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Hotel Information: Luna Hotel Unknown category hotels

Picture of Luna Hotel
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LocationGolden Sands
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Room Facilities:
Air Conditioner Hair Dryer Minibar Satellite TV Telephone
Additional Information:
All rooms and suites have a bathroom/there is a bath or a shower/and a balcony
AddressGolden Sands Complex
Visitor Comments
Luna Hotel - by Natalie on 13 Oct, 2006
Yeah i do agree Luna Hotel is a brilliant hoel but the Excelisor is also beautiful he staff were pleasant too. Also there are a few prostitutes around the whole of Golden Sands regards where you stay. Bulgaria is just a beautiful place to be.
Alen Mak - by Robert on 28 Feb, 2006
Me and my family have been going to Alen Mak for the last 4 years. Alen Mak is a wonderful place and we have never seen prostitutes. We staid at Seview Court apartment complex and booked through HHB Holiday Homes who specialise in Bulgarian properties. web site is

Rob, Emma & Family Manchester
hotel luna - by hans ditroch on 26 Dec, 2005
the low quality.this hotel.not going to the this hotel....
hotels in golden sands bulgaria - by dave on 06 Aug, 2005
anyone wanting info on goldensands contact me on i go every year for three weeks can HIGHLY recomend luna hotel,stay away from these hotels, 1,magnolia,2,shipka,3,excelsior,4, sunrise,5,dana palace,6 gardia.big no no is ALEN-MAK, these are full of prostitutes and dirty hotels , ive stayed in all. highly recomend luna hotel pick a hotel from brouchure only book if you can see hotel on beach front or you will end up in hotel miles from resort.apart from that its a great place nice food friendly people english food all genuine beer cheap cigs 5.40per 200.nicest people on this planet,try it and enjoy, im going today 6th august 2005 for 3 weeks, yes luna hotel enjoy all bye.

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