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St. St. Konstantin and Elena, Bulgaria

Location map: St. St. Konstantin and Elena
Known also as: Constantine and Elena

Distance to district city: 9 km.

Price Category: 2 What's this?

Sightseeing nearby: Aladzha Monastery

Location: The oldest resort along the Bulgarian seaside is only 9 km away from and Varna.

History: The resortís construction began almost a century ago, in 1908, and the origin purpose of the resort was to host patients ill with tuberculosis. The resort is named after the nearby St. St. Konstantin and Elena Monastery, built at the beginning of the 18th century. Today the monastery also offers tourist accommodation and a high-quality restaurant.

Places of Interest: The Evksinograd government residence is located south of St. St. Konstantin and Elena. The residence is built in a New Baroque style with a beautiful garden, fountains, and a staircase going down to the beech though access to it is restricted to particular hours and days of the week.

Accommodation: More than 50 hotels in the resort offer accommodation. The 5-star Varna Grand Hotel equipped with swimming pools, lobby-bars and confectioneries, an excellent restaurant, bar, fitness halls and many other facilities, stands out as a top high-class accommodation. Besides, a part of the Scientists' Rest Home is used as a hotel called Julio Curie. Other hotels offering excellent conditions are: Prostor Hotel, Roubin Hotel, Coral Hotel, Slunchev Den (a chain of four hotels), and the Vakantsia holiday city with 25 villas and bungalows. It is recommended that tourists book accommodations a few months before the start of the season due to the resortís popularity among local and foreign tourists alike.

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Catering: The hotelsí restaurants offer excellent food. In addition, famous restaurants in the resort are Manastirska Izba, housed in the building of the monastery, Bulgarska Svatba, Sedemte Odai and the Sirius Fishing Ship restaurant, situated on a hill above the sea, which offers a variety of fish specialties and seafood. Yet as long as the resortís restaurants are far from cheap, some tourists prefer to eat in and Varna.

Transport: Regular town buses run every ten minutes (from 6.00 a.m. till 11.00 p.m.) from the resort to Varna. Many minibuses and route-taxis are another alternative for quick transport to Varna.

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