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LocationSt. St. Konstantin and Elena
DescriptionKoral Hotel is a four-storey hotel with 110 rooms, each equipped with a bathroom, a WC, personal safe, mini—bar, satellite TV, telephone and a cozy balcony. In the hotel you can enjoy the comfort and cozy atmosphere of the lobby—bar, the TV lounge, the quiet games zone, computer hall with PC games and the amusing panaromic elevator. The hotel also offers a cozy restaurant and buffet lounge, an elegant lobby—bar, night karaoke bar with various amusements, a swimming pool with a bar, rehabilitation center with Jacuzzi, sauna and massage parlor. Or you could pursue your sports interests—fitness hall, table—tennis, billiards, darts and bicycles to hire.
AddressSv. Konstantin complex, 9006 Varna
Visitor Comments
The Staff - by Peter on 18 May, 2007
The Koral Hotel
Well I have just been there for a week from 10/05/2007 to 17/05/2007.
Why am I writing this message…
Well I think people that are planning a visit to this hotel should be aware..
The Hotel is clean and somewhat respectable, but it is the little things that also count, like..
The TV only has German channels except for CNN (and that’s all 6 of them) the beds can be a little uncomfortable, but acceptable, You get used to them on the second night.
The lights.. well they are on when they should be off and off when they should be on..
The lights that run the length of the outside balcony’s are controlled by the hotel and not by individual room switches, so they remain on until they decide to turn them off and as there is very little or no window cover (The blinds only cover half the window) the light shines in until the early hours like 3 or 4 am so an early night is out of the question.
Breakfast… good, but not great nearly always the same the only difference was if there was any frankfurters or bacon (Bacon..hehe that’s a laff, their bacon is exactly the opposite from ours (UK) we have lots of meat and little fat, they have lots of fat and little meat) anyway… if any was left it ended up in the scrambled egg the next day.
Taxi Drivers.
Each hotel has their own and they make the price up as they go along, so make sure you have a firm offer before you start your journey, and don’t be scarred of walking round the corner and asking one of the others taxi’s for a price .. I did and always saved money on the price quoted by the hotel taxi..

By now you are thinking..
What a waste of time, but no.. There is a good point, even great points and they are
What a fantastic group of people, helpful, eager to please, always willing to help in any way they can even the cleaners who have to clean up after us all each day and they always have a smile on their faces and are cheerful doing their job.
If you spend time at the bar (despite it being a small bar) you are sure to be happy with the guys that serve you, if you are going to this hotel and visiting the bar see if Krasimar (commonly know as Chris) is there, he is an outstanding bar person, and can fashion drinks for you if you give him the basics. So well done to Krisimar Georgiev and Ivelin Jekov both great guys.. Ivelin makes a brilliant coffee… if you want coffee by the way ask for Nescafe with HOT milk, if you just ask for coffee you get a small cup of very VERY strong coffee…

Would I use the hotel again….nahh .. Sorry, but I would visit just to say Hi to the staff.. Well done all of them.. It’s the staff that give the hotel the 3 stars rating nothing else..

info - by zsuzsanna urban on 11 Jan, 2007
Dear Recipient!

I would like to know have you a free room for 4 person (2 adult,2children),10.07.2007-17.07.2007.

Please be inform about the price.


Review - by Dragan on 12 Aug, 2006
Exelent hotel on great place, not so far away from beacch. Clean, new, exelent pool.
picture - by donita on 24 Jul, 2006
ne sam bila tam ,no mislq 4e si zaslujava da se poseti

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