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Rezovo, Bulgaria

Location map: Rezovo
Distance to district city: 98 km.

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Sightseeing nearby: Silistar Protected Area - Rezovska River

Location: This furthest southern settlement along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast lies at the mouth of the Rezovska River, some 100km away from the city of Bourgas and just 12km south of Sinemoretz. The Rezovska river marks Bulgaria's natural boundary with Turkey. Even if the small village of Rezovo (about 100 inhabitants) has a small, but nice beach, it is rarely used as a holiday place. The reason for this is the fact that it lies on the very border, which forces holidaymakers to show their ID cards and in most cases, the contents of their car trunks, upon entry through a high fence of barber wire.

History: The village was founded in 1905 but access was not allowed to outsiders before 1989, which makes it one of the still-developing seaside resorts.

Places of Interest: The town hosts stables, run by private tourist companies, which offer unforgettable rides and few days' package tours on horseback along the coast and through the depths of the Strandzha Mountain natural park. The mountain was declared a natural park in 1995 (in fact being the largest one in Bulgaria) and is one of the least explored in Bulgaria, which explains the richness of its wildlife. The mountain also has a lot of caves (particularly in its western part), traces of ancient civilisations (such as stone figures, sun discs carved in stone, Thracian dolmens, fortress walls, protobulgarian sanctuaries, etc). The mountain's villages are also unique in terms of spirit and architecture. Two such authentic villages to the southwest of Tzarevo on the road to Malko Turnovo are Kolodovo (22km away from Tzarevo) and Bulgari (17km away). The village of Bulgari is particularly famous for its 'nestinarski' dances (barefoot dance on glowing embers), held on the occasion of village fairs or on holidays, such as the one of St. St. Constantin and Elena on the 21st of May. Two natural reserves, Silkosiya and Tisovitsa, which fall within the boundaries of the Strandzha Natural Park, can be found to the south and west of Bulgari respectively. Trees of some 200 years of age can be seen there. Another attraction in the neighbourhood is the village of Gradishte where Thracian mounds were discovered. A few kilometers north of Rezovo lies the picturesque Silistar area.

Accommodation: Naturally, private lodgings for guests of the village are not that much as in bigger towns along the coast. Yet the fact that the village is not that popular among tourists due to the border area it falls in and the distance from Bourgas and Varna makes it easy to find accommodation. Prices are generally low.

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Catering: A small fishermen's bar is open all year, while a few cafes and pubs open in the beginning of July and close towards the beginning of September. As the fishing season is at its peak during the summer, about 10 fishing boats of local people ensure the supply of fresh fish for the village's residents and guests.

Transport: There are a few daily buses connecting Rezovo with Ahtopol and Bourgas.

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