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21 Feb, 2007Ken and Anne ( Oasis Ravda Bulgaria We bought a ground floor apartment when it was still being built. We went in september 2006 and all had been finished inside to a very high standard inside(apart from a few niggles which we had put right while we were there). The outside was still a tip but has now been completed.
I would advise anyone to buy a apartment in asis, its a lovely seafront developement and lots of english have bought in it.
We bough furniture and had it transported from Varna, (it only cost 30 euros) and its good stuff although prices arent much cheaper than ours for most things.
If anyone has any questions I would be pleased to answer them if I can. Give me an email.
I have been in touch with others who have bought here to. 
06 Feb, 2007TRICIA ( ravda we were last in ravda at our apartment in aug 06,has all the back of the apartments been cleared up yet? it was still a bit of a tip but you could see that they were getting on. 
06 Feb, 2007Kelly & Richard ( complex- Ravda We purchased a studio on the new Oasis Complex in April 2006 finally got to use it in September. The complex is coming on great NOW! We are really pleased with it. We have met some great people already who have purchased there and are now looking forward to long drinks by the pool and BBQ's on the beach - My advice to any prospective purchasers is if they tell you a timescale add on another month. But other than that happy buying!!! Hope to see you in Ravda over 2007!!!!  
01 Feb, 2007teresa bishop ( coming to ravda in march 2007 anyone know good builing firms.1bed apt required 
15 Jan, 2007caroline ( the nearest airport is plovdiv that operates in the winter its about 2 hrs away .you can hire a car ,also find a taxi firm(astral are good) and find if you can make a deal as they will be looking for buisness this time of the year. hope its of help to you. 
02 Jan, 2007Tricia ( to bourgas we have got appt in ravda and would like to go early in the year to check out if all jobs completed, but we don't think bourgas airport opens until may.Do you know when it opens? 
28 Dec, 2006John ( Can anyone advise the best companies to travel with in and outside of the season to Bourgas please? We have bought an apartment and want to make a visit early next year to confirm completion?  
03 Nov, 2006Joey ( builders I've been reading comments about buliders in Bulgario that they can be hit and miss. However we have been looking to purchase an apartment in Bansko ski resort and believe the builder has properties in Ravda Sunny Beach. Can anyone give comments, good or bad, on the quality of the apartments please? If you have the name any builders so I could contact them please email me many thanks 
06 Oct, 2006PdeB ( By any chance has anyone bought using british developments and have they delivered their promises? Considering to use them so some feed-back would be appreciated. Thanks! 
24 Sep, 2006caroline ( oasis ravda just returned from the complex finaly good news cleaners in place sorting out the mess mainly dust as they are clearing all aroud the keys to the sea lots of things sorted since my last visit a road of sorts has been put in after the barrier and thy are working on the area around the pool as they seeded it and it dident work.but this time its been raked and they look like they knew what they where doing.Lots of security in place also a english speaking manager who was helpful with the water electric etc.a lot happier this time coming home. 
18 Sep, 2006richie ( anybody got pictures from ravda cant find much on the net 
14 Sep, 2006Rob ( beaches I have just been back to our apartment and all I can say is that I was so very disappointed. The place is absolutely filthy with litter,the beach being the worse. Now that the authorities are collecting more revenue from all of the foreign investors, surely one of the main concerns would be to keep the place clean to encourage more people to visit and invest in the place, but if I were to visit now for the first time there would be no way I would buy anything there! 
13 Sep, 2006caroline ( for oasis ravda can anyone give me the name of any firm besides furniture shop varna, or helios, or bulgarian furniture, as i,ve already checked out these sites and wondered if any one has found anything else. going out the 18th sept for 1 week would like to join residence ass.  
10 Sep, 2006Ken ( oasis ravda I,ve also bought a apartment in oasis and will be going out 1st week in Oct to look for furniture etc.Any recent pictures could you email me please
I to would be intrested in joining a tenants assocation etc.
06 Sep, 2006patricia ( ravda hi, roger we also went to ravda in august and i told my children to make the most of having the swimming pool to themselves as it could be the only time,our apartment still was'nt finished they fitted the kitchen while we were there but we just went to the waterpark for the day,we said we may go back in nov just to see if its all finished, we won't take the kids because it will be freezing by then it was last year, the only down side of visiting then is that bourgas airport is closed and it takes ages from varna or sofia.which block is your apartment in?  
06 Sep, 2006Roger (, Ravda Hi Andrew and Patricia. We have also bought an apartment in Oasis. Our trip over there for the last two weeks in August went well, and we had the pool to ourselves most of the time. I am collecting e-mail addresses for other owners so that we can form a co-operative - just in case of need. If you are interested please respond to Thanks. 
06 Sep, 2006Roger ( Hi Andrew and Patricia.  
24 Jul, 2006andrew ( Hi Patricia, we have also bought an apartment in the Oasis complex.We have just returned from Ravda where we checked on the progress of our apartment.Its starting to take shape and should be ready in a few weeks.If you need any further info or would like some recent pics email me at 
12 Jul, 2006patricia ( in ravda we have just purchased an apartment on the oasis complex going there in aug has anyone else got one there? 
09 Jul, 2006Damon Crittenden ( a property in Bulgaira Hi, I see some postings where people have bought and the apartment is not completed, or not as advertised. My girlfriend and I have just bought in Bulgaria. We have been so lucky to find this property.
We met an English developer and a Bulgarian Builder whilst on holiday, they were building a small complex (70 apartments) on the coast of Ravda. We were staying in one of their completed projects and then showed us their new off plan development. Prior to signing up and purchasing to buy one, we went into Sunny Beach to see what else was available. We met people there who had been let down very badly by other agents, so we decided to question these developers to see if they were true to their word. We even had their company referenced by an agency to ensure it was real. The company was registered and had a good track history so we signed up.The developers sent me regular emails with photo's attached to show the progress of our apartment. EVERYTHING they said would happen, DID! The completion was on time, the complex opened with a full complement of staff including 24 hour security and our property was furnished and cleaned on the day of our arrival in May 2006. We are going back to our apartment in August with friends. I can only give positive feedback about my experience, but was cautious at the begining as you would be.
So if yo are thinking of purchsing an apartment, I can recommend this developer.

This is not an advertisemnet, I only bought one property.

Please Email me if you would like to know more information or further details on their other developments.

I did not list their contact here, because I am NOT advertising on a comments site.

04 Jul, 2006francis maynes ( furniture i have just bought an apartment in apolon 2 ravda and need it furnished asap can anyone help me email 
20 Jun, 2006Rob ( holiday apartments I've bought a studio apartment here, it was meant to be complete by Aug. 2005 but it still has no restaurant, no bar, no reception, the pool is not operational and the road to the complex is just a dirt track full of potholes. I've tried to find out who is responsible for it being so late for completion as I cannot yet rent it out as a holiday let and apparently (according to the contract) we should be able to claim compensation for lost revenue but all I've got is people passing the buck and not accepting responsibility. Has anyone else bought there and had the same problem? if so, could you send e-mails to 
30 May, 2006Dave Carter ( nice village type resort with good beaches recently purchased near the sea vwry cheap to live there and close other attractions....  
23 May, 2006Anne Solomko (, Hotel Discret Hey,we'll go to Ravda for two
weeks begin of June, with my son Henri.
He's 11-years old active young man, is there any good entertaiments for that age boy?Do anybody
has any comments about Hotel Discret?
Transport to Sunnybeach&Nessebar?From Finland best wishes to everybody! 
12 May, 2006paul ( for furniture hi if you are looking for furniture go to burgas there are loads of places to buy any thing from carpets to top designer stuff,and all very affordable if u know where to look any info please feel free to email me on cheers 
12 May, 2006Dave ( Hello Gail,

There a couple of ways of doing it.

You can get all the little bits from the Metro Centre in Bourgas(like Makro here).

The larger furniture you can get from the furniture shops in new Nessebar or I have a friend in Ravda who could sort out furniture for you?

If you want me to sort for you let me know on

I bought an apartment 3 years ago in Ravda and I know how hard it is to get sorted.

Are you in Ravda at the moment?


08 May, 2006Gail ( Just bought an spt wondering where best place to get modern furniture 
02 Apr, 2006caroline ( in ravda just bought but you must go out and see what you are buying went out sept 2005 and found a 2 story building in front of us that was never suppose to be there lucky enough we bought 4 floor and managed to get money off even though it really dident affect us but always see before you buy. 
21 Mar, 2006Tony ( in Ravda I am thinking of buying an apartment in Ravda and would love to know if anybody has already done this. Also what are the beaches like.

Thanks in anticipation 
06 Aug, 2005Harpzz ( for sale in Ravda 
Just a quick one, i have two studio apartments for sale in Ravda village. These properties are owned outright by myself and have never been in use they are due for completion sep 2005. Im looking to sell both of them at a good price, if interested plese call me on 07984 884141. 
27 Jun, 2005david ( village ravda is fifteen minutes from bourgas airport. it is an up and coming resort with lovely beaches.fifteen minutes to nessebar and thirty minutes to sunny beach an ideal location. 
28 Apr, 2005david ( visiting ravda in june-will give reports 
18 Oct, 2004diane ( Buying property in Ravda cant wait !!!!!!!!! 
10 Jun, 2004Kathryn Ray ( Ideally situated. Small and quiet but close enough to Nessebar and Sunny Beach. 
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