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04 Sep, 2007karen ( beach resort i would appreciate comments from anyone who has purchased an apt on the oasis complex, only to be told they are not going to be ready this season. 
22 Jul, 2007M ( We also have an apartment at the Oasis complex, the seasons run from May to the end of Sept, I gather that there have been some issues surrounding the completion of our properties, so we still might not be in for the end of the season.... 
22 Jul, 2007Anne O'Reilly ( Beach Development We have bought an apartment in the Oasis Beach Development. We are hoping to visit early October 2007. Does any one know when the season ends and if the facilities will still be available on the complex at this time? 
01 Jun, 2007Sharon Fewkes ( in Kamchia I have Villas available in the Kamchia area approx 1 km from the oasis project.
These villas are in early planning stages and at a cost of between 70,000 stering and 100,000 depending on size.
This is an 18 month project and is directly connected with the Developers of the Fantastic Oasis project, please send questions to me if anyone is interested. 
05 May, 2007Silviya Nikolova ( Oasis Apartments near Kamchia resort I have four apartments for sale in this complex!!! All of them penthouses! If you have any interest about them please give me a call on 00359 896 890 206.
05 May, 2007Silviya Nikolova ( Oasis Apartments near Kanchia resort I have four apartments for sale in this complex!!! All of them penthouses! If you have any interest about them please give me a call on 00359 896 890 206.
27 Mar, 2007Seppo Takala ( for sale in Kamchia resort Dear friends if You are interested to
buy a villa there pls. contact by
29 Nov, 2006Natasha Harvey ( Villas New complex I have recently been past the new Oasis apartments in Kamchia and they look to be getting towards finishing them. Having actually stayed in Kamchia in the new Fishermans complex of villas by the river, I noted that a few are for sale and wonder if it would be a better investment to buy one if these villas instead. They are close to the sea and only about 15minutes walk to the beach. I have also looked at the villas which are advertised on VIVIUN website under Bulgaria,Kamchia, and they look like a good alternative to an apartment. Can anyone give me further information about the area and any development as I've heard that there will soon be more development like Hotels, Promenade and Golf Course.
Thanks Natasha 
19 Oct, 2006Mark Whit ( Trip due out 25th oct 2006 4/5 days,have Met English & Bulgarian friends Already, hope two Chat to more english & Bulgarians in local tavarns bliznac/front on kamchia river. regards  
19 Oct, 2006Mark Whit ( Buying villa 3km from Kamchia  new oasis centre will be the start of bigger investment in that region, with good roads from varna & airport to resort it will devolop quikly over the coming 2 years with proposed golf course as an Exclusive resort ( I No! ) Watch Property Prices go Through the roof 2009 great Investment & Beautiful resort Enjoy. 
14 Sep, 2006Roger Sargent ( and Disco's Ansering the question regarding any Pubs or Disco's etc.
As far as I am aware there are a few tavernas/reastaurants spread around the Kamchia resort and a pub like taverna near the river mouth during the visitor season. I found that the small Kamchia village/fisherman's village next to the river has quite a few nice reasonable restaurants/ cafe's where the food and drinks are of good quality. And a couple of souvenir shops. With new developments starting up in the area, I would have thought there would be new food/drink shops/bars opening over the next few years or so as well as the local talk is of Golf Course, Promanade and other amenities opening up in the Kamchia area in the near future. 
14 Sep, 2006Roger Sargent ( Villas or Apartments I have already left a positive comment about Kamchia at the top of this page. If you are interested in purchasing property in this area, close to the nature reserve, Kamchia river and Kamchia Beach, then as I am quite familiar with the area, I would be happy to answer any questions regarding the purchase of Villas or apartments in this beautiful area. If you prefer nature and tranquility rather than the overcrouded beaches of Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, then this could be the ideal place for you to visit and check out. I also have 2 new Villas possibly for sale close to the river and just a short walk to the beach, which have good realistic rental values, please contact/email me on if interested in a great investment. I can link you to another site which gives a full description of these lovely properties. Roger Sargent 
08 Jul, 2006fcc ( Are there any discoes bars and pubs in the area 
15 Nov, 2005Roger Sargent ( Resort Area and River I have purchased two new houses in a small complex, close to the Kamchia River and about 1 kilometer from the sea.
This is a really beautiful area of the Black Sea Coastline, close to a nature reserve and quaint small fisherman's village which has a few restaurants which serve good food and of course cheap as well. There are quite a few locals who will take you up the river and out to sea. The sea is clean and nice to swim in and the local Kamchia stretch of beach is also quiet in the summer months. If you like nature, the sea and want to get away from the crowded beaches at Sunny Beach and Golden sands, then you can't go wrong with this small but very pleasant resort. 
10 Oct, 2005Dee ( Beach Resort Need more information about Kamchia Resort and Oasis development? Call me on +359889224807 - terms, conditions, prices, anything 
06 Oct, 2005Sheree ( Oasis My partner and I are also looking at purchasing an appartment in the new Oasis complex. We are due to go and see this end of Oct 2004.  
28 Sep, 2005m.warren ( We are thinking about buying an apartment in Kamchia. Off plan to be finished spring 2007. It is called the oasis resort.Managed by bulgariandevelopers based in uk. Is there any information u could give us on this? 
29 Mar, 2005carl whiteside ( a place this is a lovely place. the beach is great and the sea is warm enough to swim in!

there is a river nearby too, try the boat and fun!

we were only there 4 days but i cant wait to go back...the food is tastey too!
....very exclusive! 
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