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Hotel Information: Panorama Kraimorie -star hotels

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DescriptionThe Kraimorie tourist settlement is a lovely and frequently visited place on Bulgarian Black Sea Coast (10km south from Bourgass).
It is a combination of favorable natural factors and excellent created conditions for spending a pleasant night, transitory rest or longer holiday.

FacilitiesThe Panorama hotel and restaurant is located on close to the sea, with a beautiful view of the bay. The hotel has 11 rooms and 6 apartments.
All of them are equipped with bathrooms and furnished with refrigerators, phones, cable TV and air-conditioners.
There are 6 private apartments in the hotel stylishly furnished and air-conditioned. Each apartment has a balcony with a sea-view, TV set, kitchen , radio, and telephone.
AddressBourgas Walnolom str 3
Visitor Comments
room - by well on 20 Jul, 2010
Do you have 1 double room? From 3 to 13 аugust 2010. How much does іt costs?
e-mail :
July 2-July 16, 2006 in Hotel Panorama, Kraimorie - by Vigh Antal Rókus from Áporka/Hungary on 15 Aug, 2006
We arrived in a storm locals have not experienced for decades. Hotel staff managed to pick us up in the airport after 30 minutes my phone call. That was a great help because life almost stopped in the city of Bourgas.
We experienced a friendly athmosphere in the hotel during our stay and each member of the owner's family was willing to give us hints or pieces of information when we needed. And do not forget to taste Tshernokop a kind of fish food. Excellent staff - said my wife.

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