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13 Jun, 2006Gillian ( to Judy, Ireland (Perla) Hi Judy, I am just back from Bulgaris this weekend and stayed in the Pliska Hotel. Had a great week, shopping brill. Our first stop from the airport was the Perla and it looks lovely. Are you travelling with Balkan Tours ? We had bad delays flying out and again flying home. Have heard mixed reviews about the Perla, some say the rooms are lovely, some say they aren't. If there's any other info. you'd like, post me a reply. 
11 Jun, 2006les kemp ( primasol excelsior can anyone give me some feed back on what this hotel is like for a family holiday and what is on offer there. Many thanks. les. 
10 Jun, 2006dave cardiff boy ( for lindsey hotel odessos golden sands 1-7 june 06
had a real blast in bulgaria, stayed at hotel odessos golden sands, super place real nice folks there too, was half board but ate out every day lol...
met a girl called lindsey(spelling?) she's a english girl from york but now lives in ireland, she's 24 and sadly thats as much as i really know, wanted to exchange contact details but could not find her on my last day.
so if anyone knows a girl from york who now lives in ireland and stayed in golden sands this week, please post in, i think she flies into dublintonight but the airport will not pass any info to her as stupidly i dont know her surname, doh!
will go there again for sure, but yeah agree with all thats said, watch for thieves, beggers, hookers, massagers, so on and so on, apart from great time.
bonkers club was great 
09 Jun, 2006Judy, Ireland ( Perla Does anybody know anything bout Hotel Perla? I go there is Sept and am worried coz I see no reports on it. Also as I'm going on Sept 16th i'm worried will everywhere be closed down or when does the holiday season finish. Thank you in advance for your help. 
05 Jun, 2006kim ( i stayed there last year in the kaliakra and it was great food was good aswell everyone in the hotel was bril and i would go there anytime ive been the 4 times before it was the best hotel ive stayed in and the cocktails round the pool are buy one get one free from 2pm til 10 pm lol was a great holtel recommended to anyone 
01 Jun, 2006Cathleen ( Beach Park Hotel Could someone please e-mail what this Hotel is like it is not mentioned on any of the Bulgarian sites which worries me.. we are staying there next week my e-mail is 
21 May, 2006Vikram ( Golden Yavor I'm off to Golden Sands in beginning of june. Staying at Hotel Golden Yavor, anybody familiar with this hotel ? 
20 Apr, 2006michelle ( in golden sands I have recently seen flooding warning , and i am very concerned as i am travelling on 11th may 2006. Can any1 advise me if this is true? Is there a good nightlife scene ??

18 Apr, 2006Sarah ( Hi, I'm off to Golden Sands resort on 10th June,can anyone give me an idea of the temperatures in Jume?? 
18 Apr, 2006Sarah ( Hi, I'm off to Golden Sands resort on 10th June,can anyone give me an idea of the temperatures in Jume?? 
18 Apr, 2006Sarah ( Hi, I'm off to Golden Sands resort on 10th June,can anyone give me an idea of the temperatures in Jume?? 
12 Apr, 2006Lorraine ( Hotel My family stayed at this hotel for two weeks july 2005. My husband and me stayed for a further week in sept at royal hotel. Kristal is an excellent clean well managed hotel. Royal wasnt as good. Golden sands is beautiful much better that sunny beach! We are returning to kristal in july and cant wait. Well recommended. 
02 Apr, 2006connor ( to jonathan,this will be my 3rd year there never seen a thief yet beach brill but get there early.i stayed at pliska fukin magic.yo kelly u wer sick over my balcony last year,belfast family 
13 Mar, 2006laura ( Hi, i have booked to stay in the Kaliakra palace for aug 2006. I have read very mixed reviews... Has anybody stayed there? i would really apprecite some feedback! Thanks  
29 Jan, 2006mari ( atlas we have just booked a weeks stay the above hotel can anyone give me a report on their stay at this hotel? and what is the wether like in May? 
15 Jan, 2006Jonathan (, thieves, and the sea I have just booked a holiday to go to the Tintyava Hotel in golden sands. Have just read a really bad report and was wondering if anyone could give me some more info........
how is the nightlife? are there lots of clubs and i have heard there is a lot of thieves about? have also heard the sea is full of jellyfish? is this true and how is the water? if anyone could give me some advice on the above it would be much appreciated. 
06 Nov, 2005amiee hughes ( in golden sands is there good nightlife in golden sands and can someone plz name me the best clubs to go to in the area 
13 Oct, 2005joanne ( varshava well come back from golden sands 2 weeks ago stayed at the varshava read loads of bad reports on it. all as i can say is dont beleive them its a nice hotel. looks shabby from outside but its clean and tidy. 
30 Sep, 2005tanya ( I'm due to travel to Golden Sands Bulgaria on Sunday, having read some comments on the Hotel Pliska on other sites i was fairly concerned however having read the comments here today i'm alittle less worried although i've been watching the weather and it looks like were going into a rainy period when it says showers does that mean all day or will i still manage the ultimate TAN!! 
28 Sep, 2005julie ( sands visted sept 05 was xcellent holiday, ideal for kids. visit the muppets bar, under the english bar xcellent yet again was in there every night.the kids loved it. good cheap food also vodka. stayed at hotel slavey, rooms bit shabby but hey only sleeping there. we only had 2 days of sun, but didnt spoil this holiday, will defo go back. 
15 Sep, 2005Mark Burke ( Kristal This is a stunning resort and the hotel is a 4 star providing a brilliant base for the 7 day holiday that I have just returned from.
I would highly recommend this destination and hotel to anyone thinking of visiting it. I got a brilliant package through First Choice holidays. 
04 Sep, 2005pipin makedon ( sands nice place for night life , too much interesting visitors,from all europe.greetings to all who had been there,see ya next year.bye bye 
28 Aug, 2005Louise Nr Leicester ( ( Pliska I Got back from bulgaria yesterday. The hotel was really good and the people there were great, I cant see a reason that people did not like this hotel so much, i loved it there, and so did my family and friends that we went with. Hope we'll be going back to hotel pliska again next year!  
24 Aug, 2005kelly - manchester ( pliska and golden sands i have been 2 years to golden sands hotel pliska and it was great the people there are soo pleasant expecially the barstaff also the waitresses and waiters. i would like to say also that the man who stands outside the resteraunt squirting water at people who wares a cat in the hat hat is very pleasant!! we have told him we will see him next year same hotel same time. i thurally enjoyed my stay there and hopefully stayin for 3 weeks next year i dont no how people can say they have not enjoyed there stay at hotel pliska. also all the irish from belfast that go there are great to get on with !!!! 
08 Aug, 2005Kim ( sands viva club have anybody heard about this hotel "VIVA CLUB" in golden sands. Good or bad??. We leaving to Bulgaria in september. 
17 Jul, 2005Danni 14 from portsmouth ( marina beach hotel ***** golden sands i have just got back from bulgaria golden sands and it was really nice the weather was lovely and the views we had from our hotel was amazing. i reccommend going to grand marina hotel because it was such a nice hotel, lovely people and really tasty food. Also Aquapolis which is situated in golden sands is a brilliant water park especially when you have the lovely weather as well.  
14 Jul, 2005tonia ( grand hotel golden sands Hi, can anyone give me the lowdown on this new hotel, I really like the look of it(artist impression unfortunately)in the brouchure, but want to hear from anyone who has stayed there as to what they think. 
01 Jul, 2005Debs from Devon ( Kristal and Golden Sands June 05 We have just had an amazing holiday in Golden Sands. The Bulgarian people are so very welcoming and very beautiful - outside and in. The weather was fabulous and the food delicious. The town and seafront had an incredible atmosphere. I cant wait to go back because I fell in love in Bulgaria with a handsome and very talented local man. 
29 Jun, 2005Roy - belfast ( Sands Stayed in Pliska 2 years ago. not a very good hotel. lots of fights from drunken guests.rooms very bad. would not recommend. staying in asteria july 05. any comments from previous guests would be grateful. 
19 Jun, 2005Stephen Barbour ( Sands We have been to Golden sands on 2 occasions before , & are going again this year 3 July 2005 , we are staying in the Pliska this time , We stayed in the Perunika the 2 yrs before , We as a family love GS , the Bulgarian People are really nice . 
08 Jun, 2005leanne ( sands i stayed in the palm beach hotel(wasn't keen on hotel)Golden sands,July 04 lovely place really enjoyed it going again july 05 & 06,to pliska and sirena cant wait.Definately recommend for anyone to go but always get as close to the beach as you can as it is on hill side. 
07 Jun, 2005Albin ( Sands Can anyone provide me with some contacts for hotels that are not very expensive in Golden Sands?!

thank you in advance for your help. 
16 Feb, 2005veli from finland ( i have been 3 times in golden sands . always had good time , and miss many people there. going again 5 - 2005 hotel pliska.  
29 Jun, 2004Magdalena from Poland ( Sands I enjoyed staying in Golden Sands sea resort very much. Best wishes! 
27 Jun, 2004k Petrov ( sands Very nice sea resort, but the overbuilding of the area will destroy its seclusiveness and wilderness for which it was famous once. 
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