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Kranevo, Bulgaria

Location map: Kranevo
Distance to district city: 30 km.

Price Category: 3 What's this?

Sightseeing nearby: Aladzha Monastery - Botanic Garden

Location: A nice little village situated in a sheltered bay, Kranevo is 25km north of the city of Varna. It lies just beyond the northern end of Golden Sands and at the southern part of a long beach, which extends towards the luxurious resort of Albena to the north. The vast beach, clean sea, gently sloping sea bottom and curative mineral water have propelled the swift growth of the village into a competitive tourist destination.

History: Kranevo has succeeded an ancient Roman stronghold, known as 'Ekrene' or the harbour 'Kraneia'. Traces of the Roman fortress, which was exploited during the Middle Ages as well, have been found on the southern plateaus above the village.

Places of Interest: Relatively close to Kranevo is the famous Aladzha rock monastery. On the opposite direction are located the town of Balchik with its beautiful palace and Botanic Garden.

Accommodation: Despite its relatively small size, Kranevo offers plenty of cozy private hotels (usually family-run ones) and rest homes. Kranevo is a good budget alternative to its more package-oriented neighbours of Albena and Golden Sands, although there is still little there in terms of sights or entertainment. The village hosts a lot of summer camps for children and students.

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Catering: Similarly to other small villages and towns, Kranevo has seen a swift expansion of the tourism industry in the past few years, particularly as regards restaurant service and accommodation capacity. There are plenty of low and average-class pubs, traditional and fast-food restaurants.

Transport: The main coastal road passes through the eastern outskirts of Kranevo. One can well rely on the regular Varna-Albena and Varna-Balchik bus lines, which also stop by in the village of Kranevo.

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