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28 Sep, 2012Babu ( Disney doesn't have discounts, hoewver, they do send out e-mails with PIN codes with discounts, and they also offer promotions, right now they have the free dining plan (depending if you stay at a value resort, moderate or deluxe, will define which free dining plan you are able to get). DO NOT get any tickets (park or flight) from e-bay or craigslist, Disney tickets are NON-transferable. Your best bet is go through Disney directly or try Triple AAA. Disney also does not have all inclusive resorts. The only thing they do offer are the dining plans, which differ. Disney and cheap do not go in the same sentense as far as I'm concerned. Happy planning! 
17 Jun, 2008jan armitt ()lozenetz Loved it sooo much... we've bought land and had a house built there, The people are lovely, frequented by sophisticated Sofians!!. There is a different beach to sit on every 5 mins along the whole coast. It reminds me of Cornwall a few years ago.. unspoilt, rugged and beautiful.  
31 Jul, 2007Ian ( GRRRRRRREAT  Just got back from 2 weeks R&R Lozenets is a different place in the summer, many more visitors (Went there in May) lots to do and see. The weather was great really hot and sunny. Two kids 6 & 12 had a great time. You will need to book a table at most of the restaurants, as they are busy and popular. The beach is great and by far the best we found in the area. The Water Park at Primorski is every bit as good as the ones in Sunny beach and only 10 Min's down the road. Possibly one of the last places in Europe that is still really cheap for almost everything. Try the Beach bar club on the beach very cool if you are a bit younger than me. I really recommend this place its Grrrrreat. The Amberlitz Hotel at the top of the beach has a good pool, which costs 1 for the kids to use, and it has a good bar and good food. Still not many English (Not necessarily a bad thing) a few Germans, Scandinavians and lots of Bulgarians.  
07 Jun, 2007Ian ( Had a week in Lozenets in May 2007 with my wife. Visited a different restuarant every night great food & very cheap prices. The beach is great with fine sand. Didn't hear another english voice all week. The resort is in the process of developing and there is a lot of building taking place. The majority of people were nice although some were a little stern in their own way. Going back in July with the kids.  
04 May, 2006magi ( kakvo moga da kaja za lozenetz?!tova e nai-bojestvenoto mqsto na sveta!!!prosto go obojavam!tam se 4uvstva6 naistina jiv i svoboden!!!:))
a tova,4e nqkoi ne sa mogli da si namerqt zakuska sutrin...e ne sa hodili v bistroto naprimer..ami hora-kato ne znaete kak da se zabavlqvate naistina nikoga nqma da namerite svoeto mqsto tam!a az svoeto go otkrih-tova e lozenetz!:)) 
12 Feb, 2006Jiuly Moore ( it !!! Me and my girfriends had the most gorgeose vacation ever.We love it.This Beach Club they have.. Sobieski..fiesta all night long on the beach and it ia not expensive at all.Try it all surf,food and night life  
11 Aug, 2005Tony ( very very beautiful place!!!I will be there and next year...but no in hotel Lurd.Our TV was damaged but nobody from personal didn't care about it... 
08 Aug, 2005Mina ( Best Place Ever Love the place and I go back there every year. Brilliant food /visit BISTROTO/! Good for wind surfing. 
09 Jun, 2005Maria ( It's awesome in Lozenets! Once u went there u will always come back... I love this place! Reminds me only of sweet things:)))

09 Dec, 2004Maria Chakalova ( I love Lozenets!It is unique!I found myself there. 
09 Dec, 2004Vladimir Dukov ( Лозенец е мястото,където ваканцията ви ще е идеална.Е,ако сте аристократи и сутрин след изхождане ви мият задника с парфюмирана вода, може би няма да ви хареса.Но ако сте земни хора ще оцените това,че Лозенец става и за нощни фиести,и за абсолютна почивка,ако сте в по-напреднала възраст.Това е уникалното на Лозенец. 
25 Sep, 2004LIMI ( Lozenec is a place for people who know how to have fun!your day's passing in eating, drinking,smokling, surfing and dansing!  
26 Aug, 2004Vessela Baleva ( complex near village Lozenetz I won't go there again!
The living standards are unsatisfactory. Exterior- there is no enough grass, no flowers and when is raining there is mud everywhere. When you walk on the way to village Lozenetz you will see a garbage scattered around. Interior- the rooms are in very bad condition. The furniture is old and shabby. I've got the impression that the time is stopped somewhere in 80-ties. The bathrooms need refreshment badly. Food- It is difficult to find breakfast in the morning. There is only one place, where prepare pancakes and it takes long time to get something to eat.
Where is promised luxury!
12 Jul, 2004michelle ( beautiful place to spend a vacation, good and cheap services, perfect food and drinks of traditional bulgarian kitchen, sandy beach, many places where to spend an evening and night, kind people... 
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