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The beach of Ezerets - the little known pearl of the far northern seaside

Date: 07 Feb, 2011
The average tourist at the Bulgarian seaside could have hardly heard of the village of Ezerets, let alone of its nearby beach. But Ezerets is a true discovery to those fond of exploring dirty roads that at first sight lead nowhere. Obviously, the beach is well known to local people, as they seem to be the only regular visitors there. Some even bring their horses, dogs, cows and other pets to sunbathe and enjoy a bath in the sea. But this should not drive you away as the beach is vast enough for everybody.

Ezerets is a small non-tourist village 5-6km to the south of Krapets, not far away from the border checkpoint of Durankulak. As it does not lie on the coast (it is situated some 2-3km. away from it), it is a calm and poor village with no tourist facilities such as guest houses and restaurants, let alone hotels and the like. Despite that and possibly thanks to that), it has one of the most wonderful beaches one could come across when exploring the northern part of the Bulgarian seaside. Calm and crystal waters, clean sands and hardly any living soul – what else one could wish for. There is a minor shortcoming, though - as no concessionaire cleans the sand, here and there one can come across wood pieces, weeds and other waste washed ashore by the sea. But this is hardly any obstacle to those willing to enjoy its serenity and wonderful waters. Even if not guarded, the beach is convenient for children as the sea deepens only gradually.

In fact, the only hinder with this beach is the lack of any normal road and signs to it. Nevertheless, it is not that hard to reach it. One has to leave the village of Ezerets in eastern direction and ride dirty roads through pepper gardens. Beware that in the early morning, when these gardens are watered, the road may become muddy and vehicles can get stuck there. Despite all these shortcomings, the Ezerets beach is really worth the efforts to get there. Needless to say, one has to bring his/her own food and drinks for the day, as there are no cafés or ambulant traders around.

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Author: Desislava Nikolova,

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