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26 Sep, 2012Jain ( I think what you are doing is great. I teach middle scoohl and would love to have you come by and share your talent with my students and staff. Have you ever done anything like that before? We have a small group of 850 or so. LOL. I love your dancing, it's genuine simplicity and the inspiring enthusiasm. I especially like seeing some of the places the kids and teachers in my scoohl connect with in your travels. Paz e felicidades, BC 
23 Aug, 2007D, Serbia ( The most wonderful town with polite and nice people, and one of the rare places where you can find peace and rest. Not for the place for the wild youth, more like a paradise for old people and families with children. The configuration of Pomorie is beautiful, and I hope it won't be destroyed with new hotels which only spoil the look of the town complex - and reduce the sunny hours on the beach! Better raise the prices, but please let Pomorie stay beautiful as it is. It's a priceless resort! 
03 Jul, 2007Testeriqi ( I had enjoyed staying at your site, buy my home page is cooler 
03 Jul, 2007Testertjq ( Hellowho - this is just a testing, dont worry about it 
11 Aug, 2005ales&tina ( sites there are two camping sites near the national road to burgas (app. 1km) - for tents, campers and they also have bungalows (the beach nearby is NOT nice - worth going to pomorie) 
16 May, 2005Thomas Mullin ( Loved Pomorie I traveled to Bulgaria with an american singing group called "The Celebrant Singers" and we visited the town of Pomorie and the church pastored by Rev. Assan Peytchev. It was a beautiful town on the sea. 
30 Mar, 2004MR.hristova ( wrong information for Pomorie  Pls,note that camping site Europa is not in existance.No place for camping neither a bungalows. 
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