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25 Jun, 2007Andrew Huxstep ( Apartments Hi, i have a fully furnished studio apartment in the Oasis development available for rent. It has a fully fitted kitchen, TV, Double bed and sofa bed. very competitive rates availble for this season. More details email 
21 Jun, 2007Mr McHenry ( My company has recently started building in Ravda opposite the harmony beach hotel. If anyone would like any information on prices etc contact me on 
21 Jun, 2007Kelly & Richard ( Ravda Pictures Hello To all owners at Oasis complex - I have some how jammed my memory card in my camera and cant upload my pictures sorry! - Camera in jessops getting fixed will let you all know when i can send pictures 
18 Jun, 2007Cristina ( - GOOD PLACE FOR HOLIDAYS?? Dear All,
We would like to spend 1 week in Bulgaria. We thinking of Iberostar Nessebar palace close to Ravda, does anyone have ever stayed there?
We are young, but I think that Sunny beach or Golden Sands will be too much confusion for us! Probably Ravda is better for us?? And it is close to the other resorts and Nessebar right?
15 Jun, 2007June and Don ( to the sea-ravda Anyone know this apt. block, we bought it oct 2005 it is directly on the seafront ,finally going out 29/06 for our first stay any advice re electric/rates etc. will be most appreceiated.
Many thanks.
08 Jun, 2007caroline and stephen ( I,m going out the 17th june for a week, yes kelly would love to see pics can you send them on to me at,anybody else out there with advice over elecrtic bills how to pay etc, i would be grateful see you all soon caroline 
07 Jun, 2007kelly ( Apt for rent Hello to all owners at Oasis Complex.
Myself and my partner Richard are going back to oasis in July. My parents would like to come with us and i was wondering if any of you are letting out your apartments/studios? If yes please email me with prices etc on :  
06 Jun, 2007joe ( I have bought a studio in block e and i am looking to furnish it. its very small and not sure what to use e.g bed, sofa bed, and also where to buy. Anyone else had this problem, or advise? 
06 Jun, 2007joe ( Hello Kelly n Richard, would be gratefull for the pictures as i was there last month and it was still a building site. thanks. 
06 Jun, 2007Dave C ( Ravda Hi Kelly and Richard,

I'd be very interested in some pictures of the complex in its current state. You left just as some of my kids arrived (5th). They are in D block. We are out in July 2nd to 9th.

I understand the pool cafe / restaurant isn't operating yet.

Send piccies to

Much appreciated. 
06 Jun, 2007Kelly & Richard ( Complex Ravda Hello All. Just got back from Ravda. We had a wonderful week, Pool filled, Sun loungers out, gardens looking great, lifts working etc. My only concern was access to the complex at night all the main fences are locked. We had a word with security and new road and correct access will be ready by 18/06/07.We were told that there are only 23 Apartments left to be sold and that it will be finished very soon... The developer was there every day so i guess he also wants the job done. We meet up with Richie & Vicky and had a great time with them!
(Hello to the James family) There was not any noisy building works going on just planting of shrubs, cleaning etc.
We were pleased with the complex so far and cant wait to go back in july.
I have taken some pictures if anybody wants to see!  
06 Jun, 2007Dave C ( in Ravda I know this is a Ravda comments board but there has been a lot of postings around the Oasis complex.

It would be useful if you announce when your coming to Ravda which Apartments you will be staying at and whether your North beach located or South beach.

05 Jun, 2007andrew ( my daughter is flying out on the 10th June for a week and staying in our apartment in Oasis. Can anyone recommend a taxi service she can use.
05 Jun, 2007caroline (,s there? booked real cheap flight 68.00 from cardiff to bourgas be out ther 17th june till 24th hope to meet new people and old friends, doing the last run of crockery microwave linens etc A friend came back this week and bought loads from masterhaus and surprise surprise they took credit card, very cheap sells loads of bit like B Q but sells bedding etc. 
03 Jun, 2007Dave C ( rate Had a word with the Brother in law. He says he was getting 2.79 over the counter in banks in Sunny Beach last week.

01 Jun, 2007Dave C ( Rate Should have that info on Saturday when the Bro-in-law who returned last Monday can advise. I'll post here over the weekend.

In general though the exchange rate is better over in Bulgaria than here. I use a Nationwide Debit Card which is unique in that they don not charge for withdrawals from ATM's abroad and you get the Bulgaria rate.

I changed some cash this week for my kids who are over next week and (100 just to get them by until they find an ATM) and Thompsons were 2.68, M&S 2.74, Going Places 2.57 (what!) and Tesco's were best with 2.76. 
27 May, 2007sam ( Rate hi can any one tell me wot the Exchange Rate is out there?? is it best to get it here or there,and where from, thanks for your time.
25 May, 2007joe ( just got back from bulg. thought bourgas airport did not open until june so flew into varna, but apparently it IS open all year??? little dissapointed oasis not up and running yet, pool etc, but told will be in june. building work looks pretty ugly, so hope they stop when they should! back out prob july, hope to see some people this time! 
22 May, 2007Dave C ( works in Oasis Ravda Hi Debbie,

hope so. My kids go out on 5th June for two weeks. Then we are out 2nd July till 9th.

My brother and sis in law are out there now to find out whats going on. They arrived yesterday and stay till the 28th.

I'll report back on what they find out. 
21 May, 2007Debbie ( works From what we heard when we were over there, they have to stop building at the end of May and can not start again until after the season is finished. Also because the only access to the development is round the front passed the bars etc the bar owners would kick up an almighty stink because they would have lorrys etc., passing through all day and the noise would also put of their trade. The locals definately said they would stop at the end of May.... 
15 May, 2007Dave C ( Buildings on Oasis complex in Ravda If they continue to build through the season there will be inevitable consequences such as noise from building and construction traffic which will start early morning and continue until late night.

The pool area will be contaminated with dust, grime etc from tyhe works. Can't we complain on the basis of environmental hazard or health and safety?

Or can they be back handed out of the picture as well? 
14 May, 2007Birgitta ( Ravda  Hello all !

Now I am back in Norway . I am sorry I diden't manage to take some photoes of the buildings around the complex .

OK , I manage to take the photoes , but I don't manage to send them out from my mobile to my E-mail , and other E-mailadresses .
Before I manage , but since I have this new operator , it seems to be blocked in a way .

OK , my mobile don't take good photoes anyhow .

OK , thanks to Debbie for wishing me a safe journey home .
I am safe and sound back in Norway .

I must say that I am in a whole pleased with my purchase at Ravda Oasis .
My apartment is not to the seaside , so I can't complain that I diden't get what I paid for .
I feel sorry for those who have lost their sight , but on the other hand it's OK that there will be a center down there , with a lot of apartments .

But there is one thing I think we can demand . They can not work on these other buildings around during the season , and destroy our holiday .
I saw somewhere that there is a law that forbid outdoor constructionwork during the season !!

best wishes to all ,

10 May, 2007Debbie ( Hi Birgitta, Have a safe journey back to Norway. See you when we come back over to Oasis in July.
All the best,
Debbie xx

10 May, 2007Birgitta ( Ravda 
Hi all !

I am still here . On Saturday I go home to Norway , and will be back on 9 of June . The plan is that I then will stay out October , so I guess I will meet many of you here then .

So , to those who are worried about Complex Oasis and the new buildings that pup up around the complex .

Yes , there is this 5 store tall building starting to rise just infront of the swimming pool . It is very close to the fence going up to Oasis Ravda .

I read somewhere that there is a law in Bulgaria that they cannot do outdoor constructionwork during the season . But they still working there , and it has start to come tourist here . The swiningpool is not ready yet , either.. Hope it will be ready when I come back 9 of June..

I will try to take some photoes of the new construction infront of the swimmingpool . Either with my mobile , or camera . When I come back to Norway I can try and download , and send to people . But I am not so very I will see .

Best to you all !

09 May, 2007Dave C ( out in June Hi all,

I'm sending my family out in June (5th - 19th) to the Oasis apts.

Who else is going to be there at that time?

There'll be four adults and two young children.

Birgitta, I think your still there at the moment. How is the work going at the front of the complex, the work thats got everybody really wound up (thats british for really annoyed Birgitta). Is it going to impede on the enjoyment of the holiday at all? They are supposed to stop work during peak holiday periods, will this happen?

Is the restaurant / pool bar going to be finished for this period?

Apologies for so many questions, appreciate any replies.

09 May, 2007Dave C ( out in June Hi all,

I'm sending my family out in June (5th - 19th) to the Oasis apts.

Who else is going to be there at that time?

There'll be four adults and two young children.

Birgitta, I think your still there at the moment. How is the work going at the front of the complex, the work thats got everybody really wound up (thats british for really annoyed Birgitta). Is it going to impede on the enjoyment of the holiday at all? They are supposed to stop work during peak holiday periods, will this happen?

Is the restaurant / pool bar going to be finished for this period?

Apologies for so many questions, appreciate any replies.

27 Apr, 2007caroline and stephen ( pics? please can anybody send pics of the new builds going up around the complex havent been out since sept,and dont think i can stick the shock! 
24 Apr, 2007tricia ( work at oasis dear debbie & steve,
please could you send us the other pic's you've got, feeling a little bit miffed at moment we think all building work is in front of our apartment we are on 4th floor, but still when you by front line apartment sea view you still expect to see that. thanks. 
24 Apr, 2007tricia ( thanks birgitta, i think this buiding could be in front of our apartment but not sure, ours is just around the courner enterance A apartmenr no 15 fourth floor.
24 Apr, 2007Birgitta ( around Oasis Ravda Hi Tricia !

Yes , the new building is built just infront of the swimmingpool .
They have digged a big hole in the ground , and it goes along the fence up to Oasis Ravda and the swimmingpool .
I asked some men , and they said the new building will be 5 store tall .
Sorry , I don't have any pictures , but people will see when they come down here .
I think everything is a bit unstructure down here . It seems like they don't have a clare plan .

Hope people understand my english :-)

24 Apr, 2007tricia ( thanks debbie & steve for the pic's.
is the building work going on all to the front of the pool? 
22 Apr, 2007Debbie and Steve ( for Dave (dc.samurai) Hi Dave,
Just to say that we have received both your emails and have tried sending the photos to you but they keep being sent back. Have you got another email address we can send them to? 
21 Apr, 2007Debbie and Steve ( Hi Tricia will gladly send you pictures but have not got your email address ours is if you email me I willforward photos to you.
Birgitta Good luck with your trip home to Norway in May, see you in July.
Also several people have emailed me asking for photos hope you all got them.
18 Apr, 2007tricia ( dear debbie & steve, please could you send some pic's of the new builds around the place,we should be coming out end of july all being well. thanks.
18 Apr, 2007Birgitta ( all ! Hello all ,
and hello Debbie and Steve !

It was really nice to meet Debbie and Steve down here . It was the first tourist I met down here for two months :-)

Well , I am going home to Norway 12 of May , and will be back here 9 of June .
Then I will stay down here the whole season , until the end of october .
My mother is coming down in the begining of September .
OK , hope to meet many of you during the summer .

I must say I like it down here . A few things I am not so pleased with ; they all the time take the water .
Last Saturday they took the water , and it diden't came back before late Monday .
They all the time have this construction sites around , and build new houses , so they have to take the water all the time .
OK , last Sunday I had to take water from The Black Sea to clean my toilet...not nice..

And it surprised me that so few tourist have come . Hope this will be better in the future , because I plan to live down here most of the time . But if I stay here by myself all year long as the only tourist in Ravda , I don't really know...

Ok , I put my E-mailadress on in case anyone want to send me a mail .

best ,
16 Apr, 2007Debbie and Steve ( I will download photos tomorrow and send them to everyone who has asked sorry about delay but its our daughter Laurens 18th birthday today so have been busy but tomorrow I will have more time.
15 Apr, 2007Debbie and Steve ( Hi All,
We have just returned from Oasis and thought we would give you an update. Good news the complex is now fenced and gated all round and security is in place. No grass as of yet but they say hopefully going in soon. Bad news we are no longer frontline as they have started to build an apartment complex on the land in front of us so a few of us are going to lose our view apparently its only going to be one level this year extending to four levels over the next couple of years. There is also a four story building gone up behind our apartment so some people are going to be staring at a brick wall when they come over. I cant believe they have been aloud to do this I think some of us need to get together, not sure what we can do but I feel so sorry for the people who have completely lost their view. I have taken pictures of whats going on and will send them by email to anyone who wants them. The surrounding area is a bit like a building site at the moment with lorries and diggers every where but once again we have been told they expect to be cleaned up by mid May. Hopefully when most of you are out there you will be able to say great things about the pool area etc.,
We are not back out until July.
Hi Birgitta it was lovely seeing you again, see you in July xx 
09 Apr, 2007Birgitta ( Ravda Hello !

I have an estudio in Oasis Ravda , and I live there now .
Looking forward for more people coming here , because it is a bit lonely..
OK , guess when the season start it will be more people around .
I think complex Oasis Ravda is great .
They have tidy a bit up now .
OK , hope to meet many people here during the summer !

best ,

Birgitta ap. 24 4th floor C 
05 Apr, 2007tricia & howard ( how's it going dear debbie & steve,
please could you send us some pic's, we sould be going end of may and would love to see how things going on. thanks. 
04 Apr, 2007Debbie and Steve ( visit Oasis Hi All,
We are off to Oasis on Saturday (7th april), if anyone else over there pop in for a drink (apt 7). As said on our previous message if anyone want photos of how its all going over there e-mail us on and we will send them to you. Cheers!
22 Mar, 2007Kelly & The Jew ( Ravda Hello to all owners at Oasis complex!
Myself and Richard AKA the Jew are hopeing to out twice in may - on the 8th and 26th both for a week will anybody be there ??????? 
21 Mar, 2007joe ( hello, i have bought a studio in oasis and hope to go out to furnish it next month. does anyone know if buses frequently run from varna to ravda? 

16 Mar, 2007caroline ( furniture shop finally found a furniture shop that are true as there word,they have just completed are kitchen all via of the internet, and it was done to date ,and looking great and a fab price its called furniture shop varna they have been great highly recommended 
10 Mar, 2007richard james ( ravda the airport opens in may at bourgas before that you have to go to varna
cant wait to meet you all out there
hello to roger, kelly and due  
05 Mar, 2007tricia ( which airport are you going to in april, is bourgas open then or does it open in may? 
04 Mar, 2007Debbie and Steve James ( Apartments Ravda Hi fellow residents, we bought an apartment on the Oasis complex last year the last time we were out was end of August last year and there was still quite a bit of finishing off to do on the outside around the complex. We are going out again for a week in April to see how things are coming on. So we will let you know how it looks. Will also take pictures, if you want these forwarded to you please email us at Look forward to hearing from you.. 
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