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14 Mar, 2008M ()Still no furniture or kitchens Been informed on good authority that we are still waiting for kitchens and furniture packages to be fitted. How ironic that we were promised by Bulgarian developments that the above would be fitted by the end of January, and that their lawyers had a written guarentee from Boris Shopov.We have all been lied to from the onset, I was told in person that the apartment was ready in Auguast 2007....I will hold with bated breath to see if it is actually ready for use come the summer season... god help anyone who has booked to go out for easter. 
13 Mar, 2008Me and You ()oasis hi HO your comment would like the info on how you have let your poroperty thanks 
13 Mar, 2008Leigh Carter. ()sales. Hi everyone.Has anybody used the Premier BG website yet, I have tried but had no joy. Is there anybody who has had any success trying to sell.Would realy like some advice.My e-mail address is 
12 Mar, 2008Charles ()Renting How do we rent out ? we have had so many failed promises ! can we trust anybody!  
10 Mar, 2008h ()desperate owner The resort will probably take 5 yrs to develop to the point were there is a market for pre owned apartments in the mean time why not rent it out. 
09 Mar, 2008desperate owner ()FOR SALE  Hi do anyone know estate agents that will sell apartment. i have e mailed but had no reply from estate agent HELP  
03 Mar, 2008Sam Harris ()Rental on Oasis I'm going to use Premier BG as they seem to have it all in hand email them directly for more info, I believe the website will be in four languages and will be live from the middle of March 
28 Feb, 2008Mike Howard ()Oasis beach apartments Premier BG I understand will be handling rentals for anyone interested! They launch their website in March.  
27 Feb, 2008scott porter ()oasis Has anyone received there deeds for their apartment yet? Anybody got any rental sorted out? And finally is anybody going out or just been out to see the complex?
you can contact me direct at 
03 Feb, 2008Paul ( Sell How do we get new rent, how do we sell ? we have all been stitched up with the rental promise !!  
20 Jan, 2008steve / jan ( fee hi laurance we have not got to pay maintance fee untill appartments got kitchen in. 
14 Jan, 2008Laurence ( Hi, I've also just recently found out that our rental agreement is void. I'm really looking for help in trying to sort something out as very new to all of this. Look forward to any advice. My email is p.s. has everyone paid the maintenance fee or should we wait until we have contracts? 
20 Dec, 2007steve/jan ( just like to say merry xmas to all owners like me and hope good comes of this next year.being able to sell appartment,he he fingers crossed well thats what we were told 2 years ago lol what a joke , and this furniture is way of getting out of rental once they have sold appartments happy new year steve/jan
17 Dec, 2007James Pak ( News Hi All,
I have just been informed from Lisa at Bulgarian Developments that the furniture packages are being delivered at the moment. So we just need a new rental agrement!  
16 Dec, 2007James Pak ( Develpment Hi everbody I am pleased I have found this site, I have a two bedroom apartment and have just filled in the notary details. I got this apertment for investment, and as you are all aware we are waiting for our furniture package from Bulgarian Developments as it is their problem because that is who I paid, I also was counting on the 3 years rental that is now nil and void ! If anybody out there knows if we could find a rental package for all of us that have been let down, please post details.  
15 Dec, (, kamchia We went out in Sept, though the apts are finished to a high standard there was no kitchens or furniture. I'm told that a Russian has run off with the furniture money paid to him by Bulgarian Develpments. Bulgarian dev are now supposed to be footing the bill for the furniture (so they should, I paid them, not the Russian) and they are still in pursuit of trying to get their money back. By the way, why it's called a beach development I don't know. It's a 45/60 minute walk to the beach. 
10 Dec, 2007Leigh Carter. ( Development. Hi everyone.I have just discovered this site.My partner and I have also bought an apartment on the Oasis development which we purchased as an investment.Is there anyone out there who knows of a company that could help us with the resale.I have tried a couple of websites but none have bothered to reply.Also we are unaware of any problems with the furniture as Bulgarian Developments haven't informed us that there was a problem in the fisrt place.Doe's anybody know if this has been resolved.We haven't had a chance to visit yet but the pictures on the BD website look good.My e-mail address is if anyone can help with the above issues.
03 Dec, 2007Stephen Raine ( Hi
I have bought an Oasis beach appartment - My email is I have heard that the appartments are very good - Can we get an owners club together - Will BG Developments email everyone to suggest they join this site?


23 Nov, 2007scott ( Anybody out there want to purchase a 2 bed appartment on the oasis development. That is if i ever get my deeds! 
10 Nov, 2007macwal ( My email address is
If anyone want to drop me a line 
10 Nov, 2007macwal ( I spoke to Nick he says that the notary deeds will have 60% of the value of the purchass price on. He was trying to convince me that this is ok I'm not sure I am told that if we keep the property 5 years then there is no capital gains tax to pay in which case it shouldn't matter. I am trying to find out if I will be better off using different legal advice as the agents one doesn't seem to be in my best interest, I guess that is what I get for using the agents recomended legal team. How are others getting on with this. 
08 Nov, 2007macwal ( I seem to have posted last comment by mistake. There was no furniture in our appartment in octber when I visited, has anyone opened a bank account yet if so does anyon know one that can be used on line thanks.Nick aloso said that the rental agreement wsn't a garentee as they gave a 10% discount as an alternative so I guess we need to find our own has anyone made any enquiries re rental agreements.
A good forum for information is My Bulgaria it has free registration and once you have posted 3 questions you have acess to more services. 
08 Nov, 2007macwal ( I also recieved a bill for management fees I spoke to Lisa at Bulgarian developments who said that I should ignore them until contract is signed and I havn't recieved that yet.
I spoke to Nick today who said that he hopes to have all of the furniture fitted by the end of the year, ours had none in when  
07 Nov, 2007Whisleblower ( Development Hello to all fellow investors in OASIS.
I too have just found this site and have property within OASIS and visited in October.
I have recieved an invoice from Premier BG Ltd for the management fee, and have replied that i will pay when i recieve a contract - has anyone else recieved and paid?
It would be good to talk to other people who have shelled out their hard-earned cash and share info on this development, their experiences and their expectations.
If anybody is interested we could swap email addresses and all correspond away from this site.
Drop me a line if you are interested. 
05 Nov, 2007macwal ( Hi all just found this site I have bought an apartment in oasis and went out in oct.07 The build quality looks ok in general although I think that the type of stone used for the paths and pool area will be an issue, the grounds around the complex are much smaller than described by BD as there are no fountains or childrens play areasand there doesn't seem anywhere that they could go, there are supposed to be ramps to the complex and there are none as yet, the layout of the apartment is not right, there is no furniture at the moment all of these issues Lisa says will be sorted guess time will tell. We haven't had our papers yet guess I need to contact BD again. We just hav to hope thuer promisses are real although they didn't tell us thatthere was any problems I only found out when I actually arrived in Kamchia. Has anyone made any progress re finding a new rental agreement. A good source of information forum is "My Bulgaria" but you need to post 3 different messages before you can use the site fully. 
01 Nov, 2007CLIFF BEASLEY ( my e-mail is if you want to discuss anything 
31 Oct, 2007l ( thanks for your comments Cliff, tried to send you an e-mail had a problem with address, could you verify please 
30 Oct, 2007CLIFF BEASLEY ( REORT Hi I would like to clarify that I am a construction proffesional here in the uk, I have bought in oasis and im in regular contact with lisa at BD.I would disagree with some of the negative comments because the construction quality is excellent and that includes the pools and groundworks, as for the furniture it wil be done in time for rental season so im told, and I have no reason to doubt this, as with all new builds in any country you do get problems. However, I dont think you have much to worry about, you need to sort out your own options with the management agent and simply set your rental prices accordingly

29 Oct, 2007Steve andJan ( Have anyone had their power of attonery
yet and if they have was it all ok.
have anyone heard about the furniture.
When i rang BD Lisa told me that they were going to sort it out but it will take time.
21 Oct, 2007L ( would appreciate comments from any one who has purchased an oasis apartment and is furnishing it themselves, is everything running ok for you? 
21 Oct, 2007steve/jan ( DOCUMENTS Hi just received letter from bd about power of attorney more money its costing more and more when it going stop, i have checked my legal papers and on there it says we paid 48494 euros, but we really paid 108000 euros ,have anyone else had their documents? contacting bd mon see what they got to say about differents in sums 
20 Oct, 2007steve and jan ( Hi all just got back from seeing appartment last week ,like others feel appartment is finished off good but feel they have saved money on uneven paths/around pool etc,also we have bought front terrece appartment and told that a road is being put about 15 meters from front of building.which is nothing like cd they gave us showing lots of open space feels that we will be closed in ,and sea view lets not go there,we stayed at sunny beach and talking to owners it seems that this furnture packs with rental saying that guy have done runner is normal practice its away of getting our money for furnture and then to get out of rental contract they say guy done runner,all ready regreat buying here bad start, anyone want buy fully furnished let me know he he,  
16 Oct, 2007sarah ( Hi all, I have an apartment on Oasis and I too am disapointed about the rental but what your all forgetting is that legally BD are not obligated to complete the furniture or do anything for us - i've spoken to a legal friend and I for one signed the contract with BG property not BD. As for relying on the rental income to help pay for your apartment ....... 
13 Oct, 2007Mark ( I agree with you scott, the resort is in need of improvement so hopefully that will happen soon, but the loss of the rental is a problem because people are relying on that income to help pay for their apartments. If anyone would like to contact me then please do. 
12 Oct, 2007scott ( Having just found out about the situation with balkan management,i am concerned,this means everyone in the rental scheme is stuck,and now have to find their own renters for the season,having been out there and seen the resort,i think it will be very difficult at this time,until the whole resort has developed.  
05 Oct, 2007Mark ( thanks sarah. Pleased to hear that you are impressed with your apartment, and the surrounding area. We are also feeling more reassured about the furniture situation, having also spoken with BD. 
05 Oct, 2007Sarah ( Beach Resort I've just returned from viewing my apartment on Oasis and I have to say I am delighted with everything, my apartment, the complex and the area. I too was concerned about the furniture situation but having spoken to BD I know they are doing everthing in their power to rectify the situation. 
02 Oct, 2007karen ( beach this is getting uncomfortable, we have all handed our money over and now it seems to be fallng apart. I have not spoken to Lisa for a while and am glad to be in contact with yourselves.
I was ringing on Monday but I have not had time. i will have to make time tomorrow, although it sounds like we will be given excuses.  
02 Oct, 2007Mark ( I spoke to Lisa at B.D. yesterday and she me that there is a problem with the rental company because the managing director has disappeared with quite a lot of money. There is bits of furniture in lots of apartments but only a bed frame in one room and wardrobes in another etc. I believe the police are trying to find this man but obviously this affects our rental deal. B.D. are going to foot the bill to complete the furniture packs which i was told yesterday would cost them a lot of money but is obviously going to take time.I asked about the rental and was told that maybe we would be best to look for an alternative deal as a backup but where do you start? surely they should be trying to sort out an alternative! The legal paperwork is apparently going to be with us shortly and i will just be glad when we are the legal owners and i would also like my own key seeing as it is my apartment!!  
01 Oct, 2007M ( Apartments We were told that there had been an issue with the person who was dealing with furnishing the properties, and renting them( this information did not come from B/D but from someone else out there) We are also worried with what seems like feeble excuses when ever we phone and ask for information.We also are worried with what is to come regarding renting it out next season. I remember my last conversation with B/D was that they would be informing us around the middle of Sept that new information was forth coming!!! 
01 Oct, 2007cheryl ( Hello Mark and Karen.We have also bought at the oasis apartments, like you we are a little unsure as to what is going on, we have lost this years rental and we still have not heard when everything is going to be ready. the last time we spoke to BD they said that 600 trees were being planted but we still have no furniture in our apartment and the keys would be at the management office on site. To be honest i would like a set of keys to my apartment here.Nothing seems final,Does anyone know how the apartments are selling next door ( the ones that were going to be phase 3 )  
30 Sep, 2007karen ( beach hi Mark i agree with you, I am ringing bulgarian developments on Monday, if i get any new info i will let you know. 
30 Sep, 2007mark ( Karen i have also spoke to them and they seem to be saying that the rental will begin next year but i would like something in writing and i would also like to know how much commission we will have to pay because i think they said 10% next year and 15% the year after. Bulgarian Developments dont seem to want to say anything for certain just yet so i guess we will have to wait and see what happens. it would be nice to have the piece of mind of knowing that we have 3 years rental especially as kamchia is in need of modernising! 
29 Sep, 2007kare ( beach hi Mark I agree with you, we thought the standard of build was excellant and we were impressed with our apartment. I am sure once completed this will be an impressive site.

When I spoke to Bulgarian developments regarding the delay and the 3 year deal I was under the impression it would start in May 2008.

Thanks for your e-mail address, if I get any new info I will contact you. vice versa.
29 Sep, 2007Mark ( Karen we were also there in june and thought exactly the same but we were impressed with the buildings and the standard of the work. Have you agreed to rent your apartment out and if so have you had any info about extending the rental deal because of the loss of this years rental? Its good to hear from someone who is buying at the same place and if you want to email me about your progress then please do at 
26 Sep, ( beach resort hi Mark thanks for your repy. I visited the site mid June and I could see there was no way it would be finished for the summer season, it was a bulding site.  
26 Sep, 2007Mark ( Hi karen. We are buying 2 apartments at the oasis and are a little unhappy that they are not ready yet but we are being told that the building work is finished but the legal side is preventing everything being finished. We have agreed a 3 year rental deal but we have now lost our first year so we are hoping to extend it for an extra year. 
04 Sep, 2007karen ( Bea Resort I would appreciate comments from anyone like myself who has purchased an apartment on the Oasis Beach Resort and has now been informed they are not ready for this season. 
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