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Shabla, Bulgaria

Location map: Shabla
Distance to district city: 66 km.

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Sightseeing nearby: Shabla Cape - Kaliakra Cape - Botanic Garden - Yaylata / Kamen Briag - Dourankoulak Moor - Taukliman

Location: The town of Shabla, the population of which is 4,451 people, is situated in the northern part of the Black Sea coast and boosts with a clean and beautiful beech. It is only 24km away from the Bulgarian-Romanian border and 66km away from the country’s third largest city, Varna.

History: The settlement’s emergence dates back to Thracian times. Later on, the town became a Greek colony, followed by a Roman settlement, named Karia, with an adjacent harbour in the vicinity of the Shabla cape. The town’s apogee was reached in early Byzantine times, when trade and crafts underwent brisk development. However, this prosperous period was followed by a downturn, during which Shabla decayed to a mere settlement of fishermen.

Places of Interest: The archaeological excavations at the Shabla Cape (about 5km east of the town) are the most popular place of interest in the neighbourhood. These reveal the remains of an ancient Roman fortress, which has served as a commercial hub for a number of settlements along coast. The fish-rich Lake of Shabla, situated only 3km away from the town, is another nice place to visit. It is genuine natural habitat, and a home to more than 100,000 wild geese. The Dourankoulak Moor, situated to the north of Shabla, is yet another must-see location for naturelovers. It is famous for hosting a number of marsh birds, including such in the Red Book of Bulgarian fauna. It is not only nature that attracts visitors to this place - the remains of the largest Eneolithic settlement in Europe have been excavated on the big island in the Dourankoulak Moor.

Economy: Besides fishery and tourism, the town’s inhabitants earn their living from agriculture. In addition, one of the few oilfields in the country, situated offshore the nearby village of Tyulenovo, offers employment to a large number of Shabla’s working age residents.

Accommodation: Private houses with rooms and flats to rent offer the largest choice of accommodation in the town. Besides, there is a small hotel called Drouzhba (60 beds) as well as a camping site.

Catering: Small private restaurants, snack bars and off-road caravans with snacks, beer and soft drinks abound in the town and along the beech. One can also buy fruit and vegetables directly from local producers.

Transport: The town of Shabla is easily accessible by car or bus, as a first-class motorway from Varna to the Bulgarian-Romanian border passes through it.

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