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22 Aug, 2012Venesia ( The 2010-2011 brochures are aaiblavle at the travel agencies now you might pick up a few to get some good ideas. .Varadero is a good area for your first visit, dozens of resorts to choose from, a fantastic beach and close to Havana a don't miss, for a day trip. A good resort you may enjoy is brisas del Caribe, energetic animation crew, decent food and lots going on. Check tripadvisor for the reviews. also food has improved immnsely over the years so don'tbe concerned, but try andstay with at least a 4*Selloff sitesif you are going to Varadero here are a few excursions and some web sites you can checkout. Havana is a don't miss. Here is the excursion price list from Sunwing Vacation as of Jan 2009, you may find it of help. Go and enjoy chances are you go once you will return .Havana one day 67 CUCHavana History Rhythm 99 CUCHavana special 135 CUCCatamaran 99 CUCDolphin Swim 89 CUCBoat Adventure 45 CUCJeep Safari 71 CUCTropicana Varadero 49 CUCMatanzas Yumuri 45 CUCTrinidad 75 CUC 
11 Jul, 2012Tricia ( we will be there from 4th Aug for 2 weeks hope to see friends and catch up x Carolyn we'll be able to get one drink with you before you go home x 
15 Jun, 2012caroline ann thomas ( just booked to go out 22nd july for 2 weeks hope to see friends there!!!! 
25 Apr, 2012Debbie ( I thought that was strange Frank, maybe someone has put something on here that they didn't like. lol  
17 Apr, 2012Frank ( site what has happened to the 2009,2010,2011 and 2012 post. 
12 Jul, 2008Debbie () Hi All,

Hope you are all well. Will hopefully catch up with you Tricia as we are going out on the 11th August for 2 weeks. So will be out for a week at the same time as you. Hope everyone elso is ok, looking forward to seeing a few friendly faces when we get out there. W e should try and organise night out for us all when we are there.  
10 Jul, 2008caroline and steve () just to say we will be in the oasis on the 25th july for 2 weeks any one else there then? hope to see somebody to compare notes!!! 
02 Jul, 2008Tricia ()holidays Hi all will be in Ravda 18th Aug for 2 weeks anyone else there, it will be lovely to see some friendly faces. 
20 Jun, 2008Roger ()Outings While in Oasis in May we caught the bus (really cheap) down to Pomorie. The bus we got on did not go via the town centre so we got in the taxi (not so cheap) that was lurking near the bus-stop waiting for tourists such as us, to cover the 3km into town.
I can't say we were impressed with Pomorie - it seems to need an injection of tourists and their money to get the place smartened up.
So has anyone been anywhere that they would recommend?  
16 Jun, 2008Birgitta ()Hello folks I am still here at Ravda Oasis . Going home to Norway 28 of June , and will stay there until 9 of August . I can't stand the heath wave . That made me sick last year , so I try to not be here during the hotest period .

When I came down here in April the electricity was turned off in my apartment too . And I thought I had paid for everything....I came on a Saturday and had to wait until Monday before I had the electricity . So be prepared folks..But now I know how to fix it until next time . But why coulden't they tell me last year ?

Ok , I like it down here . Many good things . But for me who try to build up a life for long term living it's like nothing to be occupied with . I planed to buy in Spain . I stayed there for some seasons . They had courses and classes in Spanis languages . They had courses for tourists in folk dance . This is what I miss here . Something organized interesting to do . It's like they want to press you till this cheap bars and restaurant . Well , I am not a restaurant lion . Maybe I should be...

Best to you all , and see you .I will stay here from 9 of August until end of October .

08 Jun, 2008Denis ()Apartment to rent in Ravda I own a one bed apartment apartment in Ravda at the White Sands complex. It is 20 metres from the beach and is fully fitted out. Has Air conditioning in all rooms and a large patio area facing on to beach. It has just been completed. E-mail me at if interested 
04 Jun, 2008trica ()buildings Yes Andrew we feel very angry, we too was sold has front line but when we went last year a hotel had gone up at the side of us taking a lot of our sea view. up to now we still have a bit left but no matter what they can'nt take away the sea and thats only a few yards away because i don't think theres anything we can do about it, do you? 
03 Jun, 2008Andrew ()Oasis Ravda When i purchased my apt. was under the impression the area in front of the pool was not going to be used for building development.I was sold a front line apt. so feel very angry that this has gone ahead.....does anyone feel the same???? 
01 Jun, 2008stephen and caroline ()shock just returned from the oasis the area between the swimming pool and the oasis has now turned into a 4 storey hotel!! cant believe it we only have a small flat at the back by the car park, but my heart goes out to the people who bought sea facing apartments and now all they can see is this huge hotel blanking out all sea views unless your on the 6th floor,loads of building gone up since october,but looks like they are doing something in ravda new mayor etc.lots of new shops. regards to briggita missed you before we came home but will be out next month. 
30 May, 2008Roger ()Oasis Just back from Oasis. Bad news was that the electric to our apartments had been cut off. Complex Manager got it reinstated but it was a nuisance.
If anyone is still looking to rent this year pls drop me an e-mail on Happy to help. 
29 May, 2008andrew ()apt. in oasis I have a 1 bed apt. on the Oasis complex in Ravda, fully furnished, to rent.If anyone is interested you can email me at 
29 May, 2008Linda ()Holiday Apartment To Rent In Ravda I have a nice 1 Bed (sleeps 4) apartment to rent in Ravda, very near the beach on site swimming pool and security.If you would like anymore info please email me at 
21 May, 2008John Casey ()Oasis Rental Hi We are looking for an apartment to rent on the Oasis, for the week commencing 25 August 2008 for 1 week only, friends of our Tricia & Howard are at their apartment on the Oasis complex at the same time, and we are hoping to join them ...... Please contact me asap with prices Thank you Mr J.Casey.....  
19 May, 2008john casey ()rent an apartment in oasis complex We are coming to bulgaria on the 25th of august for a week .We are having an apartment built ,but its not ready yet so we are looking to rent a one bed room apartment on the oasis complex in ravda.Could you please reply asap with a price . Thanks John Casey 
09 May, 2008Birgitta ()Hello to all from Oasis Ravda I am here in Ravda at Oasis Ravda now . Been here for one month now . The building infront of the swimingpool is almost ready , but still not finished . On the back of Oasis Ravda they haven't started up building anything new . It seems like there are a bit of a depression down here , so they kind of slow down .

Looking forward for more people coming down here . I will be here until 28 of June . Then I go back to Norway . Stay there for 6 weeks . Then down here again until 28 of October .

I enjoy myself here , but I would like more people to come and stay here for longer time . That has been a kind of a dissapointment for me that here are so few people .
I study bulgarian language twice a week . I have a private teacher . They have still not come up with a language course for foreigners . So maybe they don't want people to live here all year long ?
Well , Bulgaria is in EU , so I suppose they want people to stay here...?

OK . I am pleased with many things down here , and dissapointed with some other things .

Best wishes ,
and see you all 
08 May, 2008tricia ()anyone want to rent out apartment Hi, my family are going to ravda to our apartment in Aug, a friend of ours wants to go on our last week in Aug he's got a apartment in bulgaria but not ready yet, he wants to know if anyone got one to rent that week. thanks. tricia. 
27 Apr, 2008stephen and caroline ()anyone there? just booked for whitsun 25 may, for a week. let see what,s been built since last year! and any other surprises 
25 Apr, 2008Kelly & Jew ()Oasis Ravda Hello All from oasis apartments - hope you are all well? Hi to the James family!!! Looking forward to seeing you all over the summer - Kelly & Richard
( aka - the jew) 
23 Apr, 2008Tricia ()ravda/oasis Anyone booked to go to apartments yet we've just booked flights on 18th Aug for 2 weeks. 
31 Mar, 2008Elin () Here in Bergen,Norway, we have snow, rain, snow, rain. Look forward to go to our flat in Ravda in june, a lovely place near the sea and center.Also to meet again the nice peaple hwo live there.
01 Feb, 2008Nicky McKinstry ( details for apart.. rental Thats and Irish one......forgot to leave contact details!!!!! email 
01 Feb, 2008Nicky Mckinstry (n.IRELAND) ( near Ravada Hi all,we have a beautifull 2 bed. apart.(sleeps 6) to rent between Ravda and Nessebar.10 metre,s from the beach.air con,cable t.v and all the comforts of home.Please contact me for anymore info. 
26 Jan, 2008Birgitta ( ravda Happy New Year to all of you !!
I am in Norway now . On the 4 of April I am going down to oasis ravda again , and will stay there til end of June .
Hope to meet many of you then .

I am very curious how Ravda will be then . They build houses in such a tempo down there , and for every spring there is new houses and new buildings all over .

OK , hope the New year will bring many good experiences to all of you !!

01 Jan, 2008richard and vikki ( ravda hi everyone happy new year to you all
has anyone found any cheap flights for april, may and july/august when we are going to ravda and will any of you be out there

hope to see some new faces out there and not jews face because hes a tight arse xxxx 
01 Jan, 2008richard and vikki james ( ravda hi everyone happy new year to you all
has anyone found any cheap flights for april, may and july/august when we are going to ravda and will any of you be out there

hope to see some new faces out there and not jews face because hes a tight arse xxxx 
29 Dec, 2007stevie ( Court Ravda Hi All, im new on here, just wondering if any of you have stayed at rutland court?, and if you have what were your thoughts were on the place? 
22 Nov, 2007Derek ( Rental Website We have a new rental website starting soon for the Sunnybeach area. We offer
airport pickup, and cleaning service.
For more details, and have your property
included please contact. 
06 Nov, 2007tricia ( hi debbie, nice to hear from you i hope you and yours have a good christmas and hope to see you all next year. x 
01 Nov, 2007Debbie ( Hi Trisha,

Sorry not looked at website for a while. Glad you enjoyed the holiday and managed to find something to do in sunny beach and Nessebar. Wondered where the palm trees were heading and now I know, bet they make a difference to the entrances. Hopefully there will be even more changes for the better by the time we all start our visits next year. Hope everyone has a great Christmas and look forward to seeing some of you in 2008!! 
12 Oct, 2007caroline ( just arrived home, from ravda,couldent believe nothing open at all only benitos and the rixos bar to late this time of the year ,wouldent recomend it.and just to let you all know the manager has posted up at every entrance,what people owe for electric and water and bills must be paid by 31st december or he,s handing over to debtors? also the same applies to maintanance bills,if i can be of any help e-mail me at c.thomas16@sky com 
03 Oct, 2007tricia ( Hi Debbie had a lovely time, weather was great very sunny every day, everything in ravda closed down so we had to go to sunny beach most nights and a couple of visits to nessabar. the palm trees are now all inside in reception and at all the enterances, hope to see you all next summer xx 
20 Sep, 2007carolne ( there? just booked for 5th october for a week last flights out, cheap though,first choice hope to see some one i know  
20 Sep, 2007Debbie ( Hi Trish, hope you lovely time next week. Let us know how it was when you get back.

Hi Birgitta glad you are feeling better, sorry you had such a rough time of it lately but hopefully is o the worst is over now.

Hi Kelly, love to you too.

04 Sep, 2007Kelly & Richard ( Ravda Hello To all owners at oasis complex, my self and Richard are going put to oasis on Friday 07/09/07 for two weeks, is anyone going to be out there then ? Hello to the James family i hope you all had a great summer! x 
31 Aug, 2007Birgitta ( all ! Hello all !

I am still here at Ravda Oasis , and will be here out October .
It's nice here , but still very warm .
So anyone who miss heat , come to Ravda Oasis !
I like heat , but since I have been here since mid June , I am starting to get a little bit tired of the heat :-)

Debbie and Chris , hello . Very nice to meet you down here at the complex . I am sorry I wasen't quite well while you stayed here . Now i am fine , but I think it was all the heat that was too much for me !
Next year I won't stay here during July , so I can have a break from all the heat and not leaving through it for 2-3 months !

OK , very nice to listen to what Debbie says about the plans for Oasis Ravda 2 . She knows everything about what 's going on around here for the future .

I am glad I bought an apartment here . I think it will be great here in the future . I like it down here .

best ,
29 Aug, 2007tricia ( Hi Deb, nice to hear from you, don't worry i'll rest and have plenty of nice cool drinks for you. love to all.x
29 Aug, 2007joe (  hello, im going out to oasis on 17 sept. anybody be there? 
25 Aug, 2007Debbie ( Hi all have just come back from oasis and have heard quite alot for a start oasis 2 is being built from end Sept onwards its going to be behind our complex and will include another pool, a supermarket, resturaunt, gym etc., and all road around it will be tarmaced so it should be great for us.
I left on Friday and about 30 palm trees were being delivered they were left by the pool area, not sure where they were heading but should look nice.
Trisha hope your talking to me now that you're going back out there, you can tease me and get your own back. Benitos will be open as he stays open most of the year and the bar infront of the complex is staying open till at least mid october he tells us so fingers crossed. We had a lovely month out there and met some wonderful people so hello to all of you and hope to see you all again next year. Steve and Chris send their love to everyone. xx 
20 Aug, 2007tricia ( Hi, carolyn back from oasis now, but Howard and me going again 24/9/07 will there be any bars open near to us and does Berneto's stay open. hope to hear from you soon,PS are you back again this year? 
16 Jul, 2007joe ( hello caroline, im coming from gatwick. do you know of any? 
14 Jul, 2007caroline ( joe where are you coming from? 
13 Jul, 2007joe ( hello, does anyone know any cheap flight firms to bourgas, please 
28 Jun, 2007Birgitta ( Ravda Complex Hello all !

I am back here for over two weeks now . Things look better , and it's warm and lovely here . The swimmingpool is fine , but the bar is not open yet .

But I think this complex will be very nice in the furute . The best in Ravda , I think so :-)

I am very happy I bought this apartment , and I think I will have many happy summers here .

I think Ravda is a nice place for holidaying . It's not too many tourists here , and the atmosphere is cool .

OK , best to you all , and hope to meet many of you here at the complex !


26 Jun, 2007caroline ( oasis just returned from the complex and pleasantly surprised,grass growing shrub and tree,s also. work going on inside the coffee shop,manager there most of the time and sorted lots of teething problems for me all in all its getting there although at bulgarian pace!! things looking better. 
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