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Hotel Information: Chaika Hotel -star hotels

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LocationSt. St. Konstantin and Elena
DescriptionThe Chaika Hotel is situated in the southern part of the resort St. Konstantin and Elena about 70 m from the beach
Facilities"WC telephone, fridge, lounge with reception, restaurant, lobby bar"
AddressSt. Constantine and Elena complex
Visitor Comments
Reservation - by Laura Nacca on 03 Jul, 2008
I need two double rooms from august 16 morning to august 26 morning.
I'd like to know about the availability of rooms in that period, about the treatment, about the price of each room,
and if you provide any kind of discount on it.
I also wanted to know if you can supply us a lift from the airport to the hotel and back, how does it cost, and, if you don't supply a lift,
if you can suggest us some alternative ways to reach the hotel.

You can anwer me by e-mail too, so that's my address:

Thank you very much for your helpfulness.

Kind regards,

Laura Nacca
info - by zsuzsanna urban on 11 Jan, 2007
Dear Recipient!

I would like to know have you a free room for 4 person (2 adult,2children),10.07.2007-17.07.2007.

Please be inform about the price.



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