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Hotel Information: Malibu Hotel -star hotels

Picture of Malibu Hotel
Address7, 3th of March str., Primorsko
Visitor Comments
Malibu pension - by Miro from Slovakia on 22 Jul, 2010
This is a small pension on a silent place and not far from the northern beach. Is clean and not expensive. Has 3 floors. I recommend it, we had a good time there.
ahoj - by Marian Kapec on 01 Jul, 2007
Ahoj bol som u vás minulý rok a bolo dobre a chcem prís aj tento rok v termíne od 13.8.07-25.8.07 v pošte osob 4x moje tel.numero +421097455591 Slovensko email: ahoj a dakujem

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