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Lozenetz, Bulgaria

Location map: Lozenetz
Known also as: Lozenets, Lozenec

Distance to district city: 64 km.

Price Category: 3 What's this?

Sightseeing nearby: Ropotamo River

Location: The village of Lozenetz is about 60km south of Bourgas with the village of Kiten neighbouring to the north and the town of Tzarevo - to the south. The village has a long and beautiful beach, while two nearby campsites and small inlets around Lozenets offer their own beaches as well. Lozenetz has just about 250 local families as similarly to other towns and villages along the coast, more and more houses and land plots are being bought out by well-off Bulgarians (mostly from the capital city of Sofia) and foreigners for holiday villas.

History: The village was founded in 1924 by romantic sea-lovers from the nearby inland village of Velika. The settlement was first named 'Emberli' after a popular grape variety. Later, it was renamed into Lozenetz after the many vineyards around the village.

Places of Interest: The village saw its first church being built about 4 years ago with a donation of one of its newcomers from the city of Sofia. One of the village's local attractions is a rather high chimney with a couple of storks arriving here each and every spring to breed their offspring. Outside the village, one can take a boat trip down the Ropotamo river, famous for the thick ('Longoz') forest along its banks, otherwise typical for tropical climates.

Accommodation: Choice is rich among many private hotels and houses, while prices are moderate. Besides, a beautiful holiday complex of high-class villas lies at the northern end of the village. The complex is built in Scandinavian style and offers rooms and flats in luxurious 2- and 3-floor villas, equipped with various facilities, such as air-conditioning, minbars, cable TV. The holiday complex has a bar, restaurant, bistro, coffee house, stores, sports grounds and a computer club. In addition, for those seeking less expensive accommodation, two camping sites lie at just outside Lozenets in northern and southern direction respectively.

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Catering: The fact that Lozenets is a typical fishermen settlement ensures the supply of fresh fish and the abundance of fish specialties at the village's restaurants. Locally produced wine adds to the charm of most restaurants' and pubs' menus.

Transport: Buses run regularly between Lozenetz and Bourgas. Besides, one can hire a boat from/to the nearby port of Tzarevo.

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