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10 Apr, 2008owner ()subject shit letter tell me what are people doing as if its signed we lose all rights against BD. again were in corner, who knows legally what we can do i cant afford to take BD to court on own but willing to pay money if anyone knows if we can get our money from BD ,ill join group and share cost involved , or do we sign letter ????? 
10 Apr, 2008kath yabsley ()act 15 act 15 - why dont you just ask for a copy!!! thats what i did, BEFORE i paid my final payment. 
10 Apr, 2008Paul ()Legal Paper Work If we have never had the correct paper work we are all in a position to take action, I am still awaiting my signed copy of act 15 ! this development has been rushed to complete on time but it never should have been handed over until all the correct paper work was in place, so this complex is not ready and they are in breach of contract, BD have a lot to answer for, and they are so slow on their information to their clients and they should be doing bucket loads to keep us all sweet, as its going to cost them lots to answer all our claims.  
09 Apr, 2008AP ()Bulgarian Developments act16 BD should have been aware that the complex is not legal without act16 in place, it is a grey area, but we are all over a year behind legal completion. Its all being very patchy and BD have to do a lot more work for us.
09 Apr, 2008z ()Act 16 Without act16 you cannot rent out the property on a comercial venture, and no tour operator can use it, so rental market has little value! we should have signed copy of act 15 !?
Anyway BD are being paid to pass this information in their news update, or you can get all updated information on their informitive website ! I dont think so ! 
08 Apr, 2008kath Yabsley ()right of use I know your wrong, we can use our apartments. best to get correct information from your bulgarian lawyer! 
08 Apr, 2008N S ()Deeds /poa we are informed by bd and Dobreva & Boneva that we need to go to Varna to sign title deeds. Alternativly i have been informed by another Bulgarian brief, that this is only fact if you have a Bulgarian company.At oasis we did not. More ambiguity-does any one out there know the truth. Phone o7530169802. 
08 Apr, 2008mmark ()act16 what about act16.We dont have rights for using our apartmments and renting out.we have to ask for discount BD.lets do it
08 Apr, 2008Kath Yabsley ()act 15 of course act 15 has been issued, i have a copy of it dated March 2007! 
08 Apr, 2008Fish ()Act 15 Why have we no act 15 then ? 
08 Apr, 2008mark.h ()fish you dont need the furniture for act 16.act 16 meens, that the building is ready with the bulgarian standards, water,electr.etc.then you can put your furnit.and use apartment for your self or rent.
there is no act 15 in oasis, what about 16
on our contract the furniture must be delivered 90 days after act 15.noting we can do now! 
08 Apr, 2008z () Yes its with the furniture ! 
08 Apr, 2008Fish ()Act 16 I am new to this site, has anybody seen the act 16 ? talking of contracts !  
08 Apr, 2008Kath Yabsley ()fish it all seems 'fishy'to me, why are you hiding your name? what do you mean act 16 
08 Apr, 2008Fish ()Act 16  Act 16 !!! 
07 Apr, 2008h ()oasis THIS IS AN OPEN ACCESS SITE SO ANYONE CAN READ ANYTHING PUT HERE. iNFO. NEEDS TO BE PASSED ON VIA DIECT E-MAIL OR USE A FORUM AND PERSONAL MESSAGE OTHERWISE bBD WILL KNOW WHAT OEOPLE ARE UO TO , I agree with previous post any legal action at tr moment will stop any work in progress re the furniture.  
06 Apr, 2008mark.h ()bd Are you all crazy?
Legal action for Bulgarian Developmemts?
They will stop all of their work on the furniture and the legal documentation.lets wait for a 2/3 weeks and then start our actions.
And there is no options for discount,see your contracts.

06 Apr, 2008AP ()Legal action for Bulgarian Developmemts Just got the letter, gesture of goodwill I dont think so, we are well over a year lete on completion down to
BD poor research, I have been advised we can press for legal action about this total ill managed company, their letter is insulting, just on this case alone, so we all go and visit our apartments, taking our pillows and bed cloths ! get a like BD and finish the job as promised, I was informed we would get everything we paid for on the funiture package from BD more lies! its their your duty not a gesture of goodwill. I am with the people claiming for damages my e-mail has been passed on, and look forward to the meeting. We have to go for the refund discount option, based on their poor grasp of legal work. Lets see Bulgarian Developments in Court !  
05 Apr, 2008tracey ()oasis apartments hello everyone in the same boat, today 5/4/08 just received letter from bd stating furniture paid for and installed by themselves, basically saying thanks very much goodbye. anyone else received this letter? 
05 Apr, 2008b ()deeds to get the deeds you need to go to bulgaria and sign them before the notary, this can be done in a day and as the apartments are paid for there is nothing stopping anyone signong their deeds. 
05 Apr, 2008AP ()BD Oasis Bulgarian Developments should be doing a lot more for their money, they got us into this mess and sold us the products, where are they, no news, why should we have to chase information, we paid for service, and they called it their development until they had problems, and then its everyone else!  
03 Apr, 2008? ()oasis just to add, we can't really discuss alot on here,the less than useless agent( if your reading was the most polite way i could put it)probably reads all of this.So a meet up would be great. 
03 Apr, 2008? ()oasis Yes i agree, we should have a ownesr meet, so we can discuss this properly. what is that website, i am not too clever on these computers.
Any one received there deeds yet?
any one been out there lately?
or is everyone in the same boat as me, no paperwork, no timescale of when i'll get the deeds, no news coming from bd  
03 Apr, 2008pos ()Oasis Apartments Hi I agree with whistleblower I have just joined the eyeonworldwide website you can post comments and you are able to talk privately to each other. Its free to join 
02 Apr, 2008Whistleblower ()OASIS/Bulg Developments Hello All.
There are certainly a lot of issues to be sorted with respect to the above developments and its build/management.
Has anyone considered a meetup in a suitable place to talk properly?
If anyone is interested can i suggest they log on to 'eyeonworldwide' and drop me a personal email through the site - maybe then we can arrange something....
02 Apr, 2008Peter ()Mark My solicitor has spoken with Maria and has also copied me the messages sent requesting the area plans. The apartment area should be listed in the title documents, and we should have confirmation that we all have the area that we have paid for 
31 Mar, 2008h ()Mark mark have you signed your title deeds,if so what is involved is it just a case of going to the notory in Bulgaria or is there more to it, did Maria meet you is it easy to get to ther office. How long did it take. thanks  
31 Mar, 2008Mark ()Legal documents Very strange your lawyer would say you can't complete as Maria Boneva has completed my paperwork for me.At our meeting she assured me everything was in order. Why don't you get your lawyer to speak to Maria Boneva.  
31 Mar, 2008Peter ()Legal documentation My Bulgarian solicitor advises that the property transfer csnnot proceed as BG still has to submit the area plans for the development. I have sent several reminder to BG, but no response. I was also promised several weeks ago a statement of the furniture supplied and missing to date, also not received  
25 Mar, 2008Andy ()Boris Shopov I have had discussions with my Bulgarian lawyer about my rights regarding the missing furniture in my apartment.He believes that if enough of us get together we can force Boris to complete the furnishings or he will face major disruption to his business in Bulgaria.I am going to tell my lawyer to take action anyway as I don't like the idea of someone cheating me and I am already in contact with some buyers from Boris who are in the same situation on this or other complexes, mostly Sunny Beach.I understand from a previous post bulgarian developments are trying to sort something out legally but I would rather be in control of the situation myself .If you want to join up with me and share some of the costs and therefore the benefits then please post your email or contact details so I can get in touch and share information.  
21 Mar, 2008h ()oasis Dfor o this was never going to be a short term investment as this is the first major development and the rest of the resort will take a good 5 years before it is complete to a point where there is a market for resale apartments I would have thought. Once other developments have been completed and from what I read about the area other developments will be built then Oasis apartments should be saleable, I would be supprised if there is a profit in them yet, on paper the value has risen but no one will buy yet.

21 Mar, 2008Mark ()Update I have recently been to Varna to sign for my apartment.This is what I found.
1)The lawyers were friendly and helpful and spoke good English.Their office is in the centre of Varna and had around 8 staff.I have received my documents which seem legal enough to me.
2)The complex and my apartment was finished .Having been concerned about the quality of finish before I went overall I was pleased.although the gym was not yet finished I was shown where it would be and was promised it would be fully open in May along with the rest of the facilities.The 3 pool areas looked very nice but they were empty at this time of year.
3)I was not able to stay in my apartment as the furnishings were not complete although a fair bit was in.
Main items missing were sofa bed and table and chairs.
4)I spoke to a Bulgarian called Oggy who works for the management company (which is run by a British guy called Chaz who was helpful)I was told that Boris had made many promises about completing the furniture but usually broke them. He also told me that he had visited the lawyers with gary from BD several times and that Boris was being persued from a legal point of view but that in Bulgaria this would take a long time.He also said he hated Boris because of the amount of times he had let him down when promising certain items would be delivered and then just not showing up.
5)I agree that BD could have done more to inform us of what is going on but if I need an update I phone their office and always get answers to my questions although they may not be what I would like to hear.
Overall I think I got what I paid for from BD which was a 1 bed apartment on a nice complex.I dont think it would be very easy to re sell at the moment but I have friends who have bought in Spain and Florida who are in the same boat and they paid a lot more than me. 
21 Mar, 2008ap ()Watchdog Please Please lets get together and report to BBC Watchdog and then take some legal action about this complete misselling of a complex from Bulgarian Developments, I am all ready for meeting up and we must all find away of leaving our contact e-mails. Watchdog should have this information, where the hell are Bulgarian Developments in getting our proper legal contracts, no information, this is what they were paid for! where are they in informing us about the furniture package update, it was their provider, we paid Bulgarian Developments again where are they. It will be many many years before people are going to be able to sell!  
21 Mar, 2008M ()Apartments still not ready We are going out tomorrow and were told that the apartment would be ready...guess what, informed today that we still have no kitchen and also that the bedding etc is still not in...Watchdog here we go. 
20 Mar, 2008h ()deeds HO do you have any more info. about what changes in the law ther are and how this affects us, Iwould have thought that as we have already paid for the apartments we need to take ownership regardless of legal changes as we can't do anything until we actuaslly own the place. 
20 Mar, 2008Pos ()Getting Together I am asuming that most of us live in the Manchester & Stockport area. It would be great if we could all arrange to meet up somewhere local perhaps outside the BD office at a convenient time for everyone possibly a Saturday or Sunday then go onto a quiet pub in the area where we can discuss what is going on and the way forward. I am all for taking legal action against BD they have had their commision and now they couldn't care less. As i have metioned previously I have received my deeds but I'm still not convinced they are authentic. 
20 Mar, 2008ap ()Bulgarian Developments As normal no news from Bulgarian Developments, They are so full of information, their rubbish web site that my 10 year old could make, is never updated, they never contact anybody with information, only when they require money, I am all with the rest of you for taking legal action, We can never trust them, what have they done to help anybody, I agree got your money not our problem, we never built it, passing the problem. We all purchased our apartments through Bulgarian Developments where are they now! Spending our money ! while we are stuck with a dolls house in a field in the middle of no where, and the management company promising a super web site and rental more false promises!!  
19 Mar, 2008h ()deeds I havn't recieved anything yet. 
19 Mar, 2008MH ()Deeds I was due to have notary paperwork soughted tomorrow! But I was advised by our Bulgarian lawyers not to proceed as new Laws had come into force on 1st March that would change ownership documentation. Has anyone else been emailed re-this? I agree we should have a collective meeting re- Bulgarian Developments!!!!!
18 Mar, 2008z ()Plan of Action I think Bulgarian Developments have had it lucky and we need to take action against them, their after sales service is poor, and they have done nothing but sell a development that is doomed over priced and we should all be getting a refund.All their big idears have run to nothing I also am glad I am not on my own with thinking they are full of false promises. Lets all get together! 
18 Mar, 2008h ()meeting As this is an open access site it is difficult to have a proper open discussion would anyone be interested in having an owners meeting obviously this will take some organising but do people think it would be usefull to have a shared plan of action as we face the same issues. 
17 Mar, 2008scott ()oasis To 0, I have purchased a poolside apartment, even if i have no legal paper work to say that i own it. DO YOU WANT TO BUY ANOTHER ONE. he, he!! 
17 Mar, 2008Pos ()Title Deeds Has anybody else received their Title Deeds yet? If so what do you think of them? I have received an e-mailed set in bulgarian and a copy translated into english, and also the originals which I expected to have some sort of seal and be more official looking but, they have just been stamped with a rubber stamp, however Alina Angelova at the law firm has assured me that they are authentic.  
17 Mar, 2008M ()WISE WORDS The comments made by Paul all ring true, with all the past dealings I have had with the Company they have promised everything and have given nothing, apart from lies and misleading facts. We all stuck to our side of the bargain alas they have not stuck to the "M" stands for MUG 
17 Mar, 2008Paul ()Court Action We should all be leaving our e-mail details and taking Bulgarian Developments to court for miss leading sales information, total lack of customer information and false sale of goods, lets not even talk about their recommended furniture and rental a. If they have all gone up 20% let them sell them for us. Its take your money and its not our problem!!! We purchased these apartments in good faith from Bulgarian Developments, so its all their problems, the management company sound as reliable as the above, lots of hot air and false promises!!! where is this super web site what have they ever done this before the internet can not find them !!! So Bulgarian Deveolpments lets hear your comments ??? 
16 Mar, 2008fr ()oasis anyone purchased a poolside ground floor apt like myself? 
14 Mar, 2008sam H ()bulgarian developments For those of us who bought the furniture/rental deal from balkan property management our issues lie with them. As owners we should be contacting balkan property management. for those that dont have the contact details here they are; I have sent several emails (no reply!) but if we all send them it may help 
14 Mar, 2008Pos ()Oasis Apartments Hi to everyone - I have purchased an apartment on the Oasis Resort in Kamchia. It has been very interesting and comforting (not in a bad way) to know that I am not the only one who has experienced the same problems with Bulgarian Developments. Fortunately I didn't enter into the furniture and rental contract that they offered. My husband went out to the site in May 2007 and met one of the developers, he organised a furniture pack for us we paid him direct and everything has just been fitted. We had our original deeds e-mailed to us from Dobevra & Boneva Law Firm & the developer also
brought our original deeds back with him when he went over their a couple of weeks ago. It has been a nightmare from the start and seems set to continue as I have been looking for flights which seem to be very limited and extortiate prices. We are seriously thinking of selling our apartment if we can get anyone to buy it!! 
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