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26 Sep, 2012Edzy ( Aloha!Was it Uncle Billy's something motel in Kona?We had the same pbrelom but add sewage leak that smelled something feirce! And we did not even get any money back! 
13 Apr, 2012Martin Urman ( of Kavarna Kavarna has the worst investment climate in whole Bulgaria. Kavarna municipality represented by Desislav Kostov took part in a land acquisition fraud in 2007. Fraud was organised by Yordan Ivanov, born in 1973 in Plovdiv. Kostov and Ivanov are being investigated but our EUR 4 Million is gone. Have you also been cheated while purchasing property in this region? Contact me at 
02 Jul, 2008Brian Warlow ()Building Delay The question by Ruth Anderson would probably be answered very quickly if she logs on to the Forum:
04 May, 2008Ruth Anderson ()Construction at waterside Quay, Kavarna We are in the process of buying an apartment in this new marina building on the coast just north of the town which appears to have stalled in the last 6 months despite having reached roof height back in July 2007. We are keen to know of any local information as to the reasons. We have heard rumours including foundations issues and also are aware of a nearby archeological find ?? can anyone assist please. We hope to come out to view this year but in the meantime any information, even anecdotal, would be gratefully received. Thankyou. 
15 Mar, 2008iliyan ()Looking for accommodation at (Villa St George) I'm looking for accommodation at (Villa St George)from 26.06.08 to 02.07.08.
Please contact mi at 
26 Jul, 2007Brian Warlow ( Town and Port We had been waiting two years for our place(Villa St George) to be completed at the port area,we stayed there for the first time last month,The area is everything we hoped it would be at this time,The people are all very friendly and nothing is to much trouble.
As an example I wandered into the cultural Centre in the long pedestrianised street,A lady asked if I needed any help and I said hope you dont mind but I'm only looking around,She Insisted on giving me a tour of the building including the theatre were youngsters were rehearsing for a folk show which was absolutely stunning,she then took me to another room which turned out to be an english class,Once again I was treated like an honoured guest and was invited to stay for a while so they could try out their English on me.
There are some lovely new coffee bars in the town and a fair size furniture/Electric appliance shop where we bought a lovely TV cabinet etc.
At the port are some very good value for money restaurants,our favourite was the second one back from the beach with a seating area upstairs,we regularly had a two/three course meal for two with drinks for less than a Tenner each night,The head waiter having found out where you'r from will probably look it up on the map that evening so he can recite nearby Cities the following night.I couple more prices,our taxi driver "Victor" charges Port to Kavarna 5 lev, Port to Airport at 9pm 75 lev.
As you can tel I loved the place and the people.
Brian & Lynne Warlow 
14 Jul, 2007Clive ( Rent I have a brand new two bed apt for rent in Kavarne Hills from January 2008. Sea views and just 5 min walk to beach. Contact 
22 Apr, 2007fred braun ( We are allready visitors in Albena for over 10 years and every yeyar we make a trip to the Rumanian border and have a long stay in Kavarna center and beach. We love this place and are happy to see so little tourists. It is amazing to see how a city changes in 10 years. For us it is nice to see the real bulgarian prices for food and drinks. Several times we had luck to see a wedding.It was great. We hope this aeria will not change to the U standard".Love and greetings till may 2007 
01 Mar, 2007W Sim ( Went to Kavarna in november 2006. The town center its self reminds me of a 1960s concrete shopping center. Judging by the amount of staring that came our way they don't seem to get a lot of tourists there. Having said that the people were very friendly and helpful.
Kavarna port is about 1 mile from there and a lot of building work and improvements are going on, so we hope to see a lot of change when we return.
There are restaurants at the port,11 for 2 course meal and drinks for 3,and nice clean beach.
Kavarna is well worth a visit. 
04 Sep, 2006Petar ( A quiet provincial sea town. Very clean. The beach is about 3 km from the town but there a bus every hour from 8 am till 12 pm, but you can easily hitchhike too. You can see dolphins swimming in the sea early in the morning. Amazing 
28 Jul, 2006Jackie ( A nice little town in a rural area, away from the hustle and bustle of all the big resorts. There are beaches nearby which are also quiet. We have a house near Kavarna and love it! (Not suitable for the Benidorm Brigade). 
08 Jun, 2006Mony ( Experience In Kavarna I spent a little bit time there in this what town. What I could recommend:Do not go there is awfull. The town is suitable for people who like the agricultural views and the beach is far away frm the town. Anyhow, there is not a proper place where you could eat and enjoy your meal. So I would not go there any more... 
28 Aug, 2005Annie Morton ( appartment near beach We will be renting our appt near beach 5mins walk with pool and kids pool from June 2006. Brand new ideal for families couples who want a big bit of beach to themselves. Superb area.
28 Aug, 2005Annie Morton ( appartment near beach We will be renting our appt near beach 5mins walk with pool and kids pool from June 2006. Brand new ideal for families couples who want a big bit of beach to themselves. Superb area. 
20 Apr, 2005Phil Maulkin ( Bed accomadation in centre of town I have a three bed apartment in the centre of Kavarna, minutes from sea, shops and restaurants etc.... it will be available from April 2006

for details please contact Phil at 
30 Mar, 2005Chris ( I have been on a trip to Bulgaria and was suprised how pleasant and natural Kavarna was. The people were friendly and the food was great. Most impressive was the sea view and the landscape from the hill. 
15 Mar, 2005PAvel ( It's an extraordinary town. People are friendly and it's very beautiful in summer. The central beach is big and there many discos in the town.. most of them are situated near the beach area. Visit it! :) 
21 Jan, 2005Nicki ( Kavarna is a small fishing bay with white sand and clear blue sea. It will be a resort to look out for as Gary Player is opening a international Golf course just 5 min's from Kavarna Bay. People are very friendly and the food is to die for. If you want to relax and get away from it all, Kavarna is the place to go. I love it. 
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