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Hotel Information: Royal Hotel -star hotels

Picture of Royal Hotel
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LocationGolden Sands
DescriptionHotel Royal is located 300 m away from the beach and it is close to one of the biggest attractions in Golden Sands resort - the new Aquapolis Amusement Park.
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Room Facilities:
Minibar Satellite TV Telephone
Hotel Facilities:
Bar Beach Fitness Center Indoor Swimming Pool Massage Center Outdoor Swimming Pool Parking Restaurant
AddressGolden Sands resort
Visitor Comments
hotle - by mike on 30 Jul, 2008
the hotle rooms are v-nice, and the maid services is excellent. hwoever i felt the hotle staff are v-rude and all the entertainment in the hotle and exspecially the food which was auful was tailored to the germans, i wouldnt go back agin to this hotle. hwoever bulgaria golden sands is gorgouse if you can put up with it all being tailord to germans.
Royal Hotel - by Claire on 08 Mar, 2007
HI! i went to the hotel last summer and it was brilliant i has such a wiked time, and its a lot nicer than what it looks in the photos. The muppet bar was so sick i went every night and loved it. Also the drink and cigarettes are so cheap so that was really good. I would definatly go bak here again is perfect for my age group (18-25.
friendly - by Maria on 17 Jul, 2006
Hotel Royal is very cool.Their I met a very good boy.His name is David and he is from Poland.David,Hi!I'm missing you.Try to find me!Maria
royal hotel - by melinda - chuckles on 07 Jun, 2006
was a wkd holiday hiya theodore and the muppet bar was gr8
golden sands - by rach on 06 Jun, 2006
golden sands is great. i had the most amazing fun.
the people are so friendly and the amount of clubs, bars and restraunts is unbelievable.
the muppet bar is the place to go, went every night. couldn't get enough if it!.
deffinately going back.
its great for families, but especially for a group of people who are teenagers/early 20s.
abosutely amazing.
it couldnt get any better.
very cheap.
and again.
the muppet bar! make sure you go.
marina's bar - by Natasha on 23 Aug, 2005
Golden Sands is the perfect holiday destination, Hotel Royal is a great place to stay, staff is very friendly. i especially liked boys and girls from marina's bar - tony, marina, kremena.
I'm definitely going there next year.
p.s. make sure not to miss Muppet karaoke bar in Perunika hotel - great fun!!!

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