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Hotel Information: Korten Holiday Home Unknown category hotels

Picture of Korten Holiday HomePicture of Korten Holiday HomePicture of Korten Holiday Home
DescriptionTwo story building complex located 100 meters from the beach. On the first floor, in the green garden, are the café bar and the restaurant.

On the second and third floor are the apartments - two and three bed rooms units are available. Each room has a separate bathroom and a balcony.
Visitor Comments - by Tania on 03 Apr, 2007
Good morning,

we are group of 5 students (2 pairs +1) and we are going to visit Bulgaria this year in summer (28. 8 - 4.9 ). We found Your offer of accomodation and we want to ask You about some more information about situation of hotel and prices (we need 3 double rooms, or appartman with sepparated rooms).

Thank you a lot,
Best regards
Tatiana Knytevichova

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