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22 Aug, 2012Betty ( I like the Sandals Royal Hicacos in Varadero it is an all inclusive 5 star, adult only rserot. But in full disclosure I'm and old fat bald white guy!People who say that the food in Cuba is inedible don't get out much from McDonalds. OK sure in every cafeteria I've ever eaten in sometimes the meals are not that great (worst Thule Greenland) but there has always been something on the steam line that I would/want to eat. I haven't had a problem with any bugs down there at all bed or otherwise. The only pests that I've really been annoyed with is the human bar flys who are trying to recoup the cost of their trip in drink.I like Cuba I've been there 4 times now Try I know that they are running a special to the Sandals at about $1000 taxes in. 
04 Sep, 2006Petar ( A wonderful place for resting. The beach is a little bit wild. There a lot of rocks so be careful when swimming. Otherwise, it is a calm place for a real vacations. 
24 Apr, 2005jane white (! I was in roussalka a year ago and I ha a lot of fun there.The nature is great,it is very clean,the personnel are very polite and always smiling.Thank you,Roussalka!!! 
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