21 Jul, 2008
Hi Adam,
When you search for the Royal Park hotel on the First Choice website it is unavailable for any of next years dates.
Whilst on the phone to First Choice I mentioned it, as it had been available for next year when looking a couple of weeks before (we were looking at the price increases) and the woman said that they are not accepting any more bookings for that hotel for next year at the moment! She didn't know if that would change.
lisa marie and adam - by nade on 21 Jul, 2008
hi lisa marie
can you pleaswe contact me via facebook nadine orpwood i have some important info to tell you which i cant say on this site, who am i i am just another tourist but i am in contact with some good contacts thats all i can say my e-mail address is on there, or if u r a fb member leave me a message and i will reply a.s.a.p thank you it is important that you contact me
thank you.
ps i am the the mother of the family who was on gmtv on fri morning.
hi are you the same adam who i was speaking to before we went out, we both went out with open minds.
sorry to here the same things happened to you to you need to write a letter to f.c with all your complaints also contact irwin mitchell they are solicitors who have sued f.c before re this hotel, and on all times have accepted liability (why have they not learnt). you can find them on the web e-mail them or ring them you will get a call within 24 hours really good.
photocopy everything only send copies to fc.
first choice are guilty for the 3rd year running.
Problem with Royal park - by Adam on 21 Jul, 2008
Lia Marie,

I have just come back from this hotel and there is a problem here, please can you tell me where you got this information regarding next years problem as we are writing a letter to first choice and seeking legal action?

pleae advise me asap


Worried - by Lisa marie on 20 Jul, 2008
To the person that just posted the worried comment - you really need to contact first choice, they will change your hotel booking free of charge.
There really are genuine problems out there, this hotel has been in national newspapers and on news channels in the past week - it isn't scare mongering it's genuine. My friends are stuck out there at the moment and they are very ill (kids too).
First choice changing your booking for you free of charge is them admitting to the problems - they have also pulled the hotel from next years brochure!!
Linus - by Lisa marie on 20 Jul, 2008
Hi Linus, I am no longer staying at the Royal Park Hotel on friday - got my hotel changed (luckily!!!).
My friends are out there at the moment, all 4 of them with food poisoning and have been on drips. They have taken loads of photos, so that they can take legal action when they get back home.
Shall I tell them to get in contact with Nadine? - who is she?
Nightmare Holiday Royal Park Elenite - by Worried on 20 Jul, 2008
Hi, can someone let me know what the current situation is in the Royal Park Hotel Elenite? Falcon/Fitst Choice are saying that the stomach bugs are viral and were brought in on an aeroplane?
Drips and sickness - by Linus on 20 Jul, 2008
Hi - Lisa Marie can you get in contact with Nadine.I met her last week in Elenite, experienced the conditions got press coverage started. Would love to speak to you. Sorry to hear that the problems are continuing
lisa marie - by nade on 20 Jul, 2008
hi yes on the drip and any thing else thats is going on out there esp if they want to claim when they get back ie pics of food poor hygiene etc.
the more the better,
hope they are feeling better soon we all know howthey are feeling and it does not stop there it continues back home soon our g.p told us that it can go on for weeks.
have a good holiday xx
Nade - by Lisa marie on 20 Jul, 2008
get them to take photos of what - them on a drip???
royal park hotel - by zo on 20 Jul, 2008
thanks nade for your comment ive found it helpfull we also booked late checkout ive just checked our details an weve got confirmation on it so thanks for that will let u know how get on when we get back
reply to lisa marie and zo - by nade on 20 Jul, 2008
lisa marie
could you get in contact with your friends and ask them to take photos coz first choice have made a statment claiming that there have been no reports of illness in the last 24 hours (on friday) so yet again the are pushing this problem under the carpet.
may i just add also that my solicitor has said first choice will blame a viral infection as they have done in the past, may i also add that my g.p has told me that my sons have NOT got a viral but they have a bacterial infection and we are still awaiting results a viral last 4 days at the absoultly most and with a bacterial it can last weeks on and off for weeks hence ive got them back so at the moment 4 of my family still have the runs now tell me thats a viral, also the medical centre on site will say its a viral try to get to sunny beach to the medical center as they have said to many families that it is the food in the hotel as they have had many people from that hotel and advised not to eat any salad, meat or dairy products of water from the hotel which leaves you with chips and pasta.
hi there
im sorry to here that you couldnt change your holiday, it may have changed since we have been there. i did not see any towel scam or did here anyone saying that this had happened to them so hopefully ths has stopped we did not use any of our towels and give the maids a good tip and be polite to them as we did to prevent this happening. however people that had booked a late checkout were being told that they had not so if you have booked a late checkout make sure you take all documents with you.
take more money with you just in case the food has not been changed i'm sure with all the bad press that they must of sorted it out, i have read that they have sacked the chef, since we have left, but to be on the safe side take more money as there is a lovely res just outside the complex called packos where we found all brits and f.c reps as u go out the complex turn left and then theres a rd that forks right it is just down on the right hand side, they are very friendly and fairly cheap.
there are lots of nice places to eat in sunny beach and nessebar. s.b is 25 levs and n is 40 levs.
if you need to know any thing else i will answer you as trueful as i can.
royal park hotel - by zo on 20 Jul, 2008
me an my family fly out on 28 july spoke to first choice they told us a family had gone ther with a viral infection an that it ad spread they told me that ther people ad been out ther tested food an that all was ok i asked about chaning holiday they couldnt find anything for us for those dates we cant change dates cus its booked off at worked dogs booked in kennals an mini bus is booked so wer going am vary nervous but husband told first choice we get food poising they get sued can any one tell me if towel scam still goin on will see wat happens any info on this hotel would be appreciated
shit hole - by clare on 20 Jul, 2008
i also have got friends who were due to go to this hotel in 3 weeks time after gmtv first choice have changed them to tenerife i wander why . to all of the people who say we are just moaners then why not i am a nurse who works for the nhs you wanna see the complaints we have for a free service and we work bloody hard for pittance i will be damned if i gonna pay 3000 for a holiday and put up with what we did my partner had a viral infection in his lips i had a viral infection and had to go on a drip my daughter got ringworm plus all the ohther rubbish what went on why should we not complain i went on holiday to relax and have a good time not to be ill if it was the first time i would understand more but this was ridiculous all i can say is that if you had a good time then you were very lucky i wish i could say that remeber food poisoining kills
another reply to sam - by nade on 20 Jul, 2008
for the first day an half i ate some food from the res and then your right i did eat off bananas fruit and ice cream i dont think im sad when that was all i did for the next 7 days was run to the toilet and have cramps and then watch my kids suffer, so i thought i was being sensible and i would advise anybody else going out there to eat the fruit if you can manage to get some after the russians take it up to their room.
i did make a comment about the bbq which was it was pink so i took it away from my kids why would i put a bloody towel over it.
you right about money back toooo bloody right i am still watching my kids being ill for christ sake i have just had to put sudocream on both there areas coz they are so bloody sore.
so the nearest toilets from the pool are the ones at reception very handy when all the kids have the runs and you got a pushchair to go up 2 flights of stairs when you des need the toilet very clever idea, oh and not to mention you have to wait 20 mins for a lift.
the wristbands my elder teenagers went to the nightclub which as you know is a 5 min walk away they all easily got alcoholic drinks and so did a 12 yr old boy from another london family we meet.
as i have said before my 7 yr old went to th reception to get his little brother a drink of coke and we all asked him to get us a drink (jokingly) including his dad when our son returned (we watched him from our balcony which was opp reception) he returned with a plastic cup of beer, we dont know he asked for a beer prob coz thats what dad was drinking the night before.
rightly so here are my positive points
1, the weather was beautiful we had a storm which was a nice relief .
2, the waterpark the kids all enjoyed this (but they did have some burn marks and you do have to pay 5 levs for each bed and to have the umbrella up which is stated in the broucher)
3, kids club my kids loved it there too (but youhave to pay every other day on one session when it clearly states free in the brocher)
4, the beach was lovely too
sorry thats it oh and being out of that hotel pakos sunny beach and nessubar.
Food poisoning - by Lisa marie on 20 Jul, 2008
If you are due to go out to this hotel, then please contact first choice and change your hotel free of charge as I have done.
I have just had an alarming call from my friends that are staying out there at the moment - all of them are on drips with food poisoning!!
It took 3 hours on the phone to first choice to organize the transfer to a different hotel but definately worth it!!!!
Sam are you a chav - by Tony on 20 Jul, 2008
Sam you sound like a right scrutter a chav and a sad person get a life. HOW CAN YOU SAY 1 GOOD THING ABOUT THIS HOTEL IDIOT
nade - by sam on 19 Jul, 2008
oh just one more thing the toilets near the restaurant did smell bad but guess what i used those near reception much cleaner and no big did not give one positive comment did your kids like the water park or did you not let them find out just in case it was dirty
nade - by sam on 19 Jul, 2008
oh yes forgot to mention the purple wrist band for under 18s are there for a reason as they didnt serve anyone with these alcohol my daaughter couldnt even get a shandy so what planet are you on.not just me makin these comments look on holiday truths for some real home truths.
nade - by sam on 19 Jul, 2008
you did make that comment on bbq you made it to me and my also said you were living off bananas.HOW least i enjoyed my hols and made the most of the sitiuation and i knew where my kids were at al times.i agree the food was awful i saved up all year to.but you jst want compensation.
reply to clare - by nade on 19 Jul, 2008
hello darling
i do remember you, hope all is ok thanks for agreeing with me have you spoke to irwin mitchell i did mention you to them, i didnt even take your name so im glad you got in touch. if you can go to facebook and find me and you will see my e-mail address and then send me yr details.
have you spoke to the press re that incident speak soon
nadine orpwood
hell hole - by clare on 19 Jul, 2008
i totally agree with you nade what ahell hole of a place you may remember me i am the mom whos lad found the hotel workers in the bedroom i have never been on such a bad holiday first choice should have pulled out years ago 170 complaints were made i 1 week whilst we were there
Help - by Tracy on 19 Jul, 2008
I have spent 7 hours on the phone over the last 2 days speaking to first choice. They started by telling me we would have to pay a £40.00 administration fee to transfer to a new hotel. Then they changed it that as a goodwill gesture they will waiver the fee and if there is a price difference they will cover £200 per booking. However like many i am a family of five and have to book early to be able to get a larger family room which i did do.
They now cannot find me any accomodation that can sleep 5 unless i consider splitting the family into 2 rooms which are not joining or i pay £883 difference in the only hotel they have found which is not what i have budgeted for. I am due to go in 34 and first choice will give me no guarentees on this hotel apart from saying that it is still under investigation. However they did confrim there had been a situation with customers being charged for towels and overcharged on phonebills which has now been resolved. They also confirmed that they had recieved complaints regarding the food and a new restaurant manager had been appointed 10 days ago. They also confirmed that some countries do cook there chicken pink (Where)and finally that due to the hotel accomodating over 5000 people, mostly british then the first choice reps had experienced problems dealing with complaints.
In summary i have not even gone yet and my confidence in the hotel and first choice have been shot. Oh and i did request that first choice send me an email with there statement to say that they are still recommending this hotel as 4 star family friendly, which they said was not a problem and they were happy to do. this is what i recieved:

Please be advised per our telephone call please go to GMTV website for the official First Choice declaration which you can download.

Interested in hearing any problems that others are experiencing swapping there holiday.
reply to sam - by nade on 19 Jul, 2008
hi sam
glad you had a good holiday.
i would just like to correct you on a few points that you quoted me saying, firstly my son who wet the bed is 4 and i have never said the maids put the sheets back on, he wet the bed and i placed all wet sheets etc in bath and the maid put his quilt ( not sheets) on my balconey to dry, expecting us to reuse them. i never said anything about my sheets NOT being changed daily coz they were and my maids were lovely prob coz we gave them 40 levs to keep them happy. as advised by many.
i never said i put towels on the plate i stood for 2 mornings to get a sitting for the bbq and when my family sat down to eat the food was pink and i took all the food away from my kids as i am not prepard to let my kids eat pink meat, they don't eat pink meat in this country so why should they here, i also asked the area manager to eat with me and my family in the restarant and he declined.he told be this is how the bulgarians cook there meat which is rubbish as we went to many restaurants in sunny beach, neesabar and packos and none of their meat was pink. i am fully aware this is a up and coming country but first choice should check the standards of these such things before sending out and tourist. this is the 3rd year that this hotel has beed sued so why are they not learning. did you see any reps eating the food one of the reps told me that she wouldnt eat there so why do they expect us she told m to go to pakos coz that where they ate and when we went there 4 times we see the reps there eating i only see 1 in the restarant eating chips i wondr why?
also the chicken i see that you returned they same day as us so did you not see the line of people waitng to speak to the reps, or the man from wales who was walking around with his mobile phone asking people what colour the chicken was and was there blood in the pic, i am in contact with this family and they still have the pic, also did you see the area manager sign the complaints form stating that there was blooding underneath the chicken.
as for your children eating hot dogs and pizza oh and ice cream every day well all i can say to that is we paid A.I why should my kids eat pizza and hotdog for 2 weeks my kids desevre more that that (they did eat more that like pasta and chips coz thats all id let them eat from the hotel).if you think that you work hard all year pay good money to let your kids eat pizza and hotdogs for 2 weeks well i don't think that is going over the top as i'm sure there are many others will agree with me.
i am assuming sam that you didn't see the staff using dustpan and brush to sweep food back into food trays of them putting hot food on top of food that had gone cold, also you wasnt there when we had the 7 1/2 hour power cut where 2 people broke bones or see the family stuck in the lift. did you use the toilets by the RESTAURANT or smell them.
there was poo in the babies pool and when i spoke to the life guard he said dont worry, do you still think i'm over the top?
i spoke to many families and to be honest there were a lot of families worse than us.
all of our family had the squirts as you put it i would disagree we were in pain and watching your kids suffer is not just squirts. my husband was in bed not well and i had taken my 3 younger boys to the beach i lost count how many times my 7 yr old had to go to the toilet and i had to gather all our stuff and kids every time i had to go to the toilet.
since our return my 2 little ones still have the squirts so much so that i took my youngest to hospitial and they have both seen my g.p who is still not happy with the fact that they still have servere runs more test are being taken on both of them they both have missed their last week at school which i could be fined for, and i am up 3-4 times a night whilst they go to the toilet i have gone through 17 loo rolls in less than a week, and neither children are eating properly (may i also add that the families i am in contact with are in the same boat as me their kids and spouses have still not retuned to work/school).
our solicitor asked me to appear on gmtv to appeal to others to contact them regarding the same prob to stop first choice sending more brits out to this hotel may i also add that they accepted liability on all 3 occasion.
this is NOT about compensation at all we all work hard all year we do not expect this from our family holiday we have travelled to many places and never ever have me or any of my family been ill.
please look on IRWIN MITCHELL website and you will see the reports .
i guess over 100 families are making this up also please look on watchdog and tripadvisor go back a few years and see for yourselves how long this has been going on.

Sam - by Sam on 19 Jul, 2008
You must be a chav then. A chav who will eat raw food and wash with dirty towels.
most of you are goin over the top - by sam on 19 Jul, 2008
i got back from royal park on 12th july.i found the hotel to be very clean beach and pool lovley,waterpark fantastic my kids loved it.ok yes there is aproblem here we were in a party of 8 and 6 of us got the squits for about five not so sure it is the food ok it was crap undercooked but i made sure i checked everything before mysekf and my kids ate it.we didnt starve kids would fill up on hotdogs and pizza during the day and icecream.wouldnt let them eat like this normally but we are on holiday so make the most of it.i feel people are jumping on the band waggon to get compensation exagerating stories.did any one watch gmtv well i met that family she told me the bbq was that bad she had to cover the platewith a towel the smell was so bad.RUBBISH,nothin wrong wi bbq just needed to make sure it was cooked properly and it was lovley.she also said her three year old wet the bed and the chambermaids dried the sheets on balcony and put them back on,,RUBBISH CLEAN SHEETS ANDD TOWELS EVERY DAY.also said blood poured from the chicken RUBBISH ok it may have been pink and undercooked but blood does not pour out of chicken.nade sorry i dont agree your way over the top.
On TV Today - by Kate on 18 Jul, 2008
My family and i went to this hotel last year and we were all ill for the entire holiday from day 2 along with the majority of the other guests.
Royal Park was on TV this morning, a family were saying they as well as most of the other guests on their recent holiday were all ill. Seems this is the 3rd year running that this problem has arisen.
People should listen - by Ben on 17 Jul, 2008
Got our letter back from FIRST Choice today offered me £83 for 2 weeks with no hot water for 2 weeks and no air con and of course the food and the staff. Totally a joke i will respond with a letter telling em to piss off i told people on here how dirty this place was and the towel scam and most chose to ignore. Well now this hotel is on channel 4 sky news lol its a true shit hole and soon will be shut down.
Southampton First Choice Branch - by Amana on 17 Jul, 2008
I have just spoke to Ronnie who is the Manager in the southampton branch, and she is now no longer recommending this hotel to anyone, due to my letter of complaint and the Channel 4 broadcast. RESULT!
:-) - by Lisa Marie on 17 Jul, 2008
Just spoken to first choice about the hotel being on sky news regarding the food poisoning.
They have just changed me to a different hotel!
Channel 4 news - by Lisa Marie on 16 Jul, 2008
The hotel was n channel 4 news today!!!
see address below
at last first choice have seen sense - by nade on 16 Jul, 2008
i spoke to solicitor today who told me there are 62 families making claims, thats a lot of people who come home from holiday and spend hours filling out forms . this hotel has been sued twice before with the same probs so why are they not learning.
reply to the prevoius comment, why would you eat pink meat i assume when u cook a roast back home it consists of pink meat.
maybe you got lucky with your holiday we should not of had to pay for any entertainment we went to the wild west show where the men stripped half naked and the women came out with corsets on all dancing quiet sexily (pelvic thrusting) in my opioion very borderline of being raunchy just what my kids need to see. then the advertising after for the strip show this is a family holiday since when do strippers become part of that regardless if you have to pay for it or not. if i was on a hen w/end of with the girls then thats fine but not with my family.
as for knowing where my kids where this was 11am when my son 7 went to refill his little brothers juice bottle up that my husband asked him to get a drink and he asked the reception bar for a beer which they gave him we was in our room (which was on the 4th floor opp the entrance of rec) and we was watching him.
this is totally UNACCEPTABLE.
we spoke to the reps many times about the food the ara manager came down and i asked him to come and eat with me which he declined. the reps also eat at pacos i was told by one of them that they would not eat in the res and on our visit we saw them in pacos ecverytime. if it was not good enough for the reps then why do they expect us to eat there and more importantly my kids.
i could be here all night telling stories i.e 1 family returned from an eveing out thier kids went to there room to find 2 male members having sex they even used the ashtrays, when the family demanded there room to be cleaned they were told to wait till the morning for thr cleaners to come in.
another family arrvied the same day as us the hotel had been over booked and they were placed in the old staff quarters they had 2 kids and when they went into the toilet there were maggots in there, it took the hotel 2 days to move this lovly family, also the same family when the 7 hour powercut happened the 70 yr old mum fell on abroken tile and broke her arm.another family we were with were all ill the husband was in bed for 4 days and i am still in contact with them and he is really ill still as is there 6 yr old son.
i have got better things to do with my time than to fill out forms being constantly on the phone, but we have got to stop this happenning to other families
please dont go by nade on 15 Jul 2008, 02:26 - by Andrea on 16 Jul, 2008
Hi nade
How sad to read that you didnt enjoy your holiday, we got back on the 8th July and was very sad to leave. we worked very hard all year for our family holiday and was prepared to enjoy it at all costs. we went with an open mind and a wicked sense of humour and had a ball.
I will agree that some of the food was not cooked thoroughly most of it was, we just cut everything in half before we ate it. I feel that because this restaurant was all inclusive no one ever complained to the chef, they just went back and got something else, so what they dont know thay cant fix. we didnt have any problems with our children getting drunk because we knew where they was and what they was up to at all times. we saw the waiter cleaning up with the brush and pan but did see him put them in the bin and I also saw waiters putting fresh food on top of food that was already there but didnt think this was a problem because trays were emptied within a matter of minutes anyway. I thought the water coolers were filled up with tap water because the labels on the front looked to be old but then I saw a wagon delivering them and they all looked like that. we met up with other familys and they were 13 adults and 11 children and no one had tummy complaints. Pakos i thought was a rip off, the food was no better than the hotel, the prices were dear I thought for Bulgaria and the flys were a problem, we only went there once. The kids academy - well where do I start - they took your kids off (aged 3 to 16) from 10am till 12pm 2pm till 4pm 5pm till 7pm then 9pm to 11 pm, I had to beg my kids to spend an hour in the pool with me sometimes cos they were having so much fun. in addition to this they were an entertainments team and an animation team who put on entertainment all day even getting in the pool with the familys inbetween sessions. the "strip show" was ticket only and was held later on in the night, was a family take on the chippendales, we did'nt go to this because it wasnt appropriate for the ages of our children, instead we got with friends in the bar area. The food did finish at 9.30pm but it had been going since 7.30am so we had plenty of chance to fill up. we had an excellent holiday and are trying to book to go back next year but unfortunatly first choice seem to have taken this hotel off there web site. If you have already booked please dont worry, go with an open mind and if you are expecting english beer and english food please go to Benidorm.
Letter from first choice by Amana on 14 Jul 2008, 21:00 - by rob on 15 Jul, 2008
if you dont want want youre vouchers ill have them ,had a great time put on 9 lbs whilst over there need to go on a diet now . Trying to book again for next year , none of our family or friends we met over there got ill or had anything bad to say about the place
please dont go - by nade on 15 Jul, 2008
hi we got back on sat 12th july.
i really dont know where to start, firstly we went very opened minded, we were a party of 8 me my husband, and our 6 kids aged 3,4,7,13,14,15.
i will just point out the main issues at the moment we are waiting for test results from our local hospitial re our 3 yr old food poisioning out of the 8 of us 7 had the runs and tummy cramps, the runs lasted from 3 days to 9 days, my huband was in bed for 2 days. at the airport the baby started with the runs. he is in isolation until results come back in the morning.
food is uncooked, the staff put hot food on top of food that has been sitting there for 30 min-1 hr, a dustpan and brush was used many times to sweep food back into food trays, water is refilled by hosepipes.
our 7 yr oldson was served a pint of beer as was our 3 eldest kids, our 14 yr old was drunk on vodka at the nightclub as was many young kids.
the nighttime entertainment was stripers. i was so disgusted with this hotel that i contacted the sun newspaper who came out and took pics from many families all of which were ill on drips or had collapsed. many many families in the same situation as us i still cant believe that 1st choice are still sending people out there, we are as many others are suing first choice and the hotel and today this hotel is in the sun newspaper page 20.
if you have had any probs the solictor is irwin mitchell just type in at google and it will come up.
we paid 3,700 for this and 5 of my kids are ill.
pakos is nice we ate there on day 9 after being so hungry we had to get food from somewhere, when you get there you will see the reps there coz they wont eat in the hotel either,
if you can cancel please try to cancel.
oh and the food all finishes at 9.30 pm and dont restart untill 8am .
if you have any ? please feel free i will get back to you.
i have got a 20 page long of complaints which is being sent to 1st choice,
Letter from first choice - by Amana on 14 Jul, 2008
I recieved a very similar reponse to the below insert from first choice. I got £70 worth of vouchers, but as i wont be using first choice again they are pretty useless. Great location and beach, the hotel is lovely, well the outside is, it could be a great hotel if they changed the management and food. But the best thing is we took loads of lovely photos so in a few month we will only remember the good times. My main concern when writing First Choice was i didnt want anyone booking and being disappointed when they go there, so i sent a copy to southampton travel agents to see if they would do something since the head office wouldnt, they said they would post it up for the staff to see... not sure how much good that will do. But if you are going there i recommend the Lazy Day Cruise that was our best day.
All the best
First Choice - by Tracey on 14 Jul, 2008
Just to let you know I went to this hotel last august for 2 weeks worst two weeks of my life my 7 year old daughter was so sick I had to give her immodium I have put in a formal complaint with first choice and have many other holiday makers there is a solicitor in the UK who is dealing with the many different complaints so if fisrt choice tell you there is no complaints thats bullshit. The letter I received back from first choice is a disgrace to the company telling me I needed photo's and witness statements as evidence also doctor reports even after me telling them I didn't go to the doctor over there as they would do nothing for you except charge you 190 lev to put you on a glucose drip. First choice don't care because they already have your money my advice don't go to this hotel. I am never booking a holiday through first choice again and the other families I went on holiday with and others I've met over there are doing the same thing they ought to be ashamed of themselves still sending people to this hotel when they know the problems have been there for years. The review's from 2006 were of people coming home with e-coli and cryptosporidium these things are not just simple vomiting bugs that first choice are saying is going around I haven't even booked a holiday this year cause of this hoilday.
Apology - by Email from First Choice on 14 Jul, 2008
We are disappointed to learn that you were unhappy with some aspects of your
stay at the Royal Park Hotel. Everyone at First Choice is very proud of the level of service we offer to our customers. Therefore, I do hope you will accept our sincere apologies for the way you were treated by the staff at the hotel and the quality of food that was provided at the resort.

With this in mind, I have arranged for a holiday voucher for £70 to be sent to your home address. We have taken a fair view on this payment. I believe this amount reflects not only your own issues but the amounts offered to other customers who have reported similar problems with this particular hotel.

Again of sincerest apologies for the poor level of service you endured whilst at the Hotel Park Hotel.
there is a big problem here - by sam on 14 Jul, 2008
hotel is beautifull pool great waterpark fantastic my kids loved it.we went with an open mind ignored the bad reviews.the food was awful i am not a fussy eater but i do expect my food to be cooked through properly i dont expect english food but this was the kids lived on chips ham and cheese for two weeks.they cant even cook chicken nuggets they were pink in middle.just be very careful.lots of flys too landing on food not very nice.half the guests had sickness and diaorrea ther is a problem here at this hotel but the reps will tell you its just a virus RUBBISH.ONLY DRINK BOTTLED WATER as they fill it wih the hose pipe used to water grass.the hotel itsself is great enterainment for kids is excellent such ashame about the food.if it wasnt for that i would go bck but until they sort out the problems i will not b goin bck.please please take note of this review.the staff are lovley people always polite we had no problem with towel scam didnt see anyone who did.brill hotel shame about the food.
Mafia are Nice people - by Dont go on 12 Jul, 2008
Just got back and glad to be home it's a absolute joke. The people are arrogant the food is raw cold uncooked and the scam on the towels is a disgrace. The previous comments about poeple taking the towels out of the room to the beach thats why people are getting charged is a complete lie. The cleaners take your towels the hotel will charge you 150 lev simple pay it or feel the brunt of the Russians and my god you will. This place you are always looking over your shoulder and believe me you will. We had no hot water for 2 weeks and no air con the hotel would not change our room and we have complained to first choice about this so will be good to see the response. Ill post it
reassurance!! - by Beth on 11 Jul, 2008
I'm trying to believe the good reports, because, in my opinion, its just gonna be nice to get away and have some quality time - and its such a cheap holiday youll get your moneys worth on the brekky and drinks alone so if the restaurant is so bad you can just eat out!! roll on september... sun sea and well.. you know!!
HOLIDAY - by Geordie-Newcastle on 11 Jul, 2008
I would just like to say to people who are going to the Royal Park Hotel go and see for yourself what it is like and to hell with most of the scare mongers.We went in May last year and again in August and had a brilliant time;yes there were a few minor problems but the hotel itself the food and staff were excellent.If you show people respect you get it back,a lot of the British people talked to the staff as if they were below them and it really stood out to me.I can recommend this place to anyone I was even prepared to book up again but fancied a change to Sunny beach instead.I just hope you who are going soon have a good a time as me and my family did and respect the locals as they do us ,all the very best.
beth - by dave on 11 Jul, 2008
we fly on 25 august been looking at reviews some good some bad .my friend went last year he had none of these bad horror storys
im going.. will it be ok?! - by Beth on 10 Jul, 2008
Im going the first 2 weeks of september and though there r good reviews, im worried about the bad ones.... anyone else going then?
Shit Hole - by Shit hole on 10 Jul, 2008
Shit Hole hell hole
HELP - by geordihotpot on 09 Jul, 2008
anybody tell me about the irish bar going on holiday 19 sep 12 of us going
thanks Andrea - by Danny on 09 Jul, 2008
thanks for the reasurance, hope we can have as good a time as ur family. let you know when we return......
thanks again..
If anyone has got some info of places to see or go to eat can you let us know, thanks
hol nitemare - by lisa on 09 Jul, 2008
just back from royal park yes and will neva be back. this was our 3 year here and was the worst food this year was really bad floors always slippery my bro broke his hand from falling lots of people hurt this way. we booked a suite and got a large room when we complained to the reps they could do nothin for us only tell us to come back next day to see if they could do ne thing this went on for a week and still no room. we had no bath just a small shower which leakedd every time it was used and came running into the bedroom toilet also leaked and when reported they sealed it with sealant and we werent allowed to use the shower for a day. air con neva worked and first choice reps still wouldnt do ne thing. In the resteraunt there was table cloths first 3 days then they stopped putting them on chair cover were dirty and food was under cooked floor very slippy. intertainment was rubbish with first choice putting on 3 shows in 2 weeks it was mostly quizes everynight with been the last 2 years there was a show on every night. best entertainment was put on by the anamation team in the anamtion hall. the hotel is being down graded this year to a 3 star and a the min its like a 2 star.
for all those goin away soon good luck!!
Water slides - by Lisa Marie on 08 Jul, 2008
Thanks Rob :-)
Royal Park - by Steve Blake on 08 Jul, 2008
Hotel not bad, food a little repetative sometimes a little cold I nuke mine evey time in the microwave, Staff seemed to be fairly nice but very buzy. My only complaint was that the air con didn't work in either of our rooms, room numbers 618 and 620 fobbed of with a different excuse every day, then the first choice manager tried to claim that it was working, room temperature 28. I don't cope well with the heat so always ensure that I book a room with air con. I went away feeling a little stressed I have come back even more stressed and absolutely shattered asa I couldn't sleep. My wife and children who normaly love the heat were also unable to cope with nowhere cool to go and lay down during the day, at night the rooms were like saunas and none of us got a lot of sleep, we had the children crying as they didn't know what to do with themselves. The first chice reps were sympathetic but were unable to do anything dure to their manager
lisa marie - by rob on 08 Jul, 2008
floors a bit slippy watch out for the ride called the plug people got a few knocks on that nothin serious though
Thanks Danny - by Lisa Marie on 08 Jul, 2008
Thanks Danny. Me and my family are going out on the 25th July, we had decided to just go out there with an open mind. But you have made me feel a whole lot better!!
We have been to Bulgaria before, to a different resort and loved it out there.
Did you come across anyone getting hurt on the water slides next door to the hotel?
HOW GOOD IS IT, REALLY by DANNY on 08 Jul 2008, 17:37 - by Andrea on 08 Jul, 2008
Hi Danny - We are a family of 4 who got back this morning and have already booked to go again next year. The towel "scam" is people taking towels on the beach and round the pool and not bringing them back. We counted our towels every day 1 hand towel and 1 bath towel per person, on one occasion we were 2 towels short, I went down to reception to tell them and was told i the maid only replaces what she takes, i was asked if i had taken any out of the room and I told them no, she said she would check with the maid and get back to me but if i had had them i would have to pay. I called back to reception a while later and was told the maid was waiting for clean ones to come back from the laundry and they had all been replaced. A lot of holidymakers were complaining that the staff on all levels were ignorant and abrupt and I did hear a lot of people talking to staff as though they were not fit to lick their boots, me my husband and 2 children treated them how we like to be treated and got the same respect returned. You will have a lovely time and if you have any questions i will answer them as truthfully as I can.
HOW GOOD IS IT, REALLY - by DANNY on 08 Jul, 2008
royal park hotel - by rob on 08 Jul, 2008
just gor home 4.30 this morning ,worst holiday ever been on very fussy eater but always found something to eat weather great pool v.cold but refreshing when hot . All staff very friendly ( if you treat them like human beings ) , had problem with shower went out at night came back shower fixed . water park great , beer not very strong but what do you expect for nothing you can always drink shorts recommend the ouzo but you need to ask for it lol . Kids club not 24/7 but thought that was what you went away for to spend time with family .First choice reps very helpful (again if you speak to them proper ) Trying to book again for next year worth every penny if you remember this is bulgaria and not barbados ,met some people who all agreed that the only thing that spoiled there holiday was the whinging b------s that where trying to get money off there next holiday .Suggestion dont ask anyone if they are having a good time or else you will start to believe all this b------t . Hope if youre due to go you have as good as time as we did , family of four 2 adults 10 year and 6 year old we all enjoyed it . Also remember that even if you went to spain for 1st couple of days you might get dodgy stomach due to everything being cooked different

25 August! - by Kirstie on 08 Jul, 2008
Me and my partner will be there from 25th Aug. The hotel was highly recommended to us by two families, who are desperate to return!
Reply from first choice - by Sara on 08 Jul, 2008
Thank you for your recent correspondence. Firstly I am sorry that you felt the need to write to us on this occasionwith regards to the issues with towels at the Royal Park. I can advise our resort staff are aware of the situation and are monitoring this very closely. If youexperience any problems whilst in resort you must speak to your First Choicerepresentative. I understand reading reports on the Internet can be very worrying. However First Choice takes these matters very serious and will do everything possible to rectify these issues. I hope I have been of assistance on this occasion and wish you a wonderful holiday. Anyone going 29th August? See ya there
Just Got Back - by Sophie on 08 Jul, 2008
Well i was expecting the worsed so i was happy with what i got. im a fussy eate and only eat chips so that was ok for me. My boyfriend has a dodgy tummy at the best of times but he was fine. Just becareful what you are eating. Two bars are NOT A.I the rest are!! The Moris bar is FAB the bar men Alex and Max are really good! We sat at the bar a lot and they got us hammered!! we went to the waterpark in sunny beach but couldnt find it we were walking for AGES!! The reps were really helpful when we asked! the shower in out room was broken told reception and they sent someone up to fix it there and then. The cleaning staff are GREAT! someone droped a plate in the restarant and it was cleaned up before they could even get another plate!! i enjoyed myself and we met some people who went for 4 years running. Did hear loads of people winging about it but they were just really wanting there money back and left it till the end of the holiday to complane so nothing could be done about there problems anyway. if you Expect it to be bad then you will find that its not as bad as people are saying.
Lose weight - by Weight Watchers on 07 Jul, 2008
Lose weight here as pink raw chicken n pork. DONT GO EVERYTHING HERE IS VILE PEOPLE FOOD HOTEL
linda marc and adam - by jo on 04 Jul, 2008
Oh my god,its only hours away!!!! Really really excited,I will defitnetly leave comments for people going after us.C u at the airport adam and girlfriend lol! C u sat morn linda,marc.I'm starting my hols now,just opened a bottle of wine!! C u all soon holidaymakers!! x
Lol it really is a dirty hole - by Sh**t Hole on 03 Jul, 2008
Just got back it is awful food towel scam staff reps no one gives a shi*t it really is a filthy place. I payed naff all so it dont bother me as i am a tramp and the social payed for it but you want top get in fights protecting ya kids this is the palce for you it Suks if ya hard you will like it lmao
2 Weeks of Sun - by Marc on 03 Jul, 2008
Hi Adam, Linda & Jo
Lucky uou adam i working tomorrow last 1 see you all sat come on
Linda, Jo & Mark - by Adam on 03 Jul, 2008
I know i cant wait, i have 30 mins left at work and i couldnt be going any slower LOL, see you all at the meeting on saturday morning
friends!! - by linda on 03 Jul, 2008
my 13 yr old loves swimming and dancing too!! looks like both my girls will hopefully make lots of friends, all similer ages to the people i have been speaking to already. jo, marc, adam, girlfriend lol !! we r nearly there !!
This hotel is not recommended - by Amana on 03 Jul, 2008
Hi, we have just come back from this hotel, and i am sorry to say that i wouldnt recommend this hotel to anyone. I have already lodged a complaint with first choice.

The staff are rude, the food is repetive and uncooked, we got food poisoning after the first few days. There isnt alot of activities in the evening for children to do, unless you want to pay 20Lev each. The waterpark is dangerous, and a few children really hurt themselves on the sides. I had two of my personal towel stolen from my room, the air conditioning doesnt work. The reception staff and resturant manager are extermely rude and unhelpful. Ice cream is only avaliable at meal times unless you go to the shopping centre which is a 5-7 minute walk away from the hotel. Ice cream is not avaliable at the bars. The alcohol is so watered down that it takes 30 pints to feel tipsy (not that i drank it)
But as you have probably already booked this holiday are leaving shortly here are some tips:



Some things to do:
1.Enjoy the beach, it is lovely and clean.
2.Book the lazy day cruise, it is definately worth it.
3. Swimming pool water is freezing but nice when the weather is hot, and it is always clean.
4.Have some change for the bellboy, and he demands a tip when you first arrive.
5. My son is 10 and made alot of new friends with wavelength so that is worth a try, they get you to sign them in and out for security.

I hope this helps just a little, i know this hotel isnt the best but not alot you can do since you have already booked it, so make the best of it and enjoy what you can. We did have some good days away from the hotel and my son did love the swimmimg pool, he spent most of his time in it.

Well all the best
summer 2009 - by michelle g on 03 Jul, 2008
hi can anyone tell me is it as bad as what people are saying especially bout the towel (scam). I booked this holiday for sept 21st 2009, now im a bit worried.
hi linda - by anne from essex on 03 Jul, 2008
hi my neice is also 13 her name is charley we were hoping there would be someone her age there she loves swimming and dancing weather looks gr8 we always go with first choice and always had a good holiday see you there anne
boat trip - by anne from essex on 03 Jul, 2008
thanx will do that hi to hubby his got taste did read about towel scam will try and not worry about it have a good journey hope to see you there my hubby is paul your see him in his liverpool shirt oh dear lol
boat trips - by linda on 03 Jul, 2008
hi Anne, as you prob know, we go tomoz!! regarding boat trips, friends have told me there are loads, but book from an agent in sunny beach, as it would be loads cheaper we always do that every year anyway, we never go via the first choice reps for boat trips!! We are from essex lol !! my hubby a spurs fan as well!!
goung with an open mind - by anne from essex on 02 Jul, 2008
we fly on 7th july from gatwick me hubby brother sister in law and neice have been reading reviews im not put offmost hotels reveiws you always get some people moaning looking forward to our holiday and we r going to make the most of it has anyone been on any boat trips or hired a car we are a mixed bunch im a spurs fan hubby is liverpool his a northerner brother is arsenal and we all get on lol anne
towel scam - by geordieboy on 02 Jul, 2008
anybody know about this towel scam
irish bar - by geordieboy on 02 Jul, 2008
can anybody tell me if there is an irish bar on site and what does it serve please help me
Linda, Jo & Mark - by Adam on 02 Jul, 2008
not long now folks, until loads of sun, sea and loads of free booze lol, c ya soon
3 days to o - by helen green on 02 Jul, 2008
hi to all going to royal park in 3 days can't wait see you all then
can't wait - by dave on 02 Jul, 2008
we fly out on the 25 august read all bad reviews but don't care lets all go to this hotel and have lovely holiday thats whats it is all about
nearly friday!! - by linda on 01 Jul, 2008
Hi marc, jo, adam (and girlfriend) good description adam, will def be able to find you!! we are flying from stanstead 9.45pm. marc, my daughters are age 16 and nearly 13. see you all sat!!
Hi Linda, Jo & Marc - by Adam on 01 Jul, 2008
Hi again, counting the hours down at work, there is a massive group of us going,16 of us in total. i have got short brown har and you should notice me because my girlfriend has got brown hair with loads of bright pink in it so you cant miss us LOL. c ya in 3 days
not long now - by Marc on 01 Jul, 2008
Hi Adam,Linda & Jo not long to go we are flying form bristol at 22.45 so we should get to about 6ish Long night. Wife finished packing and is she stressed and now she need's a holiday lol theres 14 of us myself and wife daugters 16, 6 & 3 and my son 17 months brother and wife and there 5 kids and my mum all can't wait now see you all at the welcome meeting ill be 1 running after my boy lol
counting the hours lol!! - by jo on 01 Jul, 2008
hi adam,cant believe its nearly here, There are 7 of us,my other half has a shaven head!!I have black hair,my daughter has blonde hair and my son has dark hair lol!! How bout you oh say hello to yr girlfriend.Hi linda and marc, will look for you at the meeting, hope to have a drink together!
c u all at the welcome meeting! - by LINDA on 30 Jun, 2008
hi Adam, (and girlfriend) lol, ive noticed she gets a mention now from you adam !! im with hubby, and two teenage daughters, counting the hours now!!
Hi Linda, Jo & Marc - by Adam on 30 Jun, 2008
Not long now, My family, girlfriend and I cant wait for this holiday now, i have been checking the weather constantly while were there and its going to be 89 on sat and sunday and rising through the week, cant wait.... hope everyone is packed lol, see you all at the airport, what ya wearing & look like so i know who i have been talking to lol.

c ya friday
naw....embra 11.00 in morn - by big andy on 29 Jun, 2008
we got crackin flights 11.00 fi edinburgh.and we only live 10 mins from the airport.see you me you WILL know who I am by end of holiday!!!!!
going monday too - by crazikaz on 29 Jun, 2008
22:45 from glasgow Big Andy? Looking forward to it! Open mind and all!
going mon 30th june - by big andy & lorraine on 28 Jun, 2008
we were here a year and a half ago in october...LOVED it so much we are going back for 2 weeks....look for BIG andy on the karaoke...BIG scottish bloke , and give me a shout!!!
linda marc and adam - by jo on 28 Jun, 2008
I have our new tickets,changed money,started to pack.Wish friday would hurry up!! The kids are counting hour by hour now!!
Excited - by Lisamarie on 28 Jun, 2008
Not going until 25th July - has anyone just got back that can give me any tips?
marc - by 1 week to go on 27 Jun, 2008
hi Linda, Jo & Adam. Well said adam. Not long now guys wife's started to pack kids can't wait driving me mad lol and im counting down the days see you all there.
soap - by tight!! on 27 Jun, 2008
thats funny!! but just didnt want to make my suitcase too heavy !!
Tight - by x on 27 Jun, 2008
Its bulgeria not the Hilton, bring your own shampoo and soap,
going in august - by laraine, on 27 Jun, 2008
hi, to anyone that has been to this hotel before, can you please tell me if i need to pack soap, bubblebath etc, or does the hotel provide that each day for you. thanks a lot. laraine.
to former first choice rep - by gail on 27 Jun, 2008
Hi..we were on a first choice holiday last year and the reps were all fab 2 of the reps said they had put in for the royal park for this year , as we are going on the 7th July ,do you know if they are there .Chris was one of the children entertainters.Do you know if he is there.
one week to go!! - by linda on 27 Jun, 2008
hi jo, marc, adam, good comments adam, i agree with everything!! c u all at the welcome meeting. cant wait !!
Avoid - by First Choice Rep on 27 Jun, 2008
I worked at the Royal Park for the whole of the summer 2007 and i am now working for Thomas Cook. There are bad things going on at this hotel and you need to know. There are scams and we know about them but our managers tell us to keep quiet. 2 memebers of staff that work there are known for there groping. I have heard so many bad things from my friends still there you really do need to listen to what people are putting on here because its true
I agree with Mr or Mrs X - by Adam on 27 Jun, 2008
As they say if it is that bad then report to First Choice, I think some of you people need to get a life, I think you should spend more time on trying to enjoy your Holiday instead of looking for things to moan about, at the end of the day you have spent no doubt quite alot of money and all you do is go out there to look for things to complain about.... im not saying there arnt things that are wrong with this hotel but in what hotel is everything perfect and to your full satisfaction. Also what this does is put a downer on people that are just about to go to these places like myself, its makes people think what are they getting therself in for, but i dont let things like this bother me i have read revies on other hotels before, gone on the holiday and loved every day of it. so i dont think anything can be that bad.

To everyone who is going on to this holiday in the near future DONT take in any of the bad reviews, I think it is best to juge things for yourself, a holiday is what you make of it, i hope you all have fun because i go in a week and my family and I cant wait, were going to have a great time in the sun.

Happy Holidays
Adam 22 from Kent
been 2 times - by helen green on 27 Jun, 2008
hi to all iam going on 4th july 4 2 weeks this is the 3rd time i have been i just think its a great resort my kids just love it ok the food is not the best but for the price i got this holiday for iam going to eat out at night at pacos or go to st vals and have a meal for £30 for 4 and that with all our drinks
please report complaints - by x on 27 Jun, 2008
if this place is so bad, please make an officail compliant to FIRST CHOICE as they claim that there has been none yet, also pleave leave your comments on trip advisor as they read this, also maybe click onto itv holidays from hell undercover as they are making a new series and want people like this.
nade - by jo on 26 Jun, 2008
thanx 4 comments,would be nice to hear from you to let us no what to expect lol!! Have a great 1st week and we will look out for you by the bar! I love chelsea lol!!! ENJOY YOURSELF x
Disturbing - by Nightmare on 26 Jun, 2008
Just arrived back DONT GO HERE i have never in my whole life seen so many tears on a holiday. People been conned scammed ripped off spat at not cared for it was a nightmare. If you are thinking of booking up here Please dont if you have well i no you will be going with an open mind but so did i you have to cancel not even the reps do anything about your compliants to scared xx
update - by big chris on 26 Jun, 2008
ok i am so glad to be going soon recently a lot of things are changing here food doed not get better at all i really mean thyat and now if you want pizza they will give you 2 pieces and that is your lot all day not helpfull if food is poor and your 4 kids wont eat from restraunt gl if your are commin here we came with open minds and read the reveiws and thought cant be that bad well see for yourself all i can say
Nade & Jo - by Adam on 26 Jun, 2008
Thanks Nade for the info much appreciated, my mum spoke to first choice and she practically said the same about if we have any problems out there then god help them lol. but we are all going out there with an open mind like you guys, hope you have a good first week nade enjoy.

we are on the same flight and its going to be a long day on friday lol, oh well thats what holidays are about long days loads of booze lol. see you there
to jo - by nade on 26 Jun, 2008
to put your mind at rest i wil try to leave a message on here (if i can find a computer) just to let you know what to expect, dont worries if i dont leave a message it will b coz i cant get to a computer.
if not we will b by the bar in our chelsea shirts well 3 of us, 3 are man u, 1 spurs and very sadly 1 leeds united fan, ( i am trying to lave his shirt at home) lol
see u soon have a safe trip
nade and adam - by jo on 26 Jun, 2008
will c u there nade!! have a gd 1st week thanx for news bout towels,hopefully we can relax a bit lol!! Adam, u r on r flight! C every1 there by the bar! We will be in saints shirts lol x
changed flight times going 27th june/12 july from gatwick - by nade on 26 Jun, 2008
hi there,
gail an jo we are going for 2 weeks so we will see you out there,
we recieved a call today from first choice (2 days before depart)to tell us our flights have changed. we where meant to take off 5pm its now 10.25 pm.
we depart at 4.45am and arrive at gatwick at 6.20am.
i spoke to fc today and they said that they recieved an e-mail from hotel today stating that the situation regarding the TOWEL SCAM is under control, she also claimed that not one member of the public has made a formal complant about this hotel, and she has had plenty of people ringing up with their concerns and worries and she assured me that all was ok at the royal park, i did mention quiet politety that if me or any of my family witness or become a part of this scam i will be goin to national press upon my return, so if they dont want the bad press then stop sending people out there if it as bad as the reviews claim. she once again assured me that all was ok.
i was adviced to take pics on camera an camcorder if i had any probs.
so as i said before we are all going out with an open mind and to enjoy ourselves.
to all that are out there the same time as us we will see you there.
p.s our flight number is still the same.
Jo - by Adam on 25 Jun, 2008
Hi again Jo, i have just spoke to my mum and she has just been up to first choice and our flight has changed so we must be on the same flight, were taking off at 10.25
Jo - by Adam on 25 Jun, 2008
Hi Jo, what was your flight number? so i can see if your number matches ours on tickets
Jo - by Adam on 25 Jun, 2008
Hi Jo, i dont know then, we still havent had a call yet to say the times have changed but our surname starts with a W so maybe there doing in alphabetical order, ill let you know if we get a call or not....
adam - by jo on 25 Jun, 2008
hi adam,i have already got r tickets with 5pm on them.1st choice told me today they are no longer valid.dont no what the flight number is now,coz they changed times.Our flight times have been 5pm right up until 2day.
Jo - by Adam on 25 Jun, 2008
I have just spoke to my mum and she hasnt herd anything on the flights being changed yet, but we have already got our tickets with the 5pm on it, those times that you mentioned were our original times when we booked the holiday and then we got a call about a month ago and they tolf us that we fly out at around 5pm and the return flight is at 1.45am something like that anyway, my mum booked the holiday and i have just phoned her and she said that she will let me know if anything does change and ill keep you informed, what is your flight number?

flight times just changed!! - by jo on 25 Jun, 2008
Hi adam,have yr flight times changed?? Just had a call from 1st choice r flight times have changed.We flying out at 10.25pm now and r return flight is 04.45am!! Not really happy bout it,but theres nothing i can do bout it:-(
Marc & Jo - by Adam on 25 Jun, 2008
Ill be in trouble i didnt mention that i was going with my girlfriend, she looked at this website last nite and she said i mentioned everyone else but not her. :) ill see you all there i be the one in a big group of people with flowered shorts. see ya soon.

Thanks for all the info on fags and the towel thing.

c ya soon
Water taxi/small foot ferry - by Lisamarie on 25 Jun, 2008
Hi Kaz,
We think it worked out to about £5 each for a return trip to Nessebar(kids too). We got on it at the Sunny Beach pier, but have been told that it also goes from the pier outside the Royal Park hotel. The kids love it (me too!!) and its much better than the crowded buses.
***By the way - beware of pick pockets everywhere***
fags - by marc on 25 Jun, 2008
hi Adam the limit for fags is 200
booze? cant find that must be no limit lol

lisamarie - watertaxi - by crazikaz on 25 Jun, 2008
Lisamarie - how much did the watertaxi cost to nessebar? Kaz
not long now - by marc on 24 Jun, 2008
No problem
see you all on the 5th of july here's a link for the weather its HOT oh yes (hope the pool is cold lol)
hi adam - by jo on 24 Jun, 2008
i am going with my hubby, son 13,daughter 11, best mate,her daughter 17,son 13. Started packing 2day LOL!!
Towel Scam - by Adam on 24 Jun, 2008
thanks Marc, That has set my mind at ease, im going to have a good holiday no matter what, hope you all do to.

Take care and thanks again
Towel Scam - by Lisamarie on 24 Jun, 2008
Thanks for that info Marc, I'm determined to have a good time whilst I'm there no matter what!!!!
Have a good Holiday :-)
e-mail from 1st choice regarsd towel scam - by marc on 24 Jun, 2008
Hi all here's the full e-mail Please read.

Thank you for your email.

Your comments are greatly appreciated. First Choice is aware of the towel
scam and is monitoring this closely with the hotel. This will now not
affect any of our customers.

Our customers give us regular feedback on all of the holidays we sell and
we feature them in our brochures and websites.

If you wish to look at the feedback from other First Choice customers, this
can be found when you conduct a search on the Internet and select the
customer feedback option located under the property photographs.

We are aware of several websites that allow the general public to leave
their comments about holidays they have taken or view information on
holidays they are interested in booking. These websites are not checked or
monitored and anyone can add their comments, regardless of whether the
information is honest or accurate.

We monitor all of the properties we sell and we also receive customer
feedback from questionnaires that are handed out on our flights.

I hope that this information has answered any questions you have raised and
if you require any further help, please do not hesitate to contact us on

we can't wait to go and we will make the most of it and will have a great time.
Towel scam / Adam - by Lisamarie on 24 Jun, 2008
As long as they are taking it seriously!!!
Lisamarie - by Adam on 24 Jun, 2008
Thats what you get with big companies..
Towel scam - by Lisamarie on 24 Jun, 2008
And yet I got an email about it last week from the First Choise head office saying that they were aware of it!!!!
Towel Scam - by Adam on 24 Jun, 2008
I went into Firstchoice on my lunch, where my family and I booked our holiday and asked them about the scam and they said that they havent herd of that before so she got onto the head office whilst I was there, when she had finished the phone call she told me that the head office didnt know anything about this either and that there is nothing that they can do about it at the moment, but they said if they do get anymore reports then they will let me basically they couldnt give a damn...just thought i would pass on the info
Jo - by Adam on 24 Jun, 2008
Im going, with my mum, dad, brothers, uncle, aunts, there are 16 of us going, who are you going with? i cant wait now....i just want to be there in the sun with a nice cold beer in my hand by the pool, what a life LOL
Stansted - by Lisamarie on 24 Jun, 2008
Anyone travelling from Stansted airport, you now need a £1 coin to use the luggage trolleys.
hi linda - by jo on 24 Jun, 2008
hi,glad u all still excited!! Can't believe its only nxt week!! Def look out 4 each other,we will be easy to spot lol BY THE BAR !!
adam - by jo on 24 Jun, 2008
you on same flight as me and my family!!! We are so excited,want to go now!!!Who's going with you.
Thankyou Lisamarie - by Adam on 24 Jun, 2008
I will try and go to the Nessebar. hope you all have a good time.
Adam - by Lisamarie on 24 Jun, 2008
I would recommend a visit to Nessebar via water taxi. Its an area with a lot of history and a lot of little street stalls and cafes. Great for shopping and people watching!! The water taxi is a little more money but far nicer than the bus!
Have a great hol - don't forget to post us your comments when you return
Adam - by Lisamarie on 24 Jun, 2008
No, stayed at a different hotel in Bulgaria last time (great country).
Don't let it worry you - Just check your towels daily!!! :-)
First choice said that they were aware of the recent 'towel scam' problems but assured me that it no longer happens.
First time to this hotel on the 4th July 2008 for 2 weeks - by Adam on 24 Jun, 2008
Hi, ya Lisamarie, have you had the towel scan done to you?
Weather - by Lisamarie on 24 Jun, 2008
Hi guys, thought you might like to know that its 85 degrees and sunny in Elenite for the rest of the week!! (just looked it up!) I'm soooooo excited about going back!!(and I'm such a big kid!!!!)
gatwick - by linda on 24 Jun, 2008
jo, looks like yr on the same flight as adam!!
stansted - by linda on 24 Jun, 2008
flying from stansted at 9.45pm Hi jo, cant wait, dont care about comments we will ALL have a gr8 time!!!
DONT GO - by Nasty place on 24 Jun, 2008
Towel scam mafia owned food uncooked Fights enjoy
Towels! - by Jo Rose on 24 Jun, 2008
My Parents and brother (with special needs) are on holiday now, at the Royal Park Hotel. They were warned by other guests of a 'towel scam'. The hotel steels the towels and then charges guests extortionate prices for them when they check out. One lady with children had no money left to pay the charge so 6 Russian men (not Bulgarian) came to the hotel following her around intimidating her. The gates to the hotel were locked and nobody was allowed in or out. Eventually other guests had a whip round to pay the money for the stolen towels (not stolen by her!). Eventually the First Choice reps admitted this had been going on for some time but they did nothing to help and do not warn other guests and continue to use the hotel. After being on holiday for three days and watching their towels very closely, my parents called me this morning to say that two of their towels have gone missing. They have tried to talk to hotel staff who now claim they cannot understand what they are saying or don't know what they are talking about. I am extremely worried about the safety of guests in this hotel and cannot believe that first choice has not intervened. My parents said the reps have spoken disgustingly to them and have a complete 'don't care' attitude. My parents said this is not a relaxing holiday at all it is a complete Holiday from Hell!
Not Long Now - by marc on 24 Jun, 2008
Hi jo, Linda & Adam .Flying from Bristol late flight. Adam not sure on the booze or fags allowance but someone will post the info.
Counting down the days lol.
First time to this hotel on the 4th July 2008 for 2 weeks - by Adam on 24 Jun, 2008
Hiya Marc and Linda, thanks for the towel info, im flying from gatwick on the 4th July, i think we take off at arount 5pm, what about you? do you know what the allowance on fags and drinks are?
happy holidays - by jo on 24 Jun, 2008
hi marc and linda, marc we flying from gatwick, how about you? HI Linda,how you all feeling about things? You all excited now,we are.Just want it to be here now!!
happy holidays!! - by linda on 23 Jun, 2008
hi jo and marc, thanks for towel email marc, see you on the 4th july lol !!
towel scam - by Marc on 23 Jun, 2008
Hi all had a e-mail reply form 1st choice regards, our concern with the towel scam here is there reply.

Thank you for your email.

Your comments are greatly appreciated. First Choice is aware of the towel
scam and is monitoring this closely with the hotel. This will now not
affect any of our customers.

hope this helps there is 15 of us going on the 4th july and can't wait. 9 days to go lol.
First time to this hotel on the 4th July 2008 for 2 weeks - by Adam on 23 Jun, 2008
Where are you flying from?
so excited!!!! - by jo on 23 Jun, 2008
Have been reading and commenting on remarks for about 2 months now.I have been nervous and worried at times but now after reading comments we are so excited and looking forward to it so much!!We are going with opened minds.Hi adam,we also fly out 4th july.1st time there.7 of us,3 adults 16 13 13 11.I like yr comment nade,thats how we feel bout it all now.We go week after you.
First time to this hotel on the 4th July 2008 for 2 weeks - by Adam on 23 Jun, 2008
Please can someone ease my mind, my nan isnt looking forward to this holiday at all because of the things that she has herd about it.
Whats the food like?
Does anyone know what allowance youre alowed for alcohol & Cigaretes?
is there anything to do away from the resort like markets,Clubs & Bars

please advise
Adam W
fly out dates - by gail on 23 Jun, 2008
Nade we flyout on the 7th July the week afer you are going ..Are you going for 2 weeks if yea i will see you there i have a 12 year old daughter and a 6 year old son ...Kerry we fly out the same day as you but we fly from Glasgow and i hear you have been at the hotel a couple of times so i will be looking for you at welcome meeting for some tips,I was out today shopping so thtas me all ready just need to pack it all lol...i heard it will benifit you if you tip waiters maids ect if this is true how much do you tip them ,as i normally wait till end of my hols to tip whoever i think has made our hoilday.2 years ago we were in Obzor beach in bulgaria and we tipped our maid at the end of our holiday we never gave her that much, but boy was she happy she even cried and was hugging as all ,maybe she didnt want us to leave
First time to this hotel on the 4th July 2008 for 2 weeks - by Adam on 23 Jun, 2008
I have seen alot of bad reviews about this hotel and about the food and lots and lots of other things, were coming in a group of 16 the oldest being 69 and the youngest being 15, were all family and we have our concers, is there anything to be worried about?
thanks kerrie - by sam on 23 Jun, 2008
its nice to hear a positive comment im goin on 27th cant wait av two kids and we r gonna av a great time so all of u miserable brits stop moanin its supposed to b a holiday.
Theres nothing wrong with Royal Park hotel - by Kerrie Vines on 23 Jun, 2008
I dont know what some people are complainin about the holiday is quite cheap , you can eat as much food as you want, drink as much as you want and have fun with the whole family.STOP COMPLAINING. This is going to b my 3rd year and i cant wait im going on the 7th o july and im just dyeing to go.Im so excited.I love the aqua park there as its good fun for all ages.The staff there are so nice and friendly and they will talk to you like there your friend.Also, i recommen PACO'S for teenagers like me who want something late to eat at night or just want a beer or a barcardi breezer, yes it costs but some of the best nights were spent in the club then going to Pacos and on the kareoke.Seriously i would recommend this hotel to anyone, i enjopy my holiday to 100%.All these people complaining ,stop it, you dont realise how many people work there ass's of tryin to make every customer happy and this hotel is pretty big so give them some slack please.
Well im flying from gatwick in a few weeks and i know that im going to enjoy this holiday like i have the past 2 holidays.Also, its really romantic to walk along the beach at night and there is massiveson entertainment for all ages i promise.

Thank you
if anyone would like reply back to this
your welcome too.

we are going on friday 27th from gatwick - by nade on 23 Jun, 2008
hi there,
we are a family of 8, my husband alan myself nade, and our 6 kids, 2 girls 15 an 14. 4 boys 13,7,4 and 3.
we are all packed ready to go or so i thought i have been reading some reviews and im going shopping tomorrow to buy, torches, imodiumm,more towels, pot noodles.
looking forward to my diet and walking the stairs so will be fitness holiday. ha ha.
we will be turnng our girls into boys for 2 wks. we will also be taking loads of cash for tipping to keep them happy lol.
i have embassy number ready.
we will be making the most of this holiday as we work hard all year.
our minds will be well and truely open.
hopefully we will ave a good time.
is there anybody else going out at the same time
Cheers Wayne - by PeteScotland on 23 Jun, 2008
Heard and read some bad reports so it`s nice to see a decent and candid one at last, cheers wayne!! we`re off out there on 30th (next monday) going with an open mind and a shed load of towels!!!! see you all there, i`ll be the one with the bald and burnt head :-)
7th july - by gail on 22 Jun, 2008
me my husband and 2 kids and my mother fly out on the th july,The hotel we went to last year had similar reports ,,but not the towel scam !!! first i have ever heard of that ,but i am taking the british mbassy numer in Bulgaria with me just in case but hope i do not need to use , i was thinking of given them all towels back at beginning of holiday and just buy cheap ones over there to use.Will wait and see when i get there and i will be bringing subject up at the welcome meeting and see what reaction i get from the reps.
Question for Wayne - by Crazikaz on 22 Jun, 2008
Hi Wayne, we're going out at the end of the month but would be grateful if you answered a few questions for us:
The waterpark - are adult allowed on the rides?
Is there any internet access? Wireless or payable?
Any good steak resturants? any in St Vlas?
Is ice cream available in the Royal Park hotel - where?
Are there any benefits to taking £'s or euros rather than Levs?
What type of booze do they have? anything decent and what kind variety is included? Should we take our own bottle or would it be cheaper to buy a bottle there?

Royal Park hotel - by Ellen Ireland on 22 Jun, 2008
Just returned from The Royal park on friday. Even though the hotel was at the end of the line, it was the best available as far as I could see, location wise. Sunny beach was very densly populated with all 300+ hotels on top of each other.
The gates of the Royal Park was always manned by security. As everybody was staying on an all inclusive basis there was no need to have money with you while on the beach or at the pool.
Staff were mostly quiet but polite and if you gave a small tip for their help it was really appreciated. Remember this is still a very poor country, independent only since 1990.
My observation was that a small minority of guests were rude, loud and demanding. Sometimes it is not wise to believe all you read from the reviews.
My only gripe was the food. While there was plenty of it and it was well presented, the chicken, pork and beef was of very poor quality and very undercooked. It was full of bits of skin, griste and bits of bone. The fish defies description. Surely it would not cost that much more to get reasonable quality meats. As it was there was so much waste because people could not eat what they got and had to keep going up for something different.
The fruits and salads available were excellent.
We hired a car so were able to move around a bit. Driving is not for the faint hearted though as the road surfaces are diabolical and drivers there overtake regardless of the consequences.
While I will not be booking to go back next year, I would not rule it out in the future. I enjoyed my stay 90% of the time. I had a far worse holiday last year in Mallorca and they have had alot more practice at being good hosts than the Bulgarians.
My advice would be, Go with an open mind, a smile on your face and a few lev for tips and it should be fine.
If you want it to be the same as at home, then maybe you should just stay at home. Life is full of chances, but few are really the end of the world.
not going til sept !! but excited lol - by julie on 20 Jun, 2008
Markets by Julie - by Lisamarie on 20 Jun, 2008
No problem :-) When are you going?
markets - by julie on 20 Jun, 2008
thanks lisamarie for letting me know.x
Market - by Lisamarie on 20 Jun, 2008
There are market type stalls on every day in Sunny Beach and Nessebar (most don't set up till the afternoon/evening - not heard about any other markets.
markets? - by julie on 20 Jun, 2008
please, does anyone know when market day is on in sunny beach, or nessebar. thanks.
Holiday - by Lisamarie on 20 Jun, 2008
We're going on July 25th - can't wait to go back to Bulgaria!!!!!!
Bulgaria - by Lisamarie on 20 Jun, 2008
I have been to Bulgaria before (had a brill time) and anyone going should just remember that Bulgaria is a poor country and not to expect too much - that way I'm sure you'll have a great holiday.... most of it is what you make it anyway! :-)
royal hotel park - by rob on 20 Jun, 2008
goin on monday cant wait .All these negative comments must be stereotyped to going to magaluf and places like that ha ha
Scams and backhanders. - by BigWayne81 on 20 Jun, 2008
The reason why most of this goes on is because all of sunny beach is owned by the russian mafia, I do suggest no-one becomes a one man army because you will not have the support of the police or security. As long as you keep your wits about you there is no need to worry! It's a beautiful place and you'll still have a good holiday.

If in doubt eat out!
most reviews - by sam on 20 Jun, 2008
i personally think most of these reviews r made up.first choice would not let all this happen and not do anything about it.just goin with an open mind will find out for myself wen i get there on gonna make sure me and myfamily enjoy our holiday which i have saved for all year.
Towel Scam - by Annoyed Skegness on 20 Jun, 2008
I have travelled the world and never in my life have I ever heard of such a such a scam in a hotel until I booked to go to this hotel in July. We pay all this money and work all year to go on holiday to worry about towels. This is Illegal and should be sorted out by the corporate holiday firms that use this hotel. Sounds like the Holiday reps are taking back handers or are being threatened to allow this to go on. If you dont pay you are being held hostage so contact The British Embassy in Bulgaria. 9 Moskovska Street. Sofia Phone: (359) (2) 933 9222 here is the number if you ever need it......
towel scam - by jo on 20 Jun, 2008
hi everyone,spoke to firstchoice today.Said that reps are aware of the problem.I have been told to check everyday,if not right to see rep straight away.Said rep will tell us how many towels we should have in the room daily.She said she thinks its 1 hand towel and 1 bath towel per person.I WILL BE CHECKING LOL!! Hope this helps.
Towel Scam - by Lisamarie on 19 Jun, 2008
I sent an email to First Choice regarding the towel scam as I am going out to The Royal Park in July and am very concerned. They say that they are very aware of the recent incidents and have assured me that the problem with the towels has been sorted out..... watch this space!!!!!
DONT GO - by Awful on 19 Jun, 2008
Just got back a disgrace a dirty place.
My 14 yr old daughter was gropd by a waiter my son was ill for a whole week from the under cooked pink pork.
Hell hole a scam a place you need to never visit and go filth
. - by Marc on 19 Jun, 2008
Hi jo will do, look out for loads of kids thats our lot lol or see you at reception asking for missing towels lol
marc - by jo on 19 Jun, 2008
we flying from gatwick.look out 4 us,we will be in saints shirts!!lol!!
. - by marc on 19 Jun, 2008
Hi jo flying from bristol
amana - by jo on 19 Jun, 2008
hi,glad to hear someone else from southampton going lol!
marc - by jo on 19 Jun, 2008
hi again,where are you flying from?
will enjoy - by Marc on 19 Jun, 2008
Hi Jo yes going on the 4th july, 17 of us going can't wait will enjoy this hoilday whatever its like thanks bigWayne for your review
Leaving on Friday - by Amana on 18 Jun, 2008
Read all your comments with interest, i am going there for my son 10th birthday, bit nervous about the food there, doesnt sound very good. Hopefully we will still have a good time. See there is also someone else frm Southampton. See you there
upto you - by big chris on 18 Jun, 2008
ok i have 3 kids aged 10,8,2,10 year old not to bad eat fruit and 8 year chips 2 year nothing we had to eat out at pacos every night so she will eat something food under cooked chicken,scrambled eggs,pork
and that what there normally is every night no change i would not go here again and im thinking of comming home 1 week early its that bad my wife already has been ill so its your choice its what u make it
darts in hotel? - by mary on 18 Jun, 2008
does anyone know if you have to pay for darts in hotel, or do we just take our own!! thank you.
im going on holiday 11 july for 2 weeks - by cheryl on 18 Jun, 2008
i am realy worried after all the comments we have to children
waterpark - by susan on 18 Jun, 2008
thank you bigwayne for all yr comments!!
problems!!! - by jo on 18 Jun, 2008
1st choice rang me back yesterday,said they will look into problems i have raised.Not got back to meas of yet! Hi marc, u must be going same day as ma and my family! Thanx for comments bigwayne---big help! EXCITED!!
Changing money! BARGAIN!!!! - by BigWayne81 on 18 Jun, 2008
I'm not sure what everyone is going to do about changing money but I do have a recommendation...
In the hotel they were changing it for £1=2.24 lev, however if you go into sunny beach, at the top of the main stretch by go-go girls there is a taxi rank, if you walk past that (Going away from the main stretch) there is a green bank, in there they were offering £1=2.43 lev. I managed to get £1=2.50 lev from a bloke on the royal park complex ;-) not sure if he will do it for everyone though!
Add on- Waterparks.... - by BigWayne81 on 18 Jun, 2008
The buses to the water park are free! However if they don't come right outside royal park catch the normal bus, it will cost you 2-3 lev and will take you more or less all the way, once your a few stops down there are definatly free bus stops anyway!
Towel scam - by BigWayne81 on 18 Jun, 2008
Trust me there is an issue with towels, but as long as you make sure you have the correct amount in your room every day (It's 2 per person I think) you can't go wrong, if you don't recieve them go to reception straight away!

It's just about common sense!
Water Park- Sunny beach - by BigWayne81 on 18 Jun, 2008
There is a bus every 15 minutes to the water park in sunny beach. Not sure if it comes all the way to elenite but i'm sure i saw a sign for it outside the complex. It's a good waterpark with loads to do, good restaurant and they don't rip you off. Went there last year though, not this year, I did notice they've added more slides when we went passed.
There's also a waterpark at Nessebar, well it's not actually nessebar it's just outside, you should see it on your way to the hotel from the airport so keep your eye's open!!! (Never been to that one!)
towell scam - by marc on 18 Jun, 2008
spoken to 1st choice with our concerns they said they have had no complaints ( at all ) but will look into to it. 16days to go can't wait.
Royal Park Hotel Elenite - by Andrea on 17 Jun, 2008
We are a family of 4 flying out on Monday and have been reading the reviews since we booked in January. We have been to Bulgaria before without the kids but to Sunny Beach and liked it a lot. After reading all these reviews we have been laughing up to now but today I had a bit of a wobble and rang first choice. They told me that they had had no complaints whatsoever about this hotel or the reps and it was their best selling hotel in Bulgaria that has holiday makers returning year after year. I told them I was worried about the food and the towel scam and we didnt have surplus money to pay for towels we had not had. They said if I had any problems at all I should contact the First Choice Rep at my hotel and if that gets me no where I have to ask for the Resort Manager and insist on answers to any problems that may arise.
After reading BigWaynes (thanks for that - it has put my mind at rest) comments we will go with an open mind and a good sense of humour and hope to see you all there and perhaps there will be safety in numbers lol.
bigwayne - by jo on 17 Jun, 2008
thanx for the comments wayne.U have put my mind at rest! looking 4ward to it again lol!!Hi linda,will look out 4 u at the meeting x hope u feel a bit more at ease!!
hi bigwayne - by susan on 17 Jun, 2008
thanks for comments, very helpful. The waterslide park in sunny beach, is there a way to get to it by bus, rather than a taxi please?
The real do's and dont's! - by BigWayne81 on 17 Jun, 2008
Ok read a few comments and would like to say a few things. Just got back from here saturdays and yes some of these stories have an element of truth in. I loved the holiday it was a great time, was there for 2 weeks and enjoyed, my moans are this....
1. Yes there is a towel scam, but as long as you make sure you have the correct amount of towels in your room every day you don't need to worry, if your short go down to reception and tell them. This came about because staff were finding towels left round the pool and on the beach, so if the cleaner forgot to put them in your room they will try and get money from it!
2.The food, ok so it wasn't world class, but we found there was something decent every night, there was always pasta, veg etc. Some of the meat dishes were a bit dodgey but anything we brought back to the table we checked before we ate and we had little to complain about, the english have only just started holidaying here hardcore in the last 12 months, up until then the bulgarians have catered only for themselves and scandinavian countries so that's why the food isn't up to a lot of peoples tastes.
3. Coldness of the pool, but as they are such a poor country I don't think they fit heated pools, they constantly pump cold water in but once your in there you get used to it.
4. Our pick up from the hotel coming home was rubbish, our coach hadn't come and the rep didn't know where it was, people who were leaving on later flights were going to the airport on half empty coaches.

They are really my only complaints, as for the inflatables thing, they are allowed in but only up one end of the pool, possibly incase any little kids fall in the pool from the baby pool and the life guards can't see them, plus the pool is a bit deeper up the end where they are allowed.

The Positives....

1.The entertainment team are great, they do a great deal with very lttle and are evr so friendly and helpful, Steff, Andy and Kelly, Jamie and Leanne were really good.
2. The waterpark is great, you pay 5 lev for a sunbed all day which you can leave your towel on and keep going in and out, the kids who we were with enjoyed it.
3. The setting. You will struggle to find a more beautiful hotel in such a great location, nice and private with the hills behind and the beach outside the hotel.

All in all it's really not as bad as some people make it sound.
If anyone has anymore questions about it ask and i'll leave feedback about each and every question, i'm not any kind of rep or anything I just wanna leave the honest truth coz I read all this before I went.

Also your only about 10 mins away from sunny beach, so if you hate it that much there's plenty there to do, can even recommend a restaurant or two!

jo, hi - by linda on 17 Jun, 2008
getting a bit worried now about everything!! a holiday is what you make of it thou, and if food is bad, we will just eat out lol !! see you at the welcome meeting!
linda - by jo on 17 Jun, 2008
i have phoned first choice about problems.Said they will get back to me,will give them till tea-time.I was concerned about the comments dated 16th.How do you feel about it all.I read that lilos cant go in the pools??????
towel scam!! - by linda on 17 Jun, 2008
i have just emailed first choice to see whats going on. will write back with their comments!!
3 Days!! - by Sophie on 17 Jun, 2008
Going on friday. looking faward to it and im going to have a good time no matter what the bad reviews say.
i have just phoned first choice about problems!! - by jo on 17 Jun, 2008
Waiting for call,will let u all know asap what they say about the towel scam,fighting,not using lilos in the pool,the food.
don't book/have to cancel - by dave on 17 Jun, 2008
how do we know that u aint just jumping on the bandwagon and slagging off this hotel
If you have you have to cancel - by Dont book on 16 Jun, 2008
Just got back you have to listen to me the food is pork n chicken every night people was ill kids was sick as it was pink in the middle.
Pacos the only place outside the hotel ok food cheap enuf but no where to go.
We walked on the only road out of the hotel 1 n a half hours later we found a little shop in a run down place.
The towel scam is true like it or not it happens think your hard enuf to take em on try it they send the russians in n they will give u hell n lock up the gates remember the rep's no wat is going on but are to scared to say anythink.
The hotel is stunning to look at the beach is fab n the sea is like a mill pond.
When we was there a 17 yr old boy got beat up badly by a bulgarian who had no all inc band on a 14 yr old girl was in tears as a member of staff was trying a little to hard groping her at night by the club.
I am telling you and you have to trust me this place is bad news a intimidating place a place that caters for a hell of a lot of ppl who where burberry caps to one side and i have neva seen so many fights on a holiday.
Read this and choose to ignore go and take a hard mate a not so attractive daughter and a shed load of money n you will have the time of your life
avoid - by fed up on 16 Jun, 2008
wow this place is bad food crap but nice hotel kept clean only good thing tbh

1st choice - by dave on 15 Jun, 2008
can u let us no what they say about towel scam we are going to this hotel in august as well and want to go there ready for them
Ist Choice - by marc on 15 Jun, 2008
Hi Claire read neo,s review will make you fell better going to see 1st choice tommorow regards towell scam etc. will let you now there commets
still looking forward to it. The holiday is what you make and as long as the kids enjoy how cares.
Ist Choice - by marc on 15 Jun, 2008
Hi Claire read neo,s review will make you fell better going to see 1st choice tommorow regards towell scam etc. will let you now there commets
still looking forward to it. The holiday is what you make and as long as the kids enjoy how cares.
reassure me!! - by claire on 15 Jun, 2008
Please tell me its not so bad??? I've just paid £3300 to go there in August....
sky sports - by alan on 14 Jun, 2008
do they show euro football its final when i am there i dont wanna miss they av sky sports?
meet for a drink. - by linda. on 14 Jun, 2008
will look out for you jo, def !!
anyone traveling on 27th june - by sam on 14 Jun, 2008
bit nervous keeping an open mind goin from manchester airport anyone else goin that day 4 adults 4 kids
linda - by jo on 13 Jun, 2008
hi again,we went to turkey last year too!! In Oct though.The towel hut there was brilliant,changing them everyday.Had no probs at all.We will def have to meet up 4 a drink!!!!
Towel scam - by Sara on 13 Jun, 2008
Has anyone notified first choice about the towel scam since they have been back? If so what is their comments
towel scam!! - by linda on 13 Jun, 2008
jo, im going to count my towels every day LOL !! went to turkey last year, and never heard of this before!!
to linda - by jo on 13 Jun, 2008
hi,r u feeling the same as us..bit worried about things especially the towel scam!On the other hand all excited too.We have a teatime flight.7 of us,hubby me and friend,her two kids daughter 16 and son two kids son 13 and 11 daughter. Look out for us, we will be loud around the pool and in southampton shirts lol.
reviews - by marc on 13 Jun, 2008
Thanks Neo , Barmonkey & Cath for your reviews ,thought it was just what we needed as there has been a few bad reviews bit concered with the towell scam but at least we know now . Theres 15 of us going on 4th july, anyone know is the nights cold in july? Once again thanks
aquapark sunny beach. - by susan. on 13 Jun, 2008
please would someone let me know how is the best way to get to aqua park in sunny beach, apart from a taxi? is there a bus from elenite that goes straight there? Thanks for yr help
Avoid this place like the plague. - by Stuart Elliott on 13 Jun, 2008
Was there 11 nights, got back on 7th June , and for an "All Enclusive", it was abysmal.

The food, needed heating up in the turntable-less microwave, before it was edible, (presuming you could find cutlery), you have to pay for the Mini Golf, at 10 LV per person per hour, with 20 LV deposit, the problem is there are a number of water hazards, which contain the blackest water known to man, so you can easily spend an age trying to find your ball if it goes in, for fear of losing your deposit; Pool tables are 3 LV, internet access is 3LV 1/2hr or 6LV/hr

There is a Beach Bar, where you have to pay for the drinks, I never saw any people in it for more than 5 minutes.

If your kids want ice-cream out of meal times, they can only get it the bar beyond the "animation hall", if they want pizza, it's at the opposite end of the structure (which doesn't serve spirits, only beer).

We had two rented towels go missing from our bedroom, along with a white towel we had taken with us, I abused a First Choice rep until she managed to get the hired ones returned to us, but it was something I overheard happen to a number of people, with one lady with her two kids on the last day being accosted for 180 LV for towels she claimed she hadn't had at all.. (the towels are 20LV deposit - a nice little earner if they're not returned).

Other than Pacos mentioned, there is nothing in the vicinity outside of the complex, if you're interested in eating out (and for the love of god you want to after visiting the 'restaurant'), without getting a taxi (conveniently also owned by the same group who own the hotel) to either Sunny Beach (25 LV) or Nessebar (40 LV).

The reps are great at entertaining the kids, but woefully useless at solving the problems the hotel suffers, and when pressed, one said, we've been told to keep out of it by our bosses.

The water park next door is almost finished, they were just putting the finishing touches to a wave slide when we were leaving, but the 5 LV charge for hiring a sun bed, and the charge for the drinks is taking the piss (it is also part of the Elenite holiday village).

The 24H medical centre is seemingly on the take from SunnyMed in Sunny beach, arranging an ambulance to collect you for the most minor of injuries to take you the 6KM trip to the medical centre, for holiday insurance claims - funny looking bloke, looks like Dr Nick Riviera from the Simpsons.

Where possible, do not buy ANYTHING in the hotel complex, 11-15 LV for plastic football, 18 LV for inflatables rings/lilos - which incidentally, you can't use in the pools, and aren't safe enough to use in the sea, the knock-off D&G, etc clothing they sell in the market area on the basement level floor is much more expensive than the multitude of market stalls in Sunny Beach.

The weather was nice 90% of the holiday, and the hotel is physically 4*, but service was 2*.

Evening entertainment was kids disco at 8pm and bingo at 9pm in the Animation Hall, which gets VERY smoky as the night wears on, and the steps up to the bar are all tiled, and get slippy quickly as people spill their drinks up and down it.

Curiously the Irish themed, more adult orientated Morris Bar in the basement area again doesn't allow smoking, so people congregate outside it, whereas the kids / family Animation Hall becomes thick of cigarette smoke.. As a non-smoker the Morris Bar was a godsend.

My only genuinely, really enjoyable part of the holiday was having a mud massage and Turkish bath in the spa, which for my wife and I, including a facial for the missus worked out at around 350 LV.

Avoid this hotel like the plague.
going soon!!! - by linda on 13 Jun, 2008
First of all, thank you leigh for the advice on bicycle hire, just thought it would be something different thats all !! Jo, hi, 4 of going from stanstead hubby, and two daughters, 13 and 16 look out for us. cant wait!! Night flight.
elenite royal park - by Kate on 13 Jun, 2008
We went to the Royal Park last year and we thought it was a fab hotel. The only things was there was a viral infection going around at the time and we spent the full 2 weeks ill as did most of the other guests.
The food was fab, loads of choice but as always lost of ppl complained there wasn't enough choice or variation. We never had to queue more than a few mins and that was in August so very busy time. Lots of ppl have said that they had to queue for drinks and snacks but again the queues were never more than 5 or 6 ppl.
We found that by booking trips in the town of sunny beach were much much cheaper but we only did a couple as we were all unwell.
The bus to sunny beach runs regularly an stops at the hotel ands its very cheap.
carnt wait not long now - by 12th june from lisa on 13 Jun, 2008
great essay neo lol.some handy tips there and to everyone that have wrote reviews about the place .flying from birmingham tomorrow 13th june is anyone going same time ?are the trips exspensive and is there any that shudnt be missed?well im not that put off by the bad comments just makes me more eagar to go and see for myself looking forward to the holiday and hope everyone else is who have booked to go soon .
4th of July - by marc on 13 Jun, 2008
some good reveiws and some bad but they were very useful thanks, looking forward to it kids can't wait nor us
hello linda! - by jo on 12 Jun, 2008
hi, just looking at comments and notice you go same day as us. There are 7 of us and we flying from gatwick.How bout u??
Royal Park Hotel - by Leigh Blair on 12 Jun, 2008

I didnt go to Pacco's but I heard people say it's good too.

Claire - I brought a small paddling pool for my 17 month daughter, filled it with water from the poolside shower, let it heat up a bit and put her in with some toys. She loved it!!! It saved her from going into the cold pool.

Sam - I didnt hear of any food poisoning while I was there. The food must have been alright for everyone as there was always a queue. :0]

I wish I was going back on Monday!!

Linda- Elenite is just a big resort on the beach. all you have is the facilities and little shops, no bicycles. You might be able to hire them in sunny beach which is 15 mins in a car away though.

Evening entertainment for kids is great, teenagers might get a bit bored, then again when are they not bored!! :o). Although the new bowling alley will be a hit with them. All children can go to any of the bars.

Oh yes - it was nippy at night when we went - you might need a cardi!!

As I said before I will be booking this place for next year for my family, my parents have invited themselves too!!

bicyle hire - by LINDA on 12 Jun, 2008
Neo, yr comments were so helpful, thank you.we go here on 4th july, are we able to hire out bicyles here please?
entertainment - by jo on 12 Jun, 2008
can anyone tell me what the evening entertainment is like? Whats on and can all ages go to the night club?? thanx x
Great Time was had, but read this just to be aware... - by Neo on 12 Jun, 2008
Just back..
I give my overall experience there an 8 out of 10.

Sorry for the long review, but i wish i had read something like this before i went.
Don't get my review wrong, I had a very enjoyable visit to this hotel, i'm just pointing out a few things that i wish i would have known before i arrived, that way i could have been better prepared to make the most of the amenities and facilites.

Some things to note:
Read the noticeboard at the first choice side and near reception. You will find details on your pick up times and what and where to get the free snacks. The jacket potato/savoury place does not exist yet.

Try to get 5 levs before you get to the hotel as when you arrive your bags are collected by very peristent bell boys who want to carry your bags from the bus to reception, wait till you check in and bring bags to your room. Its not that far to carry it yourself. They don't take no for an answer unless your prepared for them. When we got to the room it was quite obvious he wanted remunerated, all i had was 20's and 50's, so i gave him a 20, which is not far off a days pay for him. Felt like a right mug. Best 5 minute job he ever done.

However do give a tip to your room maid when your leaving. They work so hard to keep the place clean and do an excellent job. You tend to have the same person every day.

Plenty of hotdogs, kebabs, pizza's, icecream, biscuits, panni's, sandwiches and crosants to eat most of the day.

No food after 8.30pm so if you feel hungry and expect the kids to go hungry soon, then either have your dinner late, say about 8:00 or buy food from the shop across from the hotel entrance or from the shop in the hotel shopping centre.

They smoke everywhere in this hotel, except main restaurant, that goes for both guests and shopping centre owners. There are no laws regarding smoking indoors. Didn't bother me too much, just thought i'd point it out.

Water park is great, drinks, crisps and icecream are very overpriced. A sign at the entrance says no food or drinks allowed in from outside, thats cause they want to empty your wallet.

Poor English spoken/No english spoken by majority of staff, including reception staff which was extremely irrating. You really must speak to them like you are talking to a 5 year old to get your message across.

No baby changing facilities. Just make do with the toilets or find a quiet spot!

Bar staff are great! Very friendly and remember you when you give a tip in the tip glass. Comes in handy when you want your next drink and want a little favouritism from the queue.

Pool is ice cold, I tried on several occassions to get used to the temperature but could never get beyond 10 minutes. Although energetic kids seemed not to mind. This was agreed across the board.

Plenty of sun beds to lie on at front of hotel and on beach. They are free to use and the beach is cleaned every evening.

Very clean in general. Cleaning staff are on the go 24 hours. Big Plus point there.

Kids club is great. The staff are excellent. You sign your child in and then sign them out. You only get your child back if your name and signature match their records. Big Star for that.

Don't use the taxi's as they are expensive 50 levs return from snny beach. Get the bus at the front of the hotel gates. Its 3 lev per adult and kids appear to go free, I didn't pay for them anyway.

Your must visit Nessebar. You can get the bus from the hotel to Sunny beach then wait 10 minutes at the same bus stop and pay 2 levs per adult to get to nessebar. Beautiful place, great shopping and gift buying opportunity at fairly good to excellent prices. Great food, especially the Dioni's restaurant. Mimi will usually grab your attention and try to get your business. If you want to shop first then come back then tell her, as we did. We came back and really enjoyed the food and beautiful panaramic view of sunny beach.

Don't be tempted to take the Train bus from nessebar to sunny beach. Its a little bus tram thing that pulls the kids in like a sweet factory. It will only result in tears when kids then have to walk after your short trip. It leaves you off only half way. From there you have to walk or somehow find the bus stop. Get the bus and do the journey in the reverse order, leave from nessebar from where you go off. I learn't the hard way.
Bus time table is in reception.

There is only one English speaking TV channel and thats the news. The rest is german and bulgarian. TV's have the 3 phono plugs connections at the side so if you have a portable dvd player or IPod video, bring your AV leads.

Evening entertainment is mainly for kids in the animation hall. Which is ok as I had two kids with me. Two free bars in the animation hall. Free bar in the icecream parlour. Free bar at the pizza and kebab stand. Free bar at the pool, free bar in the lounge and in the downstairs restaurant.

The lifts have a mind of their own, trust me you'll find that out, patience is a virtu as they say.

Its true about the towels. For god sake, count them everday and make sure you put them in the bath if used. That way the cleaners know what to replace. You should always have the same amount of towels everyday. DO NOT take anything belonging to your room out with you like towels or sheets. Its not till you check out that you are informed that on (for example)day 4 of your holiday a towel was missing and now you must pay. If you don't pay, its true that security guards are aggressive and you will not get out of the hotel till paid. I witnessed this twice at reception, was not nice.

If you take stuff belonging to the room and then return it, it is still seen as stealing by them. The cleaners notify reception everyday of missing items. We watched an arguement where a woman had brought sheets and towels from the room and returned them but got charged 150 levs fine! Seriously, do not take anything belonging to your room out during the day and don't even think of taking something from the room as a souvener, they will know.

The bowling alley was only just opened last week. It costs 10 levs per person per game and last about 30 minutes for 3 people. thats about 14-15 quid in total. Its brand new with 8 lanes. I enjoyed that.

There is a Night club that over 18's will enjoy.

Plenty of food and deserts to keep you full. Good choice for meat eaters, vegetarians etc. Some people complained of getting bored with it, but you do have access to other restaurants to prevent you from feeling this way. Note you must book your reservation before 10:30 am at your resturant of choice (except the main hotel restuarant on the ground floor, just walk in.) You can't just turn up and expect a seat at the other places.

Never got the chance to visit pacco's, but i heard good reports.

The excursion trips are very expensive, we went to varna and visited the dolphin show which was very good, but only 30 minutes long, rest of day you can shop then travel back again to hotel. 2 hours to get there then two hours back. Cost 216 lev for two adults and one child. CHILDREN UNDER TWO ARE FREE ON ALL TRIPS. If your child is 2 then say he/she is just under two. (Nice tip there!)

When you are leaving you must be out of your room at 12:00 noon. If you are collected by bus at 10pm or later the thats a long day for you. We paid the extra 150 lev to have the room till 6pm. Our bus came for us at 10pm. We actually didn't even stay in the room as it allowed us to spend the whole day at the water park then come back for a shower and a quick rest. So we really paid for what we could squeeze out of the holiday and not for the room.

Sorry for the essay but atleast you have a good foundation knowledge.

I had a great time and i'm sure you will too, just remember your holiday is also how you make it, so try to stay out of your room as much as you can and get out and about the hotel and sunnybeach.
stay away - by andy salter on 11 Jun, 2008
The hotel looks great. we had a family room with the separate side room for the kids. the room was huge which was ideal for the kids, TV in the kids room had no socket to plug in an ariel so that never worked, our TV was dead when we arrived and it took 4 complaints to reception and me walking a manager up to our room to get it sorted. The air con never worked but i couldnt find anyone who had a working unit. the only english TV channel was BBC world news.

The 2 pools that are with this hotel are okay but both were freezing. The area around the pool was usually full even though the hotel was only at one third full occupancy, i would imagine that in august its a complete nightmare.
The food is not brill. The buffet restaurant was always busy and i dread to think what its like in the summer, i was usually able to find something to eat but it gets a bit repetitive after a few days, its regularly stone cold and quite often the chicken was not cooked.
there are 3 other restaurants that you can use, the first is Talyana which is a BBQ style restaurant and was not bad, again watch for the raw chicken, the second is a Bulgarian style restaurant called Sozzapol (not sure of the spelling), we did not eat here but heard good reports about the food, the last one is in the 5 star hotel next door, its called Sunshine and is only open from 10pm till 11pm (great idea that) this one has waiters and you get to choose from a menu. All 3 of these need to be booked in advance, although Sunshine was always empty, probably because of the opening times.
Ther are many snack bars around for hotdogs, kebabs (or as the sign says kepaps), pizza and sandwiches. the only place on the whole site for ice cream is in the back of the coffee shop. the poster in reception says that there is a baked potato stall next to reception but no one could find that. another thing i find strange is that there is nowhere to get food after 9:30.
we found ourselves going accross the road to Pacos Bar, dont be put off by the fact it looks like it was built by robinson cruso, its a great place and opens from 4pm till whenever they feel like closing.

The entertainment was awful. the ampitheatre was closed for repair so the only place for entertainment was the animation hall.
my kids will usuall watch any old rubbish but even they complained about it, imagine getting the krankies and the chuckle brothers together, getting them drunk and watching them, well thats the quality of the entertainment.

the kids clubs are good but only take 24 kids so the chances of getting them in is pretty slim, also some of the clubs have to be paid for (6 levs for the chocolate club for example)

The reps (first choice) are a waste of space, they are only there to sell the product (trips) all of which are VERY overpriced.
The trip to Khans Tent is 89 levs per adult and kids are 54 levs, total for our family would be 286 levs, for that you get a coach to the dinner show and a 4 course set meal. if you go to Pacos Bar he will arange a taxi for you to go, entry is free and you can choose from a menu, cost of taxi 60 levs return plus food 28 levs, total of 88 levs, so we saved 198 levs on this trip alone.
all the other trips can be booke else where, we found the best place to be at a travel shop called Condor, its about 100 yards past the sunny beach bus stop, all the trips are much cheaper and are exactly the same including being picked up by coach from the hotel.

the water park is quite good, drinks and food are expensive, and for god sake dont break anything, they wont let you leave till its paid for.

now this is where it gets scary....... THE GREAT ROYAL PARK TOWEL SCAM....... we had heared about a great many people being charged for missing towels when they tryed to check out, so we kept count of ours each day and if they were incorrect we would go to reception and ask for a replacement, after being accused of leaving it on the beach or by the pool we would get another one. when we were checking out 2 familys were being asked for payment for missing towels, one lady, staying with 3 kids was being told she had to pay 155 levs, she had no money left and could not pay and why should she as it was a mistake,
within half an hour 6 big Russian (not Bulgarian) men arrived in reception and were following her around intimidating her. some of the male guests tryed to intervine in this and they became very theatening. the gates to the resort were locked and no one was alowed in or out. she was told that she could not leave the hotel until she had paid, this went on for about 2 hours until we had a whip round and paid it.
while this was going on the reps (Alan and Vlado) did absolutly nothing to help, saying it was not their problem, after a stand up row with some of the guests Alan admitted that this was a known problem and a regular occurance.
quite why first choice still use this hotel if this goes on, and why they dont warn people is beyond me.

when you book out they try and cut your wrist band off, DO NOT let them . if you are on an early in the morning flight it means that you could be sat around for over 12 hours with nothing to eat or drink. you cant even go to Pacos because they wont let you back in without a wrist band.

this hotel is classed as 4 star but is no more than a 2 at best.
im just really glad i didnt go in the summer.
thankyou leigh! - by jo on 11 Jun, 2008
Feeling relaxwd now after reading your comments!! Getting soooo excited,go in 3 wks!! Anyone else there 4th july?? x
babysitting - by Kev on 11 Jun, 2008
Hello can anyone tell me if there is a babysitting service in the Royal Park Hotel.? Thanx.
hi - by Claire on 11 Jun, 2008
Hi, 5 more sleeps, roll on Monday. Leigh Blair you have eased my mind. I keep reading bad comments and panicking!
Royal Park Hotel - by Rhonda Hamilton on 11 Jun, 2008
hi im flying out opn 16th from Belfast anyone else going that time?A friend of mine has been there t
2 years in a row and has no complaints whatsoever she said we will have a ball.Cu all there!
food poisoning - by sam on 11 Jun, 2008
leigh did you notice anyone being struck down with food poisoning whilst you were there.did you visit pacos bar if so what was it like.dont know if all the bad reviews are true but im feeling a bit nervous about goin here now.but thanks for yours its made me feel a little better.
Royal Park Hotel - by Leigh Blair on 11 Jun, 2008
Hi - I noticed a few errors in my last comment. The kids club is 3-8 year olds and there is one for older children (Wavelength). Also I didnt have the towel/sheets rows myself I just noticed others :o)..

Oh yes, sorry Ben & Richardson-Langs I did look out for you but there were so many people there!!

Royal Park Hotel - by Leigh Blair on 11 Jun, 2008
Hi Everyone. We just arrived home this morning from the Royal Park Hotel. We had a fantastic time. My partner and I had a busy time with our daughters of 17 months and 7 year old. The kids club for 3-6 year olds was fantastic, very secure and ran by the english first choice reps. Its best to arrive 20 mins before the sessions begin to get a place as they take 8 kids per rep and usually there are 3 available. Our 7 year old clocked up 21 hours over the 2 weeks. She enjoyed the chocolate challenge, the kids cocktails, the movies, commotion in the ocean and lots more!! These sessions are free apart from the chocolate challenge/ kids cocktail etc as they need to buy in supplies. These have been 6 lev which is about £3. Most of the sessons were 2 hrs apart from the kids party which was 15 lev which is about £7.50. Well worth a few hours of freedom!! Thursday is the reps day off however they usually ran 3-4 sessions per day.

I found the holiday to be like any other all inclusive. A large buffet style selection of foods and plenty of it!! There was your usual chips, spaghetti, pasta, pork, chicken, salads,so dont worry. There were a few extra for the European belly such as gizzards, hearts of (I dont know what :o) and liver - village style???) The desserts were to die for - yum! Food stops being served at 830pm, our body clocks were up the left and we ate at various times. I felt that I had to keep reserves for the kids such as fruit and breads after this time incase they got hungry for supper.

The resort is so big with alot to do so I think that First choice need to get a map and some indication of what is going on and where you can eat and drink for free. Bascially you just had to find out yourself.

My little 17 month old was in her glory - epecially in the animation hall and waterpark (which is free)- she had a ball.

The resort is so clean, I have never experienced cleanliness like it in the UK and that is a fact. They are touchy about their towels and sheets so be very careful with them. Never let them leave your room as you can get fined and account for them everyday. I experienced a few rows over these and their security boys take no chances.

The Hotel is so luxurious - superb, the new bowling alley is gorgeous and the animation hall is fabulous, I would be writing an essay if described everything at the resort which is brilliant.

We visited nessebar - absolutely beautiful, sunny beach and the dolphinarium - superb!! Nessebar is brilliant for your pressies - good deals!! You will be approached by a number of people wanting you to visit their restaurants in Nessebar, however we had a meal in Dionis, the food was cheap and gorgeous, it has a beautiful view of the Royal Park across the water and the toilets were very clean - Mimi is the Manager who pulls in the customers - lovely lady, she promised us if we didnt like our meals it would be free, we cleaned our plates!!

We had a brilliant time, some people had it bad but everyone is different!
I was trying to book this Hotel again for my family next year - I was told that I have to wait until the end of June :) Cant wait!!

It may sound as if I am a First Choice Rep trying to sell this complex but honestly I am not. It wouldnt be my choice of career!

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me!!


towel scam - by sam on 10 Jun, 2008
any one else had any problems regarding the towel scam im getting a bit worrid now goin in two weeks.
Holiday - by Claire on 10 Jun, 2008
Im also flying out Monday the 16th. Cant wait. Never been to Bulgaria before.We have a 17month old baby going with us. x - by ? on 10 Jun, 2008
hiya wel nt quite sure weva 2 b looking forward to this holiday nw ha we fly out on monday 16th any one else goin that day ????? any one got any ideas of wot the wethers ment to be like then thanks cya u there
Excellent holiday- dont listen to all the rubbish you read - by Cath Hughes - wales on 09 Jun, 2008
got back saturday from royal park. wasnt looking forward to hol after reading all the negative feedback but dont be put off by it. i have a 1 year old and three year old and we had the most fantastic holiday. we will definately go back next year. no complaints at all.

the room was spotless and had everything you needed.

the food was stunning and wasnt repeated the second week either. there was so much to choose from there wasnt one day that there was nothing there you wouldnt eat. i have never seen such a good selection. (all warm to not like i read in other reviews)

Staff were great they made so much fuss over our kids, they were so pleasant. i supose if i had to say anything negative it would be about the first choice reps. they were not in the least bit helpful all they wanted to do was sell trips and get their commision. they didnt want to help with anything. however the kids reps were fab. my little boy was obsessed with naughty nicky, he loved her. they were great.aloso the entertainment round the pool was great. there was always a quiz or something to do if you were bored.

snack bar was great, pizza kebabs and hot dogs whenever you want them. if you are going make sure to book for the BBQ we went 4 times in the fortnight there is no limit as long as you book it. its stunning. very chilled out as theres limited numbers who can eat there.

beach fab loads and loads of sunbeds you would never be left without one.

shops underneath hotel are great too. nice and cheap for your clothes. we went to sunny beach a few times and the prices in hotel were cheaper. by july august there will be alot more facilities there as a new shop opened the day we left selling ipods, mp3s and computer games. 2 new bars were due to open and an amphitheatre where they have outdoor shows.

you certainly wont get bored out there.

waterpark well worth going to. slides are great and the drinks are not tooo expensive but you can just pop back to the hotel and get your free beer as its literally seconds walk.

alcohol was free flowing and not watered down. (well the vodka was definately not!!) very large measures which you cant complain about can you?

anyway if you have booked dont panic you will love it. go with an open mind dont read the negative reports. not one of us got sick and usually my husband does when we go abroad.

enjoy it!!!!
royal park eleinite - by barmonkey on 09 Jun, 2008
The hotel looks great. we had a family room with the separate side room for the kids. the room was huge which was ideal for the kids, TV in the kids room had no socket to plug in an ariel so that never worked, our TV was dead when we arrived and it took 4 complaints to reception and me walking a manager up to our room to get it sorted. The air con never worked but i couldnt find anyone who had a working unit. the only english TV channel was BBC world news.

The 2 pools that are with this hotel are okay but both were freezing. The area around the pool was usually full even though the hotel was only at one third full occupancy, i would imagine that in august its a complete nightmare.
The food is not brill. The buffet restaurant was always busy and i dread to think what its like in the summer, i was usually able to find something to eat but it gets a bit repetitive after a few days, its regularly stone cold and quite often the chicken was not cooked.
there are 3 other restaurants that you can use, the first is Talyana which is a BBQ style restaurant and was not bad, again watch for the raw chicken, the second is a Bulgarian style restaurant called Sozzapol (not sure of the spelling), we did not eat here but heard good reports about the food, the last one is in the 5 star hotel next door, its called Sunshine and is only open from 10pm till 11pm (great idea that) this one has waiters and you get to choose from a menu. All 3 of these need to be booked in advance, although Sunshine was always empty, probably because of the opening times.
Ther are many snack bars around for hotdogs, kebabs (or as the sign says kepaps), pizza and sandwiches. the only place on the whole site for ice cream is in the back of the coffee shop. the poster in reception says that there is a baked potato stall next to reception but no one could find that. another thing i find strange is that there is nowhere to get food after 9:30.
we found ourselves going accross the road to Pacos Bar, dont be put off by the fact it looks like it was built by robinson cruso, its a great place and opens from 4pm till whenever they feel like closing.

The entertainment was awful. the ampitheatre was closed for repair so the only place for entertainment was the animation hall.
my kids will usuall watch any old rubbish but even they complained about it, imagine getting the krankies and the chuckle brothers together, getting them drunk and watching them, well thats the quality of the entertainment.

the kids clubs are good but only take 24 kids so the chances of getting them in is pretty slim, also some of the clubs have to be paid for (6 levs for the chocolate club for example)

The reps (first choice) are a waste of space, they are only there to sell the product (trips) all of which are VERY overpriced.
The trip to Khans Tent is 89 levs per adult and kids are 54 levs, total for our family would be 286 levs, for that you get a coach to the dinner show and a 4 course set meal. if you go to Pacos Bar he will arange a taxi for you to go, entry is free and you can choose from a menu, cost of taxi 60 levs return plus food 28 levs, total of 88 levs, so we saved 198 levs on this trip alone.
all the other trips can be booke else where, we found the best place to be at a travel shop called Condor, its about 100 yards past the sunny beach bus stop, all the trips are much cheaper and are exactly the same including being picked up by coach from the hotel.

the water park is quite good, drinks and food are expensive, and for god sake dont break anything, they wont let you leave till its paid for.

now this is where it gets scary....... THE GREAT ROYAL PARK TOWEL SCAM....... we had heared about a great many people being charged for missing towels when they tryed to check out, so we kept count of ours each day and if they were incorrect we would go to reception and ask for a replacement, after being accused of leaving it on the beach or by the pool we would get another one. when we were checking out 2 familys were being asked for payment for missing towels, one lady, staying with 3 kids was being told she had to pay 155 levs, she had no money left and could not pay and why should she as it was a mistake,
within half an hour 6 big Russian (not Bulgarian) men arrived in reception and were following her around intimidating her. some of the male guests tryed to intervine in this and they became very theatening. the gates to the resort were locked and no one was alowed in or out. she was told that she could not leave the hotel until she had paid, this went on for about 2 hours until we had a whip round and paid it.
while this was going on the reps (Alan and Vlado) did absolutly nothing to help, saying it was not their problem, after a stand up row with some of the guests Alan admitted that this was a known problem and a regular occurance.
quite why first choice still use this hotel if this goes on, and why they dont warn people is beyond me.

when you book out they try and cut your wrist band off, DO NOT let them . if you are on an early in the morning flight it means that you could be sat around for over 12 hours with nothing to eat or drink. you cant even go to Pacos because they wont let you back in without a wrist band.

this hotel is classed as 4 star but is no more than a 2 at best.
im just really glad i didnt go in the summer.
hotel - by sam b on 09 Jun, 2008
Been to this hotel four times for the last 5 years and its a great place and family enjoy going all the time
royal park - by postie chris on 09 Jun, 2008
bloody hell? nearly all the reviews say what a rubish hotel this is/is it really that bad ,did i pay a small fortune to take my family on a holiday from hell.
for jasmine hotel phone number - by jo on 08 Jun, 2008
hi,read about your dilemma.The hotel phone number is(359 554)69211.Their email is it helps and good luck!!!
going 20th June - by Steph on 08 Jun, 2008
Me and my family are due to go on the 20th of June and were all really petrified. All of the reviews sound terrible and im pooing myself. AAAHHH

Anyway, See you all there!
Vile - by Hate it on 07 Jun, 2008
We are hear now Horrid place
Royal Park - by Sophie H on 06 Jun, 2008
hi this is the hotels website.

Hope it helps :-)

Soph x
Royal Park Hotel - by Jasmin on 06 Jun, 2008
Hi was just wondering for those who have stayed in this hotel if they would happen to have the hotel phone number. I am travelling on the 28th July and been trying to add one more person to our party and have had no success as yet even though there are twin rooms available. So we were going to try the direct approach. Hope someone can help please. Desperate.
6th June - by SophieH on 05 Jun, 2008
We fly tomorrow and i am so excited!!!!!!! hope to see you all there!

Soph x
all excited now 5.06.08 - by lisa and paul on 05 Jun, 2008
we are a family of five we travel on friday the 13th june 2008 booking ref 666 dont think we haveing a good start lol still excited about the holiday the reviews havent put me off .any one else going same time as us?we go for two weeks and fly from birmingham just watch out for a brummie accents lol hope you all have a good holiday who are going soon xx
4th july - by jo on 04 Jun, 2008
hi helen,we are going for 2 wks,all excited.Looking forward to it so much.How about you?
newcastle - by helen green on 04 Jun, 2008
hi jo we are flying from newcastle how long are you going for
hello helen! - by jo on 03 Jun, 2008
So good to hear that someone going same time as us.We are a party of 7. 3 adults 16,13,13,10.We are flying from gatwick.How about you?
going on 4th july - by helen green on 03 Jun, 2008
hi to all i'am going on 4th july in group of 10 this is my 3rd time to the royal park (2004 2007)we just love it. it is great for kids of all ages the waterpark is fab the weather has been great the last to time's i have been. the food is ok but you do get i bit sick of it for 2 weeks so we do eat out about 6 nigths out of the 14 nights there is a bar called paco's just out off the gates you can have a nice meal and drinks for about £15 for a family of 5.
anyone else there from 4th july????? - by jo on 02 Jun, 2008
hi,getting soooooooo excited now,would love to know if anyone else there at same time????
June 6th - by Sophie H on 01 Jun, 2008 just wanted to post this, this is a family who went there, they have set up a website with loads of videos and info about the resort.
6th June - by Sophie H on 01 Jun, 2008
Glad to hear that there are going to be quite a few peeps there week of 6th june, i can only tell you our experiences and we really enjoyed our holiday there last time we went, we went around the same sort of time of year and the weather was just glorious, food was OK, yes a little repeative but then i did not go to eat like a king i went for the weather and because i knew it would be safe for the little'uns, i really hope you enjoy it!
6TH JUNE - by DEB AND KEV on 01 Jun, 2008
June 6th - by Sophie H on 30 May, 2008
ell I have been to the resort beforeand to be honest i really enjoyed it, was great for the kids, very safe, great weather, close to the beach and the staff were very nice. thats why i am going back for a second time. i am sure if people just give it a chance and realise they are in a foreign country with foreign food they would be a bit more willing to try new stuff and enjoy themselves.

Hope to meet up for drinks with all of ya going 6th June.

Soph and Gra x
Mr Very Worried - by Sophie on 29 May, 2008
I heard that its better before high season. Hoping that people going just before us will leave some good reviews. see you out there!!
20th june - by mr very worried on 29 May, 2008
Hi sophie we are going on the 20th june from Gatwick , very worried about hotel , first time all inclusive , there is a party of 7 of us going 4 adults and 3 kids so hope to see you at bar
Flying out on 6th June - by Lianne on 29 May, 2008
Well only 8 days to go and counting!!
The weather is looking fab over there!!

Does anyone fancy getting together for a drink when over there?? it's me and my fiancee dean..x
Flying out 2moz baby - by Ben on 29 May, 2008
Well chums off 2moz n ready for the bar early hours Saturday!!
Weather is lookin like a factor 2 and will be seein ya by the pool !
22 days - by Sophie on 28 May, 2008
Going in on the 20th june anyone else flying from gatwick then?
anyone going when we go!!! - by jo on 28 May, 2008
Only 37 days to go!! After reading new comments we are really looking forward to it. The weather is hotting up 2!! Anyone ther first two weeks in july??? Love to hear from ya x
Irish lassies - by mar on 27 May, 2008
Hey guys we're also flying out on the 30th May for 1 week, there is 4 of us. Weather forecast is looking good, so plenty of sunshine and a good crack in the irish bar later x
Flying out on the 6th June - by Lianne from Plymouth, Devon on 27 May, 2008
Myself and my Partner Dean will be flying out to The Royal Park Hotel Bulgaria on the 6th June for 2 weeks, bit nervous after reading some of the reviews though!! Who else is out there around this time..xx
6th June - by Sophie H on 27 May, 2008
Great! how many of you are going? you say a rowdy bunch???? :-)

Soph x
Sophie H- June 6th - by Richardson-Langs on 26 May, 2008
Yep, our rowdy bunch will be out there, we're out there for 2 weeks so there till 14th ;-)
6th June - by Sophie H on 26 May, 2008
HI all, me, hubby and kids went to Elinite and stayed in the the middle bit, the villas, in 2003 we had a great time, me and hubby are going back on the 6th June this year and we really can't wait!

Is anyone else going out 6th June? as only me and hubby going (no kids) would be nice to meet up with others for maybe a few drinks, might kill hubby if i have only him to talk to all week!!

Soph x
Royal Park Hotel - by Leigh Blair on 26 May, 2008
That's great hope to see you too Richardson-Langs. We are just getting packed - nightmare, worried about the 20kgs allowance. :o)

Leigh Blair/ Leebo/ Ben - by Richardson-Langs on 25 May, 2008
Looks like you guys are gonna be out there when we go, there's gonna be 8 of us and we're from the midlands, flying from birmingham this coming friday (30/5/08), so probably catch you out there sunshines!!!
Hey Leebo - by Ben on 22 May, 2008
Hey yes we are off a week 2morrow arrive early hours of Saturday staying for 2 weeks so looking 4ward to it.
I am a Brummie n Kell is from wales so listen out for the accents lol oh Kell is also about 5 ft 4 lol see ya there !
Royal Park Hotel - by Leigh Blair on 22 May, 2008
I just noticed that Ben and his girlfriend will be there the same time as us. I hope to see you!! If you see a blond and a bald guy with 2 little girls feel free to give us a shout!!

Royal Park Hotel - by Leigh Blair on 22 May, 2008
I am going to this hotel on Monday with my partner and two daughters aged 16 months and 7 - my goodness, we dont know what to think with reading these reviews. I hope we have a good time that's all I can say!! What bargains are there in Elenite??

just back yesterday - by johnny hendry on 21 May, 2008
just got back yesterday to be honest very glad to be home for a decent meal any1 all inclusive will soon know wat i mean.... staff were great dont speak much english at reception whgich can be frustrating, mini golf is a sham 30 lev deposit which u lose if u lose the ball and the holes are not finished.
water park isnt finished either only 4 slides to go on and they charge for sun loungers drinks in water park are expensive too, we found that the 6th day of our holiday we had to check out our room which left us in the reception area for 14 hours b4 our flight were told there was no rooms available then told if we pay 300 lev= £150 we could have a room for 6 hours stay clear of drink called rakky very dangerous, reps were nowhere to be seen when needed either, i do have good points too hotel is very clean and looks amazing rooms are huge with balcony's looking out to the sea, one more thing a barman called Nasko u need to watch well keep ur daughters away thats all i will say all in all have a good 1 probably better than wat i did...........
anyone going - by jo on 19 May, 2008
Is there anyone out there who will be there the first two weeks in july??
To Ben - by Sophie on 19 May, 2008
I heard that there was a 100 note, have you heard about this note? Looking foward to holiday but worring about the money.can anyone give me any peace of mind?
Bad Reviews - by Ben on 19 May, 2008
Me and my girlfriend are going the 3oth May and we are really looking forward to it.
I went Bulgaria last year not the Royal Park but a 4 star hotel and of course when i had booked it up i went on all the sites with the reviews people saying never go here stay away the jelly fish eat you and the flys kill and the food is cold and the mafia own the hotlels. I was so worried about going but the hotel was clean the staff was friendly and guess what the flys never killed. I guess my point is for all you people booked up soon to be going DONT Worry like the previous comments the holiday is what you make it all the beer you want a water park on the complex a fab looking beach whilst getting a great tan i dont see what all the fuss is about i CARN'T WAIT see you there.
Lev - by Ben on 19 May, 2008
Hi sophie just rang the Embassy as i have changed my money already and got alittle worried.
The notes are fine to use over there eg 10 20 50 lev so hope that helps.
Lev - by Sophie on 19 May, 2008
I heard that there was a large note that was no longer in cerculation and was wondering what it was soi can look out for it when i change my money, any ideas?? thanks sophie
**CORRECTION** - by The Richardson-Langs/ Appleyards on 19 May, 2008
I've been instructed by the women of our group to correct the previous statement of us being 'Mad heads' and say that we are in fact normal, run of the mill holiday makers. They are of course lying, especially the appleyard bunch consisting of Bren (Bad-Dad/ Angry Dad), Donna (The mouth), Shannon, olivia and Connor! Love you all and see you for what is going to be the best 2 weeks this year!!!
Happy holiday'ing - by The Richardson-Langs/ Appleyards on 19 May, 2008
There seems to be mixed reviews about this place, whatever the case maybe, you can't knock it till you've tried it! We're going 30th May, been to sunny beach before and had no complaints, the holiday is what you make it, go with an open mind and enjoy your break, and whatever you do, stay away from us, we're all loud mad heads who are going to enjoy ourselfs one way or another, so don't hate the game, hate players!!!
See you all in a week and a half!
help - by ali on 18 May, 2008
ive just booked this hotel for next year ,and now i think ive made a big mistake am taking a 16yr and 11yr is it really that bad should i cancel !! dose anyone no if you can walk into sunny beach or should i just go to sunny beach as the hotel sounds so bad ,help feel down in the dumps av i just wasted my money !!!
hello chris - by jo on 17 May, 2008
nice to hear from someone else who is g
going.(nice to know we are not mad 2!!) When is it you go
we go in 4 weeks - by chris on 16 May, 2008
see ya there jo must go same time as us there is 5 of us
royal park hotel - by taff on tour on 16 May, 2008
ave bin readin with interest all comments posted bout this hotel. wil b flyin out 2moz the 16th may n hope we experience all the good points n none of the bad. hopefully stil b alive in jus ova 2weeks 2 b able 2 read this back n think i really enjoyed the holiday n wat was i worried about.
going in 7 wks!! - by jo on 15 May, 2008
just wanted ti know if anyone else was going at this time. We r a bit nervous but are really excited,would love to hear from anyone who has just got back or is going the same time as us.We r in a group of 7 wearing saints shirts!! so look out for us x
Holiday - by Sophie on 14 May, 2008
I'm going on 20th June and have read loads of bad reviews but i'm looking forward to it since ive seen what a good time other have had!! Thanks
Room - by Ben on 14 May, 2008
Hi Tracey,
Thank you for the quick response much appreciated.
I will save a bit of extra cash in that case and hopefully all be good.
Once again Thank you
Late checkout - by Tracey on 13 May, 2008
Hi Ben you can book your room till 6 but it's really expensive you can book a room for an hour to shower and change and leave your luggage in the reception area everyone leaves it there so it's safe enough. Just book your room early cause all the good times book up fast.
Booked up - by Ben on 12 May, 2008
Me and my girlfriend are booked up for the start of June for 2 weeks and i got a good deal on the holiday but of course with the good price comes an awful flight time flying home. The flight time coming home is like 3 20 in the morning the only problem is i did not have the option of booking a late room with the package. I am guessing the hotel will give you the option of having the room till 6pm but was wondering if any body who has been here before knows how much it is and what time you have the room till. Be very Grateful with any feedback about this or any other useful information on the hotel.
best holiday ever - by rhys on 12 May, 2008
this was the best holiday ever who ever thinks it wasn't is mad. The hotel is stunning the bedroom are beautiful. The henna tatoos are really cheap and last ages, also real tatoos are dead cheap. Animal, quicksilver and other surfing brands are really cheap in the hotel shop. The food is warm and nice. I cant believe people are saying not to go here i am going back there in 9 weeks time. Fab for kids. Lots of fat milk for babies so do not panic! let us know your possitive experiences.xx
Shops - by Tracey on 09 May, 2008
Hi in answer to your questions yes there are shops under the hotel they sell milk and nappies and bottles alcohol cigs everything you need really. The clothes in the hotel are cheaper than in sunny beach and are good quality they have a good selection of football jersey's also. I'm sure it will be fine at this time of year we went last august and are still not the better of it has turned me off holidays for life but think it was just there busiest time and everyone suffered I'm sure you'll all have a good time. There is a boat that leaves daily at about 9 this takes you to nessibar but make sure your back on time as he will leave without you as we found out the hard way!!!!!!!!! Good luck to all who are going this year and take plenty of immodium!!!
milk and cash - by caf on 07 May, 2008
sounds dull but does anyone know if you can get full fat milk in the hotel (for the baby) im panicing about it. also can you change money in the hotel? going in 2 weeks cant wait.xx
please post - by Sophie &Max on 07 May, 2008
we go in about 5/6 weeks and have read all the bad review. please can you post your experiance. thanks
clothes - by johnny hendry on 07 May, 2008
leave on monday for royal park cant wait 15 of us should be a blast havent seen any comments on kind of clothes and prices over there, well hope to see all u happy campers there hopefully weather will be good also lookin to buy football tops when im there if any1 has any suggestions post them thanx.........
The HOTEL - by Suzanne Stewart on 15 Nov, 2007
I Went To The Royal Park Hotel On May With My Family x We Arrived There At Night x The Staff Were Lovely ,The Food Was Great And The Weather Was Amazing x It Is The Best Holiday Ive Ever Been To In My Life x It Was That Great When I Came Home I Told My Cousin And Showed Her Photos x When Im 16 Me And My Cousin Are Moving There For A While x It Was Amazing I Would Reccomend Any One To Go To The Royal Park It Was A Great Experince x And A Great Holiday x
:)) - by BlessedGirl on 10 Nov, 2007
hei i was working in this hotel.he is year i will go there end whit love will work there ...bye for now....
high season - by ????????? on 26 Oct, 2007
Royal Park Hotel - by Louise --- x on 17 Oct, 2007
I stayed in this hotel in august . I must say the reception is the most amazing part of the hotel . The food wasnt that bad . We did have a power cut though it went on for a bit.We also had a huge storm witch was quite frightening. Also i add the hotel is in the middle of no where really. But you can use other peoples hotel pools. The rooms are huge massive infact. In all it was a great holiday to be honest .
a bit of both - by The South Shields people on 14 Oct, 2007
The hotel is lovely. Arrived early in the morning and I must say I was impressed. I was shown to my room and was happy with the service. Anyone who says that the food is disgusting is just too fussy. There was chips pizza lazagne boiled rice vegetable rice chicken pork viel spagetti beans eggs (hard boiled, fried, scrambled) bread cheese salad stuff slices of meat (sandwich meat) cereal ice cream.
In other words people who didnt like the food were just far too fussy.

I dont know where anyone got the idea of only being aloud to get 2 drinks at any one time. I went to the bar and asked for 9 largers and they gave me 2 full trays of it. And the waiter carried the full lot up stairs for me. They let you get as many hotdogs as you want from round the pool and also as many drinks.

The staff were mainly lovely. Some of the cleaners looked like they werent aloud to talk to you but others talked. They arent all great at speaking English but they are alright. One of the staff who works in the shop downstairs is violent. She is blonde and ugly. In her 30's She works in the shop which sells magnets and ornaments.

The pool water is quite cold but it isnt unbearable and you get used to it. The only place you arent aloud to smoke is the dinner hall. Which is understandable.

My bed sheets were changed at least 3 times in the 1 week I was there. My towels were changed everyday. If you fold your towels or bedsheets up then you end up not getting clean ones because they think you havent used them. But i think 3 times in 1 week is enough. How many people actually change their bed sheets 3 times a week?

The reps (first choice) were fantastic. They deffornitaly done their homework and made sure they could answer any questions.

We had one power cut. It lasted about 3 hours but it was through the day when it was light. It couldnt be helped as there is alot of building work going on in the whole area.

We didnt get to use the water park as it was shut due to the hotel being closing so please dont go in the last week of season if you are wanting to use the water park.

All in all i think this hotel is great. I would go back here.
to hammond - by dave w on 06 Oct, 2007
you are wrong you can't se both sides of the battle, you see the hotel when it was not overcrowded. i have travelled for 30yrs and i have never seen anything like what happen in aug 2007 in this Hotel . we ahd o queue for 20+ mins for a drink ( not dilivered to out table by smiling staff !!! i the food hall we had to watch staff empty walm food on top of cold food no time to check temp to for sun beds if your stomach ache got you up before 7 you might get a bed only might ! i have never moaned about a holiday before but this was unexceptable... it was 5 times overbooked .... i run out of imodium and my torch needed new batterys !!p.s i never eat pizza !!!!!!!11
Royal Park - by Hammond on 05 Oct, 2007
We Stayed as a party of three at the royal park in the second week in september and i can see some of both sides of this good review / bad review battle. firstly the hotel does look very nice and is layed out very well. the staff are very nice if you are nice to them. i watched them carry drinks to peoples tables who were polite but when one woman walked up and barked her order at them they just slopped it out to her. this was bar staff but the same can be said of all the staff. just because they might not speak very good english is no reason to talk to them like animals which is what i saw a lot of people do, and they got what they deserved.
on to the food, it was exactly what i expected. standard buffet food, not boiling hot but definatly not cold. it was not what you would get at home but to me that is the point of traveling to another country. i saw kitchen staff always wearing gloves and using digital thermometers to check the temprature of the food on the buffet.
the selection was fantastic. it could be called repetitive if you call two meat dishes, a chicken dish,a fish dish and pizza and pasta every day repetitive!! the selection of salads and desserts was very good too.
I saw one family Q up every night complaining about everything they came to until they got to the pizza and chips, which they then promptly filled up several plates of for the whole family and then smother the whole lot in HP sause that they had brought from home!!!
Pools & Beach, Fantastic is what they are. beach right on your doorstep with lovley warm calm water, clean sand and free sun loungers. pool is cleaned every night and looks very nice, it is true what some people have said about the life gaurds not looking after the children in the pool, but then again that is not there job. we saw loads of people getting hammered all day long, just sitting on there loungers and drinking from the free poolbar while there children played in the pool totaly unsupervised, sorry guys but its your job to look after your own children while they are in the pool.
Entertainment, Great for children but not so good for adults, the first chioce reps try there best and in some areas they are great but don't go expecting to be looking forward to a good night. unless you call sitting in the pub getting smashed a good night, if you do your laughing.
There were no power cuts while we where there and there was nobody sick that i saw or spoke too.
overall this hotel was very well worth the money we paid and if you go in early september you will have a good time. the only thing wrong with this hotel are the "Typical Moaning" guests who all seemed to be of one nationality ( i won't say which nationality as that would sart more arguments) who complane all day long about the food and drink and the lack of other people to look after there kids, while sitting there drinking beer and eating pizza and chips and letting there kids run riot. now not all the Guests where like that, we got to know and like a lot of families while we where there but there was an element of moaners about the place.

If you have book just go and make your own mind up, i am so glad i did not listen to those people on this and other sites, they almost ruined my holiday.
And i spent money on imodium and torches to bring with us that i never used :)
foyal park hotel - by helen atkinson on 03 Oct, 2007
hi just got back yesterday had a great time hotel was lovely but the food was a bit of putting but iam a fussy eater there was not enough staff in hotel some were rude but the outside bar staff couldnt do enough for us we went in a party of 6 girls we laugh from the min we got there till we left but the aqua park is now close and bars are runing out of drinks and not getting any more as the close for winter in two weeks time it was a very nice place
to tracey - by dave on 03 Oct, 2007
you are so right.. the fact that we have been back 6+ weeks and still feel the need to post warnings on this site should be enough to tell people what is was like in the july/august.
holiday - by Tracey on 02 Oct, 2007
just to let you know i'm not a pig and did not go up and help myself 2-3 times to meals my daughter ate an apple for breakfast lunch and dinner i was happy when she was eating ice cream because at least she was eating something a friend of mine was over there a week after me and the whole holtel were sent to the onsite doctor free of charge cause they were all sick and first choice are looking into this anyone going next year cancel and go somewhere else!!!
holiday - by royal park on 02 Oct, 2007
plese do not go to this hotel you will be so sorry i was there in june the bad comments posted are so true
brilliant holiday - by sam on 01 Oct, 2007
After reading the reviews i was so worried about going on holiday, as i had my 8 month old baby with me,
But when i got there my views changed completely,
I thought the place was fantastic we didn't leave the resort for 2 weeks which is very unusual for us.
The hotel itself is amazing all of the decor they have spent alot of time and money on,
The pool was lovely and if you walk around the complex you can find more swimming pools that you are able to use as well about 6 in all the beach was lovely, it was great being so close to the beach and the pool. The waterpark was amazing really good for adults and kids.
The food was good always a selection you could always find something you wanted and also there were 3-4 other restraunts to choose from.
We had a suite and our room was huge and was lovely you cannot expect everything to be perfect because you have guests comeing and going constantly.
The complex is lovely to walk around and they have great entertainment there and what i saw a great kids club.
The hotel and the grounds were constantly being cleaned never saw any mess and all of the staff are so friendly.
We would definatley recommend this hotel and are planning on going back we loved it
Just keep in mind you are going to a different country.
I would say dont worry about it because as soon as you get there you will love it
all i would say is buy the bottled water its not expensive, thats what we did to be safe and we had a brilliant time
TO JAN - by DAVE W on 30 Sep, 2007
hi jan .. i read your site and i think you are correct this hotel can't cope in high season. i'm sure earlier or later it is ok
To Teresa from Jan - by Jan on 30 Sep, 2007
(You posted a message on my website)
I'm so pleased that you were all OK & had a great time. I can understand why you were so worried before you went. Isn't it a shame that the anticipation of a holiday was spoilt & that you were worrying about what you all ate & drank? This is not what a holiday is about! I think that they have had an issue here & that they cannot cope with the volume of holidaymakers during high season. All this has put me off returning. Pity!
reply to teresa - by dave w on 30 Sep, 2007
myself and none of my family are pigs .................. we got ill because this hotel has no food standards ............
Lovely Holiday - by Teresa on 29 Sep, 2007
For all of you that have been reading the bad reveiws and are worried please dont be!i cant start to tell you what bad state i was in with worry before going to this hotel i contacted ABTA a solicitor and first choice on many occasions for advice and to see if i could get my holiday changed but no joy,and i am so glad we did go there it was fantastic and NO TONY i am not a fc rep!! me my husband and 3 children aged 7 9 and 12 had a fab time plenty for kids to do fantastic kids clubs thanks to aman nicky and amy,Food was fine more than enough choice as we were so worried we went vegatarian for two weeks but we certanily did not starve!the hotel was lovely like a palace very clean, the water park was amazing my kids had plenty to do for the whole two weeks witch ment we could relax and enjoy our holiday to.
The hotel is set in what they call a little village behind closed gates you had plenty with in this shops cafe spa etc it was very safe my 12 year old was able to walk around with friends with out any worry.
We did not wont to come home we were certainly not expecting what we got i do wonder with some of these bad reveiws if we went to the same place? maybe there was a problem in high season but i sure there is not now we saw nobody ill or heard any one complain,i would just say dont drink any of their water the water in the resturant, so i was told is tap water bottled water is so cheap its no hard ship.What we did see alot of is people making pigs of themselfs going up for seconds and thirds also with drinks to, maybe these are the ones that get the bad stomachs!!
What i have learnt from all this is not to take any notice of these web sites!!
post cards - by Kate on 28 Sep, 2007
We returned from The Royal Park Hotel 4 weeks ago now and still not one of our post cards have arrived that we left with reception staff to post. Anyone else experienced this? Wonder if they binned them or is the post extremely slow??
Worried - by roxy Leicestershire on 28 Sep, 2007
after looking at the reviews of this hotel royl park i am very concerned about going i need to get reassurents that this bug in bulgaria is not goping round still i have a little sister aged 4 she will be 5 on the holiday i hope that this bug does not affect her or anyone else in our party!!!!!!
ive not gone yet - by roxy on 28 Sep, 2007
i have not been to hotel royal park yet, i can not read all of the writing in one go so if some body could mail me and tell me in breif how it was i will be travelling with first choice and hope that the holiday reps can handel my family ( they are quite boystress.) my mum and dad are extremely nervous to go and i think they are going to be more excitted than me i hope this holiday is good to make up for all this trouble im going through to loose wieght so that i can weaqr a bikkini!
royal park hotel enenite - by a cochrane on 26 Sep, 2007
was on holiday here 20th august 2007 room filthy food horrible all our party got food poisend staff very rude and not helpfull at all doctor who couldnt help 4star i do not think so 1 star i would say
GIZAARDS - by dictonary on 25 Sep, 2007
gizaards.....A modified muscular pouch behind the stomach of birds, having a thick lining and often containing ingested grit that aids in the breakdown of seeds before digestion.
reply to lee - by sara on 25 Sep, 2007
lee, i agree with everything you have said and has brought bk so many bad me mory`s of a holiday that altogether after spending to eat food that wont kill you, an to at least enjoy some part of it of a total of at least £5500 for 6 people is a total rip of, wen u go away you do not expect anythng like this at all i agree that this place could be a fantastic place to come if the right people were involved with it
dont book to go to this place if you can change i would change now unless you want diappointment
def not 4 star - by lee waterfield on 23 Sep, 2007
On arrival in the dead of night this hotel looks very impressive, one of if not the best looking I have ever arrived at on a package holiday. All lit up and the water park within the grounds gave a very impressive and exciting start to a much needed holiday.
The reception area again when you arrive in the dead of night is also very impressive, and we have never had bell boys before.
We were very happy with the room (5th floor) and the sea view was fantastic.

This unfortunately is pretty much where the good went bad.

These are our experiences over the next 14 days,
The food in the canteen, it cannot be called a restaurant by any stretch of the imagination was very poor. It was pretty much exactly the same as the day before. Stewed meat, rice, chips (mostly cold) pasta, tasteless pasta sauce.
Fish fillets with the biggest bones I have ever seen and with the heads on clearly not fillets, rabbit ribcages, and if thatís not enough what the hell are GIZZARDS?
Salad bar consisted of cucumber in half inch slices, tomato, spam, and sliced processed cheeses, olives and not much else.
The bread was hard dry and to my mind stale, for the whole 2 weeks.
When visiting the canteen the staff in there were quite rude and couldnít wait to take your plate, if you get up to fetch a drink donít expect your plate to be there when you get back.
The first day I went to the bar to get a round of soft drinks for the kids whilst they were eating, 9 cokes please and was told I could only have 2? Whatís all that about, we had 9 kids in our party?

On complaining about this to the reps we were told, and I quote ďwe never eat there; we go to pakos bar just down the road if you want decent food we suggest you go there!Ē
On complaining to the rep that all of our 22 strong party including the kids were ill with stomach upset and/or violent diarrhoea we were asked, and I quote ďhave you tried pakos barĒ we told her that we had just been drinking the water from the water siphons and were told ďdonít drink that the bar staff just fill them from the tapĒ brilliant I and both my kids had the squits for the last 3 days and thatís all we had been drinking!!!!
The mixer drinks machines are also plumbed into the tap water so no escape there either!

Poolside bar, you have the choice of 1 kind of beer, vodka, rum, gin, whisky (until they run out) coffee, hot chocolate, Pepsi, orange, lemonade or tonic water.
Hot dogs, both the bread and the hot dog sausages left uncovered all day from when they put them out at 8am to when they take them away at 5.30.

Pizza/ kebab hut, again all food left out in the open all day. Pizza is admittedly fresh as there is always a long queue and is served as soon as it comes from the oven, but is thrown onto a plastic tray and shoved across a dirty counter top to you by a old woman who clearly didnít want to be there. The kebabs consisted of 2 or 3 pieces of pink chicken meat, one slice of cucumber and a tiny bit of onion in hot dog bread, again all left uncovered to anything that might want to land on it whilst the staff sat in the back room behind a curtain smoking.

Reception bar, in the whole 2 weeks holiday I didnít get a cup of coffee in a cup or a beer in a glass. All the drinks throughout the hotel were served in plastic cups. Around the pool is expected but in the bars away from the poolside and indoors this is unacceptable for a 4 star hotel.
All the hot drinks were out of a drinks machine similar to the ones found in your works canteen or train stations etc so donít expect a proper coffee anywhere in elenite. Unless you go to the frigate bar and pay for it! This is also in the next hotel down the beach.

Irish bar, sounds great, an Irish themed pub not like any I have ever been in. it looks like this pub was an afterthought as it is virtually underground is small cramped scruffy and quite stuffy when full, without any windows or proper ventilation. Again all the drinks were mostly served in plastic glasses but if you do manage to get a glass hang on to it as they only have about half a dozen. Also the bar staff have a weird notion of setting light to paraffin on certain cocktails, we didnít ask anything else about this but it did fill the room with paraffin fumes which had nowhere to escape!!
Anything other than the one choice of beer and the spirits mentioned before then you have to pay for it. 5 lev for a bottle of beks about £1.80 and the spirits were just ridiculous prices. We went to the shop just down the corridor from the bar and bought it from there 1.60 lev about 60p a bottle.
Took our own spirits too, just got the mixers from the bar, left the bottles on the table all night and nothing was ever said so we kept doing it.
At least we had a decent drink and it was a hell of a lot cheaper than the bar.

Above I mentioned the corridor leading to the Irish pub, to get to the pub you have to go by the computer room 6 lev for an hour which is reasonable, loads of pc games and that there tinterweb thingy. Gift shop, jewellery shop, shop selling beer, crisps, and sweets fags etc. a dodgy clothes shop selling fake brand name clothing. A so called jjb sports shop also selling fake brand names. A tattooist of all things and a pool/ arcade. 1 token for the arcade games is 1 lev/ 35p ish one token for the pool table is 3 lev/ £1 ish. If you have kids and sit in the Irish bar expect most of your holiday money to go into those machines as there is nothing else for the kids to do.

The amphitheatre, we never actually got to use this as none of the evening entertainment happened. Just as well as we didnít even find it until the start of the second week. When we complained to the rep about the evening entertainment that was not only advertised in the brochure but was also on the first choice board in reception, she told us that the manager hated first choice and wouldnít let them put any entertainment on. We had bingo and a couple of game shows in the Irish bar in the whole two weeks of our stay. Fine you might think but if you are not sat around the bar you will not see a thing as the place is just too small and simply not laid out for such things.
Also the rep told us that after they had finished bingo or whatever they had to leave the hotel grounds immediately and could not have a drink or chat with anyone.

Beach bar, this is a fantastic looking bar smack on the beach but you have to pay for all the drinks there. Also donít expect a quiet day on the beach as this bar bangs out dance music from about 10am till 10pm and it is very loud. Anywhere on the beach its loud full volume dance music morning till night, anywhere behind it and all you get is the bass, bloody annoying Iíll tell you. Whatís more itís always empty. We made the mistake of going in there the first night 1 beer (half pint) 1 amoretto and coke, 1 Jim beam and coke came to 45 lev which worked out at roughly £16. Needless to say we didnít venture in there again even if we couldnít escape the noise of the place.

Frigate bar, next hotel down the beach but in the same complex.
This is a pay bar and not all inclusive so we didnít bother going for a drink there, looks nice inside though. Dam site nicer than the inclusive bars anyway.

Coffee shop, in the same complex as the frigate, ok same as all the other inclusive bars but had more glasses. Also this is the only place in the whole complex where the kids can get ice cream. Only ice cream mind no suckers/ lollies etc. so if you are sat beside the pool at the royal park and your 7 year old wants an ice cream as they do then itís a good 15/ 20 minute round trip in flip flops to take them to fetch an ice cream. Also in there you have the shops mentioned before minus the dodgy clothing and the arcade and pool tables prices as above but different tokens. On the plus side on the steps leading up to the coffee shop you can buy a fake Rolex watch from the watch stall (other fake watches are available)

Also in this complex is the night club where you can send your 13 year old to get drunk of a night if you so wish as many were doing while we were there. But they can get a drink at any of the other bars on the resort as the bar staff didnít care who they gave alcohol to, as did the shops. We didnít believe it so we tried and every time my lad came back with a drink. (Obviously we didnít let him drink it)
The entertainment in this complex was not for the English at all.
The restaurant in this hotel looks a lot nicer than the one at the royal park but you canít eat there.
Bowling alley, looked newly built never tried it as our kids werenít interested so cant comment on that one.
Sozopol restaurant, not bad but not great either and you have to be up early to book it on the day you want to go.
Sunshine restaurant, booked a table for 16 at 8pm, when we turned up it was closed. Back at reception the answer we got was the preferred one to any problems ďI donít knowĒ
When we went to the royal park canteen around 8.30 most of the food was gone and was not being replaced either. Bearing in mind it closes at 9.30 this isnít good.

Most nights around the complex you will find drunken teenagers running amok. Up and down the corridors banging on doors, up and down in the lifts and being noisy and at times abusive, parents probably sat in the Irish bar.
One night my cousin and her family in the next room had a powder fire extinguisher fired under her room door. Her 7 year old was going to the bathroom at the time and was covered in the powder and was subsequently sick all night. The whole room was covered it was on the clothes bedding everywhere. When we rang the reception it took 10 minutes for them to get up to the 5th floor and there were 6 of them. They first accused us of doing it saying that it couldnít get under a closed door and after much arguing in the corridor my cousinís husband and I were made to go to security. Once there we were forced into a small storage room with the CCTV recorders. At this point none of the staff would speak English to us, we had to stand and watch the footage which clearly showed it wasnít us. At no point were we offered an apology for the way we were treated. Nothing ever happened to the people who did let off the extinguisher. The next morning the staff went round the hotel and removed all the powder extinguishers fro the fire points.

If you plan on going into sunny beach, which is the closest town of 10km go for the 9.50 am bus, the 10.50 am bus is rammed and you probably wonít get on. Everyone queues up but when the bus arrives itís a bit of a bun fight to get on.
2 lev or 70p ish though is very good value.
The taxis outside the gates are very good 25 lev and 20 return and they are always waiting for you whatever time you want to return.
Sunny beach is an experience you can buy almost anything fake there from a Rolex watch to designer shirts and jeans dirt cheap too. Great if you like that sort of thing. You can also buy cs gas, pepper spray, cross bows, hunting knives, flick knives, throwing stars, nun chucks, stun guns or tazars, coshes in fact a whole array of deadly weapons on the market stalls also along the beach. If you can buy them you can bet the local thugs and street robbers have them too.

The bars and restaurants along the sea front offer some great food and beers at really good prices. Also whilst visiting the sea front you can check out the other hotels. Kind of like on bulls eye, look at what you could have won!!!

Steer clear of the fruit sellers, they will rob you and they are everywhere. Buy a money belt is my advice if only for your own peace of mind.

The royal park hotel should be a fantastic place, it looks fantastic in the brochure and on the internet, but beware something has gone seriously wrong to cause this many complaints. Also donít forget once there you are trapped there is nothing else within walking distance.
The food, the service, the ignorant staff and the managementís attitude towards first choice will guarantee you a fairly miserable holiday, probably one you spent all year saving up for.
My holiday cost £1700 for 2 adults and 2 children, but we ended up spending over £1000 on eating out, drinks and entertainment. Not great for an all inclusive holiday.

I would not recommend this hotel or resort to anyone
not a fc rep - by subject on 20 Sep, 2007
have the photos to prove it if you want to see them, was being truthful we all really enjoyed, but i do agree that it is catered towards children and not really situated in the best location for people wanting to go to nightclubs etc
My Holiday - Sept 2007 - by Helen on 20 Sep, 2007
One week 10th - 17th Sept 2007 First impressions were very pleasing, a lovely hotel on the surface... The main restaurant was a disappointment, tepid, boring food, terse staff with language difficulties and a lack of a desire to please the customer with the smallest/simplest of requests - more staff training is required. Having said that, the staff had a lot to put up with, too... the behaviour of some of the guests left a lot to be desired. We were aware that previous guests had written here about the poor quality of food and were very careful what we ate, we didn't suffer from any stomach complaints. We had wonderful weather, the purpose built resort is pleasing to the eyes but I would not go again, nor would I recommend it to anyone I like. I went with an adult friend and because Elenite is very family/children orientated it's not a place where adults can go to chill and be entertained. It was a surprise to find that the mini-bar only contains a feww small bottles of water that were not replenished when they had been drunk, there were no tea/coffee making facilities in the room and the 2 spare sockets were situated nowhere near a mirror - drying my hair and styling it was a nightmare. For us it was a cheap holiday that served a purpose but not the one we had hoped for... never mind, we live and learn.
reviews - by dave w on 20 Sep, 2007
as i have said before, this hote would be ok out of school holiday times. just that we went in Aug and it was very overcrowded, so the food was rushed. we had loads of power cuts and the whole party got ill, because of the overcrowding.
mmm - by tony on 19 Sep, 2007
I hope the below is true? Seems a bit like a review from a FC rep?
great holiday - by stasia on 19 Sep, 2007
we arrived at the hotel on 10th sept for a week and after reading the reviews was expecting to have a lousy time but myself husband and 2 boys aged 1 and 3 had the best time ever, the hotel is like a palace and the rooms are clean and good sized. the reps are brilliant and my 3 year old never wanted to miss a kids club meeting. The food wasn't the best we've ever had but it wasn't bad the salad bars have a lot of selection and there are always vegetables and rice and pasta with sauces if you don't want to go for the meat and the desserts well i put on half a stone so that says it all!! The pool was a bit cold but the kids don't mind that and the beach is always nice and clean. We didn't see anyone being sick and all of the people we spoke to were having a great holiday. I wish i never read this site before going as i was so worried the week before going about taking my kids to a resort where they are bound to catch food poisoning but i shouldn't have worried it was fab and would definately go again.
Bad reviews - by Tracey on 19 Sep, 2007
I'm Sure that first choice are not going to tell people that they are investigating this hotel which they are as I was told by a rep, they are not going to admit liability even though a solicitor has a claim in against them for around fifty clients. They are going to tell people it's grand. We spent 3040euro to get there and another 3000euro when we got there for 4 people and most of that was on food or getting a taxi to get food, I had to give my 7 year old immodium she had the runs that bad i think that in it's self tells you how bad it is!! I have a complaint in with falcon(first choice in ireland) and I'll let you know the outcome of this when I get it.
GAIL - by shell on 19 Sep, 2007
I wouldn't worry about your holiday gail.You will love it.Iv only been back since sat and i want to go back!I know july will be alot busyer than when i went in sept,but im sure you'll be fine.I went expecting the worst with all the bad reviews i read on here,and really really didn't want to go,but im sooooooo pleased i did.My family had a great time.
summer 2008 - by gail on 18 Sep, 2007
I have booked this hotel for next year july 7th but after reading all the horendous reports i was going to change my destination,i wrote to First choice and i recieved this email from them..
Dear Mrs Wright,

Thank you for contacting First Choice regarding your concerns about food

First Choice would not consult the website you refer to due to the fact
that it is not regulated by any independent body. The claims posted on
this website have not been investigated independently and therefore are
unsubstantiated. While I would never suggest that the opinion of our
customers is not important, what is posted on this website is,
nevertheless, opinion only.

I can assure you that the health and safety of our customers is of
paramount importance to First Choice and our representatives in resort
carry out regular health and safety audits of all our contracted
properties in accordance with health and safety guidelines.

Should you wish ask any further questions regarding the most up-to-date
information on your chosen property, please do not hesitate to call our
Customer Services Department on 0845 600 4945 and one of our advisors
will be happy to help.

I hope this reassures you Mrs. Wright and I hope you have a wonderful
holiday through First Choice.

I am just going to stick with it just now as am sure after all the publicity it has been having over the last few weeks in the papers and on most holiday sites they will make sure it is perfect for next year.

here's hoping we are not going to july so i will be reading up on all the reviews from may onwards...
re carolyn - by amy on 18 Sep, 2007
just like to point out it might have been great last yr but this year its a holiday from hell for a awful lot of ppl
Royal Park - by Carolyn on 17 Sep, 2007
This place is fantastic!!! I cant believe all the people moaning about how dreadful it is. I went here in 2006 for a week. We were fed up the usual Spain, Teneriefe and wanted to try somewhere really different. The food was fantastic. Cooked right through and I am someone who wont eat meat unless its practically charcoaled!!! My son who is a fussy eater found his confidence by being able to help himself and went up two or three times to get something to eat. I have never seen him eat so much it was good to see and since then his eating has come on a treat. We dint go this year as we couldnt afford it but we have booked to back next year this time for a fortnight. The hotel rooms were kept exceptionally clean and all surrounding areas. We went to the water park and there were Bulgarian ladies sitting on the grass cutting it with scissors!!!! Always they had a smile for us and loved the kids. The staff were so friendly. The only thing I have to moan about were the First Choice reps actually. They were rude and if we wanted to ask them something their attitude was as if we had put them out by even going up to them. They really were disinterested in what our needs were. As for their entertainment well I didnt go away abroad so my kids could play Agadoo. We stuck with the in-house entertainment guys and they were excellent. They had the kids get involved with their main evening caberet and gave a prize for every child who was involved with the show. They explained what they were doing in several different languages as their were a few nationalities there. They really made the effort whereas our reps look like they would have been far more at home on a Club 18-30. Cant wait to go back!!!!!!!
holiday - by sara on 16 Sep, 2007
glad you had a good holiday but to be fair when you pay £4000 to go all inclusive you shouldnt have to pay out to eat in different places.
royal park - by shell on 15 Sep, 2007
Well,i just got back early this morning and i can honestly say that we had a great time.We had a kids den which was so impressive!The water park at the hotel is spot on.The hotel its self is beautiful.The food is eatable,BUT discusting and very repeatative,But we just went to pacos or into sunny beach for a meal.The wasps were there but not to many as they'r dieing off now(they sting for no reason at the mo!)People who are due to go,just be careful what you eat,drink and you'll be fine,iv had worse!Its obvious you will find faults if you look for them!Dont worry about the bad reviews and just look forward to your holidays.Hope you have better weather than we did.
Not going there then! - by Michelle on 14 Sep, 2007
Well, I had my heart set on going here next year with my parents and my 1 year old son but all these negative comments have put me right off - thank god i checked!!
royal park - by claire on 13 Sep, 2007
Anyone who has booked this hotel for next year change it now there have been nothing but complaints about it we've been back for two weeks and are still sick anyone going now i would suggest buying cereal and milk there for breakfast and take some cheese and cold meat with you for lunch as it's disgusting over there and i'd bring extra money with you and eat out!!! Also i'd avoid the drinks from the drinks dispensers as i've been told they're mixed with water. Also outside were you get the hotdogs I saw the bar man take water from the sink and filling up the pot with the hotdogs and serving them straight away so the water hadn't been boiled and the hotdogs weren't heated. I'm not a person who complains I've been away loads of times and have never been sick it's just this hotel!!
I've been told that a solicitor from the uk is going over for a week to see how bad it is as they have over 50 clients who have complained about the same thing. You can't say that 50 people with the same complaints are just moans!!!!!
holiday from hell - by dave w on 13 Sep, 2007
I have been back 3 weeks and still have stomack cramps this hotel?(prison) is not nice all 6 in my party got ill 4 are still being sick .................
disapointment - by Mrs Marge Willson on 13 Sep, 2007
just come back with my husband and 3 grand children, so disapointed we were having a realy good holiday when my husband got ill, started with tummy cramps then the need to pass water all the time then came the sickness and upset tummy, this lasted the last nine days of our holiday and i think when nine out of fourteen days is let down by sickness is bang out of order. my 11 year old grandson jamie was also ill the last 2 days. This is the 1st time i have ever took my grandchildren away, and the diapointment i had and felt when we came back and had to tell there mother and father that they had been ill. We tryed to talk to the reps at the hotel, we were told that the bug wasnt at the hotel but on the whole island, but how come its only people from this place that seemed to have a problem!!! One evening we were sitting in the foyer and the 2 reps were talking and sitting behind us they were talking about whats going on in the hotel with people getting sick and how the doctor was on constant call at the hotel, so you tell me how they can discus theres a problem but cant be upfront with us the people who have worked hard all year to pay for this holiday.
I have contacted holiday watchdog and have reported this hotel and i would strongly recommend all those who have had themselfs or loved ones sufferd what ever this thing! is to contact them as well
I will NEVER return to bulgaria EVER again and i will make sure everyone i know finds out about this place and stop others going throgh the holiday from hell!
defo hotel - by claire on 13 Sep, 2007
there are bugs at this hotel, but also ppl have to spot Peeing in the pool cos this is not helping others and speding any germs thats are there!!!!
Bulgaria hotel - by Tony on 12 Sep, 2007
With the illness, it is from the food and the pools. I suggest if you can't change holidays, get a solicitor and take clean samples of the pool water and any food you find to be uncooked. There are plenty of solicitors collecting information as the hotel should be closed down but tour operators are still sending people there. It is surprising this hotel has not been on the news as it is worst than the one in the dominion republic that has been reported on.

By the way, you were told lies by the tour operator, there is a problem and it is being investigated by First Choice. The tour company are only telling you their basic speil to put you off, but if you ring again and escalate it, they may listen to you. It is worth paying the fee to change the holiday details to avoid a holiday from hell!
i phoned - by michelle on 12 Sep, 2007
after reading all these comments a phoned my travel agent as a am going on the 24th of this month and was a bit worried about the bug thats going round and he assured me that it was nothing to do wi the hotel food or anything and that it must be another resturants food anybody shed any light x
holiday - by sam on 12 Sep, 2007
hello i am going on friday with my 9 month old baby so when i get back i will put my review on
royalpark bulgaria - by martin on 11 Sep, 2007
would anybody going to royal park please let me know what the hotel is like, as i have booked to go away next year sep 8 ,and i'm really worried after all the reading because i will have my 10 month old baby with me
royal park - by emm on 09 Sep, 2007
Hi I am due to go to the royal park hotel next week, however after reading 150 reviews I am going back to Travel care who recomemed it from a change in destinastion. I have not read one good review without a buttttt. So I am now considering if they wony change it then I will not bother going as all inclusive sounds likes its not woth the stomach up set. If any one can tell me different please let me know
Just back today - by Julie on 08 Sep, 2007
Well i initially wrote a comment on my second day of holiday saying how great it was. Dont get me wrong it has good points nice rooms, lovely beech and clean appearence but the food which i inially thought was ok well as a previous comment said give it a day or 2. I have had severe diarrhoea and stomach cramps. me and my husband had to take medication to allow us to leave our room. the reps were pleasent but of no help particulary on our last day with a 5 hour delay and waiting in the hotel lobby with no offer of a hot drink or blanket. children asleep on the floor and inconsiderate staff mopping around them and moving chairs making the most noise possible. No rep offered any explanation or help and just left a note in the lobby i was informed of delay by another passanger. Most people had to wait 18 hours in lobby and we were collected at 5am and then we couldnt all fit on coach. I had to phone a relative in England who contacted first choice and they gave her a explanation of the delay but still after her complaint nobody came to us with a correct explanation. I will be making a official complaint to first choice who prior to going said there was no problems with food poisoning prior to us leaving and the unprofessional manner we were trated during this delay, even the flight staff felt we should have been given some form of refreshment
I am sorry if you have booked but i didn't take my children and i am glad because there is some problem out there that needs to be addressed and i feel you need to know this information .
Re illness - by Teresa on 07 Sep, 2007
Hi stacia yes i hope i will find you i have 2 girls of 9 and 7 and a son of 12 he is a red head so i am sure you will see us i will look out for you, i have gatherd a lot of information and will be bringing it all with me along with contact numbers,see you soon.
hi teresa - by stasia on 07 Sep, 2007
will see you there i've got 2 little blond boys 3 1/2 and 18 months will be by the toddler pool in the water park praying that they don't catch anything!! hopefully it's all ok now i'm not going to let it spoil the holdiay as there's nothing we can do (except not let them eat the chicken!!)
Re illness - by Teresa on 07 Sep, 2007
i fly out to stacia on the 10th with my 3 children i am pettrified i have been on the phone and in to our first choice shop endlessly making complaints but got no where they are telling me its a air born bug and they have resolved it what a joke how can you resolve somthing air born!!i have looked into all of this quite alot and have got some advice from a solicitor ,but in the meen time i guess we all cant eat or swim! where i was ment to be really looking forward to this holiday its already been a bloody nightmare and i have not yet left my computor terminal!!see you there.
bit worried - by stasia on 07 Sep, 2007
am due to go on 10th sept as well not sure i want to now but too late to change just make sure both my boys don't eat the meat out there!! will let you know how we get on
sickness - by claire on 06 Sep, 2007
just got back from what i can only decribe as the holiday from hell my hubby and 2 kids were all realy ill esp my 3 yr old she was admitted to hospital on our arrival back to the uk with sever pains in her tummy tests have shown she has ecoli. with only being 3 she now has to have her kidneys screened for damage. I think reading the other reviews on this site someone needs to sit up and take note there does seem to be some kind of HUGE problem at this place.....when children are being admitted to hospital there is somthing going wrong at the place. Dont get me wrong the place was nice room kept clean everyday and the place is a wick with cleaners but theres something lurking somewhere.....i will not ever in this life time be retuning to bulgaria....and its a sad shame and a major let down to a great and very pretty hotel
illness - by Teresa on 04 Sep, 2007
I have just read a reveiw on anouther web site and results have come back that 7 yr old girl who went to the royal park got cryptosporidium water born bug from the pool and compilabacta food poisonig this hotel should be shut down untill it is sorted out.
Royal Park - by Jill on 03 Sep, 2007
Anyone going who has had problems with food , sickness etc contact Pannone LP they may be able to assist you with any claims 0161 909 3000
sickness - by dave w on 03 Sep, 2007
i have now been back 2 weeks and still have bad pains in my guts and chest ..and i have been on two courses of anti-biotics .. all i can say is, i wish i had cancelled when i had the chance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bad reveiws - by Teresa on 01 Sep, 2007
Nice to hear a good reveiw from denise i am due to go on the 10th sept i am worried to death been close to cancelling !i am going with my husband and three children and all i have been reading is about bad upset tummies and food poisoning why would you wont to go to that!! other review web sites have been really bad makes you feel like you will be doing a two week prison sentence! is it really that bad? i will post my reveiw when i get back, but would really like my mind put at rest before i go.
Just back from Royal Park - by Dennise on 01 Sep, 2007
Well the comments on here before I left nearly wrecked the holiday before I had left my computer terminal!Let alone the airport!
I promised myself I'd post on return whatever we found!
The hotel is beautifull, our room was cleaned daily and even on days we weren't due a linen change we had our beds tidied and fresh towels.
The bathroom in our room was cleaned daily and fresh smelling !
The carpets were hoovered as required and their presence made it the quietest hotel I'd been in in many years. No scraping beds, chairs, tables and stomping feet in the middle of the night.
The staff were always willing to exchange a smile even if they didn't speak much English ...but isn't that part of the charm of foreign travel?
I took my torch and never used it !One short power cut deprived the pool bar of fizzy drinks for a short while..
The queues for pizza were long as it is freshly baked in a hut but hey...any pizza addict could gorge pizza in the evening in the restaurant so why bother??
Slip on a sundress or tee shirt and help yourself to salads, pasta, fresh rolls, fresh fruit or chicken nuggets and chips if you must. All of which can be put on a plastic plate and taken to the beech for anyone who prefered to eat Alfresco!
Yes the food could be tepid but for all the moaning I never had to Queue for the microwave!!We routeinely blasted each meal for 1 min in the industrial mics and enjoyed piping hot meals each day.
There were fresh warm croissants, yoghurts, cereals, cold meats cheeses, as well as foreign dodgy bacon, eggs scrambled, boiled, mini frankfurters, excellent omlettes,pancakes, baked beans and cooked tomatoes and fresh rolls and fresh fruit each breakfast and yes it was the same each day but you couldn't possibly eat it all in one sitting so it was easy to have a selection!!
The main meals were predominanently Bulgarian ...The point of foreign travel? and so were not the steak, chinese, burgers and fried chicken! But we, my husband and 1 and 14 YR old ate well and never felt there was nothing to eat! And the chefs bringing food out wore gloves and were all very clean.
The hotel cleaners did just that CONSTANTLY!! just as well really as judging by the number of ignorant tourists that felt it was fine to leave the sand littered with plastic cups and plates each day we wouldn't have been able to find the sunbeds!!! Which were always available on the beach if not by the pool.
Yes I do think a virus is going around plenty of people were ill but we ate the food, my daughter ate her fair share of hot dogs and swam in the pool....which was also beautifully clean and didn't have a problem.No thanks to the middle aged English lady who was using her hands to pull open all the croissants at breakfast to find the ones with the jam dropping the ones she didn't fancy back for others to eat!!
We chose Bulgaria because we were fed up of going to samely majorcan and Ibizan resorts with back to back English bars and being surrounded by English tourists...We got what we were looking for ...If you are looking for something else look elsewhere!
Holiday - by Tracey` on 01 Sep, 2007
Hi we arrived back from royal park this morning there was 4 adults and 4 kids in our party. My daughter is 7 and this is the 5th year i've taken her away. The hotel is stunning the water park pool and beach are brill we didn't have to queue very much except outside for pizza which is always packed. The staff are friendly and work very long hours for not a lot of money so they do expect a tip. The reps are very friendly and helpful but do have to deal with complaints all day. Entertainment is good some nights better than others but they try their best.Thats the good points here's the bad!! the food is horrible I'm not a fussy eater but the food is a joke all 8 of us were sick we had vomiting and the runs and very bad cramps 9 out of 10 people i met had the same symptoms I ended up given my 7 year old a half tablet of immodium she had the runs that bad more than once she didn't make it to the toilet because she didn't even feel it coming. My friend her fella and two kids under 3 also had the same and she went through 16 bags of nappies in two weeks. Her fella fell down the stairs while carrying the buggy(Lift doesn't really stop on 2nd floor for some reason) and broke his hand in two places he went to the doctor on site and was told to come back the next day with 195lev they wouldn't even let him in the door!! I've never complained about a holiday before but put in a complaint before I left and will be following it up now I'm home. It's not just royal park in the airport on the way home people from other hotels had similar problems Also be careful with your weight we had to pay 162euro on return flight because we were over weight!!! I'd never return to Bulgaria again.
Our holiday - by Jess on 01 Sep, 2007
We've just returned from Royal Park. We had a fantastic holiday and it wasn't at all as described by many people on here. We didn't have one power cut, the queues were minimal (no Q's during the day but in the evening you did have to queue for 2 or 3 mins for drinks which wasn't a problem.
There was a viral infection going around and unfortunately everyone we spoke to including ourselves were ill at some point during the holiday. I thought the food was ok, we did get a bit bored of it towards the end of our 2weeks but it was ok, there were different things on the menu every evening but being veggie our choices were very limited. Our kids ate the meat and were fine so i really don't think the chances of getting food poisoning are high, all the meat dishes looked well cooked. I didn't see one dish that looked under cooked.
I think you always get people that like to moan, i wouldn't have a problem returning to Royal Park.
Holiday comments - by Sarah on 01 Sep, 2007
Royal Park... not dissimilar to Jurassic Park; started with "ooh, aah, wow, look at the view," then running, screaming"...the true horror of the park began to unfold!!

We are well experienced travellers and were not expecting nor wanting an English experience abroad; we have been to many countries, stayed in many resorts and never usually moan or complain. We would not however return to the Royal Park Hotel, even if the holiday was given to us free of charge.
We stayed in a 4 star, all inclusive hotel in Cuba last year and the service, food and experience cannot begin to be compared, as was superior to the Royal Park in every way.

The whole family had severe food poisoning, which definitely was not caused by over indulgence.. the chance would have been a fine thing! Food was often undercooked and cold. I agree with the comment by Elaine.. it could be marketed as the latest fad diet. Seriously though, none of us feel completely well and we have now been back over a week. The children came back looking thin and pale. We have also had eye and ear infections.

Unbelievable but true.......

Emergency lighting that did not work! Regular power cuts, (at least seven), meant this was extremely dangerous as stairways and corridors were pitch black. Seriously, take a torch.

First Choice reps get paid!
They were unhelpful, lacked empathy and did not effectively deal with guests' problems. Hotel staff not surprisingly looked shocked by the behaviour of many hotel guests. People have commented that they didn't speak much English.. no problem there. Their English was far better than our Bulgarian!

The queues..
expect to queue and wait for everything including lifts.

The noise from the beach bar..
Club style music played at high volume from ten in the morning, until past midnight many days.. hardly the 'quiet relaxed, atmosphere' as advertised. Would have gone to Ayia Napa if wanted to party day and night!

Good bits

Packo's bar, outside the complex was a good escape. The food is cooked properly and it was inexpensive. A great atmosphere too.

The beach looked lovely.

Our room, although noisy; was clean, spacious and the maid visited every day.

We appreciate that it is August, but feel at such a busy period, there were not enough staff for the amount of people staying at the hotel. It was also upsetting to see that although there is a massive increase in development/tourism going on within Bulgaria, it didn't appear to benefit the majority of people, who live in abject poverty.
Comments - by Rachel on 29 Aug, 2007
This was the best holiday a wenton! the atmosphere wasgreat! only a slight annoyence was thepower cuts every monday! but apartfromthatitwas amzing! the food was great and the hotel was lovery.the surroundings were lovely. i hope to come back soon
price for holiday - by chris on 27 Aug, 2007
We flew out on 31st july we paid £4000 for 4 adults and 2 children aged 13 and 6 we was very upset with with our holiday it was a lot of money . the waiting around was a joke and with the power cuts it just wore us all down in the end , and we did have a lot of power cuts whilst we was there and for 4 grand i would at least have expected electricity ! in a hotel that size . we booked through first choice in Derby . I am not one for moaning but it was a joke especially the second week and fortunately we didnt suffer from the so called bug (or was it food poisoning ) who knows !!!!
gail - by dave w on 27 Aug, 2007
i wouldn't go back if you paid me . i i've been looking for holiday next year and £4000 for our size family still seems cheap,so if we paid a bit over the top not sure i care i have been to hospital since i got back for tests on my chest infection and my guts get results tomorrow !.. this hotel is dangerous ... what you should do is cancel
price of holiday - by gail on 27 Aug, 2007
Dave that is a lot of money for a family of 6.We have booked for 7th July next year that is hi season for us as our schools finish 29th June for there summer hols.There is me my husband 2 kids age 6 and 12.and my mother we have a kids suite and also a single room for my mother, we did 2 seperate bookings as my mother decided she wanted to come a week after we booked and it is costing us £2500 this is including my mothers single room which i thought was a bargain as we paid more than that for this years all /inc holiday to crete,,the petra mare, and that was without my mother..
holiday - by gail on 27 Aug, 2007
Good to hear Kate,hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday,i am keeping my fingers crossed there are a lot more like you,We were in Obzor bay last year in Bulgaria the rui Helious lovely hotel and yea there were a few ill when we were there but as you said it was a virul infection that was to blame and my family were one of the lucky one's that didnt pick it up.
hotel - by Kate on 27 Aug, 2007
We are at the hotel now been here for a week so far. We've all been ill but i dont think its the food i think its great but there is a viral infection doing the rounds.
Re power cuts- no had one so far
Lift- bit tempermental but nothing as bad as has been made out so far.
We're having a fab time but there are lots of the usual brits that are moaning about everything.
lets see - by dave w on 26 Aug, 2007
Julie!that what we said on first couple of days .. wait to the food gets you and it will......................
cost - by dave w on 26 Aug, 2007
i paid £4000+ we have 2 adults 3 kids and a baby and we had a kids den, late check out, car parking .that was the cheapest price for all/inc for the middle of aug...
next year hols - by gail on 26 Aug, 2007
Julie good to hear you are enjoying yourself hope it stays that way,we have booked for next July.
price of holiday - by gail on 26 Aug, 2007
Chris i just read your comment ,and i was a bit shocked at the price you paid for a 2 week stay.How many was that for and who did you book with ,£4000 whall that was some price to pay for Bulgaria ,i would be well upset if it was me.
Hotel - by Julie on 25 Aug, 2007
I am currently in the Royal Park got here earlier hours initial opinion very good we have had no complaints about anything the room, food and staff are good. I was very worried before i came because of the comments but i am glad I didn't change my holiday.
queues - by chris on 24 Aug, 2007
yes probably is!
Food & drink Queues - by Richard on 23 Aug, 2007
Just booked in at gatwick & joined A Queue just wondered if its the queue for drink at the royal park hotel
over crowded - by to jan on 22 Aug, 2007
I think this hotel would be ok outside school holidays ! it just that in Aug when we went it was 3 times over crowded . you had to q for everything didn,t see any wild west shows because of q,s ... my advice is go out of season
food - by dave w on 21 Aug, 2007
after 30+ years of travelling this HOTEL is the worst I have ever been to , my advice is don,t go. we got back this morning 4 out of our party of 6 are still very sick ! the rooms are made for 2 people but nearly every room had familys of 5 in. power cuts , under cooked food , queues , thelifts , over crowded , first choice staff having arguments with the manager , gassy beer and soft drinks, no choice of places to go at night ( its in the middle of nowhere ) panto's and bingo at night .go to a war zone instead it can't be any worse !!
water park good but beds and drinks not part of all/inc
Food Poisoning - by sally on 19 Aug, 2007
We've just come back from 2 weeks at Royal Park, there were 6 in our party and 5 of us were ill with diahrea/sickness which we believe is down to the food, it all started after visiting the Talyana Bar-b-que restaurant!! Its not worth it especially seeing as you have to que at least an hour to get booked in !!
Be prepared for regular powercuts, a torch would be handy as the hotel toilets and stairwells are pitch black. If you want a snack at lunch time from the beach bar, start to que after breakfast and you might be lucky! Apart from the food, the complex is actually quite nice, lovely beach with plenty of sunbeds, the waterpark is good. The evening entertainment isn't brilliant and you sometimes have to pay to see some shows. Also you have to pay for courtesy room on last day thats if they have any free!
mozzies - by chris on 19 Aug, 2007
we have just come back last week and didnt see one mozzy or get bit by any but there are quite a few wasps about just drink your drink quick and go and fetch another as quick as possible .
queues - by chris on 19 Aug, 2007
with respect when you go on holiday and pay £4000.00 you shouldnt have to queue for an 1hr and a half for a cold kebab that isnt cooked right and you should at least get electricity for your money !
holiday worries DONT WORRY !!! IT COULD BE WORSE - by pete the pikey on 19 Aug, 2007
POWER CUTS what!! me the missus and 9 kids share 2 caravans with only 1 generator we`re used to no electric.......RAW CHICKEN.....can`t wait make achange from hedgehog.......WASPS.......make a change from lice and fleas.........SECURITY GUARDS BEATING UP KIDS ..........bring it on make a nice change from fighting should be at the dss on giro day . ONLY ONE DAY TO GO NOW . WE CAN`T WAIT .SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS.
power cuts - by sara on 18 Aug, 2007
DEFO need a touch.... our kids were so scared because of the power cuts, a hotel of that size shouldnt take the amount of guests if the power cant take it!!!!
Beds - by Mif on 18 Aug, 2007
Anyone thats been know what the sofa beds in the family rooms are like? Double or single? Worried my two lads will be a squashed if sharing.
Luke - by ....... on 18 Aug, 2007
One word..LUKE!! He's an entertainer and he's hott..i was there for 11 nights best thing about the holiday!? def him ;)
me agen - by kate w on 17 Aug, 2007
does anybody know wat the hair brading is lyk over there an also what the shops are lyk for girls clothes:P:P 3 more days :D:D:D:D
going monday 20th august 07 - by kate w on 17 Aug, 2007
hello i am going her on monday an was just wonderin what the mozzies are like over there an weather ther e is any fing i should look out for . also is any bout else going on monday who is 14 ??
Sharon thanks - by Dennise on 17 Aug, 2007
was desperate to find out if they had squash, fling today and was worried about what my daughter would be drinking for the next 2 weeks. Have packed immodium, Rehydrat and a torch! Here goes to anyone else flying there tonight .....Happy Holidays!
To Lush Lover - by Kate on 16 Aug, 2007
Sorry to disappoint ur girlfriend but aparently there is no mini bar in the rooms althought there is an empty fridge to store your own beers if that will cheer her up.
mini bar - by lush lover on 16 Aug, 2007
my alkie girlfriend wants to know if the mini bars in the rooms are free
Baby food - by Sharon Walton on 16 Aug, 2007
There isn't much choice of baby food in the resort shop and it is expensive, perhaps take powdered for the first day or so. The only milk they had was Nestle and there didn't seem to be much choice (my daughter was 1 1/2 when we went so I didn't take much notice). The resort shop is expensive for baby food (£2 for 4 fromage frais). They also didn't have much choice in nappies (a couple of packets!!) We found the supermarket in Sunny Beach was much cheaper (similar to English prices, can't remember the name, can remember it has a rabbit on the sign and it is one word!!). When you get off the beach in Sunny Beach, turn back on yourself and it is just off the main street (opposite side to the beach).

There is squash for the kids in the restaurant and also on sale (about £1 a bottle). You can also buy small cartons of juice with straws.

We had a fantastic time, it was our 2nd and we've booked again for next year. You do have to watch the food for being undercooked but there are microwaves, you just use your common sense. Have a good time.
wasps - by Sara on 16 Aug, 2007
Jane the wasps are a problem but you find if you have a drink keep it in your hand and when youhave drank it put the rubbish straight in the bin and they ont hand around the same with food dont leave it on the tables and you should be alright, i did get stung but it was my own fault i was a sleep on the beach and didnt no it was a wasp i was wippingof my leg while asleep, dont worry tho enjoy yourself
holiday - by Sara on 16 Aug, 2007
I just got back from the royal park from a 2 week holiday, i went with my family, there has been a lot of bad comments about the hotel and most are true, dont get me wrong we had a good time but things put you off and make it feel like a crap holiday. what people were saying about the lift is so true they were a nightmare waiting to go down wasnt a big problem as you could walk down but after being in the sun all day in the heat you dont feel like walkin back up 7 flights of stairs so you do have to wait and the longest i waited was 15 minutes buti couldnt walk up cos i hurt my leg. the food is a problem i dont eat a lot of different things so i had to eat the same thing twice a day everyday and if you have children that are fussy with what they eat be aware my brother had chicken nuggest and chips everyday. the queues are a problem too the drinks queues are horrible and the queues for the food in the besch bar for pizza and chicken kebabs. POWER CUTS are true TAKE A TORCH YOU WILL NEED IT. after we had the power cuts i was affraid to go in the lifts as they could go out any minute i nearly got stuckin the lift the door was half way shut then the power wentout which really put me of, while i was the someone got stuck in it for an hour an a half an the emergancy lights in one doesnt work which makes it really bad. also the stairs are very dark an dangerous when the lights are out and also when the power was out you couldnt get soft drinks so people were going to the shop to buy their own. if you have booked a late check out be aware you still have to be out by 6 we had found that out 2 days before we were leavin luckily we did no but some friends of ours didnt no until 530 the day they were leaving with two children 7 and 4 and they had 30 minutes to pack, the hotel said if they werent out they would call the police which was a nightmare luckily they had met us so they chucked all their things into their cases and came to our room to sort there things out bare in mind they werent leavin until 2 in the morning and they still wouldnt let them have an extra hour without payin a fortune which was not fair. so just be aware that things that have been said are true. like i said we did have a good holiday an dont be put of with what i ahve said different people enjoy different things but when these things happen every day for two weeks it gets very annoying and frustrating and does ruin your holiday. the pools were gr8 apart from near the steps there is a sharp part were a friend of my sister did cut herself but it was the way she fell but just be warned when the young ones are playing. the water park is gr8 its a lot of fun, the beach is also good and the sea is very warm alot warmer than the pools are. the reps are gr8 nathan is a nutter but they are gr8 fun and brilliant with the kids.
queues - by chris on 16 Aug, 2007
we have just returned from the royal park on monday the hotel looks fantastic when you first get there , its in a fantastic location right on the beach . but the only problems we had was the queueing for everything it was a complete joke the staff work there socks off all day , but there just isnt enough of them . one day my daughters boyfriend went for a chicken Kebab from the beach take away so after a half hour i went to see where he had got to . IM STILL WAITING CHRIS WAS THE ANSWER ok Aaron i will get you a drink while you wait and went back to the beach !believe it or not he waited for 1.5 hrs for this kebab and when he brought it back to the beach it was cold and not cooked properly so he just threw it in the bin . so just be aware you do have to wait . THE LIFTS ( A JOKE )i must have spent hrs waiting or in them, when they worked they just cant cope with the ammount of people that are in the hotel . By the way they do have a lot of power cuts so take a torch with you just in case . you cant get soft drinks when you do have them , some people wre going to the shops to buy there own . they havnt got a back up generator so be aware , some people got stuck in the lifts for 2.5 hrs NO JOKE ! we ended up using the stairs which wasnt much fun when you are on the 7th floor, the kids were frightend to use the lifts after the power cuts the food was ok but very repetative after a bit and sometimes cold . its such a clean place though cant fault that at all . the pools are great and the waterpark is great fun . personaly we wouldnt go back there its classed as a 4 star but maybe more a 3 star . maybe go to sunny beach next time . We made some good friends there and tried to just get on with it but the queuing does grind you down in the end .buy the way the reps are great and the entertainment is brilliant for the kids . all the kids love Nathan he is a raving lunatic but great fun . - by Jan on 16 Aug, 2007
Antonia, try copying & pasting (above)into your address bar! It should work. Jan
to Jan - by antonia..* on 16 Aug, 2007
tht website address doesnt work? ?
Re: bad reviews - by Jan on 16 Aug, 2007
We too also went @ end May/beg June and did not have any problems. For those that have not already seen it, I have made a website to try to put peoples mind at rest. Its I'm not sure if there's a been a bit of scaremongering going on! It really wasn't that bad when we were there. I'm sure you'll have a great holiday!
Reviews - by Sara on 16 Aug, 2007
We went to Royal Park in June had a cracking two weeks, yeah the food was a bit naff, but with the chicken go for the smaller bits, or dont have it at all. We have booked to go back next year. All i read is bad reviews nothing positive, If anyone wants to know anything about hotel post a comment, I'll reply.
food posioning / wasps - by Daddycool on 16 Aug, 2007
it seems to me that eating the wasps might be a better option than the chicken . If we all eat enough we will solve the problem!!!
Help! - by Jaye on 15 Aug, 2007
Hey everyone i just really worried bout the hotel all ive heard is bad reviews and that everyones gettin food posioning and i have a really bad wasp phobia and sumone ses there loads buy the pool can someone tell me summink good plz cheersxxxxx
To Charlie - by Calum on 15 Aug, 2007
Meet u on MSN this evening?
by - by ..*Antonia*.. on 14 Aug, 2007
hyahh!im 15 and wonderin is anibodi goin on 31st august from manchester??? how old do you have to be to drink over there??? xantoniax
callum - by charlie on 14 Aug, 2007
were abouts do u live and do u ever go on msn
To Sophi & Max re duty free - by Kate on 14 Aug, 2007
You can bring back 200 cigs, 1 Litre of spirits and 2 Litres of Wine
Exports - by Sophi_n_max on 14 Aug, 2007
Does any one know how meany ciggs n howmuch booze wecan bring back?
Children's Drinks - by DENNISE on 13 Aug, 2007
To Emma - by Kate on 13 Aug, 2007
Thanks Emma thats bril, any other tips would be gratefully received if you can think of any thing to help on our hols. Can't wait to go now!!!
Trips - by Emma on 13 Aug, 2007
We booked the reps nite out in sunny beach through the reps in the hotel this cost 90 lev and included the bus to sunny beach 3 drinks each and 2 soft drinks all the first choice reps are in the show and we had a great night face painting and things to do for the kiddies.. We also went on the boat trip to nessbar from the hotel pier this cost 60 lev it collects you at the pier at 10 on sunday mornings and brings you back at 2 it takes about 40 mins on the boat to nessebar and its a great place to get ur prezzies watch the weather if you go on the boat trip our boat had to turn back to nessebar coming back as the water was very rough and alot of the kids including myself got a bit of a fright but it was a worthwhile trip to see the old town if u want anymore info let me know
Trips - by Emma on 13 Aug, 2007
We booked the reps night out in sunny beach which was great it cost 90 lev and this included the bus to and from sunny beach and 3 drinks each for us and 2 soft drinks for the little fella.. There was face painting there for him and the show was brilliant... all the first choice reps take part in this and you'll see the reps from Royal Park in action as take that and west life... We also got the boat to nessebar from the Hotel pier this cost 60 lev and you pay when u get on the boat you dont have to go through the reps to book this and it works out cheaper. The boat leaves the pier at 10am on sundays it takes an hour to get there collects you at 2 and brings you back to the the weather if you go on the both trip it was very rough when we were coming back and after an hour on the boat it had to turn back around to nessebar and we had to get a coach back to the hotel but sure it was good fun
To Emma - by Kate on 13 Aug, 2007
Thanks Emma, thats really put my mind at rest. Did you go on any of the trips? Are they any good? Do you know the cost?
Hi Kate - by Emma on 13 Aug, 2007
The BBQ resturant sunshine resturant and sozopol resturant are included in the AI. I only booked the BBQ which wasnt very nice after queing for nearly an hour to book the table that morning its bascially the same food as the main resturant only they cook the food in front of you. I heard some good comments about the other 2 resturants you can book these at the receiption for 10am-11am the same they you want to go to them. Dont listen to some of the bad comments people are leaving about the hotel we had a really good time and theres plenty of entertainment day and nite.. PS the coolest place durning the day if it gets too hot is the Irish Bar underneath the hotel enjoy ur holiday hope you have a great time
To Daddycool - by Kate on 13 Aug, 2007
Not long to go now eh, we're going same day!!!!
Someone else asked about baby food etc. The reply said they weren't sure that Elenite sold many supplies for babies but Sunny Beach, 15mins up the road by bus/taxi definately would. Maybe take enough to last you a couple of days til you can get to sunny beach. See you there!!
baby food etc... - by Daddycool on 13 Aug, 2007
my disfunctional family and i are coming on the 20th BEWARE. Can anyone tell me if `normal` baby food and formula (8months) and nappies are easily available . SEE YOU SOON !!
To Emma - by Kate on 13 Aug, 2007
Hi Emma glad u had a good holiday. We go next week. Can you tell us which restaurants are included inthe all inclusive? Some one said things have changed and some restaurants are no longer included.
Hi richard - by Emma on 13 Aug, 2007
I think the food really depends on what you yourself is willing to eat.. Its the same thing for breakfast lunch and dinner everyday.. the likes of pasta fish veal and chicken nuggets for the kids... We found the food to be cold anytime we went in but there is microwaves around the place to heat up food alot of the pasta ect was swimming in oil or grease and just didnt look very appealing we spent alot of our time going to sunny beach becasue we just couldnt face it anymore... As for the drink the beer is watered down and the measure on the sprits are big at the start of the week but get smaller as the week goes on.. But all in all your holiday is what you make of it and we had a brilliant time.. Go to pakos it looks like an old shack just to the left of the gates of the hotel they do lovely food there enjoy ur holiday
Hi Alan - by emma on 13 Aug, 2007
Sunny Beach is about 15-20 mins in a taxi from the hotel you pay 25 lev in the taxi on the way down and if you get the same taxi man to collect you it cost 20 lev back. There is also a bus that runs from outside the hotel on a fairly regular basis this cost 1.80 lev i think it is harder to get the bus back to the hotel as they get very busy around peak times. If you'd like to know anything else let me know i only came back from royal park last tuesday
town - by Alan on 13 Aug, 2007
Hey. We are Going on holiday to hotel royal park on the 17th and my family and i were just wondeing how far the town is from the hotel. please reply ASAP. thanks xx
Should We Eat Or Drink Anything - by Richard on 13 Aug, 2007
Well We Travel On The 24aug for 2 weeks
And What to Expect remains to be seen
The reviews Do Point to Going on a diet
For 2 week I could do with that anyway
so what the hell as long as the suns shines
Brilliant holiday - by Emma from Dublin on 13 Aug, 2007
Hi All well just back in work after 10 days in royal park... We had a brilliant the reps enterment was brilliant and my 6 yr old son had a ball. The hotel is lovely and spotless clean all the time.. People moaning about queing for things stupid the qs werent that bad at all but what do you expect in an AI hotel.. the water park was great and you can go between this the pool and the beach all day if you wanted to.. The only problem i had with the hotel was the food... Most of the time we went to sunny beach for something to eat because i just couldnt stick the smell coming from the canteen as we called it... Over all it was a brilliant holiday and met some lovely people.. we are going to book to go back next year so it cant be all that bad :-)
To Ross and Terri - by Kate on 11 Aug, 2007
Thank you for your reviews, you've put my mind at rest. Glad you had fab holidays.
:o) :o( :o) - by ross on 11 Aug, 2007
well were back and yeah we had a pretty good time my daughter loved every min of it and the wife realy enjoyed just being able to relax and soak up the rays and still be able to watch or kid in the pool without any worries.the hotel is amazing when u pull up like we did at night it was like WOW
The rooms are realy clean and we had a fab cleaner. the entertainment where great my daughter had her 1st crush on luke lol even the wife was giving him the eye lol.
The food was ok we went to sunny beach most afternoons so we ate there a bit of the time.
There did seem to be something going around we noticed the family in the next room to us i know they caught somthing cos i saw the doc go into there room and i spoke to the guy a few times who said his wife and daughter were ill with upset tums.
Also me met up with nat and her hubby geoff who has also let a message on here hope craigs ok now babes. Craig was one of the kids who made freinds with my daughter befor he got ill and taking to hospital, i will say mind the hotel where great from what we heard about the fact they were stuck there for 3 wks. well enought about other ppls hols we had a great time and would defo go back
just got back - by terri on 10 Aug, 2007
we have just got back and have had a cracking time, the wife and kids realy loved the place, there were a few people getting ill we got chatting to a couple and there 2 kids picked up some kinda virus but the onsite doc said there was something going round but nothing life nice of him.
We were all fine had a few days when the chicken wasnt cooked very well but you just remember for next time. The beach and waterpark are great you have to pay for the beds and stuff in the waterpark but whats 5lev, we used to go in the morning then just leave our stuff and head over for dinner then come back. anyone heading over there you will have a great time, we did.
Lets go see - by Dennise on 10 Aug, 2007
With exactly one week to go don't have much choice but to just wait and see. Never been all inclusive before ....could be the last LOL! Have lost a stone in anticipation of overeating ! Heres hoping !!!
Bad Reviews - by Kate on 10 Aug, 2007
I'm going to Royal Park Hotel in just over a week, but i'm going with an open mind, i'm not letting these bad reviews put me off.
I've read similar reviews prior to other holidays and once they they have never appeared justified to me. Some people just like to moan i think.
re;hotel food - by shell on 09 Aug, 2007
Hi all,Sorry to hear food is bad.It must be as so many has advised to take immodium.Im really put off by this as i have a 3year old and a 5year old.What can you give them as they'r too young for immodium!Im only going for 1wk(7/sept,newcastle).Would you lot advise me to take extra money to eat out or is it not that bad?ohh and one last thing,did someone mention about someone getting a viral infection from the pool?I hope not as my 5year old LOVES the pool!
Cheers very much for any replies.
hi - by michelle macdonald on 09 Aug, 2007
am going to park royal on the 24th sep with my partner my brother who is 14 and my daughter who is 2 really looking forward to it is anybody else going about then xx
to charlie - by calum on 08 Aug, 2007
Thanks for ur addy, hope to speak to you tomor.
to sarah - by charlie on 08 Aug, 2007
thanx cant wait to meet u out there
to callum - by charlie on 08 Aug, 2007
what can i say ...... - by nat on 08 Aug, 2007
we have just got back from our 3 wk holiday...yes 3wks we spent 9 days in a bulgarian hospital my 7yr old son caught ecoli plus some verus. Talk about holiday from hell. the hotel itself was lovely so i couldnt knock that but the whole holiday has realy put me off going anywhere again
very important question - by Janet on 08 Aug, 2007
Can you get a Gin and Tonic in the hotel. 2 days to go!!!
RE:DAVE - by ANDY on 08 Aug, 2007
Well dave when i waled up to the lobby when i got there it was pretty amazing its a gd hotel be carefull of the teenage fighting after about 11 pm but yh its gr8
to Charlie from Sarah - by sarah on 08 Aug, 2007
Hi Charlie -
Our 13 year old is Jamie and Gemma is 12 years old, we also have Jack who is 2 years old.
We fly from Stanstead on the 17th so we will look forward to seeing you then - Jamie and Gem don't live with us they live with there Mum - they are coming on Saturday to us so i will tell them about you.

To Charlie - by Calum on 08 Aug, 2007
Yes got msn,shall i add you? Wots urs
to callum - by charlie on 07 Aug, 2007
u got msn
To Charlie - by Calum on 07 Aug, 2007
No my mum is Kate
to callum - by charlie on 07 Aug, 2007
r u sarah son
To Callum - by charlie on 07 Aug, 2007
ill see u on the flight then
To Charlie - by Calum on 07 Aug, 2007
If you look on the piczo site it tells you where the shops are that sell nappies etc for your sister
To Charlie - by Calum on 07 Aug, 2007
Our flight is 5.30 pm same as urs. I got one bruver hes 10. Wot bout u? Did u look at hotel on piczo site?
To Callum - by charlie on 07 Aug, 2007
u got any brovers or sisters
to callum - by charlie on 07 Aug, 2007
wat time is ur flight ;)
reply to Andy - by dave on 07 Aug, 2007
Andy, were you allowed alcoholic drinks within the Hotel?
thanks Andy - by dave on 07 Aug, 2007
I am sure that will be a relief. What did you think of the hotel in general?
hey - by andy on 07 Aug, 2007
looking forward to going - by Dave on 07 Aug, 2007
Hi, Myself and my family are really looking forward to going and are trying to put into perspective the good versus bad reviews. Is there much to do for 15/ 16 year olds. We are flying out on the 10th August and have never been before?
Feedback for Sarah - by Tony on 07 Aug, 2007
Sarah, dont worry about any negative comments about the hotel or the food.We have just arrived back home after two weeks in the Royal park and we enjoyed every moment. Our three kids wanted to stay instead of going home! The food is perfectly good and always well cooked. The only crib I would have with the restraunt is the chipped crockery. None of us had any stomach problems and today is the first i have heard of a virus doing the rounds. Everyone that we met at the royal seemed to be enjoying themselves, except one or two of the usual whingers that you see on any holiday.The only bad thing about the place is the amount of queing for drinks, ices and snacks....the reason for this I believe is the filling in of the second swimming pool which I have been told also had a snack bar and ice cream kiosk there. This has led to the other snack bars becoming overcrowded.It was a bad move! For a change try Pacos (spicy bbq chicken is recomended !) Enjoy your holiday, we did.
To Charlie - by Calum on 07 Aug, 2007
Hi Charlie, No not been before, can't wait tho. Look at this website it has lots of pics and video's of the hotel. Will try and find out about shops for u and let u know. Here is web address
to callum - by charlie on 07 Aug, 2007
yes we are on the same flight & we are going with first choice. its my first holiday to bugaria. can`t wait 13 days and counting . have you been before ?
Can any one tell me if there is a shop nearby for buying things , nappies ,food etc , for my baby sister .
charlie - by calum on 06 Aug, 2007
I think you must be on our flight. Are you going with first choice? have you been before?
to callum - by charlie on 06 Aug, 2007
im a 12 year old girl we fly from gatwick at 5:30 pm
To Charlie - by Calum on 06 Aug, 2007
Hi Charlie, i'm also going on 20th Aug. I'm a boy aged 12. Where you flying from? We go from Gatwick in evening.
flyin out on 20th - by charlie on 06 Aug, 2007
is there girls or bois going on the 20th august aged 12
dont worry - by Lu on 06 Aug, 2007
sarah i am sure it will be fine we are going on the 20th august with our two boys aged 12 and 10. Dont let others put you off! Have you seen the piczo website?
feedback ...... - by sarah on 06 Aug, 2007
well i have just read the feedbck from nicky and it's made all my pre holiday excitment drop through the floor !!!GREAT - the recent comments had been so positive until now - Can anyone else give any positive feedback or it much the same as Nickys? We go on the 17th Aug for the week with 3 kids - 13yrs- 12yrs- and 2yrs. Am now dreading it and wondering why do i keep reading these comments - IS THERE ANY REASURANCE OUT THERE ?!
Family room - by Lu on 05 Aug, 2007
Anyone tell us what the family room kids beds are like - Is it one double sofa bed or two singles?
hey - by ANDY on 05 Aug, 2007
hi i just got back i loved it a royal park it was amazing wasps are a problem but part from that its great
has any1 got the mini disco cd if so can u email me at
Mosquitoes - by Lu on 05 Aug, 2007
Any one know if mosquitoes are a problem?
thanks - by dave w on 04 Aug, 2007
we go in 2days you have made me feel great ..
hotel safe to put money/valueables in - by Briony on 04 Aug, 2007
hi does anyone know if there are safes in the rooms or if these can be hired we are going in a few weeks and wondering were it is safe to store things eg money
nicky mesage - by lu on 04 Aug, 2007
hi nicky who did you go with first choice? was there anything good about your holiday?
Review of the Royal Park - by nicky on 04 Aug, 2007
Hi we have just returned and would not go back there is a major problem with the food. For guests there is only the main buffet restaurant you can not use the Nessebar Restaurant in Elinite Village as the hotel has changed its policy last week. The Buffet for breakfast is awful and there is no change in 11 days and cold.Lunch and Dinner food is swimming in grease only Pork, Chicken, Pasta and yes chips and the same salads .Childrens menu limited veal cutlets and chicken nuggets to be honest we paid to eat out as my husband contracted the usual stomach problems which is keeping guests in bed for up to four days. Apparently there is a viral Infection in Elenite and Sunny Beach at this moment . To book the other restaurants the choice of three be prepared to queue can only book the same day and the queues start at 8.30am, but the reservations do not open till ten grab a coffee and a chair to join the queue then you may not even get a table the barbecue is rubbish a bit of chicken on the grill. get up early for sun beds as no beds available after 7.30am.Drinks Local Brew only spirits appear in dodgy green bottles and there is only red wine and white wine available with some sort of dodgy beer on draught. For a decent drink you have to pay for all cocktails and all spirits. The aqua Park you have to pay for all sunbeds and brollies 5 Levys each they have put the prices up on water sports on beach 40 Levy for Jet Skis etc . Rooms are Basic and if you have booked a twin room up to four two of you will be on a pull out sofa bed that fits just about one adult. The Irish Bar , Disco after 12 you have to pay for drinks the other irish bar is in the basement by the shops and enclosed with no windows etc. The main entertainment is in an ampithearte outside no tables for drinks just plastic yellow seats and yes you have to queue and go back into the hotel to get a drink from the bar. The queues are running around twenty minutes .Taxis 25 Levys each way to Sunny Beach the resort is pupose built and there are no shops around apart from on complex. This is not a four star hotel Reps are fed up and the only good thing is the kids clubs if you are a teenager over 15yrs there is nothing at night to do apart from a pool room and a video arcade room as you are to young to go into the disco. The Beach Bar is the best you pay for drinks but you get good quality.Yes beware the food is bad and take Immodium with you as the pool area is not cleaned on a daily basis. On a bonus side the beach is good however there is only one choice of Pizza and it has ham on it so you are stuffed if you are a vegetaraian. Kebabs run out early and this week they has cut back on hot dogs cutting them in half. I would take extra cash in case of emergencies and you need to get out to eat.
To Lucy re weather - by Kate on 04 Aug, 2007
The weather is in the 80's low 80's at the moment and reaching 89 next week end s forcast durin the week. Take a look at the forcast here
Kate - Water Sports - by Kate on 04 Aug, 2007
Yes there is a banana boat according to the hotels website It doesn't say how much it costs though
weather - by lucy on 03 Aug, 2007
hi can you tell me whats the weather like i've heard it's to hot to sit out?
17th aug - by Tracey on 03 Aug, 2007
Hi we're going on the 17th aug for two weeks there are 4 kids in total two 7 year old girls 3 and 1 year old boys can anyone tell me if the kids club is any good and if its safe for the kids to go into. Also I've read that there's a minibar in each room is this part of the all inclusive?
water sports - by kate on 01 Aug, 2007
i was just wondering i am 14 and going to the royal park on the 20th of august (19 days :P) and wanted to know wether the is and bannana boats and water activities on the beach and if yes ar the prices reasonable .
rooms - by gail on 01 Aug, 2007
Thank you all for that i have now sent a email to the hotel...
alcohol laws - by dave on 01 Aug, 2007
Hi, does anyone know whether is it ok for 15/16 year olds to drink alcohol with meals. I have 2 teenage daughters and do not want to break any local laws?
re submitting query - by Kate on 31 Jul, 2007
We emailed the hotel and they replied fully within a couple or 3 days.
To Gail re :single rooms - by Jan on 31 Jul, 2007
I have noticed on there is a contact form you can submit with your query (it says they will reply promptly)Prob worth trying.
Re: website - by Jan on 31 Jul, 2007
Hi, if anyone has any photo's that I can add to my website (above) please send them to
I have also started adding video if anyone is interested!
2008 - by gail on 31 Jul, 2007
We are going to this hotel 7th july 2008...Flying from Glasgow...I know its a long way away but our schools finished summer term end of June...We are not long back from the petra mare in crete...I am looking forward to hearing all the good !! reviews...We are going with our 2 kids age 6 and 12...and my mother is coming also and she has a single room,if you hear of any one staying in the single rooms can you find out if they are near the twin rooms as that is what we have got and we hope to get my mum next to us...
pictures ADZ - by dan on 30 Jul, 2007
Hi adz did you get time to send the pic`s?
Towels in the rooms - by Liz Glynn on 30 Jul, 2007
There are towels in the rooms but you cant take them on the beach, I think they rent out beach towels at reception. I dont know how much they charge though as we took our own beach towels. Hope this answers your question.
Towels - by Janet on 30 Jul, 2007
are there towels provided in the rooms and can you take them on the beach.

12 days to go and counting
any one going fri-4/8/07 - by Charlie-Newcastle on 29 Jul, 2007
Hi,I'm 11years old and will be going on holiday this friday with me mam dad and grandma;is there any other 11 year old girls going then we can meet up,Charlie.
to Dave - by kate on 29 Jul, 2007
Sure i've read that the rooms don't have kettles, we were concidering taking ours.
money - by replt to kate on 29 Jul, 2007
we got our cash from first choice travel shop (they rang and said they would match any offer)so yesterday we ordered our money ( £500 ). normaly we go to M&S who offered 2.74 but when i told her she gave me 2.75 which was better .
tea making - by dave w on 29 Jul, 2007
does anyone know if you have a kettle in your room or do we need to take one, as we have a baby and need one to make up bottles.
To Dave - by Kate on 28 Jul, 2007
We're not going til 20th Dave, what a shame eh, our boys could have palled up maybe.
great holiday - by Shelley on 28 Jul, 2007
we have been here in 2005 and going back on 17/08/07. looking forward o it.entertainment was fantastic in 2005, hope its still good.
nternet by Gareth - by tracy on 28 Jul, 2007
hi Gareth there is a Internet cafe at the hotel,hope this helps.
money - by dave w on 28 Jul, 2007
we are the same no idea how much money or how to take it ( lev,sterling,euro,cheque )when are you going Kate ? we are going 6th Aug also have boys same age!
Trips - by Kate on 28 Jul, 2007
We're trying to decide on how much money to take with us. Does anyone know how much the trips are and are they any good? Recommend any? We have two lads aged 10 and 12.
hair dryers - by Kate to Janet on 28 Jul, 2007
Yes janet they do.
Take a look at the hotels official website Lots of pictures of the hotel and info.
Hairdryers - by janet on 27 Jul, 2007
Do the rooms at the Royal Park have hairdryers in the rooms
ADZ - by Janet on 27 Jul, 2007
Would love to see your picture. we are going on the 10th Aug
To Gareth - by kate on 26 Jul, 2007
If you look on youtube there are two videos of royal park hotel
Internet - by Gareth on 26 Jul, 2007
Does anyone know if I can get access to my e mails from here?
photos - by Gareth on 26 Jul, 2007
If anyone could email me some pictures I would appreciate forward to meeting anyone who flies 30/7.
Cash Machines - by Gareth on 26 Jul, 2007
Many thanks for the info.By the looks of all the reviews, myself and my family should have a really good time.
adz - by Kate on 26 Jul, 2007
Would appreciate it if i could see your pics to adz.
adz - by dan on 26 Jul, 2007
thank`s a lot adz.
Going now - by emma on 26 Jul, 2007
just leaving work now flyin out to royal park tomorrow I'll let everone know what its really like when i come back
responses - by adz on 26 Jul, 2007
Hi all I will send pics to all who have requested tomorrow.

Kate -if you do come accross the cd when you are there a copy would be appereciated. Will mail pics tomorrow.


YOU WILL ALL HAVE A GREAT TIME wish I was back !! :)))
to Gareth - by Kate on 25 Jul, 2007
I read that the nearest cash point is at Sunny Beach 10km away. Not been there yet myself so not 100% certain on that.
Cash machines - by Gareth on 25 Jul, 2007
We are going on 30/7 from manchester ( 2 adults,3 kids 14,5 and 2)and we were wondering if there were any cash machines or card payment facilities on site.Or can the hotel exchange money if we pay by card?
thanks - by jane on 25 Jul, 2007
cheers 4 that ive had a look on your web site jan its the small pool thats gone and anne we will try bbq nite were they 4 two weeks carnt wait now
Reply to Jane - by Anne on 25 Jul, 2007
I have just come back from the Royal Park Hotel yesterday from a weeks holiday and there was a stunning huge main pool there as well as a lovely toddler pool so have no idea what First Choice have told you!! The water park is excellent and a 2 minutes walk from the hotel. Try and book the BBQ one night that is part of the All Inclusive as we thoroughly enjoyed that and it was a nice break from the Hotel restaurant food.
To Jane re pool - by Jan on 25 Jul, 2007
If you go to this website : it should answer your question. (the main pool in front of hotel is still there)
no main pool at holtel - by jane on 25 Jul, 2007
ive just had a call from first choice 12 days b4 i go stating to me that the main pool showen in the brocher has been filled in and replaced by a bar which is not part of the allincive but they said you still have use of the waterpark if anyone has just returned could please shed any ligth on the situation that would be great thankyou
Holiday - by Tracey - bristol on 25 Jul, 2007
Hi. I am going over from Bristol on the 20.08.07 - for one week with my partner and his 3 children so anyone of you posted this on the internet who is going at the same time. Hope to see you there. Love Tracey, Chris Natasha, Scott And Oliverx
ADZ - by Janet on 25 Jul, 2007
Would love to see your picture. we are going on the 10th Aug
scooters - by sue on 25 Jul, 2007
hello i am goin on the 20/8/07 with my husband 2 kids 13 14 an my mum who is not very good on here feet i just wondered wether anyone knew if its posible 2 hire amobility scooter over ther and what it is like to walk wether it is hilly or flat also i wonder wether my kids would enjoy them selves we are flying from manchester on the 20th/8 and returning on the 4th/9
for kate and katie - by sarah on 25 Jul, 2007
we are going from stanstead on the 17th and return on the 24th Aug - we live in notts (nottingham). Katie - i will pass on you e mail / msn to them but they don't live with us in the week so it will be the weekend.
Look out for us it will be the 4 of us and our 2 year old Jack!
for kate and katie - by sarah on 25 Jul, 2007
we are going from stanstead on the 17th and return on the 24th Aug - we live in notts (nottingham). Katie - i will pass on you e mail / msn to them but they don't live with us in the week so it will be the weekend.
Look out for us it will be the 4 of us and our 2 year old Jack!
For Adz - by Kate on 24 Jul, 2007
Adz we are going soon and will no doubt end up buying the CD (as u do :o) ) will copy it for you if you want. Be great to see your pics.
For Kate & Sarah - by Kate on 24 Jul, 2007
We are flying also on the 20th Aug but only til 31st. We are also taking Calum age 12yrs and Ross 10yrs.
for adz - by *katie* on 24 Jul, 2007
hello i would like u to send me sm pic pleez to
also fo sarah - by **katie** on 24 Jul, 2007
do jamie or Gemma have msn if yes wat i the e-mail address myn is
for sarah - by katie on 24 Jul, 2007
ello hope i do see u were are you from ???
For ADZ - by jimbo on 24 Jul, 2007
love to see some pics , and would appreciate any other tips / info you have
for Katie - - by sarah on 24 Jul, 2007
Hi Katie - we are going on the 17th Aug , we are taking Jamie aged 13yrs(nearly 14yrs) and Gemma 12 years (nearly 13yrs)- so we may see you there!!
flyin 20th agust till 4th september - by **katie ** on 23 Jul, 2007
hello, just wonderin if there is any one goin in to hotel royal park on the 20th of august till the 4th of september around the age of 14 . pleese let me know it will be great to meet you.
Flyin 31st August! - by *_Antonia&April_* on 23 Jul, 2007
anybodi goin 31st august? n can yooh tell us how much money we would need for 2 weeks?!? is the nightclub ani gud? as the buildin work finished????
Hotel Rooms - by kate on 23 Jul, 2007
Hi, we are going to the Royal Park Hotel on 20Aug. We have a room booked with sofa bed type beds for the kids, we can't get a den with bunks as we are only going for 11 nights and the dens are reserved for those going for 14nights. Our lads are 10 and 12, we're a bit worried about the beds for kids incase they have to share. Anyone advise us what the beds are like?
Holidaii - by *_Antonia_* on 23 Jul, 2007
anybodi goin at end of august? x
Holidaii - by *_Antonia_* on 23 Jul, 2007
anybodi goin at end of august? x
adz - by dan on 22 Jul, 2007
thank`s for your feedback im goin in sept can you post me any pics?
thank`s a lot.
cd - by adz on 22 Jul, 2007
forgot to add , did anyone buy the mini disco cd ? , they ran out on our last night . I was wondering if you could provide the nameof the album (or track listing) ro see if i can get it here as the kids are driving me mad !

thanks ,
Just come back! - by adz on 22 Jul, 2007
Just come back from 2 weeks at this LOVLEY hotel grounds. Don't listen to all the "moaners" , it was clean , food was good (in all restaurants as you can use 4!).

Plenty on ice cream biscuits etc for the kids up to 10pm at night. "most" bars free , great beach , waterpark and pool's

Wish I was back ... going to re book for next year.

If anyone wants to see any pics let me know and I will post some.

Happy holidays for all you lucky people going :)
Waterpark - by Jan on 22 Jul, 2007
Hi Dave, We went in May & did not see any coaches arriving to use it. I did see billboards advertising it (think its called Atlantida or something similar) but Elenite is a remote village & there is another waterpark in Sunny Beach, so people would prob use that. Hope this helps Jan
Tims charltons shirt - by chris from derby on 21 Jul, 2007
hi Tim we fly 30th july from manchester , we being me the mrs, 18 year old daughter 13 year old daughter and 6 year old lad and the eldests fiance ! Unfortunately some of us will be wearing DERBY CO shirts we also will be probably the only people in Bulgaria wearing them ! lol . hope to see you there mate will look for the shirt . NOT LONG NOW !
friends at the royal - by martin and family on 21 Jul, 2007
hi im a guy taking me 70 yr old mom and two great lads 12,10 if u c me wave and i buy u a beer,(from the free bar lol)
Royal Park Hotek - by Judith,Ian and Charlie-Newcastle on 21 Jul, 2007
Having spent two weeks holiday here in middle of May this year we could'nt wait to get back so have booked up to go back in two weeks time 03/08/07 for two weeks.The holiday,hotel weather ,people and country are all better than we expected to be;I could'nt fault anything really it is that good.To every one going here you wont be dissapointed and will have a great time see you all in two weeks time.
waterpark - by dave on 21 Jul, 2007
Hi Jan .. is the waterpark open to the village only ,or do you get coach,s coming from other resorts .
2 weeks 2 go - by dave w on 20 Jul, 2007
Hi we fly from bristol on 6th aug @ 9.45. 3 boys 12,10,7 and baby girl .. can't wait see you soon...
Cant wait - by Emma on 20 Jul, 2007
Flying from Dublin on the 27/07 anyone else going from dublin
tim - by sue@mick on 20 Jul, 2007
we are going with grandchildren .the twins are7 on the 10/8/07.they are declan and maise.see u there
Laundry facilities - by DeniseH on 20 Jul, 2007
Hi,we are going to the Royal Park on 23rd July for two weeks, just wondering if there are any laundry facilities at the hotel?
reply to mick - by tim on 20 Jul, 2007
I am going also on 27/7/07 but from gatwick at 11.00pm with my son Ben 6 on 8/8/07 and daughter Amy 3 and
wife Ann.

Are you Kids going to Kids Club which is very good hopefully as we have been on a number of first Choice Holidays and they have always been good.

See you out there and say hello at the reps meeting I will be wareing my Black Charlton shirt.

rely to sue 27 july 2007 - by tim on 20 Jul, 2007
hi sue

thanks for reply and we are flying from gatwick at about 11.00pm.

are you going with your family? and if so how old are your children if any

look out for me at the reps meeting i will be waring my black charlton shirt
probably the only one in bulgaria !!

see you there
website - by Jan on 19 Jul, 2007
Hi Liz,
Have you tried copying & pasting the above address into your address bar?
Hope this works!
reply for tim - by sue on 19 Jul, 2007
fly to royal park from manchester at ten past nine at night on 27 july 07
Elenite website - by Liz Glynn on 19 Jul, 2007
Jan, I have tried and tried to get on to your website without success. We went to Elenite in the middle of may and I would like to see your pictures. Everytime I put the website name into google it says " no matches found " or something like that.
27 july 07 - by mick on 19 Jul, 2007
going to royal park from manchester at nine oclock friday morning with six year old twins
Re website: - by Jan on 18 Jul, 2007
Hi Wendy & Natalie have a look at my site it may answer your questions. We went end May & it seems there have been a few changes. But we would def go again!
Might Book - by Wendy on 18 Jul, 2007
we've seen the hotel online and want to know whether it is suitable for 2 adults and 3 17 year olds , theplace looks nice but is there much to do at night or it isnot safe to go out becasue we've heard lots of different stories.
building work - by natalie on 18 Jul, 2007
hi all going 7.9.07 from birmingham will the building work be finshed also is there alot to do going with my partner and 2 kids (3yrs and 12yrs0
Royal Park Hotel - by Richard Tobin on 18 Jul, 2007
Myself & Wife and 13 year old daughter Are Traverling on the 24aug 2007 from Gatwick We Are Looking foward to our Holiday I booked this holiday Over A Year ago And Have Read Many Reviews and Last year We where in albena Bulgaria We Met First Choice rep From Royal Park Hotel Who Told not to Worry about poor reviews as Hotel is a great place to visit We can't Wait to see for ourselves
hi michelle by michelle - by michelle on 18 Jul, 2007
going on the 24 th of sep x
Great hotel - by mandymoo on 18 Jul, 2007
Shops to buy anything and everything easily, weather 105 degrees at beginning of July, great kids reps for littlelens and teenagers, food is absolutely fine. Lots of wasps though. Great hotel overall. 9/10.
Hi michelle - by michelle,n on 18 Jul, 2007
Me and my husband and two kids(5y and 3y) are going 7 sept for 1 week from newcastle,You?
:o( - by D on 17 Jul, 2007
hiya for those who have read my review from when i come back just over a week ago can see that i had a fab holiday and i couldnt knock he place but thought i should judt say since i have been back my 3 year old daughter has been in hospital with a unrine infection caused by ecoli and the hospital have said the chances was it has come from the swimming pool, my husband has also been in hospital with a kidney infection more then likly someing very much like my daughters. Please dont let this put you off but just be aware we did find a lot of people letting there young ones in the water without swimming nappies on not saing thats what it is from but please be aware i dont want to see another little one or big one go through this. Dont want to sound like im repeating myself but i cant knock the place its great its just sad i bought that little bit other then a cracking tan home..x
local shops - by steve on 17 Jul, 2007
anyone know if any local shops to buy water milk ect.
GASMAN - by MAY on 17 Jul, 2007
Bottled water 4 gasman - by Lynda on 17 Jul, 2007
I went to Royal Park in May and we were buying bottled water very cheaply in the shop underneath the hotel. There were also water containers by the bar in reception and also in the resturant where we were filling up our bottles. Hope you have a brill time, we did.
just been - by nichaela on 17 Jul, 2007
just come back from the royal park holtel well it was ok but me n my mum say it is not a 4 star holtel more like 3 the food was ok but there was not much we liked so i had chips everday really and 4 after there is lodz of cake (haha) the first choice reps and the entertameant team are fab they are really funny and make u dance and laugh (haha)well hope who eva is going have a great time and it is not that bad we would give it 8 out if 10 bye x
local shops - by the gas man on 16 Jul, 2007
hi anyone know if there are local shops to buy bottled water ect
anybody - by michelle macdonald on 16 Jul, 2007
anybody going in sep cant wait to go going with my partner our daughter 2 and my brother 14
filled in pool - by chris from derby on 15 Jul, 2007
thanks jan them pics were a great help thankyou , i cant remember what site i saw that picture on sorry !
caroline - by D on 15 Jul, 2007
hiya Caroline

we came back on the the 7th as well hope you had a good time we really did. xx
oldness - by sas on 15 Jul, 2007
firteen --u
Goin 20th - by ANDY on 14 Jul, 2007
yeah cya there saskia how old are you lmao add me msn so_u_wanna_be_a_boxer
20th of jully - by saskia on 14 Jul, 2007
i am goin from gatwick too defiantli c ya there lol =p
how many fags - by george on 14 Jul, 2007
dose anybody no how many fags you can bring back from bulgaria i know they are now in the eu
whos going?? - by andy on 14 Jul, 2007
Hi Saskia, wot airport u going from, we are going from gatwick,
see u there in less than a week wooooooo
2O TH JULY - by SASKIA on 13 Jul, 2007
going on friday 27 july for 2 weeks - by tim on 13 Jul, 2007
Hi travelling on 27 july with my wife son 6yrs and daughter 3ys.

Is anybody else going that would like to meet up.

Look forward to hearing from anybody.

safety deposit box - by caroline on 13 Jul, 2007
hi there is a safety deposit in your room it cost us 98lev for 2 weeks about £37 11 of us went we had 4 rooms but just got 1 box for us all
safe in room - by dave w on 13 Jul, 2007
Hi nice to hear some good reports, we travel on 6th Aug .. can you tell me if akk rooms have asafety deposit box ?
deposit box - by dave w on 13 Jul, 2007
hi Its nice to hear some good reports !
whos goin? - by ANDY on 13 Jul, 2007
pacos - by caroline on 13 Jul, 2007
hi jimbo pacos is great don't be put off by what it looks like it opens at 4pm and shuts at 3am you can get chicken curry @£3.00 Burger& chips@£1.50p steak & chips@ 4.50p apple pie & ice cream is a must £ 1.00 and best off all 72p a pint we went there the last 4 nights of our holiday just got fed up with the same food but you will have a fab holiday
first choice - by caroline on 13 Jul, 2007
hi tracy we booked online we got a great deal online a lot better then if you phone first choice.
pacos - by jimbo on 13 Jul, 2007
Glad you had a great time ,we travel out on 3rd Aug
What sort of food do they do at Pacos? is it a large place and does anything else go on there?
caroline - by tracy on 12 Jul, 2007
hi who do u book with??
thanx tracy.
great time - by caroline on 12 Jul, 2007
we got back on 7/7 we had a great time we have just booked for next year the food was not great but the resort makes up for it. it is fab for kids waterpark is great weather hot hot hot if you do get fed up with the food go up to pacos just out side gates and turn left 5 of us went there all our food and drinks £19.00
see Website - by Jan on 11 Jul, 2007
Hi, Chris,
If you visit my website & look under pictures, there is one showing a marqee being built. In front of that is where the other pool was (now a beach hut/bar)There are still 3 other pools & waterpark to choose from! Wondering what picture you have seen?
Have a great time! (we did)
Hope this helps
reviews - by chris from derby on 11 Jul, 2007
im just glad to here all these positive reviews . does anyone know what is now in the place where the pool was, does it still look as bad as a photo i have seen recently .im not going to let it bother us lot though we are just out to have a good time . we fly 30th july from Manchester , "cant wait"
postcards - by Sara on 11 Jul, 2007
6 weeks after we posted our cards to family they arrived today, 4 weeks after we came back. Found out would of been better to put postcards in envelopes and post that way
royal park - by jane on 11 Jul, 2007
i booked via first choice 4 the royal park i think they r the only travel agent that do the royal park u can go via other agent 2 the bay and village hope this helps
lisa... royal park - by tracy on 10 Jul, 2007
Hi lisa
glad to here you had a fantastic time,
do you mind me asking who you book though?
bril hol - by lisa on 10 Jul, 2007
hi just back this mornin from the royal park had a fantastic time again. booked to go back next year for the third time. its really good for the kids and also every thing at ur door step.
Re; sister hotel - by Jan on 09 Jul, 2007
Hi Sam, what I meant was -
that the hotels are part of a group. (dont think you can use their facilities tho)!
I think it's called the Victoria Palace Hotel in Sunny Beach (just heard someone on the bus talking about it)
jan - by sam on 08 Jul, 2007
hi jan gr8 web site wot was the other hotel called, ya siter when to ?
royal park elenite - by jane on 08 Jul, 2007
went in june 2007 and defo going again next year only later in the year i think (due to family commitments)....ignore all the negative reports, cudnt fault it...except the slow lifts!!!!...first choice reps brilliant esp Nathan and Luke
Weather brilliant...few power cuts but there werent for long.
Building work...only knew it was there thanks to the letter from first choice a few weeks before we went
Defo recommend to anyone.
Elenite - by Angela, Michael and Gang on 08 Jul, 2007
We came back from Elenite yesterday morn, we were staying in the apartments beside the Royal Park Hotel, our accommodation was fabulous, cleaned with fresh towels everyday, the beach is gorgeous and the pools lovely. The food is ok, to book the restaurants you have to book between 10 and 11am on the day, be there an hour before that and be prepared for the ones who walk up at 5 to 10 and try to push in!!! There were 6 of us and 2 of us had to use the Arret tablets that we had been recommended to bring, so I'd recommend the same, bring Arret or Imodium Plus. Our rep was called Gary, he was crap and unavailable when he should have been. Take the trip to Nessebar it is worth it. We would definitely go back again, so go and relax and have a great holiday!!
website - by Jan on 08 Jul, 2007
Hi D,
So glad to hear a great review. We went end May/beg June. Would def go again. Have you seen my website:
If you do upload some pics, would you mind me adding some to my site?
It seems that it has put ppls mind at rest (I always do the same -book a hol then search for reviews, THEN start panicking if I they're not good!!
Cheers, Jan
royal park - by D from newcastle on 07 Jul, 2007
Hiya all just got back this morning 7/7/07 from a great holiday, the royal park is a great place it is a fab hotel with the great advantage of having a waterpark attatched to it with i think we spend nearly everyday of my fortnight stay there. Didnt realy know what to expect from reading others comments,bulding work,ect. Well all i can say is im so happy i went, we had a very intresting first night as we had a realy bad storm and there was a black-out for about 4+ hours,the lightning was amazing. we also had another couple of times when the power decided to go off in the whole hotel incl out last morning, but the way i look at it is its something to tell ppl about. I can see what some ppl have been saying about the food repeating itself but there was still always a great choice of food, some lovely cream cakes...mmmm no wonder i have but on weight!!!. Its a little bit of a fight for pancakes in the mornings and theres always a scuffle round the ice cream but once you get some its very nice. The kids club was realy good i have a 7 and 3yr old and the few times they both went they did enjoy. The entertaniment staff where great esp nathan(the dipstick) stephanie who had a fab singing voice and luke who was a very goodlooking lad.... Sunny beach was good theres a bus that picks you up right outside the hotel and it cost 2lev to get there, i will say there a bit manic on night times coming back from nessebar or sunny beach. We got the boat from the beach at the hotel to nessebar, its a lovely day out if you get the chance try it.
I will upload a few pics in a few days and ill put the links on so you can have a look for yourself what a really nice place and what will be a great holiday xxx
repely to dave - by jane on 07 Jul, 2007
we fly at 17 45 theirs me and my mate going and my brother and wife and all the kids (boys r 11,9.6,5,18months,girl at 8 )kids carnt wait not all my kids theys 3 familys going prob c u 4 breakfast or by the pool anythings better than are weather
4 weeks to go - by dave w on 07 Jul, 2007
Hi Jane wife me and four kids ( boys 12,10,7 and daughter 1yr ) we are flying from Bristol on the 6th .. at 22.45 !!!!!! can't wait now . what times your flight ? maybe we will share coach to hotel !
review - by Mona from Norway on 06 Jul, 2007
Royal park is a great hotel, dont read the bad reviw some people give the hotel. We stay in Royal Park one week, in june 2007 and we have a great time.
We almost cancell our trip ,because off all the bad reviw, some people gave the hotel. i would like too come back to Royal Park .
thanks 4 putting mind at rest - by jane on 06 Jul, 2007
cheers everyone looking forward to my hols again now 4 weeks and 2 days 2 go been on lots of all in hols in just worried me cause my son is disabled
jane - by sam on 05 Jul, 2007
hi jane we went on the 6th june you will not noteist the building work and thay sud hav a lot more done now.
have a gr8 time we did.
Royal Park Hotel - by Paul on 05 Jul, 2007
Board Basis: All Inclusive
Date of Holiday: Jun 2007
Tour Operator: First Choice
Submitted By: Mr P Kent
Overall Rating: 10/10
Comments: We are in our second week at the Royal Park Hotel; we are delighted we did not cancel as this has been a great holiday.

It is a very impressive large hotel sat on a lovely beach; it is away from Sunny Beach - thank god.

Our room is a kids suite, adults one room and then a curtain separates the kids room from us. This is excellent for privacy but also allows us to make sure they are OK.

It is a very large room and with a balcony, the decor is OK and kept very clean by the chambermaid - cleaned and fresh towels everyday

The staff have been very friendly and helpful, absolutely no complaints with them.

The food is great, a very impressive fresh salad spread, every type of meat / fish etc you could ask for and all in ample supply - I did laugh though when I witnessed a fellow Brit eating chips and mashed potato that would be the type of person who would complain about the food!

You can eat as much as you like soups, starters, main meals, deserts, fruit...

The building works do not affect us as we cannot hear them from the room or beach.

The kids club is ace , our two girls ( 5 & 3 ) have loved it and go twice a day - at their request .The kids club reps are fantastic and really do ensure they are safe

As you can see we have no complaints and are really looking forward to our second week.

building work - by jane on 05 Jul, 2007
im going on the 6 aug 2 from manchester my brother not got his letter yet still going a hols what u make it after all c u their cheers dave
building work - by dave w on 05 Jul, 2007
hi Jane we travel in 5 weeks ( 6th Aug )and have not yet got a letter . From what the others have said i,m sure it will not be a problem ...
building work - by jane on 05 Jul, 2007
hi got a letter from first choice this morning anyone else got one or can anyone tell me how is the building work next 2 the royal cause we go in 4 weeks i was realy looking forward to my hols bit unsure now had this last year from first choice thanks 4 ur help
charlotte - by sam on 05 Jul, 2007
hi it 50 min u will hae a gr8 time
travel - by charlotte on 05 Jul, 2007
hi i am going on the 9th july and was just wondering how far hotel is from airport
Questions - by alex on 04 Jul, 2007
It amazes me how many people say they are worried about their forthcoming holidays and are looking for reassurance from previous visitors.

Instead of asking the question..."What's it like as I've heard some iffy reports about this place...", why not use the down arrow on the keyboard and read the answers to the question you have the burning desire to ask, but not the gumption to look for.
see previous post 2/7/07 - by Jan on 04 Jul, 2007
Hi Nichaela see my previous post on 2/7/07 re website & links. Jan
intreased in how the holiday will be !! - by nichaela on 04 Jul, 2007
just wounded if anyone is flaying out on the 6th till 17 of july becuase me(16) and my mum we have head some many bad a good comments we dont know what it will be like lol please tell us any imfomation on (thanks)
lets make a crewage - by *~hannah~* on 04 Jul, 2007
i am going with LILMISSCOKE on 3-13th aug were 13 is any1 else goin there???
euros and hairdriers - by caz on 03 Jul, 2007
There is a hairdryer and a fridge in your room, only saw euros being exchanged at duty free
nights out - by caz on 03 Jul, 2007

Hi, we went into Sunny Beach one night but it wasnt our cup of tea, loads of restaurants and bars there and nightclubs.
restaurants - by carl butler on 03 Jul, 2007
can somebody please tell me if you can use the other hotels restaurants are they themed or just buffet can you use euros out there thanks
money hair dryers restaurants - by carl butler on 03 Jul, 2007
can someboby please tell me my wife and daughter are flying out on the 11th aug dont they use euros in bulgaria, have they got hairdryers in the rooms can you use the restaurants in the other hotel are they themed or just buffet. thanks
Thanks Jan - by adz on 03 Jul, 2007
Thanks for the web link Jan , great help I have printed it off for when I go . It also explains some of the confusion.
lev - by sandra on 03 Jul, 2007
hi can anyone tell me what the exchange rate is in bulgaria please. is it best the change it here or do you get a better rate over there ive been told by the postoffice that thet give 2.60lev is that good
website& links for Royal Park - by Jan on 02 Jul, 2007
I have previously posted a review on this website but after reading so may mixed reviews & questions decided to make a website with a lot of help from my daughter (was only going to put map on but we got a bit carried away)!
I hope that this is helpful to those that are going or thinking of going.
Have a fantastic holiday. I wish we were back there now, fed up with all this rain.:(
Hope you can pick up this link:
Building Works - by Michelle on 02 Jul, 2007
Hi Can anyone tell me how bad the building work is, travelling on the 30th July and had letter this morning. First Choice were not very helpful and said work is from 8am -10pm 7 days a week.
Niteclubs - by Mizz B on 02 Jul, 2007
Are ther any gud niteclubs?flying on 13th August, any1 else goin then ages round about 21?
so excited... - by nikki on 02 Jul, 2007
hi, were jetting off 2nite 2 the royal park, was really worried cause of negative reviews i've read... but thx 2 all of u we r all so soo excited, flying out of bristol 21.45...
Building work near Royal Park hotel - by Liz G on 01 Jul, 2007
Hi Nicky, Just to put your mind at rest, we stayed at the hotel in May and to be quite honest the building work really didnt infringe upon our holiday, there was hardly any noise to tell the truth. I would imagine there cant be much left to do re builing work next to the hotel. Although there are some villas going up just on the bend before the hotel. As I have said before, a holiday is what you make it.
Hope you have a good time
building works - by nicky on 01 Jul, 2007
Hi we have just got a letter from first choice saying the building work has not been finished near the royal Park but hopefully will be done by July anyone who has come back can they advise
cash - by jimbo on 01 Jul, 2007
Did you venture out for any meals or nights out off site??
changing your lev - by jan on 01 Jul, 2007
go to post office or marks & spencers you get the best rates their far than travel agents as we discovered as we changed £5oo last week into lev they was about £50 pounds in differece beween travel agents and marks &spencers
cash - by adz on 30 Jun, 2007
Great to hear positive comments as I am going on the 6th July.

Whats the best way to get money ? , change some to levs before I go , or take sterling and change it in the hotel ?

Can someone who has been let me know, normally I just use cash machines but as there are none in Elinite this is not an option ....

cash machines - by caz on 30 Jun, 2007
as Liz said there are only cash machines in sunny beach or nessebar, we took 1600 levs (£700) for 2 weeks for 2 adults and a teenager,more than enough bought back £300,have a great holiday let me know how you find it.
Cash Machines in Elenite - by Liz G on 30 Jun, 2007
There are no cash machines in Elenite. The nearest are in Sunny Beach. We went to Elenite in May............and I would go again given the chance too.

Hope you all have a good holiday!! :)
Royal Park - by Julie on 30 Jun, 2007
Me, my husband and 13yr old daughter are going on the 24th August. Great to see some positive comments. Any advise about cash machines would be helpful. Thanks for all the comments they are really useful.
pushchairs - by dave w on 30 Jun, 2007
sorry caz i forgot to ask did you see thier a cash machine in the complex ?????
pushchairs - by dave w on 30 Jun, 2007
Thankyou Caz your reply was very helpful . I'm not to worried about the lifts or the weak beer ( will just have to drink more ! ) a bit woried about the safty in the pool as we have 4 kids but 3 can swim and baby will not leave our sight ...You made it sound great so thanks ... 5 weeks to go .................
bulgarin lev - by jan on 28 Jun, 2007
could anyone let me know how much lev did people take for two week theirs 4 of us also whats the shopping like and did anyone go on a boat trip
just wondering - by ... on 28 Jun, 2007
does anyone know are the same entertainers there next year? really want to know before i book again it was the entertainer(s) who made my holiday worth while!!
pushchairs ok - by caz on 27 Jun, 2007
Hi Dave, there were loads of pushchairs there, you have ramps as well as steps around the pool to get to the snack and outside bar area, there are 4 lifts in the hotel so you can get up and down ok, the lifts tend to stop at your floor if they feel like it, it can be a pain, but we got used to it, and had a laugh about it.It could be a problem if you get a power cut but as I said the longest power shortage was about 1 hr. Your kids will absolutely love it Im sure, there is something for everyone, the reps are fantastic,the large pool in front of the hotel is still there, it has a paddling pool attached to it, there is a life guard, but a word of warning there is only 1 and its quite a large pool to watch, there was a incident when I was there where a small child, was pulled out of the pool and given mouth to mouth, but there were so many small children not being supervised by their parents, after that incident everyone started to watch their kids and the lifeguard was much more vigilant!
The pool that has been covered in was furthur along, and there is now a bar over it, but 200 yards away towards the royal Bay there are another 2 pools (more than enough). We did managed to get Pepsi Light in all the bars, only the restaurant didnt have it, There is wine, all spirits, and 1 type of lager available as AI.The Irish Bar was empty the whole time we were there this is the paying bar,The nightclub charges for drinks after midnight, and the bar staff do advise you of this leading up to 12,word of advice the spirits are very strong, but you can ask for a small vodka etc. My husband said the beer was ok but quite weak, you can purchase beer in the shop very cheaply if the local lager isnt strong enough, I put 2 teabags in my cup and got a nice cup of tea out of it.The food is ok, Im a veggie and there wasnt a very good choice for me salad was good but alot of the salad mixes had meat in them, pizza also had meat on it, there are chicken nuggets and chips for children every night near the outdoor eating area , the desserts are lovely, there was alot of broken and chipped crockery and never enough condiments to go round, we found that is was best to get to the restaurant 15mins after opening you then had a good choice of crockery and seats, but the hotel was getting alot busier this past weekend, and they did bring in more staff.
I would definitly go back I like you was worried about the reviews, and there were a few small things like the crockery and the lifts but these little things shouldnt spoil your holiday,Iam sure you will have a great holiday, we certainly did.
Reply to Vicky - by Adz on 27 Jun, 2007
Thanks Vicky , so is the hotel food etc all ok ? . With all the bad reviews I am worried for me, my wife and 3 kids...
holidai on 20th july - by saskia on 27 Jun, 2007
hi it is me saskia agen i am hopin the wethar is gonna b good on the dais i am there also mi brothers best mate is going the tomoro so when he gets back i will get him to add a post about the hotel and stuff if ani one is goin that is mi age(13) on the 20th of july will you please add me or try findin me 'lol' mi msn is down the bottom a bit if u scroll down thnx xxxxxxxxxxx
re. Adz - by vicky on 27 Jun, 2007
hey well im just back and can answer ur questions for ya!

No u cant get diet drinks at the bars

yes ur irish bar is included in all inclusive but b sure to wear ur band at night as they do look for ur band

yes u can get beer and spirits wine im not sure

im not sure what swimming pool ur on about but there is a large pool and a childrens pool on site

Most restaurants at the other hotels are all inclusive but u have to book them!

hope ive helped
re. caz.. - by vicky on 27 Jun, 2007
the hotel is excellent, clean towels everyday and beds made everyday! its really what u make it urself! but ur children will def. enjoy the entertainment there are some great shows as i said before "school of rock" is an excellent show full of singing and dancing! during the day the entertainers will take them to the beach to play football and vollyball..i would also advise u to take a trip into Nessebar some night it is an excellent place for shops and it has some lovely restaurants! Sunny Beach is a bit madd and for the younger crowds! i really think u will enjoy ur holiday here it reallly is an excellent resort! another tip is bring your own tea if ur fussy about ur tea as theirs isnt as good as ours! also for drink we bought smirnoff vodka and peach scnappes the peach snappes was onli 9 lev which is excellent!
Can someone who has been confirm please - by Adz on 27 Jun, 2007
Sister Hotel ? ... if there is that may explain the mixed results. Can someone confirm as I am flying out on the 6th July .. and don't know what to make of all this!

Can someone answer these questions who has been please :-

1. Are diet drinks available at the bars ?

2. Are drinks the Irish Bar included in the "all inclusive" ?

3. Are the common drinks available (wine larger spirits)

4. Has the swimming pool in the brochure been filled in ?

5. Anything else thats "no included" ?

Thanks , just working out if I should start to investigate these with the tour operator but need some evidence. With all the mixed reviews I'm confused

review by caz - by sarah on 27 Jun, 2007
i have just read your review - thanks, it has made me feel alot better, i have heard that the Royal Prak is really good its the sister hotel that isn't as to standard ... is this true?
Is there anything else that you can tell us about your recent holiday - we are going on the 17th Aug with 3 children ( 13, 12 & 2).
Is the AI as bad as people say? or is it what you make it?
holiday - by vicky on 27 Jun, 2007
I got home on the 22nd june and wish i was back!! had the best hol ever!! Entertainment was excellent!! over all Luke was the best! Nathan was also excellent had me in stitches all the time round the pool with his dancing! during the day there was killer pool, vollyball footie!! skool of rock was brilliant Lukes fab in that hes a klass singer and dancer!! food was ok u could eat it! i was away with my auntie and uncle and there was young children there so never got to have realli good nites out! but the Irish bar was good craic! anyway wish i was back there soo much! im actually trying to persuade my mum to go in August! lol
upgrade... - by nichol (nikki) smith... on 27 Jun, 2007
hi, were flying out monday nite 2nd july 4 a fortnite, does anyone know how much it is 2 upgrade 2 a seaview room....
thanks - by dave w on 27 Jun, 2007
Hi Caz thanks for your report it,s made me fill much better . can you just tell me is the hotel ok for push chairs ? we go on 6th aug and can't wait dave w
ALL INCLUSIVE OR NOT ???? - by pad on 26 Jun, 2007
What the hell ???? thought this was ALL INCLUSIVE how can they have bars where you HAVE TO PAY. WHAT A CON!!!! REF : "there is only one lager and local drinks there is a paying bar in resort and a cocktail bar on the beach with hasd eveything but is expensive"
Royal Park Elenite - by elaine on 26 Jun, 2007
Hi there my family are flying out from Glasgow 29/06/07. I've read some real horrifying reviews. We are taking 2 babies and young children. Could some one reasure us this place is clean and food up to standard for the kids. would appreciate honest feedback
Family of 4 going 24th August. - by Steve on 26 Jun, 2007
We are a family of 4, children aged 13 and 7 flying from Stansted 24th Aug. Would love to here from anyone who will be there the same time.
dont worry - by caz on 26 Jun, 2007
Just got back from royal park hotel, do not worry, weather boiling hot,take high factor sun cream,only had a couple of showers and had 1 massive thunderstorm very impressive to watch.Do take a torch as had 4 power cuts in 2 weeks! only last 1 hour max but if the power goes off at night and your out in the complex it can be a bit tricky finding your way.Hotel is lovely very clean and tidy, our room was made up every day fresh towels and bed linen.Floors can be slippery especially in the toilets around the hotel due to the fact they are constantly mopping the floors. My 14 yr old daughter made loads of friends and had a great time! I dont know if anyone else had a problem with the wrist bands you have to wear, but mine broke on the 2nd day and my husband lost his. These cost 30 levs to replace which if my calculations are right works out at £12, which I feel is quite pricey for a plastic band.After reading all the reviews I thought I would put everyones mind at rest. If anyone wants to ask any questions feel free to ask me and I will try to answer.
HAYAR - by SASKIA on 26 Jun, 2007
20TH JULLI - by SASKIA on 26 Jun, 2007
reviews/comments - by 0000 on 26 Jun, 2007
thought this was meant 2 b 4 reviews/comments??
15 - 18 year olds :) - by Rebecca on 25 Jun, 2007
Flying from manc on 27th ! :)
MI HOLIDAI - by SAS on 25 Jun, 2007
7 daysss to goo!! - by Charlotte on 25 Jun, 2007
Me, ma mum dad, brother and my best mate are goin here on the 2nd of july - the 14! i hope it has good nite life coz me and my mate wnna gt veryyyy drunk!!! wooo!!
lucys comment - by Andy on 25 Jun, 2007
Hi Lucy im going on the 20th july for two weeks so ill see you there add my msn if you want to talk
Royal Park - by Lucy on 24 Jun, 2007
Im 15 & going on the 27th of july? anyone elsee my age going?
goin to elenite soon!! - by Steve on 24 Jun, 2007
Hi im steve nd im goin on the 29th june for two weeks! im 15 from scotland! any1 else my age goin?
goin 6 th Aug can,t wait - by niall on 24 Jun, 2007
I am 12 yrs od and I am goin on 6th Aug any 1 my age goin same time. I love waterparks........... how about u ..
going on the 20th - by ANDY on 23 Jun, 2007
hi all im 16 an wondein what i should expect when we go out in july . plus is there any 16 year old girls goin around this time :P
17 th august 07 - by sarah on 22 Jun, 2007
we are going on the 17 th Aug for one week 2 adults & 3 children - 13 years, 12 years and 2 years ....feeling aprehensive and hope that things improve!!!!
iflys - by dave on 22 Jun, 2007
take insect repelent we have just returned we did not have a problem at resort but at the airport coming home we were bitten badly by flies keep the repelent with you in tour hand luggage till the last moment just in case.great resort you will have a great time only thing food not great but everything cannot be perfect for eveyone,the beach location and aqua park more than make up for this
Weather - by MattC on 22 Jun, 2007
Check out this link for weather alongthe coast at Varna over the last 30 yrs Basically they get an average of 7 days with rain in July. Temp 17-27 celcius.
weather - by dave w on 22 Jun, 2007
I been look at this site and it looks ok
going on the 6th - by sandra on 21 Jun, 2007
hi we have two boys 11 /13 flying out on the 6th july cant wait anyone know what the weather has been like ive been told it rains alot
Girls on 21st July - by MattC on 21 Jun, 2007
My two girls are 10 and 16. The youngest is always happy to make new friends. I'll tell her to keep her eyes open on the 23/24.
can't wait - by dave on 21 Jun, 2007
yer we are doing the same ... lots of imodium ...we are going on 6th Aug 2weeks ...... sorry no girl,s that age BUT we do have 3 BOYS 12.10,7 and a baby girl !!!!!!!!! Any views on how safe water park is ?
Going 23rd July - Can't Wait!!! - by Sharon on 20 Jun, 2007
I'm a little apprehensive after reading some of these reviews but hey in true Brit style I've decided to roll up my sleeves and see what Bulgaria has to offer us! Thanks for the advice - will pack the Imodium! Let's just pray we have fantastic weather. 'Happy Holidays' to all those going during the summer holidays. Hope to meet some of you there. Anyone else taking 10 & 13 year old girls?
Really worried about this hotel - by Jane on 20 Jun, 2007
Hi i'm going to the Hotel Royal Park on the 17th August all in all there will be nine of us including an 11,14,115 and 16 year old. I'm really worried about the reviews that i have read and am considering trying to book something else instead. Please can anyone advise.
pushchair and wheelchair - by jane on 20 Jun, 2007
me and my family are going on 6 aug taking with me a pram and a wheel chair so i think it be ok i hope looking forward 2 my hols how much money are people taking with you for 2 weeks
21st July - by MattC on 20 Jun, 2007
Heading out there end of July. Can't decide what to expect, the reviews are either 1/10 or 10/10. Just looking forward to my first holiday in years, and will make the best of whatever. Taking both kids, 10 yr old can't wait, 16 yr old doesn't want to go anywhere with us. I'll be the reading with a beer by my side and not doing much else!!
sky - by dave on 20 Jun, 2007
no sky sports on site go to pacos turn left at gates for 150 meters
royal park - by dave on 20 Jun, 2007
this hotel is extreamly clean everywhere. it is let down by the chiped cups and the food is not great you will find something to eat but after a day or too its hard work the staff on reception have very limited english you do not expect everyone to speak english but reception with 50% of guests english is crazy.the location of the hotel is great being on the beach and the aqua park is fantastic but we found the location regards outside the grounds is just building work and you have to get a bus to sunny beach,we did do a few trips but none were worth the money Varna was ok but be very careful pickpockets and bag snathers evey where they work in groups and surround you with some distraction so have your money zipped or buttoned do not carry money in bags or wallets in back pockets there are kids clubs for the kids and the reps are good but the entertainment for adults is limited there is only one lager and local drinks there is a paying bar in resort and a cocktail bar on the beach with hasd eveything but is expensive if you want a change go to pacos bar which is much cheaper and a must see.Change your money in the hotel as there are places which say a better rate of exchange and are not so have peace of mind and change at hotel.push chairs will be not problem but bring what you will need as there is no chemist on site Imodium instants are a must for everyone this was a problem for a lot of people. nessibar is great you can now get a boat from the peir for 20lev return which is great value this is a great place for young familys and I am sure you will have good time
can't wait - by dave w on 20 Jun, 2007
travelling on 6th Aug , ONLY REAL WORRY IS IT IT OK FOR PUSH CHAIR ?
royal park - by dave on 19 Jun, 2007
this place is great for young familys the young kids will love it.but the older kids will find to far out from the action from 14-15 I have just returned from 2 weeks, I found this to long with the lack of entertainment for both the adults and my 14yr old I wold recommend tou take a portable dvd player with you there is a stall on site where you can buy dvds from which are of good quality as the tv in room is of no use.Also bring with you all your needs from the chemist as there is not one on site and you may have to use the doctor on site which for a minor illness will be expensive he was putting people on drips and plastering people up for apparenty minor upsets and sprains and twisted ancles is £50 just to see him then all your treatments the main thing to bring is arret instant for the runs as many people had this problem.The complex is a bus ride to sunny beach so read the times at the stop and as you get off in sunny beach get return times they are puctual the taxis are expensive if you use them to much 25 lev a time there is nowhere to walk in resort and outside just building work after building work pacos bar is the only place turn left at the main gates and walk about 200 yards it just is a shack but it a must see.The food I found repedative it would suit the german guests much more than us be careful of the chicken as it is undercooked most times but you are a captive diner as there is nowhere else to go most of you will find something to eat but no 4 star even for bulgaria
fridge - by lisa on 19 Jun, 2007
yea theres a small fridge in the room.
room - by ami on 19 Jun, 2007
hi there could anyone tell me if you have a fridge in your room, just so i know for storing bottles of water and milk....thanks xx
hi - by andy c on 19 Jun, 2007
hi well ill see you all there any 15-17 year olds goin around the 20th? hope to make lots of new feinds cant wait 20th july from gatwick any1 going then and fancys a chat bwt it add msn woooo raaawwwwkkk on:P
Going 23rd July - Can't Wait!!! - by Sharon on 18 Jun, 2007
Thanks for posting so many comments everyone! My family of 2 adults 2 children are flying out of Gatwick on 23rd. We are all really looking forward to it and all the information is really helpful. Thanks
Hi Chris - by Emma on 18 Jun, 2007
Hope to see you there too we'll look out for the jerseys to find us look for the Dublin jerseys and the more then likely the last people standing in the pub at night
22nd june 2007 - by caroline jeffrey on 17 Jun, 2007
hi toni we are going on 22nd june where are you flying from we are flying from newcastle airport there are 11 off us going can not wait 5 more days to go
feedback - by sara on 17 Jun, 2007
we came back on 12 June, had 2 ace weeks, dont worry about the building work, did not interfere with our hols, wedding was a pain, but did not ruin our holiday, booking for next year same hotel, if you like your cup of tea, take your own teabags. Food was a bit repetitive, but you wont starve. If you need any more info, post a comment I'll reply back. Roll on next years holiday
hi - by toni on 17 Jun, 2007
22nd june anyone?
holidays wooooo - by barry on 17 Jun, 2007
hi all me my mrs an 3 kids are goin 27th july hope to meet new friends an have a ball
wooooohoooo - by laura on 17 Jun, 2007
hols - by lisa on 16 Jun, 2007
headin out the 25th june ne 1 else going then??
Im going on july 20th - by Andy c on 16 Jun, 2007
hi all im flyin out on 20th of july any1 else flyin then ? hehe see you all there woooppp summer hols wooo
Footy - by Lynda on 14 Jun, 2007
For all those who want to watch the footy go over the road to Pacos bar he has sky, we watched the FA cup final when we were out there and also the Heineken cup final the next day. Cheap beer and a brill atmosphere (food is supposed to be good as well) my other halfs only complaint was his teams lost both finals !!!
There was no sky news but Paco was trying to rectify that when we were there.
Have a fantastic time everyone I would happily go back again.
Royal Park - by Janbo on 14 Jun, 2007
Returned 4th June. Overall we had a good holiday. Would recommend this holiday, but in another 12 months time, as there was a lot of rennovation work going on within the complex, apparently due to a high profile wedding that was to be held on the 9th June of Ex Olympic gold medalist, with Bulgarian president & Gypsey Kings in attendance(this was in addition to the building work on the other side of the hotel)It appears that one of the swimming pools had been filled in to make way for a ?beach bar & marqee?(For this wedding-not the punters!) The animation hall was in the process of being 'done up'(for the wedding!) so all the evening entertainment was either held in the Irish bar(underneath the hotel)very smokey, or the Galaxy nightclub, very dark & slippy floor. Whilst we were there, the road in front & up to the hotel was tarmacked & they were generally working flat out to get everything ready for THE WEDDING!would be very interested to hear from anyone that was there whilst the wedding took place.
Not everything that was advertised was available, one of the restaurants was closed,(Talyana) & no boat trips from jetty.
Food Ok, but quite repetative. (tasted better than it looked) plenty of pasta,chips, salads if you didn't fancy the Chicken, veal or pork (my daughters used to make themselves cheese on toast) There are 2 other restaurants available under the A.I.
1)The Sozopol, you have to book between 10 & 11 am of the day you wish to go (up the steps in front of the Galaxy nightclub, turn right & see the person sat there to book (Bulgarian a la carte food) & it was nice to sit a have waiter service. 2) Sunshine restaurant- same re booking- walk into the villas up behind the waterpark & eventually you will find it (Dont follow signposts -they are wrong!)
There are 2 animation teams, 7 1st choice entertainers, Nathan Luke, Carrie, Hannah very lively,great with the kids. The 'village' entertainment team also great, they put on some brilliant shows. Waterpark & beach great, saw dolphins several times. 2 other pools availabe within village. Lazy day boat trip was very good,(but pricey(£95 for 3 adults, 1 child) fishing & swimming,dancing, then they put on a lovely buffet lunch -great day.
Rooms very spacious, carpeted(But not hoovered?)
Lifts are a law unto themselves.
Taxi's outside, contracted to hotel - we discovered that if you walk a bit further towards Paco's there a more taxi's half the price!
Nessebar lovely, Sunny beach very commercialised.Watch your bags & do NOT buy anything or exchange money on the streets!!
We had a lovely meal in a beach restaurant in Sunny Beach & they still charged us to go to the toilet!
We found them to be quite crafty where money is concerned, be on your guard.
On returning, they tried to charge us for excess baggage(they said 1 case weighed 28 kilos), even tho it didn't come up on the display at that??? They sent all the cases threw THEN pulled us to one side. We refused to pay point blank, as there was less weight than when we came, no probs then & how could we rectify it when the cases had gone through? They eventually let us off but an elderley couple or someone else might be more vunerable & pay up. We weighed the case on return & it was acually 22 kilos. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH BAGGAGE WEIGHT ON RETURN.
Despite my comments we did have a good holiday REALLY!!
8 days - by laura on 14 Jun, 2007
WOOOOOHOOOOO 8 more days and counting xxx see ya ll there xxx
building work and pool - by colleen on 14 Jun, 2007
does anyone know when the building work will be finished, my family and i are going on the 3rd august for 2 weeks, is the pool filled in.
Royal Park - by Janet on 14 Jun, 2007
we are off to the Royal Park on the 10th Augsut. does anyone if there is anywhere in the complex where they show the football as it is the Manchester derby whilst we are there
water park - by chris from derby fly 30th july on 13 Jun, 2007
Emma, the whole hotel complex sounds fantastic . i havent been there before but a friend of mine has who i work with, he says its brilliant for kids . i do hope we see you there . it wont be long now ! just look for the derby shirts .WELL SOME ONE HAS GOT TO SUPPORT THEM HAVENT THEY !
2 weeks 25th may to 9th June - by Joanne & Co on 13 Jun, 2007
Hija I went with a family of 4 and took £500,but we really didnt need to spend that much we went a few nights to Sunny Beach,had massages and stuff.We had a ball the kids loved it, the weather was great,water park brill, food a bit repetitive but alright really.Beach lovely.The hotel was great.The Building work is on one side of the hotel but its not that bad it doesn't affect you at all.
clothes - by claire on 13 Jun, 2007
hey is there anywhere to do your washing as i don't want to bring loads with me? Also where are the good markets? How much would you recommend to bring for two weeks for an adult and a child? Thanks!!!!!
Royal Park - by June on 13 Jun, 2007
Please do not worry anyone who is due to go. Food a little repetitive, but hotel clean, towels changed every day, water park brillant. Weather fantastic and the beach beautiful and a stones throw from hotel. I had a brill holiday and my youngest wants to go back tomorrow. PS Don't like beer but enjoyed a few cold ones round the pool bar... beware as the week goes on spirits get larger (alcohol that is) enjoy anyone who is going, wish it was me and I am only back.....
building work - by Tracey on 13 Jun, 2007
does anyone know when the building work is due to finish?
Going On 18th June - Anyone Else? What is outside the hotel? - by Nick on 13 Jun, 2007
Hi, anyone else going to be there from Monday? Can someone tell me what there is within walking distance of the hotel? I gather not a fat lot. Also, if anyone reads this whilst staying at the hotel, can someone tell me if you can get goats milk, my kids are lactose intolerant. Can't wait (just have to get Fit to Fly certificate as my 10 month old son is getting over chicken pox)
how much money to take 4 2wks - by jan on 12 Jun, 2007
me and my family go to royal park on the 6 aug we all cant wait now soon be their ive read lots of reveiws and even found a video on the hotel it looks great so me and the family will be there in 8 weeks c u they
Holiday - by Hi Chris on 12 Jun, 2007
thats great i belive the water park behind the hotel is brilliant for the kids..have you ever been before maybe we'll see you there
fly 3rd aug - by jimbo on 11 Jun, 2007
With wife and 14 year old daughter , hope to see you all there
fly 30th july - by chris and karen on 11 Jun, 2007
hello emma, myself, wife and my family are flying out on the 30th july from Manchester with my 6 year old son 13 year old daughter and my 18 year old daughter and her fiance. may be we will see you there .....
Room charges for Nicky - by Paul on 09 Jun, 2007
Please refer to my review posted on 02 Jun 07.
to nicky - by amanda on 09 Jun, 2007
hi nicky its better to take lev than euro, and they charge about 23 lev an hour to keep your room on but you can only keep it till 6pm. hope this helps
Flying Out - by Emma on 09 Jun, 2007
hi I'm flying out from Dublin on the 27th of July with my boyfriend and 6 yr old son wondering is anyone else going around this time?
Money - by Nicky herts on 08 Jun, 2007
Hi can any one tell me what is the best currency to take local or Euro, also does anyone know what the charge is to keep ypur room on
Going on the 6th July - by Pad on 08 Jun, 2007
I am sure if the Bulgarian President is attending weddings there this place cannot be as bad as some make out ?

With all the negative and positive reviews it's hard knowing what to expect here !
Our Holiday - by Wigan Wood,s on 08 Jun, 2007
Hi, we are going out on the 2nd July. 3 kids (girl 7, boy 8 and the baby 10 months. Any one else going at this time? See u there.......:)
URGENT RESORT UPDATE!!! - by Alex on 07 Jun, 2007
For those travelling out this weekend here is an URGENT update.

There is a HIGH PROFILE wedding taking place on the resort starting Saturday afternoon and continuing until the wee small hours of Sunday morning (3-4 am).

This will involve closing 1/4 of the resort and it being patrolled by ARMED GUARDS. This is due to the Bulgarian President being is attendance. There is an outside disco involved in this so I'll let you be the judge of the noise. From all accounts it will be LOUD and LONG into the night. My advice...get plenty of sleep on the Saturday morning as if you are on the front of the hotel you will not get any on the night in question. Oh and top it all there will be not be any 1st Choice reps around until the Sunday morning as they are at their Reps Night Out.
holidays - by sandra on 07 Jun, 2007
hi we are going out on the 6th july from birmingham just wondering if anyone else is
Wonderful Holiday at Royal Park Hotel June 07 - by Julie, Adrian and Sarah on 06 Jun, 2007
One the best holidays ever.

The building work did not bother us at all as it was shielded and noiseless. The rooms were spacious and clean. Clean towels and beds made everyday. The food was nice but a bit repetitive. Children could sit at there own little Barbie table if they wanted with matching Barbie plates and cups. You can also choose to sit outside on the verandah.
First Choice offered a Mini club with activities such as chocolate party for 3 lev's/Jungle adventure where they made binoculars and played Jungle games/Design a label where they make labels and designed dresses. At night there was a mini disco which usually lasted about 45 minutes. After that it was Bingo and then either a quiz or game show. On the beach in the evening there is a bouncy castle 10 lev's and a trampoline 20 levs. Other activities were paint a pot (small charge) and mini golf 30 levs plus 30 levs desposit.
The resort is mainly just a Hotel complex, with Family based facilities and entertainment. Would not recommend for thoose looking for nightlife as we did not see one bar/restaurant.

The waterpark behind the hotel is free and you only pay for the sun bed at 5 lev's at each (but they dont always come round and charge). My 8 year daughter loved the childrens section of the waterpark with its several slides and tipping bucket. My husband preferred the larger 6 slides towards the back of the park.

The beach was lovely where you can easily catch Hermit crabs on the shore bed (dont worry they don't bite your feet). You can also hire Canoes at 15 lev's for a hour for 2 adults/1 child canoe. If you preferred a yaught for the family it costs 40 lev's. Banana boats and pedaloes were available but I dont know how much these cost.

We caught the bus the Sunny beach with cost about 2 levs each, however had to catch a Taxi back as buses were not very frequent 1hr and half wait between buses but could not understand the timetable to work out what time these arrived. Sunny beach has lots of things to do, like hire Motor buggy or 3 seater bike buggy for 10 levs per hour. Motion similators and plently of shops. However much preferred our resort as Sunny beach was scruffy and you get pestered all the time from people selling cherrys and children wanting to show you puppy dogs.

I would definately return to the Royal Park Hotel as it is a safe environment for families wanting family activities.
thanx kelly - by sandra on 06 Jun, 2007
thanks for the information u gave we fly out on the 6th july and looking forward to it we are not put of by some of the remarks given we think a holiday is what you make of it instead of worrying about what the bacon or sausages are like .lets face it its not england is it
lol - by jack on 05 Jun, 2007
HAHAHAHA @ Darryl...

i must agree with you mate on the whole sign language thing. We went to sunny beach and i was trying to find a public loo for my little one and trying to act out something i can only think made me look like a right nutter.

Who`s moaning? - by Darryl on 05 Jun, 2007
We had a great time at Royal Park.
Overall the resort is not 100% perfect!
There are many "minor" faults... All can be easily overlooked by someone wishing to have a good time!
BTW, this resort is in Bulgaria..... English is NOT their first language.
The staff`s "English" is a darn site better than my "Bulgarian"!!!!

If a Manhole cover is missing, just ask a member of staff to cover it! It`s actually quite good fun asking someone to do something in a foreign sign language! LOL
It is definitely not worth cancelling your holiday for! ... Unless you are "Hyacinth Bucket"... sorry "Bouquet"
Money and watersports - by MP on 05 Jun, 2007
Anyone know how much spending money to take for two adults + two kids.
Also - are there waterports at the beach and are they free?
Going on 22nd June. Cheers for advice
IM HERE!!!! - by kelly on 05 Jun, 2007
Hey sandra
Im currently in elenite staying in the holiday village. You can get beach towels for a small deposit but its advised to bring your own. The current exchange rate is 2.50

Really loving it out here would def recommend! Watch out for bell boys wen you first arrive as they tend to hang around for tips which aint to good wen you've only just arrived its 1am and u only have large notes. Apart from that no complains food is really good and always hot. If flying with 1st choice all trips are about 20 to 30 pounds each.
Dont Go - by Stu on 05 Jun, 2007
The hotel itself looks very nice and clean but thats about where it stops what can i say about the food well pig swill is mixed this aint. It was always luke warm you had to look for your bacon amonst the fat watch ur teeth on the grissle in the sausage and check if its even cooked properly the chicken is sometimes pink and slimey but the rep tried to say thats because its bulgarian chicken what the difference is i dont know but there was no way i was going to eat it. Im sure you get the point. Only one member of staff serving drinks at busy times but two or three when its quiet. this place will suit you if you want to dump your kids with the reps and go and get lashed
towels - by sandra on 05 Jun, 2007
hi first of all im glad all you people that have just came back had a fab time can anyone tell me please do you still need to take beach towels away with us or does the hotel supply towels for the beach and also what sort of exchange rate did you get there
Re-Jason - by Jack on 05 Jun, 2007
hiya mate you hit the nail on the head far to much moaning really cant understand why some ppl go on holiday. I promise you will have a wicked time. Like i said we got back 3 days ago and i have just booked a last min one yesterday to fry back for a week in 3 weeks time. Place is so cheap and even if it wasnt so what thats the whole point of a holiday going out and living a little. Hope you and your family have a great time bud! just CHILL AND RELAX and remember a holiday is what you make it!
to much moaning - by jason on 05 Jun, 2007
thanks jack for posting a decent review i fly out on the 18th from scotland and cant wait 4 of us 2A & 2C sounds like yous had a good time hope i can enjoy it half as much
FAB - by Jack on 05 Jun, 2007
Hey Hey..... Just got back and all i can say is i had a wicked time so much so that ill be back out there in 3 weeks. Its great place and its fab for the kids as you are right on top of the beach which means to dont have to carry bags and bags of beach stuff for miles you like well i have to most holidays we have been on. Building work? what building work...its there if you look for it but just be layed back and you will never notice it. The food was great no complaits from our 2 tables anyways yeah you might have to stand and wait for a table but hey you have to most of the time in macdonalds and burger king back home just dont let it bother youwe have 6 kids with us and i will say they have a great chill out attatude and that always makes your holiday kick off great

so all you guys who are heading off soon have a wicked time and them who go in 3 wks see ya there ill be with my wife and 2 kids all dressed in newcastle football shirts see ya!
Georgina - by Darryl on 04 Jun, 2007
That`s right, He came over for a quick chat after.
It was a fun night.... Shame some idiot made the floor very slippery by spilling beer on the floor! ........ !
thanks - by dave walker on 03 Jun, 2007
thank you to all the people who reported back from the royal park flying out to-morrow from shannon and great advice rec
DARRYL - by GEORGINA on 03 Jun, 2007
Lol. My bf says he knows who you are apparently you spoke to him that night. Lol sorry i didnt reconise ya lol
Overall review - by Paul from Kent. on 02 Jun, 2007
Overall I would rate this holiday at somewhere between 5 or 6/10!!
We are a family of 4 (kids 15 & 4) and although we had no Major complaints, we felt there were lots of minors. The reception staff speak very little English and during our stay, I would guess that at least 70% of guests were British! The other staff of the hotel speak even less English and apart from a few bar staff, they really do not like smiling or being polite, especially in the restaurant.
The food is quite repetitive and at some times took 10-15 minutes queing up for it. 90% of the breakfast food was at most, luke warm and I usually had to microwave mine! Desserts were slightly better and the ice cream (continuous supplies) was excellent with several flavours.
Generally we found them to be quite good, the rooms are fine, they get cleaned every day with fresh towels.
Some facilities were clearly not finished during our stay, they were working on the crazy golf at the front of hotel and the day we left we noticed some bouncy castles going up on the beach as well as the new bar.
Pools /Beach
The main pool was fine although there wasn't much organised activity going on in it. The water park is very good for all ages, there are no queues for the slides and it's free to use, although you have to rent the sunbeds/parasols approx. £2 per bed /parasol for each day and buy your drinks in there. We just went in for an hour or so and then headed back to the main pool area, it's only 2 or 3 mins stroll between the 2. The beach is lovely and very kids friendly, during our stay there were always plenty of sun loungers/parasols available.
The first choice entertainers were very hard working and good at their jobs and always had time to chat and offer advice. Luke, Carrie & Nathan seemed really nice people and were good fun. We left them in Paco's bar on our last night (just over the road from hotel, cheap beer, burger& chips etc & Sky Sports!!) and Luke was spilling his bottle of strawberry liquoer as he was trying fill up the 'shots' glasses for us, bit pissed, but hey, it was his only day off!! Some of the FC entertainers have excellent voices and are well worth going to their cabaret nights.
The building work is ongoing everywhere you look outside the hotel but this wasn't too much of a distraction. However, there is also building work going on at present inside the complex which you can hear! They are building a new bar/seating area close to the beach/pool and a new animation hall but we heard that these should be finished in the next couple of weeks.
Be very careful in the dining area and especially the nightclub as the floors get extremely slippery, many people slipped over!
Most toilets, especially at night are overused and usually stink!
Don't pay the extra to keep your room on when you leave. It costs approx. £50 and you still get kicked out of your room at 6pm. Ask reception the day before you depart for a 'courtesy room' and they will provide a room for you to use for 1hr to shower and freshen up before your flight home at no charge!
Keep a close eye on toddlers around the complex as some areas are not always too safe! I noticed a couple dangerous areas where there was an uncovered, below ground level storage area that a child could easily fall down and cause serious damage and not be noticed for hours!
To summarise, it was ok but would not recommend or go back, once all work has been completed it will be better!
just got back today - by amanda on 02 Jun, 2007


Royal Park Hotek - by Ian,Judith and Charlie-Newcastle on 02 Jun, 2007
Hi,everyone we have just got back this morning from our holiay at Royal Park what can I say;The two weeks were brilliant,weather inmid 80's,food excellent rooms cleaned every day hotel spotless and never really queued for more than two minutes any ehere.My partner is picky when it comes to food and we were more than happy at the variety and standard of food 9/10, location of hotel 10/10,service 9/10 value for money 10/10 I hope this puts all of you're minds at rest and you all have a fantastic time I would definately go back those who said other wise well they would probably never be satisfied where ever you sent them.Once again take it from me its a beautiful clean hotel in a great location enjoy it need I say more.
Alcohol - by Darryl on 01 Jun, 2007
Hi Lisa.
There is plenty of free alcohol.
They have liqour (Vodka etc), Beer (Australian lager is stronger!!!) and wine (red and white)
On busy days they only have one barman serving at the poolside bar, so it`s quicker to go into the hotel, wait for the lift to make up it`s mind where it want`s to go, make your way to the hotel lobby bar, get your drinks and go back to the pool.

Georgina. Yes I saw your boyfriend doing the caterpillar on the floor next to me, and then run off with the rep .... LOL!
Resort Feedback - So Far - by Alex on 01 Jun, 2007
In resort at the moment so here goes.

Starting from the top:


Hard going as they dont all speak english bu they do try, which is more than can be said for the First Choice reps.


Cleaned daily as are the towels.


Food is perfectly acceptable and plentiful. It is always replenished and is hot. Queues averages out at about 10 mins maximum.


Entertainment reps are very good and will entertain all day. The children reps are fantastic. Need I say more!!
The hotel reps are dreadful. If you want to book an excursion they are all over you like bees around a honey pot. If you have a problem or a question they are just plain not interested. Ask reception instead of them, you get more help.

And the biggest question:

Building work.

Yes it does exist but it is minimal. The odd drill or chainsaw in the background. Other than that it is quiet.

Weather sofar has HOT apart from one day that rained but other than that it has been gr8.

Hope this helps. Enjoy!!
THANKYOU!! - by Becca on 01 Jun, 2007
Just want to say thnakyou to those that have posted since coming back and put our minds at ease! I was still looking forward to going anyway but now I'm even more excited!! I will be boarding this time next week!!!! yipee can't wait!! Thanks again!
Royal Park Hotel - by Lisa S on 01 Jun, 2007
Hi, heard conflicting info about the all inclusive bits.. is there really no alcohol!.. gona be a very sober holiday if not.. any one please advise.. thanks muchly
Elenite Village - by Angela, Michael and Gang on 01 Jun, 2007
Hi all, have been keeping an eye on this site for a few weeks since we heard about the building works, Darryl and Georgina, Thanks for putting our minds at rest we nearly went somewhere else! now we look forward to flying out on our first family holiday on the 29th June.
DARRYL - by GEORGINA on 01 Jun, 2007
Hiya Darryl, well the TV theme night i must of missed you however you may have seen my boyfriend on the dance floor doing the worm and later grabbing the entertainment team ladies and running around the room with them lol
REPS - by GEORGINA on 01 Jun, 2007
The reps were really good there... My group made really good friends with Luke,Carrie, Hannah and not to mension the one and only Tara who had an amazing singing voice. It is the first time they have been to Bulgaria to do entertainment but alot of them are looking to move and work in different country's so i dunno if there will be all the same reps there. Saying that Luke and Carrie are a couple so i could see them staying there to be together....

SAM - by GEORGINA on 01 Jun, 2007
Hiya sam, im not sure on what you can bring back HOWEVER you cant spend Levs on the plane home (so i was left with 110 levs) and the bulgarian airport is so small has one duty free shop you could only fit about 10 people in at one time and a little shop to get drinks but you have to que for 20 mins to get one. So my advice to you is try to spend your levs as you will not be allowed it on the plane.

Hope this helped x
GEORGINA - by sam on 31 May, 2007
GEORGINA do you know what you can bring back with you??.
GEORGINA - by sam on 31 May, 2007
so glad you had a good time
Slippery floor - by Darryl on 31 May, 2007
Following on from Georgina`s "Slippery floor", the bathroom floor in the rooms, are also very slippery!!!
ADVICE.... Put a towel down before exiting the bath/shower.

There was 21 in our party, we went on the 21st May for one week.

Where do we start?

The hotel itself was a beautiful place it looked amazing both inside and out. It is situated ontop of the beach (with lovely sand unlike some people have commented) The hotel was always clean, maids cleaned the rooms and left fresh towels every day and i never once see any litter or mess on the floor it was cleaned straight away. So 10 out of 10 for that.

ENTERTAINMENT: Unforuntaly we went at the end of May and they did not have there thetre completely built so we didnt have the full entertainment we should of had but there was 21 of us and we made the entertainment ourselves. some of the younger ones in our party (between 18 and 21) befriended the entertainment team reps and spent most nights with them, having a drink once they finished work or going to the local bar down the road called Pakos. Which i can only describe a a little love shack looking place but had a good atmosphere and drinks were really cheap (if you go there make sure you try the cheesey chips) The entertainment team were brilliant, There was a girl called Tara who had an absolutly amazing singing voice - had her own caberet one night, if its on dont miss that she was excellent, The others like Luke, Carrie and Nathan were all up for a laugth and great fun.

DRINKS: Our lot did have a bit of a problem, i myself only drink diet drink and only drink Malibu (or equivelent) and three others in our group dont drink fizzy drinks at all.. They did not do fresh orange only still drink you could get at the bar was water, so in the end we were having to buy our own drinks to drink of a night time. Which we did not exspect to do with an all inclusive but its not really a major problem as drinks are cheap anyway.

SERVICE/FOOD: Not one person in our group complained about the food, there was a veriation each day and the pancakes at breakfast went down lovely every morning. Ha Ha. The service i must admit was a bit poor in regards to the Bulgarians working there they never smiled and dont speak much english. Which was quite unhelpful. However my partner learnt a few words such as "Strusty" which means hello "Blagadalia" which means thank you "Neddubray" which means not good and "chao" which means Bye which helped along the way.

WATERPARK: The water park was brilliant. We spent more time there then we did at the pool in the hotel as the water was warmer in the water park. However we had a situation with the life guards so keep an eye on your kids as the life guards seem to just be sunbathing and messing about in the water themselfs instead of doing there job properly. The slides were great fun for all ages. The orange slide was the better one as it goes really fast and shoots you of the end... Especially if your all oiled up..

ROOMS: Rooms were lovely could not fault them at all, very clean and lovely to look at. Towels changed and bed made every day.

BUILDING WORK: Nothing to worry about, never heard the building going on, and is situated behind the hotel so hardly noticable.

PROBLEMS: Yes sorry! we had our fair share of problems (then again there was 21 in our group so its quite alot of us) Although the floors were always being cleaned (which is a good thing) they were left wet all the time, and being marble was very dangerous. We met numerous people who had fell over in the hotel.

One night my nan who is 70 was walking out of the resturant (she is always careful of how she walks having had 2 major back ops) she slipped over on the wet floor and bruised all her arm, thigh, back anfd leg. She fell pretty hard and was shaken by it but did not want to worry anyone with going to see a Dr.
However the next night in the Nightclub, drinks had been spilt on the floor and my nan came from the dance floor and slipped on the wet floor, she cought herself on the raised platform and then the floor. A Dr was called from the medical centre which was luckily next door. They got her there and she ended up in hospital till 5.00 in the morning. She was put on a drip and x-rayed at the medical centre before going to hospital. They thought she had broken her hip and arm. Luckily after all that she was okay and allowed back to the hotel with only fractures not breakages.But was still very shaken up..... But for a 70 year old lady to have to go throught that was terrible especially as the hospital thay took her to was as quoted "a slaughter house" with operations going on in the hall way, people being stiched up in the hall and the Dr's going from one patient to the next with bloody gloves on.

Just letting you know so you make sure you are very very careful in how you walk around on the marble is dangerous.

Apart from that we had a fantastic holiday. Weather was amazingly hot, loads of activities to do during the day like killer pool, kayaking, electrical mopeds, vollyball, water polo, Football on the beach... They had loads for the kiddies during the day like trips to sunny beach and pizza and ice cream partys, the little ones from our group loved the kids clubs.

TATTOOS: Our group got 9 tattoos in total we got them all done by the Morris bar (Irish pub) The tattooist was called Adam and he was a top bloke. My partner designed his own tattoo and he copied my partners design and it looked brilliant. It is so cheap over there for tattoos its unreal my partner got a quote in england for 200.00 for his tattoo and it only cost his £55.00 in Bulgaria. The guy who does it Adam is very nice, he makes you feel comfortable and is very friendly, he only gets 30% of the money he makes so try and give him a little tip as he is a very nice talented man...Its well worth it.

I think that sums up our holiday. We had a brilliant time and met loads of great people out there. We would definatly go again but maybe in a few years when Bulgaria is more developed. Hope you enjoy your holiday as much as we did

x x x x x x
x x x x x x x

food - by nicki on 31 May, 2007
Booked a 2 week holiday for August. Have found the comments useful. Wondered what the variety of food is like at the Royal Park? Guide books seem unenthusiastic about Bulgarian food!? Didn't know anything about building work, any updates would be great :-)
Feedback - by Lauren on 31 May, 2007
Hello, Am flying to Hotel Royal Park Hotel on Monday 4th June. Really excited. Not too sure what to expect as have seen very different reviews. Only the two of us going. Where is the best place to go off the site to find pubs/bars/resteraunts? The weather looks terrible there, so hoping that it will pick up! Looking forward to any feedback! Thanks xx
drinks - by dan on 30 May, 2007
Hi can any 1 tell me how much booz and cigs we can bring back
Too many Walkers - by Dave Walker on 30 May, 2007
Well I will be there from the night of the 4th, Look out for a tall guy in a Reading shirt lol
Twilight Zone - by Sean & Jo on 29 May, 2007
We are going on the night of June 1st and my Wife's maiden name is Walker and she has an older Brother by the name of Dave, any guesses what her Dads name is ??? Yep its Dave too....See ya all there
LOL 2 Dave Walkers in the same resort! - by Dave Walker on 29 May, 2007
That could be interesting! 2 Dave Walkers in the same place!
royal park - by dave walker on 29 May, 2007
yes another dave walker also going on the 4th june from shannon ireland i am staying at the royal park for 2 weeks any helpful information
Elenite Hoilday Village - by Dave Walker on 29 May, 2007
Hey All, Have seen lots of good reviews about the hotels and resort, We are going on the 4th June for a week and staying in the Elenite holiday village can anyone comment on it? also read that the irish bar is all inclusive as well is this correct? Thanx
lisa - by sasha on 29 May, 2007
hiya lisa we go on the 22nd june
Lisa - by Darryl on 28 May, 2007
A Bulgarian troupe done Grease.
I didn`t see every venue so I may have missed School of Rock.

The reps done some singing and dancing a couple of nights .... I give `em 10/10 for trying. :-)
darryl - by lisa on 28 May, 2007
thanx did they do grease and school of rock this yr
Lisa - by Darryl on 28 May, 2007
The entertainment reps names were:- Luke, Nathan, Stef, Carie, Hannah, Tara and Errin. That`s all I remember

Danny. You get about 2.70-2.80
LEV - by danny on 28 May, 2007
hi can any one tell me how much lev you get to the £ there.
sasha - by lisa on 28 May, 2007
what date do u go on we go the 25th june
darryl - by lisa on 28 May, 2007
do u no if the entertainment team and kids reps r the same as last yr. do u no what u call them??
elenite - by hannah on 27 May, 2007
hi just got back from royal bay yesterday jus wondering if any1 knows if the same entertainment reps will be there next year.
Darryl - by tracy on 27 May, 2007
thanks for all your time Darryl
Elenite - by Darryl on 27 May, 2007
Hi peeps.
There are no ATM`s at Elenite. The closest one is in Sunny Beach.

As for the weather, it seemed to rain mostly at night. Sunday and Monday were the worst days, there was plenty of cloud cover, but the sun usually broke through in the afternoon.

Drinks.... There is a good reason why the beer is free. ........ They`d never be able to sell it!
The soft drinks are fine. (Pepsi, 7up etc)

Something else I forgot to mention, you can go for a walk up the hill behind the hotel, but it is hard going. It`s not something for people with walking difficulties to do. (Impossible for push/wheel chairs)
The treck up there can be interesting, with plenty of wierd bugs and giant ants to see (we even saw a Greek Tortoise). The view at the top is awesome.

Some photo`s for your enjoyment .......

fun - by sasha on 26 May, 2007
hi there darryl and lynda sounds like you had a great time. me and my family go in 4 wks cant wait! could i just ask what the weather was like as i have been loging on to bulgarian weather site and its saying RAIN RAIN RAIN!!!! there are 4 of us going for the 2 weeks i was just wondering how much spending money you would say for that lengh of time?

thanks very much x
atm's - by jimbo on 26 May, 2007
Cheers for the info Daryl and Lynda
Stopping at the royal Park in August, are there plenty of ATMs around, thats our prefered method of holiday cash?
Also has any one seen or stayed in one of the suites? and were the All inclusive drinks ok .
Would appreciate more info on Pakos , did they do food there?
Just got back - by Lynda on 26 May, 2007
Hi guys got back early this morning. Darryl has pretty much said it all, we four adults had a great time, the water park is brill lost count of the times we went down the slides (try doing the slides sitting up you fly off the end !) Watch the big red one the joins are a bit rough on the back. Darryl you didnt mention Pakos bar, he has sky so we watched the FA cup there. Go out the main gates and walk past the taxis take the dirt track slightly to your left about 75 yards on your right there is a shack with Pakos bar above it you will be amazed when you enter ! We went into Sunny Beach and personnally I think Royal Park and its surroundings (inc building work) was far, far better. Yes it was quiet at night but I think that will improve as the season progresses.
We used the atms to get our money, if not only use the banks or crown exchanges, they have a crown on their signs.
Another thing, when you go for a wee in Sunny beach you are expected to pay 50 stinkys (1/2 lev) even in Mcdonalds.
Dont accept strawberrys and cherrys from the gypsies they will not leave you alone trying to get you to buy, they are only minor things tho, we had a great time and we will go back hopefully next year.

Never got to speak to you Darryl but we enjoyed the table and chair dance as well that night !!
Lucy - by Darryl on 26 May, 2007
Hi Lucy. The waterpark was great fun ... Errr, I mean my kids thought it was great fun.
All the pools at the waterpark are shallow (1.20m at it`s deepest), and to avoid paying for sunloungers just sit on the chairs by the bar.

Give us a day or two, to sort a few things out, then I`ll post some more photo`s.
Darry - by lucy on 26 May, 2007
hi Darry glad you had a good time have u got any more photo`s of the Hotel?,did you go on the water park if so wot was i like.(
Darryl - by tracy on 26 May, 2007
hi Darryl thanks for that lots of help there,
I`ve just got back - by Darryl on 26 May, 2007
1) here is a photo of the building works from the pool :-

There was very little noise comming from the site.

2) There are no kettles or irons, but there is a hairdrier in the rooms.

3) The plug sockets are the same as the other european countries.

4) The Entertainment Reps are great,(esp. Luke and Nathan) but the transfer/hotels reps (Matt and the Ice Queen (I didn`t know how to curtsy, so I spoke to her as little as possible)) are both as much use as breasts on a fish!

5) In Sunny Beach beach, the exchange rate varies between 2.60 - 2.86 Lv (Use a bank or exchange shop. NOT the blokes who approach you in the street.)

Over all, this was a great holiday. If you are the type who intend to make the best of it, you will have a great time, but if you are the type who likes nothing better than to pick fault, you also will enjoy yourself.

The lifts have a mind of their own!!!!
There is a broken tile on the side of the pool (Just under the dinning hall veranda)
The Irish bar is about as Irish as a Fiat Punto. (NO Guinness!!!!!)

(BTW, I`m the guy who poured a full pint over my head, which won us the TV theme tune game) :-)
The food....... There is a variety of food laid out, but you will also notice that it`s the same variety every day.

Anymore questions please ask. If not, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :-)

looking for info - by Tracey on 25 May, 2007
Can anyone tell me if they supply hairdryers or irons in the rooms?
REPS - by JANET on 25 May, 2007
Does any body know what the reps at the Royal Park are like this year?
thanks alex - by lorraine on 25 May, 2007
thanks alex as i had not noticed the review before. me and my family fly out tonight and can not wait.
Any more people - by Alex on 25 May, 2007
If you look near the top of this page you will see a link for "Visitor Comment for Elenite". There are some comments from people in resort now and from people who have recently returned. From reading them they apprear to be VERY positive about the resort and complex.
any more people returned - by dave on 24 May, 2007
please give details on holiday a.s.a.p
help - by lucy on 24 May, 2007
hi there can any one tell me if you get a Iron, and Kettle. in the rooms?? thanks.
Alex - by sam on 23 May, 2007
thanx that will be good,have a gr8 timw.
Immunisations by Sean and Jo - by Alex on 22 May, 2007
If you are really concerned have a look at this site:
sara , alex by sam - by Alex on 22 May, 2007
We're there for 14 days. If I get the chance I'll post feedback during the stay but if I can't then I'll definately do it on the return. Also if possible I'll find a way uploading some building work images on my return.
Immunisations - by Sean and Jo on 22 May, 2007
First of all is anybody flying out from Gatwick on the evening of the 1st June (can't wait see ya there) also can anybody tell us as to whether you need any jabs etc.....
2wks - by sara on 22 May, 2007
hi sam we are away for 2 weeks,will post comment tues evening 12 june.
sara , alex - by sam on 22 May, 2007
hi hope you have a GOOD time, how long r u going for?? let us konw how you go on...
thnks - by Sara on 22 May, 2007
Hi emma thanks info, glad you had a good time, we go nxt mon, cant wait. Did you have good weather?
emma by Alex - by Alex on 22 May, 2007
Glad u had a g8 time. Your feedback I'm sure has put a LOT of peoples minds at rest...mine included. Off on hols on Friday so looking forward to this even more.
emma - by tracy on 22 May, 2007
glad you had good time,how was the Weather , and can you tell me did you get your lev over there? if so wot Exchange Rate did you get thanx.
just got back - by emma on 22 May, 2007
hi i just got back early this morning the hotel is spotless the building of the hotel next door was non intrusive the pools although cold the kids loved, the beech is beautifull look out for the dolphines in the mornings. the water park was great,the food was lovely. the downside was the evening entertainment was not that great,no little parks for the nippers no baby changing rooms.had a great time looking to book for next year. ps if you go to sunny beech watch out for the gypsies with puppys and kids begging as they will distract ypu and pick your pocket.
plugs - by neisha from kent on 20 May, 2007
what kinda plugs do they use over there?
for Lynda - by Georgina on 18 May, 2007
Hiya Lynda. Yeh look forward to seeing you how many of you are going?

We will see you out there, you will notice us all drunk of a night time!!!! Lol. Happy holidays! x
mrs l millar - by sam on 18 May, 2007
take a lok at that site,,,, .
have fun - by tatyrna on 18 May, 2007
have great fun all i have 5 wks today till i go cant wait bye bye

ps let us all know how you all get one
building work near Royal Park Hotel - by mrs l millar on 18 May, 2007
we would like to know about the building near hotel
Judith,Ian and Charlie.....AMANDA,LEE,JORDAN,RYAN,MAGGIE,RON,DEAN.MEL,TAYLOR AND JARROD - by tracy on 18 May, 2007
hi to you all just have a g8t TIME..
Royal Park Hotel - by Judith,Ian and Charlie-Newcastle on 18 May, 2007
Going tonight from the Toon at 7-40 cant wait hope its ok and building work is nearly complete but intend to have a real good time whatever faces us on arrival,see you's all there drink and enjoy and we will keep you's all informed those who have been on web site.
GOING ON HOLIDAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! - by Amanda on 18 May, 2007
Tracy - by Lynda on 17 May, 2007
We are only out there for a week. Will report back to you guys as soon as we get home. Looking forward to meeting the gatwick crew on the 21st. Have just got home from work, my holiday starts NOW !!!
Going on 21st - by Georgina on 17 May, 2007
Hiya.Im flying out Monday. We heard from First Choice its now in final stages of building work so should only be painting now...

Anyways there is 22 of us going from Gatwick on the 21st of May (this Monday) and we are all SO SO SO excited. So even if it does rain or it is noisey im sure we will all still havea FAB time!!!! We all know how to have fun so BRING IT ON BULGARIA!!!! WWWOOOOOOWWWWWW SEE YA MONDAY GUYS!!! hee hee x
Weather forecast! - by Paul on 17 May, 2007
I've been watching for about 3 weeks now and they have yet to predict a long range forecast right!!
I'm sure it will change again for next week! it better do as we're flying out Monday night!
Weather - by Darryl on 17 May, 2007
The weather forecast isn`t looking very good next week. Typical!!!
lynda - by tracy on 16 May, 2007
you got it lynda have a gr8 time, let us no how you go on. P.S how long are you going for??.
Lets stop worrying ! - by Lynda on 16 May, 2007
48 hours till we fly out and to be honest what is the point in stressing ? As long as there is no working going on when we hit our pits at whatever time then why cant we all just have a good time. I for one cant wait to leave for gatwick coz that is when my holiday starts. We wont know how bad or good it is untill we get there and then it'll be too dark to see anyway. So lets all have a ball see you there xx
THKS - by ? on 16 May, 2007
So much for fixtures and fittings that we was told. thks concerned tourist for website
Check this out - by Concerened Tourist on 16 May, 2007
check out the following web site and che the gallery
buliding work - by caroline jeffrey on 16 May, 2007
been on pc today and found out the name of the water park i put this in to the pc atlantida aquapark bulgaria and then went on to the link vg-developments and went to see the photos in the gallery of the buliding work,it looks really bad it lets you see how it is going month by month it is on the left hand side off royal park i am going on the 22nd june there are 11 of us going there is no way it is going to be ready by june 30
21 may - by paul wigan on 16 May, 2007
anyone going on the 21 may from manchester if so look out for the wigan shirts and we will have a drink or two looking forward to it wont let the building work spoil the holiday
Hotel Royal Park - by Janet on 16 May, 2007
Anyone else going in August.

I have a friend who has an apartment right next to the Royal Park and uses it 3 or 4 times a year. she has nothing but good things to say about it
Building Work! - by Paul on 15 May, 2007
We're going on 21st May, is the building work an issue? Any other teenage girls going to keep my 15 year old happy!
clare - by sam on 15 May, 2007
Hi so glad you had a good time hope we do to, did you get your lev over there? if so wot Exchange Rate did you get. i will let you konw how we got on, going 8th june can not wait.
Question for clare - by maria on 15 May, 2007
Hi there sounds like you had a great time we go in 37 more sleeps hahaha sound like a kid dont i. So how much money do you think you need for a week? do they use euros or lev? and did you change money over there reading the reviews lots off people suggest that.are there any markets and if so are they any good and cheap?

thanks sorry for all the questions but im stsrting to get excited and want to know everything hahah

maria xx
Question - by sara on 15 May, 2007
hiya clare glad you had a fab time, where were you moved to? were flying out in 13 days. First choice cant tell us if were being moved say too early yet.
prices - by jimbo on 15 May, 2007
What prices were you paying for drinks and food this year??
Sam Holiday review!!! - by Clare on 15 May, 2007
Hi Sam, got back in the early hours of this morning after a fab week. Didn't manage to visit elenite but there is a lot of building work all over the coastal areas. We had no problems at all, the weather was beautiful and we will definately go back. I'm sure the works have been exagerrated and if the Royal Park is as lovely as where we stayed you will have no complaints. My boyfriend went to vegas earlier in the year and he said he enjoyed Bulgaria more!!! Everything is very cheep and if you are using taxis get a price before you ride don't use a meter. Have a lovely holiday and i look forward to seeing the reports of how things are in elenite.
have fun - by may,lewis,carter on 15 May, 2007
hope you all have a fab time those going the nxt few day. were off in june so will be looking for all the reviews when you all come back......have fun luvs the apies family
summer hols - by sandra on 15 May, 2007
hi we have booked to go on july 6th from birmingham is anyone going then and does anyone know if the building work will be finished by then
re towels - by clare on 15 May, 2007
I've not heard, so i'm just putting acouple in at the bottom. If you don't i'm sure that you can buy some while you are there!
Hi,it may seem daft but does anyone know if hotel supplies beach towels as i have been told they might,see ya all on friday.
Not long now! - by Clare on 14 May, 2007
4 days and counting. really excited just got to get everything in the cases.
newcastle - by macy on 13 May, 2007
anyone leaving from newcastle airport on the 22nd june?
darry - by tracy on 13 May, 2007
thanx for that
cash - by Mark on 12 May, 2007
Hi ppl take bout £30 in lev and the rest of ur spendin money and change it @ a bank in sunny beach, hope u all have a gr8t hol was goin 2 this resort but changed my mind went 2yrs ago an absolute wicked time then but got letter bout buildin work so changed location so i could have a hassle free hol,so all have gr8t time and let me kno if i missed out........
Tracy - by Darryl on 12 May, 2007
I have been advised to take only a few Levs, to see us through the first coupla day`s. And take some Stirling cash and change it in Sunny Beach.
Building work - by Nicky on 12 May, 2007
Any update from anyone re this hotel re building work going in July
currancy - by tracy on 11 May, 2007
we are going to the royle park in the first 2 weeks of june, can anyone tell us what is the best currancy to take , the £, euro , or lev. and if it is better to get money changed over there
One week to go - by Darryl on 11 May, 2007
This time next week I`ll be on the plane, along with "Mrs me" and the two "sawn-off savages" 8 and 10 (What silly names to call yer kids!)
2 weeks to go - by lorraine on 11 May, 2007
hi two weeks to go for me. we fly out on 25th may. have two kid 9 and 10y. looking forward to it
20 days to go.......... - by Sean & Jo on 11 May, 2007
Looking forward to Royal Park Hotel Elenite, is it as good as they say for kids as we have a 4 year old and a 8 year old?. Is there any kids the same sort of age as ours going?
Bit worried about construction work...
See you all there on the 1st June HAPPY HOLIDAYS
Hard hat or not ???? - by Lynda on 10 May, 2007
Like the rest of you I have had a letter from First Choice advising me of building work and have been wondering what to do for the best. Well....I rang First Choice yesterday and I have been told that there is no need to worry as the building work is away to the back of the hotel, they are building an ampitheatre ! There is also internal work going on, on a building to the other side of the hotel. The very nice man I spoke to in customer services assures me that we will not be sipping cocktails by a pool full of rubble, shrouded in dust and deafened by heavy machinery. So I might just leave the hard hat at home and chance it. Roll on the 18th I just need a holiday and at the end of the day its what you make it, the four of us are up for it so we'll see you all at the bar!!!
18th may - by amanda on 09 May, 2007
fly out next friday, had no more letters or information from first choice to say they are going to move us to another hotel, so hopefully buliding work is not going to be that bad, looking forward to going, and will not let it spoil our holiday, so roll on next week .........
sara - by julie on 09 May, 2007
Hi sara,

I fly out on the 28th as well with my daughter who is 3
Holidays! - by Sharon Walton on 09 May, 2007
Probably last chance before we fly out on Friday, I'll post a comment when we get back to let you all know how bad (?!) the building work really is. First Choice haven't contacted us again (they contacted us in March and we declined to move, bad decision or not, we are yet to discover) so fingers crossed. Weather's sunny anyhow. Will see some of you there! P.S. Gary, forgot to tell you the best bit, when we went in late 2004, beer was only about 50p a pint in Sunny Beach (even though you're all inclusive, it's cheap enough to go out a few nights) and the dreaded swimming pool cocktails were 2 4 1 at a price of £2!!! Legless for £2, who can beat that!! Ta ta for now.
julie - by sara on 09 May, 2007
Hi julie I have contacted my travel agent aswell, they told me as I have 3 weeks left before we go, not to worry, we go on the 28th May, how about you?
building work - by julie on 09 May, 2007
can anyone please tell me if they are being moved from this hotel due to building work, have called my travel agent who basically said like it or lump it or pay up to get hotel/resort changed
building work - by emma on 08 May, 2007
hi just caught up[ ,on the bulgarian gossip i fly out next monday evening and as of yet have not heard anything more about work being done has anyone else who is going about the same time
kettle in the room - by , on 07 May, 2007
there are no kettles in the rooms
money - by Tracey on 07 May, 2007
Hi I'm coming from dublin on the 17th aug for two weeks with my daughter 7. Can anyone tell me how much money do you need for two weeks and if there's a kettle in the room?
Clare - by sam on 06 May, 2007
thanx Clare,hope you have a g8t time out there let us no how it go`s
Hi Sam re building work - by Clare on 06 May, 2007
HiSam, sorry only just seen your message they said there is still heavy machinary in resort and therefore first choice have chosen to move everyone, we fly out tommorrow so if i get a chance to see what it's like i'll let you all know, i was gutted they moved us but we'll make the best of what we're given!!!!
Feedback - by Sara on 06 May, 2007
Anyone been yet? If so whats building work like? And is the pool warm? and are lilo's allowed? 3 wks for us to go and counting
Rooms - by Alex on 06 May, 2007
1st time going and looking forward to it...just a daft the rooms have kettles in them? Oh and are there many mosquitoes?
currancy - by tracy on 05 May, 2007
we are going to the royle park the first 2 weeks of june, can anyone tell us what is the best currancy to take , the £, euro , or lev. and if it is better to get money changed over there 4 a better exchange rate..thanks
danny - by jon on 04 May, 2007
not been b4
jon - by danny on 04 May, 2007
8th june..............
jon - by danny on 04 May, 2007
hi jon im 12 and my sis is 14 we r goin on the 8th hav u been b4??
travellers cheques or cash? - by carolyne on 04 May, 2007
Hi, can anyone tell me if there are facillities at the hotel to change travellers cheques, or would it be better to take cash. And are their safes? thanx
Elenite ''Royal park'' is the best! - by Natasha on 04 May, 2007
Hi!Me and my family went to bulgaria last year,and we're going this year as well.Because we loved it there.Also my dad got a tatto there for only 200euro.Royal park is the best
28th May - by Jon on 04 May, 2007
Hi anyone age 14 going?
elenite - by sandra on 04 May, 2007
hi can anyone tell me what the royal park is like ive heard good and bad reports been to sunny beach liked that so thought about going back to bulgaria but a different part.
hi clare - by amanda on 04 May, 2007
hi clare we are also flying from manchester on 18th may about 9pm, i also have two kids 8yr and 4yrs, maybe meet up for drinks, not long to go now ......
Buliding work etc - by Clare-Lincolnn on 04 May, 2007
Hi, my family and I (2ad 2ch 4&6) are due to travel on the 18th from Manchester. I have contacted first choice re the buliding work and they have told me that the work was not too close to the hotel, but they did not have any info about it being behind schedule. so we will have to wait and see, and like everyone says it's what you make of it..... see you all there! only 13 days to go and counting.
irish bar - by gary on 04 May, 2007
cheers sharon for all your help u have made twelve people happy and believe me i will try one or two of them cocktails
Royal Park, Elenite - by Sharon Walton on 03 May, 2007
Hi Gary. From memory, I think the Irish bar is the all inclusive one and if it is, it's a good night. They have all the usual all inclusive drinks and it gets packed out. There is also an international brands bar (it was newly opened when we first went) which is okay but not usually anybody in, because we all prefer free beer! Only draw bar is that you get your drinks in plastic cups, my husband resorted to retaining a pint pot from the paying bar and taking it with him, says it tastes better!! As I said if you want to venture out, Sunny Beach is probably your thing and easy to get to, especially if there are 12 of you sharing taxis!! Enjoy your holidays,we had many a drunken night out - try a cocktail called "Swimming pool", you literally do drown in it, we only managed two each and wobbled all the way back down the Sunny Beach prom at 8pm!
Flying from manchester 25th may - by Joanne from Manchester on 02 May, 2007
Hija We're a family of 4. 7yr old boy and 14yr old girl,we're really looking forward to the break.we dont care about the building work just hope the weathers ok.Anyone elso going from manchester? we'll see you there.
Who cares - by Geordie-Newcastle on 02 May, 2007
Well just over 2 weeks to go for hols,cant wait got hard hats just in case;will enjoy ourselves what ever hurdles may stand in our way,as long as everyone has a real good time when they get there then it will be a great holiday for everyone see you's all there on 18th of May,Geordie.
Royal Park - by Kai on 02 May, 2007
Im due to go out to the Royal Park hotel in elenite at the start of July, my girlfriend is part of the first choice entertainment team in resort and went over last week to prepare for the start of the season. Hope you all have a good holiday, maybe see some of you out there. Kai x
16 days to go - by Amanda on 02 May, 2007
time has gone so fast, really looking forward to going, building work or not, i won't let it spoil my holiday, there seems a bit to do there, and we could always go into sunny beach, which i'm told see a great place to visit, so all you going around the 18th may should all meet up and have a great time, see you all soon from amanda :-)
to Clare ...Building work - by sam on 01 May, 2007
hi clare did thay say how much the Builing work is behind schedual have a good time.
hello - by lorraine on 01 May, 2007
is any one going on 25th may. i am going for two weeks
cash points - by lorraine on 01 May, 2007
hi sharon. thanks very much for your comments. have put my mind at rest on that front. have a great holiday
stasia - by michelle on 01 May, 2007
Hi stasia,
Im am going there on 7th sept for a week with my hubby and two kids 3y and 5y and also with my brother,his wife and their two kids 3y and 18m.We'r coming from newcastle.How about you?
Hotel Royal Park - by Janet on 01 May, 2007
What is the sea like here. i have heard there is a strong current is it safe for children. we are going August anyone else goint then
irish bar - by gary on 01 May, 2007
sharon can u tell me what the irish bar is like? cheers
Royal Park, Elenite - by Sharon Walton on 01 May, 2007
So many questions to answer!! We went in September 2004 and have booked to go on the 11th May. We also now have an 18 month old daughter - from what I can remember the two shops on site sell nappies and definitely cow's milk, not sure about powdered. If they don't you will definitely get them in Sunny Beach which is 15 minutes drive away. I'm going to buy a pack of nappies at Boots once we have checked the luggage through. There is a shuttle bus from outside the Royal Park and it was only about 30p each way. There was also a taxi rank outside the hotel and they will take you for about £5 each way, barter! There are loads of cash points in Sunny Beach too, they take most English cards including Electron. Clare - you have concerned me slightly regarding the building work, we were contacted by First Choice a few weeks ago and decided not to move, they have not contacted us recently! If I can help anyone else, let me know. Enjoy your hols!
are there any cash points there - by lorraine on 30 Apr, 2007
hi i am going on the 25th may for two weeks. i am going with hubby, 10 year old girl, 9 year old boy, mum and dad. are there cash points out there to get money. please can any one help as it would be a great help. would like to hear from anyone else going on these dates. i am looking forward to it and keeping an open mind. it is the kids first time on a plane and aboard.
Building work - by Clare on 30 Apr, 2007
We are due to be staying here from next monday (7/5) but have recieved a call from our rep today. Builing work is behind schedual and therefore first choice have decided to move us. We are now going to be staying in Nessibur but will be getting a couple of hundred pounds back for the inconvenience. Hope you all have lovely holidays and i'll let you know our experiences when we get back.
best places - by LUCY on 30 Apr, 2007
hiya my name is lucy and im 14 this is the first tym to Elenite bulgaria. im wnting to no what the water park is like behinde the hotel or where the best places to the a good tym are. eg water park theme parks or a nice place to have a look at or shop:) markets. thnk u x.x
irish bar - by gary on 30 Apr, 2007
I know there is a few people due to go on holiday. I would be very grateful if somebody would keep me informed about the bars what they are like as special the irish bar because 12 of us is going in august thanks from the geordiehotpot
Reply to Andy Wood - by Anne Jones on 30 Apr, 2007
Hi Andy I am going to Royal Park Hotel in July also with my 18 month old girl and am desperate to find out what is available there to cater for little ones. I don't have a baggage allowance for my girl so need to find out if I can buy nappies and milk locally? Please let me know if you get a reply
Our holiday in July - by andy wood on 30 Apr, 2007
Hi all, our family of 5 ( 40, 37, 8, 7 + the baby)will be here from the 2nd July for 2 weeks. Our youngest will be 10 months old and we are worried about the availibility of things for him (nappies, food etc). If anyone can post information about this, or even email we would be very gratful. Looking forward to seeing anyone there.
far to Sunny Beach? - by katie on 30 Apr, 2007
Hi, im just wondering if its a long way to go from Elenite ti Sunny beach? scared that we will gt bored after a week of relaxing at the hotel, we love to shop and dine at different places so is this the right place for us? LOVE FROM MUM, DAD, LITTLE GIRL AT 5
anyone going to be there 10-17th sept - by stasia on 29 Apr, 2007
hi there really looking forward to our hol in royal park, never been but with a 3yr old and a 1 yr old it sounds like a fab place for kids so if they're happy we will have a great time, would be great to meet up with anyone going there at the same time regards stasia
irish bar - by gary on 29 Apr, 2007
can any board tell me what the irish bar is like and what do thay serve. cheers from geordie gary
shuttle bus - by Sara from devon on 28 Apr, 2007
does anyone know if there is a shuttle bus that takes us to the main resorts???????????. 30 days to go. Can't wait
fun - by karen & stu on 28 Apr, 2007
thanks to everyone on here who has left a comment, u r all so going 2 have a good time matter wat if there is a bit of building work still going on ... so wat if the food is a bit iffy 2 some .... so wat if the towels don,t get changed every day...we r all going 2 have a really good time wat ever u so glad i,m going there with my family . and we r so going 2 have a good time .... no matter wat ............. we go the 1st june for 2 weeks....c u there xx
8 weeks or 56 days to go lol - by D on 28 Apr, 2007
cant wait really looking forward to it. wish it was time to go now!
to all you going on the 22nd june ill see you all there and in sure we will all have a fab time never mind any building work going on
Bulgaria in 92 days - by l i l m i s s c o k e on 28 Apr, 2007
im going to bulgaria on 3rd august 2oo7 with my friend and her parents im so excited!!! we're staying in the royal park hotel xx
Going August 2007 - by Julie on 28 Apr, 2007
Very worried about the mixed reviews, but intend to have fun and go with an open mind. Taking my 13 year old daughter any families going around this time?
LESS THAN 3 WEEKS TO GO - by amanda on 28 Apr, 2007
8 weeks to go - by caroline jeffrey on 27 Apr, 2007
hi all we went royal park 3 year ago had a good time went 2 duni last year great hotel but royal park better for kids we took £500 for 5 of us for 1 week come back with £300 to all that is going in end of june lets have a great time x
royal park - by gail on 27 Apr, 2007
Everyone that is going to the royal park hotel this year hopefully will right a review about it as i have booked for July 7th 2008 as i got such a good deal and couldn't resistit we are going for 2 weeks.We are going to the hotel Petra Mare in Larapetra in Crete this year all inclusive.We were at Bulgaria last year and we stayed in the rui helios in Obzor and we really enjoyed.
re- lisa - by lacy on 27 Apr, 2007
are the trips expensive? and are the clothes?
money - by lisa on 27 Apr, 2007
i took £800 for me and my lil girl i spent it all but done alot of trips and bought loads of clothes and gifts
£$£$£$ - by tammy on 26 Apr, 2007
i took 600 with me and brought 200+ back with me and again that was with 5 of us its so cheap but great fun!!
re- ££££££-lacy - by michelle...from durham on 26 Apr, 2007
hiya Lacy
i went last year i took £950 with me for a family of 5 i came home with just over £700, and i bought loads of stuff (like copys but very good ones ) for my boys i also spent a bit of that in the airport also. The place is lovely and all of you who are going you will have a great time we have been 2 times to the royal park but we mostly stay at sunny beach. You will all have to make sure you go there they do a great market on a wed and a sat there great for ur "copyies"
well hope that answers your question anyways

bye for now ENJOY EVERYONE
Sam - by Darryl on 26 Apr, 2007
Roger Wilco, Sam. :)
to sam - by Amanda on 25 Apr, 2007
hi sam thanks, will have a great time, and won't let anything spoil it, will tell you all about it when we come back, but for now looking forward to going, so thanks again and you have a good time when you go . .. ..
TO Emmam, Amanda ,Darryl ,Geordie - by sam on 25 Apr, 2007
hi to you all hope you 4 hav a g8t time out there on the 18th,plz come back on this site to tell us all about it drinks.pool.water park,ext. but most of all have a G8T time.sam
Travelling 28 may - by Sara from Devon on 25 Apr, 2007
Anyone travelling from Bristol airport on 28th May. Going with husband,15yr old son, and 12yr old daughter. We cant wait.
building work - by chris from derby on 25 Apr, 2007
i have been in touch with first choice holidays about the building work , i travel on the 30/ July 2007 and they say the work WILL be finished by June and there will not be a problem at all after that time ?
shop - by Anne on 24 Apr, 2007
Please can you tell me if there is an onsite shop or nearby one that will sell milk? I am coming to Bulgaria for the first time this summer with an 18 month old toddler and just wanted to know what sort of grocery shop is close by that would sell baby products?
If you go down to the woods today! - by Darryl on 24 Apr, 2007
Does anyone know if we can go for a walk through the woods, behind the hotel?

BTW. Tickets arrived today .... WOO-HOO!!
reply's - by lisa on 24 Apr, 2007
janet the bbq restaunt is nice but u need to book early.
lacy its very cheap so u wont need to much money unless ur like me and love to shop.
royal park hotel - by Geordie on 24 Apr, 2007
Roll on 18th of May going to enjoy myself whatever happens,hope all the Brits get on together and make it a great holiday especially the kids lets show them how to enjoy have a good time.
fun days ahead - by emma on 24 Apr, 2007
Got the tickets ,got the sun lotion got a new cossie just need the holiday to come a bit faster.
Hi Anne-Marie - by Caroline on 24 Apr, 2007
I'm going on 28th May too. Going with my husband, 11yr old daughter and 8 yr old son. There for 11 nights and can't wait. Where are you flying from?
24 days to go !!! - by Lyn on 24 Apr, 2007
Tickets arrived this morning am really looking forward to going. Bring on the JCBs will not let a bit of building work spoil my holiday. Roll on the 18th May see you all out there X
travelling on may 28 - by anne-marie on 24 Apr, 2007
hi, am travelling on may 28 for 2 wks with my husband and nearly 5 year old. Really looking forward to it. Anyone else going that time?
counting down the days - by amanda on 24 Apr, 2007
not long to go now, we are going on the 18th may, and meeting up with emma and family from who we have met on this site, cannot wait, so all of you going around the same time let's all have a great time and not let anything spoil it, see you soon !!!!!! :)
airport - by michelle on 23 Apr, 2007
If your on about newcastle airport,then yes iv been as i live in tyne and wear.Im going from newcastle to bourgas/royal park september.x
££££how much do i need £ ? - by lacy on 22 Apr, 2007
hi im off there end of june for 2 weeks with my family theres 4 of us all together.I know we are on a all inc holiday but i was wondering if anyones been b4 and how much money did they take and use. i dont wanna take to much but also to little so please help me someone! we are going 4 2wks.

im leaving from newcastle airport(anyone else? never been to this airport b4)

ttfn xx
Building works and Kettles - by Darryl on 22 Apr, 2007
We had the letter about the building works, and were a little worried, but you folk have put my mind to rest. You seem determined to have a good time, so we will too!
I have heard there are no kettles in the rooms. Is that true? (we must have a caffine fueled kick start in the mornings)
BTW, we`re going on the 18th May (from Brum) see you there!
whats the panic!! - by allison from glasgow on 20 Apr, 2007
just found this website, was booking for next year and looked at all the rubbish reviews!! no panic!! my friends a travel agent and has booked loads to this place!! family, friends the lot some people just like to moan!!
Thanks Lisa - by Janet on 20 Apr, 2007
Thanks. do you know anything about the other resturants that are included in the all inclusive. would you receommend them
all inc - by lisa on 19 Apr, 2007
with all inc. drinks food snacks and ice cream are free tho its worth bringing extra money as the clothes r so cheap. the water park is free but u have to pay for sunloungers and drink
Thanks Sam - by Emma on 19 Apr, 2007
Thanks for letting me know Sam, When are u traveling over..i hear there is a water park behind the hotel that if u are all inclusvie u can use for free
fly from manchester 30th july for two weeks - by chris from derby on 18 Apr, 2007
holidaying with my family, The wife 18 year old daughter her boyfriend , 13year old daughter and son 6 years old . a friend of mine went to the Royal Park last June he had a fantastic holiday and says its brilliant for children .he says the sea is so warm and not very salty ?He says it gets a bit chilly at night does anyone know if its the same in July / August . is there any body going on this date and maybe from Manchester ! We cant wait it wont come quick enough for us . we just hope some of these bad reviews are people just moaning about nothing ! Im just focusing on the good ones .....
emma yes i have - by seamus on 17 Apr, 2007
hi emma yes ive heard about it there build a few thing near the hotel.
they are hopfully goin to finished by june the 30th all being well. does any one no anywhere good and fun where i can take mi kids while im there they are 14 n 12 . .thnk you SAM
Building work - by Emma on 17 Apr, 2007
Has anyone received letters from there travel agents to say there is a lot of buliding work going on around the hotel i havent myself but have read other comments on diffrent sites of people who have received letters. Im a bit concerned going over the 27th of July and dont want to be sunning myself on a building site
What is not included - by janet on 16 Apr, 2007
Can anybody tell me what is not included in the All Inclusive at this hotel trying to figure out how much money to take
Hi Emma - by Amanda on 16 Apr, 2007
hi emma, cannot wait to go looking forward to meeting up with you, even better that we are the same age, hope to keep sending messages until we meet up from amanda
hi amanda - by emma on 16 Apr, 2007
there is 5 of us my hubby,my 15 year old, my nine year old,and my 18 month old i am 32 also
baby?? prices?? - by Jess on 15 Apr, 2007
hello everyone, hope someone can help me...i am going to the royal park hotel in the beginning of july and will have my 9month old little boy. and didn't know how much it would be to buy nappies wetwipes etc out there?? but i would want to buy brands like huggies, pampers johnsons etc...also swim nappies...but i don't know wheather to just take some out with me then find their a lot cheaper over their!!! hope someone can help...many thanks Jess
queries - by michelle on 15 Apr, 2007
Does anyone know what currency it will be in september and any sort of idea what weather to expect?also is anyone else going in september?
please help - by sara on 15 Apr, 2007
for those going on holiday soon, can you let us all know how building work is going! Also is there internet access at hotel? Thks Sara
hi tracy - by amanda on 13 Apr, 2007
hi tracy, when are you going on holiday? we are going on the 18th may, may be we could meet up too if your going around the sam time !!!!
August - by janet on 12 Apr, 2007
Is anyone else going in August
Weather - by Janet on 12 Apr, 2007
We have just booked for August 07 and wondered if anyone knew what sort of weather to expect.
royal - by ryan on 11 Apr, 2007
could any1 tell me how much roughly how much you would spend in 2 week?
whats the entertainment like. is there plenty of shops and bars outside of the hotel? thanks
Waterpark!!! - by Gillian on 11 Apr, 2007
Hello everyone i have been to this hotel 2 years in a row and there is nothing wrong with it. Infact its been the best holiday i have been on. There is a water park and it is goooood. There are 5+ chutes/flumes, massive pool and a childrens pool with a climbing frame thing in it. Only thing is you have to pay for your drinks and beds. ENTRY IS FREE. Just leave your stuff beside the beach and walk over its a 1 min walk (if that). Hope this post has been helpfull to some of yous and enjoy your holiday. im sure you will.
to emma and amanda - by tracy on 11 Apr, 2007
hi to you both when are you 2 goin hope it the same time as me?
to emma - by amanda on 11 Apr, 2007
definately meet up, how many is there of you going, there is 10 in my group going age range betweeen 4 - 57 i am 32, how about you ?
hi amanda - by emma on 11 Apr, 2007
look forward to having a drink and chat when you arrive hopefully reviews from my brady bunch will be a lot better than some i have read.
sue. birmingham - by sam on 10 Apr, 2007
hi sue and all the rest it must be good if you are going back??
when are you going in june and can you tell me how much LEV you get to the £, is it better to get it here,or when your there. see you there.
feed back - by michelle from tyne and wear on 10 Apr, 2007
many of the comments i have read about this hotel are not very good,i hope its just a case of opinion!I am going with my husband and two children 3 and 5,on 7 september and im hoping my opinion is a good one.I went to an all inclusive hotel last year in salou and had a dreadful time and payed a fortune for it.In a way i wish i never read the feed back about this hotel as it feels as if history is going to repeat itself,but i am pleased that at least there are a few positive feed backs.When you lot go in june,could you please send your feed back and advise me on where's good and where's not ect...
YOUR HOLIDAY IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!so they say but other peoples advice and opinions can sometimes help!
Thankyou and hope you all have a fab time.x
royal park - by sue. birmingham on 10 Apr, 2007
20 of us went last june ages ranging from 2 yrs to 55 yrs, we had a fantastic holiday. i was very put off after reading other comments but it turned out to be a great holiday, we are all going again this year in june as we enjoyed ourselves that much.
fun places - by [x] . lucy . [x] on 09 Apr, 2007
hiya my name is lucy and im 14 this is the first tym to bulgaria. im wnting to no what the water park is like behinde the hotel or where the best places to the a good tym are. eg water park theme parks or a nice place to have a look at or shop:) markets. thnk u x.x
holiday - by andy on 09 Apr, 2007
Hi all, we are going here from the 2nd july 2007. The first we have heard about the building work is what has been posted here. Gonna assume all will be completed for then if the travel agent aint been in contact. Could anyone pass on when the works have finished when they return please? Have a great holiday.
good - by adam on 08 Apr, 2007
we went last year to this hotel and didnt have a bad wod to say about it, dont know where all the bad reviews were from. P.S, HAS ANYONE ELSE STAYED IN ROOM 690? LET ME KNOW. THANX
building work letter - by sara on 08 Apr, 2007
we received a letter about the work being done beside Royal Park Hotel. We fly out on the 28th May,we are not going to let it ruin our holiday. See you there
Still Looking forward to it!! - by becca on 06 Apr, 2007
Hello Me, my partner and 3 children are going on the 8th of June, we got the letter about building works but if its due to complete by the end of June surely it can't be that bad now??!! anyway were still gonna have a good time!! anyone else going then?
to emma not sam - by Amanda on 05 Apr, 2007
sorry put wrong name in meant to put emma from bristol
to sam and anyone else going around 18th may - by Amanda on 05 Apr, 2007
hi sam were going on the 18th may will see you there, been as you are going on 14th, we should meet up for drinks and you can tell us the best places to go from amanda and group
Caroline - by sam on 05 Apr, 2007
HI Caroline hope you hav a r8t time,, let us all know how it go` s
Building work - by Caroline on 05 Apr, 2007
If it's true that they're upto painting and decorating already then there shouldn't be anything to worry about. We go on 28th May and we're really looking forward to it. Hoping to make lots of friends!!!!!
building work - by SAM on 04 Apr, 2007
building work - by luv_lilies on 04 Apr, 2007
i was told yesterday that the building work at the moment is at the painting and decorating stage. the only thing thats making it a level 3 is that there is still sum scaffolding.

was also told that you'll only be able to see the building site when you approach the resort, once your there you won't be abe to see it becasue its on the other side of the hotel.

The travel agent told me that there is no heavy machinery anymore and virtually no noise. its just decorating.

can u help??? - by lea on 04 Apr, 2007
does any1 no wat d nite life is like 4 young people? we r goin in sept.
can not wait - by danny on 03 Apr, 2007
Hi im 13 going to the Royal Park Hotel with my mum dad and sis can any of you tell me all the best place`s to go??hope you can thanks ...danny
waterpark - by sam on 03 Apr, 2007
hi all can not wheat till we go my to boys are 14 12 years old.... can any one tell us if the waterpark is any good?? goin on the 8th june any one goin then
Royal Park - by Marion on 03 Apr, 2007
Just received my letter ref: building work, obviously I am very concerned as I am taking my 3 year old girl with me.
Been trying to get through to travel agent with no success. I'm really concerned now and would appreciate any feedback, as I really do want to go and not sure if I will get another holiday at this late stage as going in 8 weeks. I so hope this is not the holiday from Hell.
building work - by Emma on 02 Apr, 2007
hi all i am flying out from bristol on 14/05 i am going to enjoy holiday come rain or shine my kids cant wait its what you make of it.
WHO IS GOING ON THE 18TH MAY? - by Amanda on 02 Apr, 2007
Who is going on the 18th may or round about then, a lot of people dropping out, a holiday is what you make it, so let's all just have a great time, and make the most of it, hope to see you there!!!!!!!1
bottled It - by Mark on 02 Apr, 2007
to all those i have chatted to bout this hotel i really hope u all enjoy i was there 2 yrs ago and it was brill but have been on other sites and been told building work is 30 mtrs from hotel so changed today going another resort soz but completely bottled it want hassle free holiday so plz all enjoy and have a wicked time..........................
waterpark - by sam on 02 Apr, 2007
hi all can not wheat till we go my to boys are 14 12 years old.... can any one tell us if the waterpark is any good?? goin on the 8th june any one goin then.
lev - by jim on 02 Apr, 2007
yer thanx mark..
building work - by luv_lilies on 02 Apr, 2007
me and my boyfriend booked this holiday in january and i just got the letter concerning building work.
I have just rang them this minute and they confirmed that the building work is in stage 3 (1 being low construction work, 5 being heavy building). I am going on the 4th June and she said on the phone that by then it will be nearly complete (decorating etc.) so there wont be many heavy vehicles or as much noise.
they'e said they'll try and place us away from it but this isn't guarabteed and we were also offered 'free of charge' amendments, but we've been looking forward to this holiday for months and aren't changeing it.
As said below, a holiday is what you make of it and i think the attractions of this resort more than make up for a little building work (of which is expected of a popular resort area).
Hope eerone has a great holiday regardless.
re caroline jeffrey - by Emma on 01 Apr, 2007
caroline i spotted your message about the change in times, could you confirm I havent recived anything stateing this yet only got letter about building work
lev - by Mark on 01 Apr, 2007
To Jim, bout ur query bout the lev jim u will get a better rate out there but use a bank,(much better r8) only take enough to last a couple of days to get u the essentials and to get to the bank, also take new and unmarked english as they might not except it ... hope that helps.....
amada - by Mark on 01 Apr, 2007
sorry amanda ment to say we flyin from brum actually come fron nottingham well wife does im from scotland but wot the hell.. soz bout the confusion.....
hi mark + missus - by Amanda on 01 Apr, 2007
where about in brum are you from, we are from the yardley area, and going on 18th may too, but flying from manchester, how about you and will see you there from amanda and group,
lev - by jim .leeds on 01 Apr, 2007
can any one tell me how much lev you get to the £ in Elenite thanx.
Building works - by sam ,from mansfield on 01 Apr, 2007
hi any one just been? as im goin ion 8th of june is the Building works bad?.
let me no 1st holl in 8 year`s.
lets make it work - by Ian,Judith and Charlie ,Newcastle. on 31 Mar, 2007
Like Mark says,if we all enjoy ourselves from the start of holiday then the fortnight ahead will be great;fair enough its not what we expected to hear regarding building work but hey get on with it and show others the Brits know how to enjoy themselves,we may be pleasantly surprised when we get there and meet up.
Not bothered - by Mark on 30 Mar, 2007
Me & misses still going on 18/05 from brum sod building works waited 2 long for this urgently need break not going to let bit of noise spoil it. Cu All there.... (49 DAYS to GO)
building works - by Alex-Newcastle on 30 Mar, 2007
Phoned Airtours today regarding building work;they told me work is in main stages on 2 hotels and within 30 feet of Royal Park Hotel,there fore there would be noise and a lot of dust from site.They could'nt guarantee everyone a room away from viewof site but would try to get me a room even though I have already paid for a sea view when I booked my holiday.They wanted to fob us off with another hotel in sunny beach the Yabor Palace similar price but half board and pool view did'nt say where sea was in accordance with hotel,took 20 minutes to get through and another 10 mins on phone.
nightmare at royal park hotel elenite - by lisa lancaster on 30 Mar, 2007
were not a family to complain but that was the worst holiday of my life. we went august 2006 there was 13 of us 5 were kids.the hotel it self looked perfect but it wasnt were do i start.when you went down for breakfast no tables had to hang a round till one was free ,you had to try and eat your food with all the other pots still on the table and bits of left overs stuck to the table cloths.there were no cups,plates,bowls and sometimes no food left.the staff werent freindly so when you asked for stuff you got a dirty look.all of us got the trots and sickness for the all 2 weeks thats included nearly all the other guests. all they had for the kids to eat for the 2 weeks was fishfingers,turkey drummers and chips.the juice they were drinking was undiluted orange and blackcurrant what they was just pouring in big dispensers.we went to the bar to get a drink he told us no glasses so we couldnt get a drink.the chicken i had one night was pink and some of the other meat wasnt cooked either so we never touched the meat again ,actually we never ate in the resturant again we got a taxi everynight to sunny beach so we could eat and that was 15 pound there and back.there is a little hut were you get pizzas from we were waiting 20 mins there,you had to wait all the time ,which people dont mind for 10 mins but not 20-30 mins.i would never go back to the hotel or infact recomend it to anyone
Going 18th May - by amanda on 29 Mar, 2007
we are still going on the 18th may and really looking forward to it, lets not let the building work spoil our fun, i am going with my husband our 2 kids, the in laws and brother in law, his girlfriend and her 2 kids, come from birmingham but flying from manchester, anyone doing the same? all you going on the 18th may see you soon !!!!!
first choice - by caroline jeffrey on 29 Mar, 2007
hi sammie first choice has still got room's left
online bookings - by Ian-Newcastle. on 28 Mar, 2007
Hi Sammie,Airtours have vacancies on line;there are 30 rooms empty for 18th May if you are interested.
Royal Park Hotel - by Sammie on 28 Mar, 2007
Soo many people have said this place is horrible but when i went 3years ago- well it was perfect esp if your all inclusive theres like 20resturants to eat at! bars right next to the beach and lurvely pools and pool bar trying to go again this year does anyone know where i can see prices online for this hotel????
Building works/Refund - by Sharon on 28 Mar, 2007
Hi Lisa

Just to let you know we had a full refund with no problem.
flight change - by caroline jeffrey on 27 Mar, 2007
11 of us going going from newcastle did you no that the flight from newcastle is now 2040pm just got letter from first choice about buliding work not looking to good
re caroline jeffrey - by jake mathews on 26 Mar, 2007
we are going on the 22nd of june flying from newcastle how about you?
building work - by ryan on 26 Mar, 2007
date is now 26/3/07. just being to first choice to find out whats happening. i really really wanna go here being looking so forward to it. they said its 10 meters away from the hotel. due date to stop is 30th of june.a prediction!!! we go the 18th. really worried what to do. they scaled it on a 1-5 basis 5 being worse, its a 3!
BUILDING WORK - by LISA on 25 Mar, 2007
levs - by caroline jeffrey on 24 Mar, 2007
hi it is levs when are you going in june and where are you flying from
££££££ - by jake on 24 Mar, 2007
erm could anyone tell me are they using the euro or the lev im off there in june?
building work - by milly on 24 Mar, 2007
Where off to the royal park on the the 22nd june with a group of 10, there are 4 kids ages from 7-1yrs
we are all really looking forward to going. When you think of bugaria its just starting to make a name for itself so im sorry to all of you who are moaning about the building work but its something you have to expect, i always go to places in spain every year and what do you find when you get there....building work....its all pary and parcle of everyone wanting to go to the same place on holiday they have to expand.
building work - by caroline jeffrey on 24 Mar, 2007
iam going on the 22nd june with 10 off my family i think the building work will be fine i went to royal park 2 years ago & i dont think the 2 new hotels will be to close to royal park as they is no room to close the room that was they has now got a water park on it we had a great time lots to do for the kids
OMG - by beccy on 24 Mar, 2007
im so worried after reading this about building work, we are going 22nd of june from birmingham. we are going in a group of 13 and 4 are all under the age of 3 the last thing i want is to have the kids disturbed by builders. I really hope this is cleared the time i get there cos if not i will be complaining to first choice!!!!
BUILDING WORK - by M JAMES on 23 Mar, 2007
Party - by Mark on 21 Mar, 2007
Anyone going on the 18/05/2007 only 58 days to go so on the 19/05/2007 its time 2 party lets all meet and ENJOY...
28th May 2007 - by Nicky on 21 Mar, 2007
Just started looking at this site, due to go on the 28th May for 2 weeks. We have not got a letter about the building works yet. So starting to worry, this happened to us 2 years ago when we had booked in Fuertevenua, we cancelled! Not sure what to do this time.
building work near hotel - by shazd on 21 Mar, 2007
After getting the letter I phoned 1st choice's offices in england, they confirmed that the scale of the building work was at present a 3 (it goes from 5 being the worst to 1 ),
we go on the 28/5/07, so hopefully it won't be to bad, but your holiday is what you make it so ENJOY, I am.
Advice on building work - by Jean and Billy on 20 Mar, 2007
Has anyone just got back from here who could give us an update on the building work around Elinite.I cant see it being that close to Royal Park as there is little land to build on next to it.If its due to be finished by end of June it must be finishing touches by mid May hopefully.
Royal Park Hotel - by Sue on 20 Mar, 2007
Going from Birmingham 18/05/07,any one else going then,like Geordie says lets enjoy it ,its had really good write ups and fabulous reviews in the past and looks great on website;as long as its warm ,clean and friendly thats what makes a good holiday.
Building work - by Geordie on 20 Mar, 2007
Hi we're going 18th of May from Newcastle and we intend to make the most of our holiday;lets all get together and have a real good time even if we need to wear our hard hats who cares.
Going 18th May what will it be like - by Amanda on 20 Mar, 2007
Have read so many reviews, many of them to be good, and now we get a letter from first choice saying they are doing building work, and that it won't be finished until the end of june, will try not to let this spoil my holiday, going on the 18th may for 2 weeks there is 6 adults and 4 kids in our group from birmingham, hope to see some friendly faces x
Building Work - by Clare and Andy on 20 Mar, 2007
We are going to Royal Park Hotel on 7th May and after speaking to our local 1st choice have decided not to move. The building work is in resort, NOT in the hotel and as we are all inclusive this should not really affect us. All hotel facilities will run as usual, hopefully we will have a great time and look forward to experiencing this fabulous hotel.
Building work - by Clive on 19 Mar, 2007
Been in touch with our local first choice office who confirmed that the work was taking place . They were however very helpful and we have cancelled and will be going to Menorca instead , about another £100 but anything for a decent holiday . To people still going to Royal Park I wish you well and will be reading the posts with interest around May to see if I over reacted or made a good move .
HOTEL ROYAL PARK - by Ian,Judith and Charlie ,Newcastle. on 19 Mar, 2007
We are going on 18th of May from Newcastle,nothing is going to stop us having a good time as a holiday is what you make it;drink and be merry and dont let little things upset us thats our motto,see you's for that drink 18th of May enjoy yourself for today yer a long time dead kidda.
Building Work - by Mark on 19 Mar, 2007
Sod the building work i know its a pain but been to this hotel b4 so dont let it spoil our hols, lets all meet up 4 a drink those that are going on 18/05/2007 and enjoy ourselves....
Royal Park Hotel - by Jane on 19 Mar, 2007
have been let down by first choice. We booked our holiday 6 months ago and have only just been informed about the building work, then first choice weren't going to give us a full refund or do anything to help us get a new holiday. MY ADVICE DONT BOOK WITH FIRST CHOICE.
Building work - by Sally Hill on 19 Mar, 2007
I am due to be staying at the Royal Park at the end of May and am very dissapointed to have received the letter regarding building works. Has anyone just come back who can advise what the work were like?
Building Works! - by Helen on 19 Mar, 2007
Just been reading the comments about the hotel with interest. I am due to go to the Royal Park on my honeymoon at the end of trying to get in touch with First Choice as it's not an ideal first holiday together if it's a building site! My fiance has never been abroad and I hope this doesn't spoil things... :-(
Building work - by Clive on 18 Mar, 2007
Hi , After reading the comments posted by Ian about the building work I am a bit concerned . I have had no notification from first choice and want to know if anybody else has heard of anything . I will be contacing first choice to find out whats going on , as I don't really wish to take my family to a building site for a holiday .
Building work - by Ian on 18 Mar, 2007
Hi,regarding building work around hotel,I have just received a letter from First choice telling me there are two hotels and an aqua park being built right next to the Royal Park Hotel.They have informed me work will be completed end of June but until then from 8am-6pm every day builders will be working to complete them and hotel will try to move me to a suitable room as we are going on May 18th during construction time.
building work - by tony on 17 Mar, 2007
going on the 15/6/7 is there any major building work going on around this hotel and if so how did it effect your holiday
money/jill - by m.beattie on 14 Mar, 2007
hi jill take enough lev to last the first couple of days,take english money and exchange it in sunny beach(better exchange rate) at a bank or hotel take money thats in good nick as they are funny how the money looks at the bank..
Royal Park Hotel - by Sam on 13 Mar, 2007
This Hotel is Brilliant!!!! - by Andy on 13 Mar, 2007
I stayeed at this hotel last year and it was absoulotley fabulous! I would deffinatley recommend it to anyone. One of the great fetaures was the onsite shopping village wich sells about near enough everything. And the great choice of bars and clubs aswell. Although one downside is that if you brake something i.e. a glass you end up paying about £5 for it! (rip off)and dont leave anything vauluable lying around, because the bulgarian workers will have it. Im telling you this from past experience
weather in May - by claire on 13 Mar, 2007
hi my family and I are visiting this hotel at the end of May 2007 can any tell me what weather we could expect to see, and is the sea warm? after reading reviews I think I am looking forward to the holiday although I am a fussy eater. Thanx
buckets!! - by Sharon on 13 Mar, 2007
No need to take buckets and spades, we visited in 2004 and the shop on site sold all sorts of contraptions for the kids to play with, very cheap, average £4 for a super duper thingy!! We're going back in May also, see you there!
weather/money - by Jill on 13 Mar, 2007
Hi everyone,I'm going to Royal Park Hotel in may has any one been in May that can tell me if its hot or not,also can you use euros here as i have been told not just the lev,Jill.
re- silly question - by mel on 12 Mar, 2007
hi sara we were told the same thing i have 3 kids going with us and i think the time you pack all the suitcases thats the last thing you want clogging them up. so can someone tell us is this true or not? mel :o)
silly question - by sara on 11 Mar, 2007
I know this sounds a daft question but could anyone tell me if you can get bucket and spades, the woman in the travel agents said that we would have to take our own
Royal park - by louise on 11 Mar, 2007
hi, out of all the holidays i have been on, this one has been the best by far, there is alot of fun stuff for children and teenagers to do and you will never get bored. the meals and water park is fun aswel. i am going back again its a wounderful place!
Water park and entertainment. - by Zoe,Mel and Joe. on 10 Mar, 2007
Hi,we are all around the 12-13 years age group going to Royal Park in June is it any good for us young uns,anyone got any experiences of the hotel that is of any use to us thanks.
WaterPark - by Georgina on 10 Mar, 2007
Hello im Georgina, i may be going to hotel royal park in august with my brother 17 and sister 12 can anyone tell me if there is alot to do? and is the water park any good? thankyou x
Royal Park - by M Beattie on 03 Mar, 2007
TRUST me i have been all over the world on holiday and with the forces, i NEVER do the same holiday twice but this place is UNBELIEVABLE i am going back this 18/05/07 its spectacular.
Royal Park, Elenite - by Sharon Walton on 28 Feb, 2007
Just to say, we stayed at the Elenite Holiday Village in September 2004 and used the Royal Park for our meals as the holiday village wasn't brilliant although it was what you made it. The Royal Park is a totally different kettle of fish, the food was lovely and the restaurant is lovely and clean. We enjoyed the holiday so much we have booked to go 11/5/07 for two weeks but staying in the Royal Park, we've also now got a 1 year old daughter and have no reservations about taking her to this hotel/resort. Must do's are visits to Sunny Beach and Nessebar, don't bother going with the organised trips, it is so easy and cheap to get around yourself. Don't worry, Nikki and Stephen, as I say, we went as a couple and had a ball!!
Royal park hotel elenite - by Elaine Abbott on 26 Feb, 2007
Hello Luci ... Dont worry about what to do in July We are going 16th July ..... thats me and 4 sons age 20, while hes there, 16, 141/2 and 41/2 we went last July too and it was brill
Excellent Hotel and resort - by SAB62BLUE on 26 Feb, 2007
My husband and myself are going back to the Royal Park for the sencond time on 18th May 2007 - 1st June 2007. We went 2 years ago and it was fantasic, the hotel is like a palace, the beach is georgeus, plenty to do, entertainment was great. No need to worry about bad reviews it's a fab place.
royal park hotel - by faye on 25 Feb, 2007
after reading these comments I am sure that people must be commenting on two different hotels,there is a royal park hotel in a different area of bulgaria aswll as elinite,we are going there next year and I cant wait.
Royal park - by Thomas on 24 Feb, 2007
it was a great holiday near by was a water park which i always went in and the entertainment was great who ever is goin there will have a great time
revie - by l irvine on 23 Feb, 2007
fab hotel great fab great fantastic

any-one going on 18/5/07-1/6/07 - by charlie on 06 Feb, 2007
Hi,Im,going with me mam and dad on the 18th of may i'm 11years old is any one my age going there or has been before that could tell me what its like and if its okay,charlie from Newcastle.
any-one going on 18/5/07-1/6/07 - by charlie on 06 Feb, 2007
Hi,Im,going with me mam and dad on the 18th of may i'm 11years old is any one my age going there or has been before that could tell me what its like and if its okay,charlie from Newcastle.
belle reply - by sheff!wed! on 30 Jan, 2007
there was one building site in 2004 but its done now it was the royal park being built and its finished i went 2003,04,05 and in 05 i stopped in that hotel id recommed it. also m goin back this year in 2007 from 15th may to 1st of june is anyone else ggoing at that time? just look for sheffield wednesday shirts lol!!
forget bad reviews! - by sheff!wed! on 30 Jan, 2007
zorb its a busy place and isnt it weird i go to the resturant at 10.30 usualy and i get a seat even if it is busy. maybe ur mrs should remember her knifes.
luci dont worri - by sheff!weds! on 30 Jan, 2007
dont worry luci i went last year which was my 5th time to elenite you have plenty to do im only 13 and its awsume theres loads and loads of things to do and to keep you entertained im going back this year and you shouldnt worry is great. theres fit lads as well. lol
age?? - by luci on 23 Jan, 2007
hi. my mum has booked a holiday for july . i am worried i may find it boring and have to spend the week with my parents.i am goin with my mum , dad and sisters aged 13(twins) and 15 i wil be 17 .can any one help and tel me if it is that bad? am i goin 2 be bored? is it worth me goin or havin the house to myself?? xx luci
Bad reviews - by tracey on 19 Jan, 2007
Am going on the 17th aug for two weeks am worried about the bad reviews is it really that bad?
dont knock it til u try it - by the mettletons on 15 Jan, 2007
On reading comments on the Royal Park i was a bit worried about going but we went on the 23rd June 2006 for 2 weeks. There was 4 of us 1 being a child age 7 we all had a great time. The kids clubs and entertainers were great the kids reps were all good fun and very nice esp Crazy Ciara and Nutty Natalie. The food was ok there was always something u could eat n we had no trouble at all. The hotel was very clean cleaners always working! We had the same maid for the 2 weeks and she was very nice not being paid much we left her a tip of 80 lev around £25 you thought she won the lottery as they only get around £80 a month wages. We had such a good time we have booked for 25th June this year. Sunny Beach is great for shopping n clubbing and its only 20 lev by taxi ask for venci he is very nice and can talk good english.A holiday is what u make it! Hope u all enjoy ur hols as much as we did. Need ne more info u can email me
dont knock it til u try it - by the mettletons on 15 Jan, 2007
On reading comments on the Royal Park i was a bit worried about going but we went on the 23rd June 2006 for 2 weeks. There was 4 of us 1 being a child age 7 we all had a great time. The kids clubs and entertainers were great the kids reps were all good fun and very nice esp Crazy Ciara and Nutty Natalie. The food was ok there was always something u could eat n we had no trouble at all. The hotel was very clean cleaners always working! We had the same maid for the 2 weeks and she was very nice not being paid much we left her a tip of 80 lev around £25 you thought she won the lottery as they only get around £80 a month wages. We had such a good time we have booked for 25th June this year. Sunny Beach is great for shopping n clubbing and its only 20 lev by taxi ask for venci he is very nice and can talk good english.A holiday is what u make it! Hope u all enjoy ur hols as much as we did. Need ne more info u can email me
right choice? - by Nikki and Stephen on 14 Jan, 2007
have just booked up today for the Royal Park, 2 weeks just the two of us.. seems children orientated but that doesnt bother either of us, what does is the bad reviews i have just read. tummy bugs etc dont exactly add up to a good holiday and im now totally confused as to wether or not i have made a good choice? need honest reviews asap please!
royalpark hotel - by the james family on 12 Jan, 2007
we are going on 22nd of june hope we have fun my kids are looking forward to going have learnd a bit of bulgarian hope it helps
hiya - by Emily n emily on 10 Jan, 2007
we dont like your hotel because you show off!
great hotel - by caroline jeffrey on 07 Jan, 2007
hi i am going on 22nd of june for 2 weeks with 9 off us we went there 2 years ago and had a great time lots for kids to do we have 3 kids coming with us aged 15 9 and 6 we went to duni bulgaria last year fab hotel but not a lot for kids to do as long as kids are happy we are happy so here's to a great holiday see you all there
june - by Donna on 30 Dec, 2006
booked to go on the 22nd of june 2007, theres 10 of us going encluding chidren ages 7,4,3,1. Im hoping that its nothing like some of the horror storys i have read on here.if anyone has any pics that they have taken themselfs and could inform me of what the kids clubs and entertainment is like. bye for now x
Hotel comments - by Gill on 19 Nov, 2006
Our family went in July and thought it was fab. There were five of us, two adults and three kids and it can be a problem getting three pieces of pizza. That aside we had fantastic adjoining rooms, very clean and spacious. The watersports were excellent for the children, 13,8 and 7 all did various activities and felt really well looked after. The club reps were great, really funny and entertaining, nothing was too much trouble. The kids club even ran on certain evenings doing movie nights. The best can't leave the stretch of beach as it goes nowhere and the entrance has a guard on the gate to check if they are of a suitable age to leave by themselves. We are definately going back. Best wishes to all that travel there. Quick tip - avoid the sunbeds on the paved area if they are by a drain!!!
FAO Marnie & Ivan - by sarah on 08 Nov, 2006
Hi - we have also booked for next August and are taking 3 x children aged 2.5 years, 12 years and 13 years - we have booked the holiday through a friend who is a travel agent and as yet she has had nothing but positive comments !!!! so fingers crossed.
Might see you there !! We go Aug 17th 07 for one week.
Don't Worry Marnie and Ivan - by Clive on 06 Nov, 2006
I have to say I was very worried when I booked my holiday and then read certain reviews. I can honestly say that my Holiday in Bulgaria was very nice and I thought that the Royal Park Hotel was a really nice place. The only thing I would say is due to your childrens ages, they may find Elenite a little boring if you are staying longer than one week. feel free to email me at if you want anynore honest feedback, although it's only my opinion. If I don't hesr from you, have a great time.
Royal Park Hotel - by marnie and ivan on 29 Oct, 2006
have just booked to go to the Royal Park in August 2007. Are very pleased to hear positive comments but were a little worried to hear negative comments. Have two children will be 12 and 14, have had 3 bad holidays in past years and are pinning a lot on this holiday. Please could anyone advise seriously and honestly whether we have made a good decision or not!! Many thanks.
royal park - by diane mick and aimmee on 08 Oct, 2006
we stayed at royal park 22nd sept till 7th oct, the only regret was to read customer comments on here, what a load of rubbish as i was petrified going. we went for our honeymoon and took our 8 year old aimee with us.what a great hotel we got welcome bags and staff showed us our room wow we had sea veiw lovely room very spacious and spotless.all i can say is dont listen to moaners go and make your own mind we had great food good entertainment and NO trots or drips would go back to this hotel anytime dont forget to try pacos outside enterance gates lovely food if you get peckish late at nite they do take out till 1am good for karyoke excellent holiday made loads of friends
hotel - by anderson on 03 Oct, 2006
we stayed at this hotel from the 25 th september untill the 3rd october 2006
arrived in the early hours,hotel was impressive on arrival even gave food bags out and water, rooms were clean and bed half made up. breakfast on wednesday was lovely a wide selection or cooked foods also cereals toast ect. pool was very cold in fact the sea was better apart from swimming with jelly fish. food semi edable on wednesday night and got worse and worse for the rest of the week. we were a party of 9 adults all apart from one got sickness and diahorea we were not the only ones even they were dropping like flies. money was also going missing from our rooms but it was only pound coins that went missing. by saturday lots of the amenaties were closing down. a bar near the sea front that served pizza,chicken in a bun and drinks closed there bar down so no more drinks from that bar area. animations had leaky roofs you had to avoid the puddles while trying to walk in the dark, galaxy bar also had this problem people were slipping and slidding all over the place and a i dont mean dancing.we had to pay 5 leve to go on the pedlos which we were told were free.went to see dr they asked for insurance details or £50 cash up front per person per visit.we were told we would be put onto drips to get fluid into our body's. fluid was not the problems the food was. asked would i go back to this hotel not on your life. be carefull of the pick pockets when getting on and off the buses also when you are on the bus they tried to pick one old chaps pocket and he laughted at them because he had nothing in them.
15th sept till 30th - by cheryl noel sophie and alex on 30 Sep, 2006
We got back on the newcastle flight early this morning. We were impressed with everything, especially after reading the reviews prior to going. Food fine, our room was cleaned every day and fresh towels etc couldnt fault them. Good holiday Enjoyed sunny beach more but pleased we went
Royal Park Hotel - by Dawn & Chris Gibson on 28 Sep, 2006
We were very pleased with the Hotel. Had a giggle when we experienced 2 power failures though!!! Food was good. Plenty of variety. Local beer isn't bad either!! Good entertainment for both children and adults.
Royal Park Hotel - by Dawn & Chris Gibson on 28 Sep, 2006
We were very pleased with the Hotel. Had a giggle when we experienced 2 power failures though!!! Food was good. Plenty of variety. Local beer isn't bad either!! Good entertainment for both children and adults.
Royal Park Hotel - by Dawn & Chris Gibson on 28 Sep, 2006
We were very pleased with the Hotel. Had a giggle when we experienced 2 power failures though!!! Food was good. Plenty of variety. Local beer isn't bad either!! Good entertainment for both children and adults.
The Best - by Alexandra Bradford on 21 Sep, 2006
I have to say that this is one of the best hotels i have stayed in. There is alot to be improved, a few spainish managers and some more staff and it would be prefect. Its have a brillant view from most hotel rooms. Also it has a privite beach, free waterpark and mini market. I went to elenite in the summer hoildays with my husband and two children we all loved it. Best hotel for us ever ... go there its a hoilday to remember!
Royal Park Hotel - by Simon Geoghegan on 21 Sep, 2006
Fantastic setting.
Lovely views.
Great varied food.
Great place for a family holiday. Great hotel very secure and as safe as an embassy we lived like kings for the week, lovely beach plenty of beds, try the canoe's Ä3 an hour, beer great, brandy as good as hennessy's, whiskey all good 7up pepsi ect, take the boat trip to Nessebur excellent place, we did not like sunny beach at all.
Bad Points
Only went for a week would have loved two weeks my fault no other bad points except the maggie moan a minutes. The whole holiday was a pleasure. The hotel, food and staff were all great.
General Comments

Please ignore all the bad reviews you read about the Royal Park Hotel the only people who annoyed us on our holiday was the MOANERS chips are cold we don't like this we don't like that let them prepare food for a large number of people and keep all of it hot, the bar staff are wonderful yet people complained I only got 2 drinks at a time (you only have two hands). I had no problems getting six drinks at a time and please respect these people they try to understand all languages and they look confused when they don't understand us so some people label them arrogant they are also on very small wages Ä125 per MONTH so please tip them it will make a difference my old saying you be nice to me and I will be nice to you simple, make your own holiday don't moan get on with enjoying yourself,by now it will be chilly in the evenings bring a coat or jacket drink brandy at night to keep warm,if you dont enjoy this hotel and setting stay at home in future,we never used the pools as the sea was warmer,we had no tummy bugs or drips,dont over eat or drink but enjoy yourself,
royal park - by soozie on 19 Sep, 2006
To Diane, Mick and Aimee....I stayed at this hotel from the 1 sept untill the 16th, please ignore all the bad things, the only thing I have to say about it is. it's fantastic!!cleanliness is spot on, the cleaners never stop, the food is nice ( I'm a fussy eater) bar staff especially in the irish bar are great, entertainment in itself just to sit and watch them all night. I don't understand why people give it a bad report, I think they forget they are in a foreign country and their standards aren't as ours are. The hotel itself is magnificent, I have stayed in a lot of hotels in my time and I must say this is one of the best, The weather was good to us we had sunshine the whole fortnight but it does turn cold in the evening!! light coat or cardigan needed. I hope this has put your mind at rest, have a good honeymoon....
royal park - by diane mick and aimee on 19 Sep, 2006
flying from newcastle on 22nd getting really worried about so many bad reports anyone got any recent good ones please please as it is our honeymoon
our hotel and the weather - by mrs zorb on 19 Sep, 2006
Weather crap again
Still lukewarm........
Bring your jackets folks
And something to do
You can feel like prisoners here
4th day today {writing from their internet room}

Great looking hotel
breakfast - by zorb on 19 Sep, 2006
get up early or you won't find a seat in the restaurant
My Mrs got her dinner and a cup of tea
then realised she needed a knife
When she came back the waiter {usually not known for clearing tables quickly} had took the lot
My Mrs shouted at him and threw a plastic cup
royal park - by wend on 15 Sep, 2006
i was read on one web site that you can eat in any of the restaurants on site if you go all inclusive does anyone know anything about this as i heard that some of the restaurant staff can be funny about it
girlie holiday - by kirsty on 15 Sep, 2006
me and my mates are flying tonight 15/9/06 and were staying for a week never been but herd good reviews
royal park - by frank on 15 Sep, 2006
i heard some really great comments about this hotel im fly from gatwick to night i cant wait i am only 16 and i heard that there is alot of stuff to do for my ages ill tell you what it is like when i come back
royal park on 15/09/06 - by debbie on 13 Sep, 2006
My hubby and I are flying from Gatwick on the 15/09/06 and I like some of you am a bit wooried as I have read some of the reviews, lets just judge for ourselves shall we, I'm sure that whoever is going out the same time we will have lots of fun.
Royal Park Hotel - by Clive on 11 Sep, 2006
My Partner and I and our two Children (Daughter 9 and Son 1) are flying out on Friday 15th September 2006 and staying for 2 weeks. We have read lots of mixed reviews but we go there with the intention of enjoy ourselves. We look foward to meeting some of you guys out there, and wish all those going on holiday a happy time.
royal park - by diane on 08 Sep, 2006
flying from newcastle on 22nd for 2 weeks for honeymoon also taking our 8 year old daughter anyone going same time
royal park - by jodie on 08 Sep, 2006
going tonight!! very scared as seen so many bad reviews
Royal Park Hotel - by Emily on 08 Sep, 2006
My boyfriend and i are flying out of newcastle on sept 15th too, can't wait!
hotel - by adam on 07 Sep, 2006
me my mum and nan are goin on the 22nd via birmingham airport
hotel - by adam on 07 Sep, 2006
me my mum and nan are goin on the 22nd via birmingham airport
hotel - by adam on 07 Sep, 2006
me my mum and nan are goin on the 22nd via birmingham airport
going there on 15th september - by Cheryl and Noel on 02 Sep, 2006
Myself, husband and 2 children are going to Royal Park Hotel on 15th september, flying from newcastle. Is anyone else booked up then?
bad hygiene practices - by Gillian on 01 Sep, 2006
just returned from 1 week ot royal park, the resort is beautiful, but the hygiene practices of the cleaners leave a lot to be desired, we all spent 4 days in hotel room with horendous tummy bug, wasnt til Sunday when my eldest son was struck down that we realised where the problem lay, he vomitted on the bathroom floor, we asked the cleaner to wash floor, she mopped it up with towels from side of bath , then returned to previous room, to our knowledge not washing her hands, we still poorly after 8 days,
royal park - by paul on 19 Aug, 2006
just got back from 2 weeks at the royal park. LOVED EVERY MINUTE. hotel was spotless , food was good and so was the entertainment. water park was excellent (and free).lots of people moaning and complaining about trivial things, but some people are just out for a moan. too many people comparing bulgaria to last years holiday - '' it wasn't like this in the dominican last year'' bulgaria isnt the dominican. cant wait till next year when i return to this lovely place. dont worry about the building work. it doesnt effect the resort.
Royal Park Hotel - by Mrs Hegarty on 16 Aug, 2006
Just back after two weeks at this Hotel.Delighted with it. Spotlessly clean. Food etc. was excellent. Booked it again for next year.
royal park hotel - by mrs foster on 16 Aug, 2006
we went into the royal park for the day we were shocked by the service and the amount of people who were complaining about the hotel. the staff at the evening meal were unaprochable they could not care, people were stood for 15min waiting for food to be brought out. the place was doscusting i would not recommend this hotel to antbody people were comming out to the nearest resturant to buy food and was not in the right rooms that they had booked. 10/8/06
hotel royal park - by sue & alan on 10 Aug, 2006
On our last day now and throughly enjoyed it.
We would recomend it to all after all holidays are what you make them.
will return later to add more and also a telphone number of a very good taxi driver who is most helpful and can tell you alot of history
royal park - by belle on 31 Jul, 2006
have been told there is a lot of building work going on in elenite, true or false? we are going in august hope it's false see you there.
any information - by Kristina Velinov on 24 Jul, 2006
Can you write me, how mutch is the dubble room/night and hav you got a free place from 7.august-20 ?

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