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Kraimorie, Bulgaria

Location map: Kraimorie
Known also as: Krajmorie

Distance to district city: 10 km.

Price Category: 3 What's this?

Location: The holiday village of Kraimorie is located about 10 km to the south of Bourgas and 20 km to the north of Sozopol. With the expansion of Bourgas, Kraimorie was formally included within its boundaries as one of many quarters. Yet it still preserves the image of a typical seaside village, contrasting greatly to the urban views of the city. There are beautiful beaches with clean sand and calm sea around the village.

Places of Interest: The medieval fortress of 'Foros' can be found to the north of Kraimorie. The island of "St. Anastasia" lies about 3 nautical miles off the coast. The island has a well-preserved old church and hosts a permanent exhibition, which shows the cultural and historical legacy of the region. It was used for the exile of left-wing revolutionaries in 1923-1925, and anti-Fascists in 1943-1944. That is why the island was named Bolshevik for some years during communist times. There are boat trips to the island, which take about 20 minutes.

Accommodation: Almost all houses in the village offers rooms and flats to let, while prices are generally low, which makes Kraimorie a preferred choice for lower and middle-class families with children.

Catering: There are lovely restaurants, pubs, night clubs, discos, and cafes in Kraimorie. The village offers a good bargain in terms of both accommodation and eating out.

Transport: Given its proximity to Bourgas, Kraimorie is connected to the downtown of Bourgas by a regular city bus (N 17 according to our latest information). One can also pick up a taxi from Bourgas for a few leva.

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